European Holiday Life With Jihad – New Threats, Weak PC Governments and Terror Barricades Decorated for Christmas…

This image from Sweden speaks so loudly:

Concrete K-Rail Barriers, positioned to stop terrorist attacks by vehicles, dressed up like Christmas decorations around the local holiday markets.  What a ridiculously sad and pathetic visual of everything wrong in Europe.

Amid the anxiety of anticipating the next Jihadist attack, which everyone knows is not if – but rather ‘when’, it would appear joy is somewhat lowered on the scale of relativity.

EUROPE – The Islamic State has issued chilling threat to attack Christmas markets in the Britain, France and Germany in pictures circulated among supporters.

The jihadis have circulated images on messaging apps including one in which a black-clad hooded figure is seen standing over a kneeling Santa Claus with an image of Regent Street in the background.

A message in English, French, and German says ‘Soon on your holidays’ with the clear implication that London can expect a terrorist attack over the holiday season.  (read more)


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170 Responses to European Holiday Life With Jihad – New Threats, Weak PC Governments and Terror Barricades Decorated for Christmas…

  1. HBD says:

    When you let dogs in the house you’ll soon be infested with fleas

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  2. Publius2016 says:

    So sad…Cultural suicide…all to a false Globalist song…

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  3. 4sure says:

    Europeans as a whole are no longer Church attendees. Socialists reject Christ. So, if they are celebrating any christmas holiday, it is a pagan holiday.

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    • WhistlingPast says:

      Once you let go of Christianity and the Bible you lose the foundation of Western Civilization. Without the Bible’s God as their Anchor chaos reigns. Up becomes down, black is white, wrong is right — and false religions sweep right in.
      When anything goes out goes Western Civilization!

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    • In Az says:

      I can not remember which Internet site I read this story…..some church in England will no longer refer to God and Jesus as “He”.
      The Pastor or Priest, or whatever the position is called, of that particular church is a female. SMH


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      That’s a wild generalization. There are MANY Christians in Europe.

      The problem is the GOVERNMENT, i.e. the Governance from Brussels. The people here in Germany are almost powerless to rid ourselves of the blights known as Brussels (European Comission) and Berlin…

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      • 4sure says:

        They do not attend church.

        With a few exceptions, trust in religious institutions is extremely low in most European Union (EU) countries. But data collected by Gallup for the European Commission’s Eurobarometer survey* and the European Social Survey reveal that even in countries whose populations express high levels of trust in religious institutions, that trust doesn’t necessarily translate into regular attendance at religious services.

        “Old” Member European Union Countries

        According to the European Social Survey** (which includes the most recent data on the 15 “old” EU countries that joined before May 2004), many of the countries with the highest levels of trust in religious institutions are actually among those with the lowest levels of weekly religious service attendance.


      • AM says:

        “That’s a wild generalization. There are MANY Christians in Europe.”

        There are people sympathetic to the nicer parts and traditions of Christianity in Europe. However, of the few that attend church regularly in Europe can’t seem to rid themselves of the scourge of socialism.

        One Belgian Catholic I talked to extensively, talked just like you — she hated Brussels. But when I suggested that socialism was the root the cause of Europe’s blight on several levels, the answer in reply is “You’ll pry socialism from my cold dead hands”.

        Okay then. Europeans are powerless because they want free band-aids, free schools, nice unemployment packages, and a cushy retirement. They traded personal empowerment for comfort. There’s nothing to be done from this side of the pond but watch an unsustainable system collapse.

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        • RickA says:

          Yes AM, spot on: “They traded personal empowerment for comfort. There’s nothing to be done from this side of the pond but watch an unsustainable system collapse”.

          Very true. Additionally, with a long history of negative native European birth rates and a high birth rate among their islamic invaders …. Europe is demographically toast. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

          MAGA also includes saving America from the same suicidal political choices the citizens of Europe have voted-in for their future generations of offspring to endure (sharia). I pray a reluctance will exist to resist the inevitable political pressures to waste American treasure and lives saving Europe (again) from their cultural stupidity and arrogance!


