Obama Bundler, DNC Mega-Donor John Morgan, Skewers Democrats During Announcement He’s Leaving The Party…

There was a great deal of speculation that a big time Florida law majority partner and founder Democrat John Morgan was going to run for Florida Governor.  Morgan has been growing in political influence within Florida for years and was a massive donor to Democrats.  Well, he just quit the Democrat Party.

Morgan was a bundler for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, Morgan even held a $30,000 per plate fundraiser for Obama.  Though he seemed to butt-heads with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, often publicly.

Morgan also provided the landing place for Charlie Crist when his Senatorial political aspirations collapsed in 2010 under the weight of his evolution from Republican, to independent, to Democrat.

TALLAHASSEE — John Morgan tossed a bomb Friday into the 2018 political landscape, saying in a post-Thanksgiving message he is leaving the Democratic Party, and that Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson should not run for re-election, but rather seek the governor’s mansion so he can leave a “legacy.”

“I can’t muster enthusiasm for any of today’s politicians,” the prominent trial lawyer and Democratic fundraiser wrote on Twitter. “They are all the same. Both parties. I plan to register as an independent and when I vote, vote for the lesser of two evils.”

[…] Morgan said, while he would support some Democratic candidates he likes, he would not raise a dime for national groups like the Democratic National Committee.

“F— no,” he said when asked if he would help national organizations. “That’s like pissing money down a rat hole. Read Donna [Brazile’s] book”

Morgan was referring to a book by the former interim DNC chair, previewed this month in POLITICO Magazine, where she says the party essentially rigged the DNC to support Hillary Clinton before the Democratic primary was over.

“Bunch of dumb ass political hacks,” Morgan added. (link)


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163 Responses to Obama Bundler, DNC Mega-Donor John Morgan, Skewers Democrats During Announcement He’s Leaving The Party…

  1. lvdancer says:

    Like my Grandmother used to say, “Too soon old, too late smart!”

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  2. freq says:

    typically big donors are not ideology driven, rather they want access and a seat at the table… it matters not, who is on the other side of that table…

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  3. Patriot1783 says:

    SD was onto John Morgan & the muck he hung out with early on in the Zimmerman/Martin case with all his Florida political cronies and the common thread of the Pigford payouts.


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  4. The simple fact that he doesn’t join MAGA shows me he remains ignorant and he, himself, is still a hack.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      He is also a corrupt Attorney. …… I know because my brother hired him once and snl worked for his office ………

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    • Judging by his plan to be “voting for the lesser of two evils”, he sounds like today’s establishment Republican being steamrollered by MAGA. Good luck with that! Because it worked so well for the nose-holding conservatives before they finally finally woke up to the corrupt uniparty problem. He should be expecting a call from William Krystol and Mitt Romney any time now. Misery loves company.


  5. Mia C says:

    I agree with him. But if he really believes in draining the swamp he’d be a Trumper.

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  6. Laura Wesselmann says:

    I️ don’t support the RNC either. Swamp creatures 99%

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  7. Curry Worsham says:

    The Roger Stone connection: weed

    Both Morgan and Stone have been longtime advocates for cannabis legalization. Morgan, who founded one of the country’s largest personal injury law firms, was largely responsible for bringing medical marijuana to Florida. Stone has been advocating for legalization throughout his political career.
    The main goal of the group, according to its press release, is to urge President Trump to honor the pledge that he made several times during the 2016 campaign, that he would support each states’ authority to legalize the possession and sales of cannabis.


  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    So…..until Donna Brazile’s book this guy didn’t know that there is very little difference between the parties?

    This guy should donate his money to science and shut-up until the missing link has been found.

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  9. yakmaster2 says:

    John Morgan’s lightbulb moment:

    “They are all the same. Both parties. I plan to register as an independent and when I vote, vote for the lesser of two evils.”
    Uniparty corruptocrats.
    Many Washington bureaucrats are also venal and incompetent.


  10. CathyMAGA says:

    I’m not buying this. This is an attempt, much like Crist did, for a democrat to win FL. Governor. No way I vote for Nelson. Time for him to RETIRE. Nope. Not happening.

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  11. Johnny Bravo says:

    ROI – return on investment – who wouldn’t look at what they got for the massive investment made? Any donor would like to believe they made a difference, he’s a smart guy and he sees the writing writ large on the wall and it says…



  12. ray76 says:

    He’s just an opportunistic thing. He’s not a… principled person, despite the persona. He’s a bidness man.

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  13. Patriot 1 says:

    This guy sounds like the rest of the country. Fed up!


    • DeWalt says:

      But for different reasons. He like others put up huge piles of money to be powerful when Hillary got in office. It was just another pay to play scheme and she lost. The media ain’t reporting it but there are a lot of these pissed off bankers and lawyers wanting to know where the money went.

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  14. bunky says:

    Bill Nelson shouldn’t run for Senate again because he’s going to lose to Rick Scott.
    As for governor, they are going to run a Graham scion.
    Thinking all the voters will remember how grand it was with him running around taking notes.


  15. michael says:

    There was always something about this guy and his fake smile on that pudgy face that I did not like


  16. Keith Snyder says:

    More virtue signalling by this fat painted pig. Hell no. I don’t want you as gov of fl. This is just to distance himself from the dnc. He has and always been a libtard and always will be. Alfcio are his buddies. Sheister attorney.


  17. freepetta says:

    The fact that Morgan bundled cash for Obama’s second term shows what a jerk he is!!


  18. Radiopatriot says:

    Bill Nelson‏Verified account
    8m8 minutes ago
    The Senate is voting right now on my amendment to scrap this disastrous GOP tax bill and force the Senate to come up with a new bipartisan bill that actually helps the middle class.


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