Gift Week, Day Four – Gifts We Remember

Stella does excellent job on Gift week posts. I just have to share today’s post because most of us have such wonderful memories of gifts from our pasts. You guys should pop over to her place and share yours.

Stella's Place

What is the best Christmas gift you ever received? Which is the most nostalgic? Which ones do you remember from your childhood?

This is one of the first gifts that I remember receiving โ€“ a marionette of Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, from the Howdy-Doody Show.


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85 Responses to Gift Week, Day Four – Gifts We Remember

  1. the phoenix says:

    Okay, I loved these as a kid …

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  2. grandmaintexas says:

    Books. The Chronicles of Narnia when I was in the fifth grade. I still read them every once in awhile to keep up my friendship with Lucy, Reepicheep, Aslan and Jill Pole.

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    • the phoenix says:

      Hi grandmaintexas,

      You wouldn’t know it from my avatar, but one of my nicknames is the Queen of Narnia. As an artist, my most popular photos feature winter snow scenes and abstract ice. Two years ago, a mother ordered one of my Narnia lamp post photos for her daughter as a Christmas present. This Daughter of Eve had portrayed Lucy in a Christmas play at her school, so along with the photo, I included a handwritten note signed by the Queen of Narnia. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Here’s my photo below:

      And in honor of President Trump, dare I say, Merry Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚
      (And you’re welcome to have a nice piece of Turkish Delight … )
      Now, I say, Let it Snow!

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  3. Becky Pacey says:

    My favorite was in fifth grade when I got a Dennis the menace doll back in the 1950’s!

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  4. A new coat. Not a hand me down but an actual new coat when I was in 8th grade. It was gray with fake fur trimmings.

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  5. ScruffyLeon says:

    My Red Ryder BB Gun when I was about 6 years old.
    And I never shot my eye out with it.
    Christmas Candy, the hard ribbon kind.

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    • tuskyou says:

      Yes! Hard ribbon candy–my grandma always had it at her house. I loved it then and still do. One of these years I’m going to decorate my tree with ribbon candy.

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  6. Albertus Magnus says:

    My best Christmas present was something my father said to me on Christmas Eve 1994.

    I had always returned home for Christmas with my family. That year, I had started a Catholic ministry helping homeless, pregnant women and we just opened. Our first mother, a pregnant 16 year old, had no place to go. I always like to give the rest of my staff off to spend Christmas with their families and everyone was looking forward to that family time.

    I stayed at the home and it was just me and the young mother. I called my dad on Christmas Eve and explained to him why I could not come home after all. He choked up and told me he was proud of me.

    Growing up, I had not given him much to be proud of me for. I cannot tell you what a difference that made to my heart that night. To this day, 10 years after he died, I draw strength from this. Easily my favorite Christmas gift ever!

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  7. RipleysMom says:

    Homemade doll clothes. On Christmas Eve, my mother would stay up all night, making doll clothes. First, for my baby doll. Later, for my Barbie. She even made coats and pill box hats for the Barbies. The sound of her sewing machine the night before Christmas…… Rest in Peace, Mom.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Yes, homemade Barbie clothes my grandmother made. I remember the year she did the bridal gown. Treasures. When I opened the box, I would dive my nose into the clothes. They smelled like her perfume.

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  8. Lumina says:

    My most treasured gift was a 12 string Harmony guitar…it didn’t matter it was 2nd hand. It was replaced in college with a new 12 string another Christmas….hmm I should dust it off 40 years later to see if the fingers remember the chords…

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  9. Deb says:

    I asked for the Little House on the Prairie book set one year. I still have them. Books make wonderful gifts.

    But, the best gift I ever received was a hair dryer from my mother. She knew there was a fancy hair dryer I had seen on television that I wanted. It had all kinds of attachements to use to style your hair. This was before Amazon, so I have no idea how she found it. I had looked in all the stores in our small town and hadn’t seen it. Somehow she managed to get the exact hair dryer I had been wanting. She was a nurse in the Air Force at the time, so she didn’t have much time for shopping. I know that took a lot of effort on her part. Now it’s 25 years later and I still have it and use it. Back then things were still made to last.

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  10. Bulldog Tank with dual track controls, obstacle-climbing capability, auto-loader and shells that accurately out enemy troops and vehicles at the other end of the rec room.