  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    That is so sad—I remember a couple of years ago watching all the travel shows for the European nations. It seemed that Europe had the open Christmas spirit that America didn’t or at least the spirit that Americans could no longer express.
    Now due to a few idiotic officials many European nations will most likely be living in fear of Terrorists this Christmas season.Actually I don’t think America is totally in the clear this holiday season either.
    Thank God we finally have leaders that are no longer throwing America under bus.

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    • MaineCoon says:


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    • Janie M. says:

      kinthenorthwest, I remember watching Rick Steves on our PBS station, WTTW11, and he did a number of his shows regarding travel in Europe. Always interesting and made me wish I could go back as an adult and visit. My father was in the Army and we had 3 yr. stint in Germany but I was very young and don’t remember much of it – except being introduced to marzipan (still love it) and the wonderful German sourdough bread we ate on a regular basis (even better than S.F. sourdough).

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  5. Skinner says:

    The Pillars of Islam are becoming permanent European city features

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      I just can’t help thinking that sometime this Christmas season someone will say that having Santas and/or Christmas decorations offends them.

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      • Sandra-VA says:

        I have already seen tweets about Santa being about “white supremacy”.

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        • kinthenorthwest says:

          OK Guess I have been blessed — Damn

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        • Maquis says:

          Build a Civilization and get back with us.

          Codifying Pagan Desert Tribalism and Pedophilia and calling it a religion doesn’t count.

          Communism w/o Freedom don’t count.
          Kleptocracies don’t count.

          You PC fools keep shoving my supposed “Whiteness” down my throat as if I should be ashamed of it.

          Well, “White” people created Democracy, then, in a more enlightened and enduring move, a Constitutional Democratic Republic.

          We created Security and Peace and Stability and Prosperity and Freedoms the likes of which this World had never seen. Before, or since.

          We defend the freedom of others, strangers to us, not always our bretheren, rarely so, in fact, yet we spill our blood for them. What people on earth has a single one out of over fifty nations on the African Continent ever saved? Even within their Continent?

          What people have Arabs ever freed, without immediately taking title to them themselves? What about Muslims? What good have they done in this World? Where is their Civilization? What are its fruits?

          This “White” guy ain’t ashamed of my Civilization, not of my people that created it, nor those of us that defend and preserve it. You want to condemn my skin color because you can’t compete? Got nothing to show for all your bloodshed and whiney-ass victimhood?

          Then I am White.
          Damned proud of it.

          I could claim another “color,” and it wouldn’t be valid to you fools because in reality it is the slavery of the mind and body and soul you seek, color be damned, and “colored” dissenters are hated even more ferociously.

          So the lie is clear for all to see. How many are on your plantations only out of fear? Fear of political persecution? Fear of being beatened or murdered by their tribe?

          You are transparent grifters and tyrants. Nothing more. Your condemnation means nothing. But you have succeeded in convincing a great many to say “screw it,” we tried Kumbaya. We protested.our innocence, and had those protestations cited as proof of our guilt. As if.

          So now, well, lets just say that you are poking the wrong den of lions in the eye. We are not preparing to surrender our birthright, nor abandon our progeny to your ministrations. When push comes to shove, you will face an armed and well prepared foe. You shall not prevail.

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        • whatfreshnell says:

          Goodie! I’ll be wearing my silver Santa pin a lot in the coming month.


  6. Rex says:

    Looking down the road….
    When enough of them (eurosocialists) are confronted with the error of their ways.
    Some (many?) will regret their decisions and resist.

    How much should we help them?


    • Grandpa M says:

      Judging by Frau Merkel’s behavior they’ll be like our Uniparty congress critters. When confronted with the error of their ways they double up on stupid.

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    • PgtSndThinker says:

      Are we not already helping by encouraging peace in the M.E. so it will be attractive for the refugees to return to Syria, etc.?

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      • Janie M. says:

        PgtSndThinker, there are jihadists, passing as Syrian refugees, do you really think they want to return to their countries, with no welfare (refugees probably prefer the EU also)? They had made their intentions clear when the floodgate of refugees began invading the EU (with its blessing). It was/is their intention to conquer the EU and fill it with like-minded muzzies.

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Best solution is to cut off all the benefits to the refauxfees (eco-tourists). Then they’ll stop coming. They even admit they come to Germany or Sweden for the benefits, not for anything else.

