John Conyers Announces He Is Retiring From Congress Effective Immediately…

Facing increased scrutiny for his financial settlements with harassment accusers, Democrat Representative John Conyers states he is retiring from congress.  According to lawyers speaking on behalf of Conyers, his retirement is effective immediately.

(Via CBS) [John Conyers (D-MI)] has announced Tuesday that he is retiring and has endorsed his son, John Conyers III to run for his seat. Conyers’ lawyer confirmed that the retirement is effective immediately.

“My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now. This too shall pass,” said Conyers on a local Michigan radio station Tuesday morning.

He added, “I want you to know that my legacy will continue through my children. I have a great family here and especially in my oldest boy, John Conyers III who incidentally I endorsed to replace me in my seat in Congress.”

Shortly after the announcement, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, took to the House floor to read a statement from Conyers. She said he asked her to read his statement announcing his decision and that he’s notified House Speaker Paul Ryan, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder of his plans to step down.

“Given the totality of the circumstance of not being afforded the right of due process in conjunction with current health conditions, and to preserve my legacy and good name, I am retiring. I hope my retirement will be viewed in the larger perspective of my record of service as I enter a new chapter,” the statement from Conyers read.  (read more)

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164 Responses to John Conyers Announces He Is Retiring From Congress Effective Immediately…

  1. Janice says:

    Dollars to donuts that seat stays in the family. Spit!

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  2. maga2004 says:

    I thought House Representatives were elected??? Since when do you pass your House Seat down to a family member like it was an inheritance?? I hope his constituents make a better choice now that they have one to make.

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  3. pcockroft says:

    King Conyers. Only children of royalty succeed their parent. Is. He the version of American royalty as the. Bushes as they certainly have much in common

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  4. georgiafl says:

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  5. Pam says:


    • WSB says:

      As Chris Stirewalt said this morning on Fox with Harris Faulkner, this is not a retirement, Congressmen do NOT retire, they step down, they resign. Conyers resigned in disgrace, and the fact that he thinks he can just install his son means he has learned nothing about why he needed to leave Congress.

      Chris, I agree.

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    • Abster says:

      What a friggin pig. I suppose his son is just a younger version. It is disgusting so many will continue to look at him as a black leader. I can’t imagine…

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      Why on earth would anyone support your son just because you recommend him for the seat after your obvious lack of judgement and behavior?

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    • Mal says:

      Just proves how much of a farce his so called job was. Who else could leave a position of power that day without tying up any lose ends? Senators are paid actors.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    John Conyers, in stating that he was not afforded the right of due process, has just admitted that the House Ethics Review Board and the payout office is a scam.

    Time to abolish both. Allow House members to stand trial in a court of law in front of a jury of their peers – that would be us, We The People – and reparations, fines, etc. will be paid by the House member standing trial, followed by immediate expulsion of the House member. Ibid for the Senate.

    Enough of the scams, American taxpayer financial ripoffs, and the corruption among these people.

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  7. moe ham head says:

    more winning MAGA


  8. ivanthenuc says:

    Two quick thoughts:
    1 – Only in government service could someone of such little talent survive and thrive for so long.
    2 – What is that called when the ruler’s hand picked child succeeds him in office? Nepotism? Corruption? Totalitarianism? So many words come to mind.

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  9. Djk says:

    This will tell you all you need to know about the “icon.”


  10. Sundance,we need a drain the swamp score card. I need help keeping count.


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