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  11. Nessie 509 says:

    For my ninth Christmas I got three aircraft carrier models to assemble. USS Midway, USS Coral Sea and USS FDR. USS Midway was the first slanted deck carrier and first to launch jet aircraft from steam catapults. Great fun assembling, painting and playing with these models.

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  12. prenanny says:

    God Bless both you and Stella am focused on TAX CUTS right now.

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  13. Most memorable Christmas gift, Lincoln Logs and colored blocks from my Uncle, 6 years old maybe?
    But most memorable gift was at the end of the school year, 4th grade. Principle gave me a book and said it was written by a teenage girl. It was Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.
    Thank you Mrs Wolmack ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. thinkthinkthink says:

    Roller skates for me and my sister.
    We had hours and hours of laughter and joy on the sidewalks of our little town.

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    • Llamamama3 says:

      Lol! Just wondering if they were metal skates with keys? My sister and I had so much fun with those! Thanks for bringing back a great old memory! Your comment made me smile bigly!
      I also remember the tumbles we took! Lol, if the skate fell off your foot it was usually time to get the Band-Aids! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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      • I remember those keys and sharing the skates with my brothers, using the keys to size the skates to our feet.

        We only had one and a half pairs so we had to share and take turns with the four of us.

        Spent our whole childhood blaming each other for losing the one skate and ending up with only one and a half pairs instead of two full sets.

        I still think it was Jimmy.

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  15. imkittymyers says:

    The one present I remember was this musical pie. I can remember several other toys, but for some reason I recall this pie most often. I found it on eBay and my wonderful son paid a hefty price for it and gave it to me. It’s no longer musical, and the birds have flown away, but I still treasure it.

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  16. daughnworks247 says:

    A plastic Santa with a snowglobe for a tummy.
    Dad was coming home from a business trip in Europe. I was maybe 7yrs old and Europe might as well have been Mars. He did not get home on Christmas Eve but he walked through the door on Christmas mid-morning and had that stupid plastic toy under his arm.
    Don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.
    When I was 30ish, Dad was at my home, and I had the plastic Santa toy nestled in the branches of our tree. He grabbed it and said, “I remember this thing”. I learned then, he had been stuck in St Louis and drove 400 miles to get home to Mom and me.
    I still have it, all the water and glitter is gone, but it’s priceless to me.
    Miss ya’ Daddy!

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  17. Sayit2016 says:

    One Christmas my Mom and Dad got my sisters and I these walking dolls and they all matched our hair color, mine was blonde and 2 with brown hair for my sisters. We were thrilled. We had them in the back yard sitting down having ” snacks” and my Mom yelled out the kitchen window ” send those kids home it is time for dinner !” She did not have her glasses on… we looked at each other and started laughing. Good times ; )

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    • If I had been drinking or eating while reading your post just now, I would have food and drink all over my computer screen!!! What a hoot!

      One Christmas, around 1968 or so, my little sis and I received Chrissy (brunette) and Velvet (blonde) dolls – similar to the doll you have shown above, which had hair you could style and make long or short (button on the doll’s back ,if I recall correctly). Anyway, within a week, my sister had got ahold of my doll and put makeup on her face (blue ball point pen) and washed and dried her hair under my mom’s stand dryer. The hair around her face sizzled and shrunk up/fried from the heat. She panicked and put the doll back in our room, which I found later. I cried and cried back then. Chuckling about it now, all these years later. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  18. auntiefran413 says:

    There’s some required background on my most memorable Christmas gift. When I was in 7th grade (and yes, I can remember back that far), my mother and I were shopping. I saw a gorgeous green coat with a hood and a swing back. I oohed and ahed over that coat and asked my mom if we could buy it. (I’d outgrown last year’s coat.). Her response: “Honey, I can’t afford that!” So we went on shopping.

    We usually celebrated Christmas on Christmas morning, but that year Mom said I could open one package before we left for Midnight Mass. I’m sure you know by now what was in that box — the coveted green coat with a hood and swing back.