          A refugee is running FROM; these refauxgees are running TO. Shouldn’t be too hard for Mutti &co. to figure out. And she obviously has not learned from the election results, nor has the SPD (Martin Schultz, atheist Marxist).

          It took eight years to get rid of Øbozo – cut us a little slack over here; the AfD is only in their second major election…

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          • Janie M. says:

            Cuppa Covfefe, I have said the same thing about illegals (majority coming through our porous southern borders) – cut off the generous welfare benefits they obtain here, require e-verity when they seek employment and eventually, they will self-deport. Unfortunately, too many employers prefer hiring cheap labor (vs. American citizens), so they aren’t too concerned about their illegal status.

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          • AM says:

            “Best solution is to cut off all the benefits to the refauxfees (eco-tourists). Then they’ll stop coming. ”

            The only way to cut off all benefits from migrants is for Europe to let go of her own addiction to social services. The US has the same problem. We’re so nice to ourselves with other people’s money that it only takes a generation or two before we’re trying to be “nice” to other people with other people’s money.

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    • piper567 says:

      they may or may not regret their decisions…I don’t care a rat’s patootie…but my position on helping them is this:
      Not one drop of American blood should be shed in their defense.
      They can read.
      Their history is replete with examples that should have warned them the path they are now on is one of ruin.
      They should not be rewarded, ever again, for their suicidal decisions.
      America has lost enough brave and courageous men in the defense of “allies”, which clearly are no longer on the same path as our Country.
      The thought of going America going to bat for their lostness and stupidity is more than I can bear thinking about.

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    • joninmd22 says:

      The men will hold their heads high as the Muslims slit their throats as they’ll die not being racists.
      The women will accept their rapists. It’s the nature of sheep to die quietly.

      Not one soldier nor a thin dime need be wasted in the defense of a continent that refuses to defend itself.

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      • Janie M. says:

        My primary concern, joninmd22, is they don’t get EU passports and springboard over to the US. President Trump could find some way to ban them but then we have those liberal (ozero appointed) federal judges who will fight him tooth and nail. In the interim, they will invade us.

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Hmmm. Instead of slamming Europe and Europeans so much, why don’t you look up the rules for getting passports in the various EU countries. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not easy.
          For instance, in Germany, you have to have lived here EIGHT years, minimum, have a work permit (means you must be employed), a residency permit (background check OK, work permit OK), have more than a basic knowledge of the German language, German history, customs (even if you don’t *cough* agree with them), German government and structure, and a number of other requirements. THEN, you can APPLY for German citizenship, after which you can APPLY for a German passport.

          Not easy, and not exactly cheap. And certainly, not quick.


          • Janie M. says:

            Like to know precisely where in my comments I was “slamming” Europe and Europeans in my comment? Don’t put words in my mouth I didn’t say. I expressed a concern they could obtain EU passports and fly over to the US.

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            • sunnydaze says:

              I have the same concern, Janie. And have since this madness started.

              A “Swede” is not necessarily a “Swede” anymore.

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              • AM says:

                I am tired of journalists insulting me with “Some long Arabic name”, a Swede, did x, y, zy. Come on. I hate this world of paper credentials mattering more than God’s ethnicities.


                • sunnydaze says:

                  It’s not so much that their roots are from elsewhere, it’s that the Swedish Gov. no longer deems it necessary for people from elsewhere to assimilate to Swedish Culture.

                  They are making Swedes assimilate to foreign cultures instead.

                  I actually feel sorry for people who immigrated to Sweden generations ago and now will feel the brunt of what these stupid Politicians have wrought.

                  And I feel bad for new refugees who WANT to assimilate to Swedish Culture, but it’s being wiped out by the Swedes themselves.

                  There ARE Muslims who’d love to get away from the backwardness of the cultures they escaped from.

                  Places like Sweden make that impossible. The madness will follow them to Sweden.


          • Certainly easy and quick for jihadis, now, isn’t it?


          • diogenes says:

            Or you give some useless corrupt scheisseknopf in the customs bureau 300 euros for a passport made to order without all those pesky legal requirements. Which do you think the jihadis will do?


        • Especially once the doors are open for Turkey to travel without Visas, I’d almost bet the black market for fake Passports will become rampant. Erdogan will probably underwrite the enterprise himself to get his Muslim Brotherthugs even further out in the world.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Rex- How much should we “help” them?

      Tell ’em: Good Job. Now fix your problem.

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    • Maquis says:

      How much to help? Ideology-wise, understanding-wise? Teaching-wise?
      Without cease.


      When we have one. (As we now do.)

      We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.

      Hell yez!

      Uh, sorry, no, we’re booked full for the indefinite eternity.


  7. i remember shopping at the x-mas markets in germany when i lived there 17 years ago. theres no way i’d go if i lived there now.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      The European Christmas markets & celebrations are so beautiful on the travel shows. I wonder how much the Muslims in these countries will screw up the traditions, along with tourism.

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  8. rumpole2 says:

    “Oh what fun it is to hide
    from a no-brain Muslim slay”

    ” O come all ye migrants…
    Ungrateful and triumphant…”

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  9. georgiafl says:

    Graph – attacks by ideology

    Face it, Islam is an international racist hate group:

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  10. “What a ridiculously sad and pathetic visual of everything wrong in Europe.” x infinity

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  11. Summer says:

    Europeans were told to adjust to a new normal. Indeed. One cannot expect to live in a third world country and not experience the third world problems. Enjoy your globalist utopia, Eurabia, and buy your loved ones a burqa this holiday season: maybe they won’t be raped by the migrants.

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    • if it hasn’t started already, in the coming years and decades we’re gonna see wave after wave of europeans flee their homelands just as the jews fled to other non-european countries during the 1930’s trying to escape the nazis.

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        I think we’re going to see a monumental bloodbath. I’m not at all sure that even DJT is taking this seriously enough.
        I’m sort of happy I most likely won’t live to see it, and have no grandchildren. I do have living relatives including nieces and nephews in Europe, mostly in Italy. I feel for them. A sister in law visited last summer and told some scary stories when she got back. Said there were submachine armed guards on every street corner…in Rome.

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        • AM says:

          “I think we’re going to see a monumental bloodbath. I’m not at all sure that even DJT is taking this seriously enough.”

          As much as I love our President, yes I agree. He’s such lion — and an average joe at the same time. He gets the lawlessness, but he doesn’t seem to see the clash of civilizations right on the horizon. A generation or two left at most before it’s open warfare. There are no places left in the globe to run.

          “Said there were submachine armed guards on every street corner…in Rome.”

          Most people here aren’t Catholic, but..there are Catholic prophesies, including from Fatima, that Rome will fall. The Vatican is a tiny place, physically, and the current Pope cares nothing for security. He doesn’t even seem to be able to wrap his head around why ISIS/Islam hates. One 9/11 type event and the physical seat of Peter will be leveled. To be blunt, I’m sort of expecting sometime in the next 40 years, ie, my lifetime.

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      • AM says:

        There’s no where to go, other than stand and fight. America is settled and we’re importing the same 3rd worlders, just slower. We will have the same problems, too.

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  12. freq says:

    “European Holiday Life With Jihad – New Threats”…

    what could possibly go wrong?…

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  13. citizen817 says:

    All over Europe…many problems
    Is it too late to save. Their political correctness is killing them.

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  14. JohnnyII says:

    They’re not worried that the terrorists will be “upset” by the Christmas decorations on the anti-terrorist barriers?


    /intentional mis-spell 🙂

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  15. Grandma Covfefe says:

    What happened to the European Union Army they’ve been yakking about? Or is that just fluff talk as usual? Europe and UK might as well call off Christmas.


  16. freq says:

    nothing says Christmas like festive decorated concrete barriers…

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    • greenmakescents says:

      They should have left the barriers as is, as a reminder of the reality. The world is being desensitized. How many here on CTH can remember how many attacks happened here in our country during the last year? The German wrapping paper theme is weak, looks more like trash bags.

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  17. citizen817 says:

    So crazy…the invaders come from the ME,
    never intending to assimilate into new location, and riot over what is going on in Libya…where they came from.

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    • Janie M. says:

      citizen817, Killary and ozero really screwed the pooch when they took out Gaddafi and in essence blew up the Middle East, giving rise to ISIS; also caused Libya to become a major departure point for migrants trying to reach Europe.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      These NATO countries are transitioning into islam.
      NATO wasn’t created to protect the cult of islam.
      The experiment known as the “EU” has turned out to be a big failure.