    I’ll never know what my Mom went without in order to be able to buy that coat in 1947…

    Thanks, Mom, for that wonderful memory…

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  19. PatriotGalNC says:

    When I was 5, (1960), I got a set of “Sparkle Paints” and a box of Crayolas. I spent hours with them! Then, when I was about 7, I saw this kitchen set in the grocery store. It had a stove with a rotisserie in it that turned a plastic turkey on it–after you put batteries in it of course. It had a kitchen sink that ran water from a reservoir in the back, a fridge, and a kitchen table. I played with that up until I was probably in 6th grade! Then, when I was 14, my mama bought me my first guitar…a classical style–not expensive in any way, but I taught myself how to play with the help of a friend teaching me 4 chords. And, I still play today! (with a few more guitars!) And, my “best-est” Christmas present was my engagement ring from my then boyfriend of 3 years, in 1973. We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary!!

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  20. leont says:

    Ability to say “Merry Christmas” is the best gift this year.

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  21. imkittymyers says:

    The best present I ever got was from my husband for our 2nd Christmas together. We lived in a trailer in the country with our newborn son. My husband worked in an office and brought home about $80/wk. We had one car, an 11-y-o Simca which constantly broke down. I had seen a blue velvet comforter in the store one day, but I knew we could never afford the $49 price tag. One day right before Christmas my husband was very late getting home for work. Turns out the damned car broke down in the middle of the country, and he had to walk the last few miles in a blizzard. He walked through the door, covered with snow, carrying that blue velvet comforter. It’s tattered and torn from use, and I have it packed away. I’ll never get rid of it.

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  22. My best gift ever will be this Christmas…

    My father had a heart attack immediately following hurricane Irma. He was spared any lasting damage.

    I and mine will be able to wish him a Merry Christmas, since we are physically spending the holiday with my in laws . Thank you Jesus, for your mercy!

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  23. My best memory of a Christmas gift was when I was 9 years old, and my Father bought me my own 22-410 over/under. I spent many’a day out in the woods by myself squirrel huntin’. Nothing in the world comes close to spending time in the woods or mountains.

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  24. Michael says:

    I was 12 and it was a

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  25. A little sad…. but interesting story behind the actress who played Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, Judy Tyler. I linked the video. It’s short.

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  26. auntiefran413 says:

    I have to tell you all how much I’ve enjoyed reading all these wonderful Christmas memories. May God bless each and every one of the Treepers!

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  27. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    In 1979 the only thing we had (I have a photo) under our tree, was my 2 weeks old baby daughter. She was so beautiful, still is. I still cry every time I hear “Away in a Manger”. I love you, Deanna!

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  28. penny munday says:

    Being one of a large family, our Christmas was one toy, one book and/or clothes*. Needless to say, the books were always the most beloved. The two that I treasure to this day are “Till we have faces” by CS Lewis and “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery. I still have both of them and introduced my own kids to the little prince.

    *Birthdays were when we racked up on toys. LOL.

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  29. My father bought me brass knuckles to defend my sister and I while riding the CTA. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Many of the CTA routes we traveled, ran through neighborhoods were whites were not welcomed. The brass knuckles my father bought me were effective on many occasions…the best gift ever !

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    • CiscoKid says:

      The “El” definitely ran through some unwelcome territory.
      Leaving from South Side to downtown was always a adventure.
      My uncle took a small length of pipe, oh maybe about 5 – 6 inches in length, threaded both ends, filled it with b-b’s and screwed on the caps.
      Today we have collapsible batons like the ASP, back then we had lead pipe.

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    • auntiefran413 says:

      How sad.


  30. M. Mueller says:

    What a wonderful thread to put out!

    Outside of a couple of things here or there, I mainly remember the feeling of Christmas – warm, safe, loved and taken care of by two parents who loved each other and us four children. Even though I had a full childhood with lots of presents, nothing can come close to that. I guess it’s not the “stuff” that counts. That is why I so hate what the liberal agenda has done to families.

    I remember helping to make cookies, and mom hiding them so we wouldn’t eat them before Christmas. We found them when we finally moved the couch in July, and wondered if we could still eat them.

    My very best gift ever didn’t come at Christmas. My husband was working as a maintenance man at a church. A bunch of books were donated to the church; I think an old, possible ex-nun, had died. The “good buddy” church at the time couldn’t be bothered with them because they were mostly pre Vatican II (or from the decade after.) When told to throw them away, knowing my love for books, my husband brought them to me. Nine big cardboard boxes of religious books came into my kitchen. I still remember crawling around the floor exploring them. Those boxes started me on a journey that will never stop. He’s been dead for 6 years, now, but I thank him every day.