      That’s what happens when a country gives up their sovereignty.


  18. kea25252014 says: has good tabs on it all


  19. sunnydaze says:

    They should just decorate ’em with potted plants all year long – problem solved.


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  20. rumpole2 says:

    You CAN still sing along to Handel’s Messiah if you simply replace “Hallelujah” with “Alahu Akbar” … just sayin’


  21. scott467 says:

    “Concrete K-Rail Barriers, positioned to stop terrorist attacks by vehicles, dressed up like Christmas decorations around the local holiday markets. What a ridiculously sad and pathetic visual of everything wrong in Europe.”


    There is an obvious answer to the problem: eliminate islam, outlaw it, deport anyone who practices it.

    This answer would work, without doubt or credible argument.

    This answer is already working in Japan, the one nation of which I am aware that does not allow islam.

    And Europe, despite its intentional amnesia, was invaded by islam in the past, and the answer then, as now, was to physically defeat and expel islam from the continent.

    So the answer is obvious; there is a current proven example; there is historical precedent, and that historic precedent, having occurred in Europe, could not be more relevant TO Europe.

    So the ONLY question is this:

    WHY won’t Europe implement the obvious and only possible answer to the islamic invasion of Europe?

    Answer that question — REALLY answer it — and you will discover the cancer, the purposeful and malicious actors and their intents which are preventing the patient (Europe) from receiving life-saving treatment.

    When the ‘cancer’ is clearly identified, ERADICATE IT with extreme prejudice. Make an example out of it, one that will be remembered better than Mussolini swinging by his ankles in the public square.

    The patient can then be treated, and easily saved.

    The Swedish military, by ITSELF, could eradicate islam from Europe. This isn’t the middle ages, this isn’t man vs. man with swords. ANY professional military could easily round up and defeat the islamic rabble in Europe, who (at best) are armed with a tiny number of rifles and pistols.

    The islamic invaders of Europe have no helicopters, no planes, no tanks, no ships, no professional military grade communications apparatus, no production capacity, and no modern weapons beyond the few firearms they have smuggled in.

    Even better, the islamic invaders stand out like a sore thumb. You don’t need to try to detect minute differences in accent in the effort to uncover the enemy as in WWII. MOST islamic invaders in Europe obviously LOOK different than native Europeans.

    The whole thing is a bad JOKE.

    The Swedish military wouldn’t even be necessary, the Swedish POLICE DEPARTMENT could handle this.

    The ONLY thing required is the WILL to do it.

    The cradle of Western Civilization has more power and capability than at any time in recorded history, and they face an easily identifiable enemy who only possesses a few rifles and pistols.

    The whole thing is a farce, a completely artificially manufactured scenario that could never occur or be allowed to continue unless the leadership of Europe was making it happen by design.

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    • M. Mueller says:

      Yes, Scott. All it takes is will.

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      • singingsoul says:

        We talk about Europe but what about here in the US….? We do not feel the invaders but one day we will and will be shock how many are here demanding. Watch when they run for office and are our senators and congressmen. This can happen . How any hospitals have muslim doctors…? We will be in for a surprise.
        I empathize for Europe but also emphasize for us since so many do not get it.

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        • scott467 says:

          “We do not feel the invaders but one day we will and will be shock how many are here demanding.”


          No, we won’t.

          Don’t even think that way, all you accomplish is the work of the enemy, preparing your own mind to accept submission and subordination. You create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

          In other words, if you believe you can’t win, if you accept that you have lost, then you’re right.

          Reject the possibility outright. Doing so puts you in an infinitely better position to fight against it, and to succeed.

          And we have guns.

          Over half a BILLION firearms in the hands of private citizens in America.

          And the reason the Left is ALWAYS trying to take away our guns is because they, like everyone else, knows that tyrannical leaders (criminals) cannot force their will on the People so long as the People possess the means to kill them.


        • the traitor that was in the White House who is known by many names imported hundreds of thousands of muslims into our country…..many of them will turn to killing of Christians and if not them then their children will in the years to come….as long as they believe in sharia law they should be expelled because sharia law and our Constitution are opposed to each other so that means that they will never NEVER NEVER assimilate into our culture but instead force us into their culture.
          Their friend is political correctness and liberalism/progressive ism…..they are like a cancer, left unchecked and left to grow the host body will die.