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    • enjoyed your entry, MM. it makes me sad nobody in my family bakes the Christmas cookies anymore. I stopped several years ago (because I was eating too many of them!). You are right — the warmth, the smells, the good cheer, eagerly awaiting arriving extended family members….it was all so wonderful. We are making new (less cholesterol filled) traditions with our own kids, but “them good ole days” before the libs destroyed the family unit are stuck in my noggin like glue.

      Merry Christmas and God bless you!

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      • auntiefran413 says:

        Starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we/I baked two or three batches of cookies every day right up to and including Christmas Eve. I hid them, froze them, you name it…but five children still made it necessary to bake cookies on Christmas Eve. ๐Ÿ™‚ I never minded…they were baked and eaten with love.

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  31. maggiemoowho says:

    Mattels PlinkIy Plunker. I was only 6 months old, but it was always one of my favorite toys and I kept it safe for many years. Then it was given to my nieces and nephews(thanks Mom๐Ÿ˜ฉ) and I never saw it again. But(happy ending ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘)a few years ago, my husband surprized me with one he found in great condition and it still had it’s original box.
    My 2nd favorite was this cute little Ice Bird snow cone maker. I still have the bird part, not sure what happened to the block or cups though.

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  32. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Sadly, there are people who would call a Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring-Doll racist.


  33. TreeClimber says:

    I don’t remember all the toys we (my sister and I) got as children. But I think the gift I value most is my mother’s love. After my so-called father left when I was not quite four and my sister not quite two, and we came back home – things were tough. Mother had no friends, no family to help her, and we lived on child support – $664 a month, while she stayed home and took care of us. Cooked, did the laundry, took care of her children. Always healthy meals, three times a day. And every year, a tree, and under that tree… tons of presents – plus stockings. I don’t know how she did it, looking back, how she afforded half, a quarter of what we got every year, but somehow, she did. I wonder now what she went without so that we could be happy Christmas morning, and never know how financially poor we were. Things changed as we got older and times got even harder, she got so depressed that she couldn’t even try – remembering, I suppose, how she used to manage, and not being able to then… crushed her.
    So looking back, only remembering one thing here or there, but remembering how there was always so much… knowing how much my mother loved and loves us, is what means the most to me.

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  34. JMC says:

    Princess SFWS was my first love! I was four.


  35. Charles Dickens “Dombey and Son”…My grandmother’s sister gave me that book as New Year present in 1961. That was the best present.


  36. daughnworks247 says:

    “I Dream of Jeanie” pajamas. Swept my hair up into a pony-tail. In every pic of me that Christmas, I had my arms folded and was doing “The Blink”.


  37. daughnworks247 says:

    Most special Christmas.
    I was 23, living in Miami, away from the family for the first Christmas ever. Office had a toy pool going for a migrant camp in south Dade, one cardbord box in the break room, with a few items tossed in. As the newbie, I was charged with wrapping gifts, so, I took over the conference room and brought in all my ribbons, glitter, and goodies.
    I had a big bonus check that year and Montgomery Ward was going out of business next door to my bank. I stopped in, cuz surely, there was something I needed.
    Found myself in the toy isle, in the midst of what amounted to a 90% off sale, and the expensive toy that year, the $30 Optimus Prime guy, was going for about $4. I loaded my car to the gils and laughed at the troll dolls squeezed onto the dashboard as I drove home. The Christmas spirit had a hold of me and I probably only spent $500. I felt like an elf as I unloaded my ‘sleigh’ into the conference room to wrap.
    Days went by as we approached Christmas, I gained more attention from office staff because I ran out of room, more contributions, hit up customers for money, and slowly but surely, I wiped out the Montgomery Ward toy section, with a lot of help from others.
    That year, we took over 8,000 gifts down to the migrant camp.
    I was not prepared for the poverty.
    Yet, I will never forget the face of the little boy who opened an big-sized Optimus Prime. Can’t fake that kind of joy. He followed me everywhere and I cannot remember his name. Brings me to tears as I write.
    We ate frosted grapes, rice, the most incredible sweeteened fruit I’ve ever had, and a roasted pig that year, sitting around a bonfire on Christmas Eve.
    We danced.
    And we sang.
    I sang so loudly, I know God heard me.

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  38. Annie says:

    I begged and begged for a Daisy air seemed like for years…probably got it in the late 40’s or so…over the years it disappeared..but a couple of years ago, I was in a clients garage, that he was cleaning out..and viola..there was another one..I am storing it carefully..


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