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          • Sounds great BUT here in America where we live by the Constitution a person can’t kill a terrorist until the unsuspecting victims know he’s a terrorist.
            I’m just saying as long as Islam is in the USA there will always be Sharia law observers that will turn to terrorism but because of our Constitution we just can’t round up every muslim and ship them out of here… least not until they show themselves as terrorists and by the time they do that the bomb has been detonated and innocent people will die… they either have to be caught assembling the weapons or implementing the plan…..until then we can do nothing….so as long as we have muslims in the US that believe in sharia law we will have killings that can not be stopped

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            • scott467 says:

              “Sounds great BUT here in America where we live by the Constitution a person can’t kill a terrorist until the unsuspecting victims know he’s a terrorist.”


              What I’m trying to say is that if something happens in America as happened in (Copenhagen?), where scores of women were assaulted and raped, Americans will kill them.

              You watch.

              I don’t have any explanation for the men of Europe, or the Northeast coast or the Left coast.

              But you try that %$#@ in Texas, or anywhere in the Midwest or South, and nobody is going to bother calling the Police, they’ll just shoot.

              And they should.

              When the Police no longer do their job, when the politicians are responsible for creating the threat, when your own family is being hunted and assaulted by islamic animals, the right, true, just, proper, LAWFUL and RIGHTEOUS thing to do is to defend yourself and your family with whatever violence may be necessary.

              And there are a whole lot of people in America who are willing and able to do just that.

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            • greenmakescents says:

              How? When states like Oklahoma votes 70% majority against Sharia and judges over rule the citizen vote.


    • Rudy Bowen says:

      Exactly spot on. Maybe at some point the civilians will force the issue. I hope.

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  22. sunnydaze says:

    Here’s a new vid. from Sweden. Maybe there’s hope. Won’t hold my breath. They’ll have a big election this year I guess.

    3 min. long and English subtitles:

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  23. Stringy theory says:

    As the muzzy mayor of London aptly observed, this is the new normal there. They own it.

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  24. Joel says:

    Thank you Mohammad for all the blessings of the season /s


  25. Brant says:

    Kind of like a festivus pole.


  26. alliwantissometruth says:

    What’s next, beheaded head ornaments for Christmas tree’s?


  27. georgiafl says:

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  28. Michael says:

    We would rather do business with 1,000 #AlQaeda terrorists than with one single American #Soldier.

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  29. Beverly says:

    New York City has ALSO put up huge Moose Limb Keep-away Blocks of granite, in our case, outside of OUR Christmas markets (e.g., in Union Square). All while Mayor Bill de Bolshevik (spit) lies and lies about the Moose Limbs, and orders the NYPD to stop keeping tabs on terrorist-supporting mosques. Someone should tell that Communist freak that he can’t have his cake and sit in it, too.

    The leftwing Powers That Be in NYC also put up Moose Limb Keep-away blocks of cement at the entrances to the Hudson River bike path, after the Religion of Pieces killer turned his car onto that bike path and murdered several cyclists. Of course, they spend ALL their time muzzling us, the Americans, lest we say anything mean and hateful about these Dark Ages death-cult mass murderers.

    They are despicable.

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  30. Jerome Howard says:

    President Trump gets it. Let the Muslims have their own countries (all 57 of them) and we have ours. There is no advantage to the West having Muslim immigrants so we should not bother trying to have them.

    This new idea that Western nations can only have public events if they have “tight security” and barriers is nauseating to me. Another way that Muslims who want to destroy us are destroying us.
    Whenever the media reports “security is tight” they do so with glee as there is no free market solution to security.

    My wife and I are American “gringos” who travel a lot in Spanish speaking countries. Nicaragua is a country that had civil war and revolution from the 1970s through 1990. A few years ago we looked out the window at breakfast at our international chain hotel and saw a marathon road race going on. This is in Managua Nicaragua. There was ONE police car leading the race for traffic control. No other police in sight. No other police necessary. Why aren’t they worried about terrorist attacks on their marathons?


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