President Trump Calls Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi…

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was the first mid-east head of state to call for the formation of an alliance against extremism.  That alliance gained massive momentum with the election of President Trump:


President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt to offer condolences to the people of Egypt after the heinous attack on worshippers in Egypt’s North Sinai province. President Trump condemned the attack and reiterated that the United States will continue to stand with Egypt in the face of terrorism. The international community cannot tolerate barbaric terrorist groups and must strengthen its efforts to defeat terrorism and extremism in all its forms.

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41 Responses to President Trump Calls Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    This is why President al-Sisi deserves our prayers! He has put himself and his people as the number one enemy because of his relationship and belief in our Lion 🦁!

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    • Shark24 says:

      Worth reposting to you: Fantastic post (as usual). Working with our GCC partners over here, I have seen the serious efforts they are making to destroy the radical threat. President Trump is working the realpolitik as well as anyone ever has. God bless him.

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  2. Pam says:

    POTUS hasn’t forgotten who his true allies and friends are. May God be with the families of the fallen.

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    • piper567 says:

      Every time I see pictures of people in other Lands aligning themselves with leaders who offer them hope, who they perceive may lead them to freedom, I tear-up.
      The recent massive marches in Poland on the one end, and these Egyptians now, whose pictures we see today.
      Viewing these pictures of people waving our Flag, and getting it that theses alliances are important is just so moving for me.
      When I think of bratty or evil vermin taught to hate our flag or teaching willfully treasonous doctrine, I sometimes reflect on the fact that there are actually “men of goodwill” all over our world.
      For the first time in my life, and I am in my 7o’s, there are a few leaders of goodwill, leaders willing to risk themselves to reach their people with their good will.
      We are blessed with President Trump, the people of Egypt are blessed with al-Sisi, Israel is blessed with Bibi…and Eastern European Leaders are emerging.
      Its heartening that their message is getting across, despite the evil with which they must daily deal.
      I cannot help but think our prayers for these men are heard On HIgh.

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    • jbt says:

      My heart aches for them.

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  3. WSB says:

    My prayers go out to President el-Sisi and the Egyptian people. Hopefully, this carnage will come to an end as soon as we can all muster complete anailation of these monsters.

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  4. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Godspeed President Al Sisi. You and your country have more support than you may think from ‘average’ Americans.

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  5. Al-Sisi is a strong American ally–one of the few that I trust.

    I fully support His Excellency Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. I use that title respectfully because that is the exact title he uses to address my President.

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  6. freq says:

    safety and blessings to the Coptic Orthodox Christians in egypt…

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  7. Tonawanda says:

    There are moments of Trump joyful euphoria when he does something (like make an effective alliance) which seemed impossible to do.

    Trump knows what he is doing.

    The world is extraordinarily becoming a better place, something which was always possible with yje right man.

    It just appeared that the right man had no chance. And now here he is.

    What did we do to deserve this Love from God?

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    • piper567 says:

      Tonawanda…as usual, we do nothing to deserve this love from God…But that does not mean He ignores our prayers.

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    • Shimei says:

      God raising up Donald Trump and installing him as our President was a magnificent display of God’s mercy–not giving us what we deserve, and grace–blessing us though we don’t deserve it. This should lead all Christians to praise and glorify God for his incredible mercy and grace! Sadly, I see few Christians doing this, and few so-called Christian leaders.

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    • Fe says:

      Horrific tragedy. My heart goes out to the people of Egypt and for their President. They will all be in my prayers.

      BTW wolfmoon, thank you for letting us know about the Brave browser. I can no longer view CTH in Safari because none of the ad blockers are compatible with my older iPad. That stupid virtual reality video ad keeps jacking it all up. The ad blocker I paid for stopped working all of a sudden and the update isn’t compatible with my iPad, and I’m not buying a new iPad unless this one stops working.

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  8. wheatietoo says:

    Al Sisi was one of the Brotherhood of the Orb.

    So it’s hard not to suspect that this attack had something to do with the ‘crackdown’ that has been going on.

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  9. walt614 says:

    Iran has most to gain here…
    False Flag with the MB as the ‘obvious’ villains
    US, Egypt, Saudis, and Jordan need to be both holding AND reading from the SAME PAGE.

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    • trump2016ourlastchance says:

      The above Arab countries need to make peace, real and lasting peace, with Israel. If they can be satisfied with 99% of the middle east’s land and most of its oil, and if they can sincerely retract the threat of “driving the Jews into the sea,” then they can prevail over the ayatollaholes and their islamist proxies, and live in prosperity. I think the crown prince of Saudi Arabia understands this….


  10. NJF says:

    Terrible what happened. I love POTUS initial statement.

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  11. David says:

    I am Israeli. It took Israel a few terrible failiour in the war on terrror till the pecial SWAT team was fromed which is called the YAMAM. This unit belongs to the border police but it’s warriors are recruited from top veterans of of military special forces and go through even tougher selection.
    They stop hundreds of terror attacks in Israel every year and almost every time there is a confrontation with terrrrists the terrorists die and nothing happens to YAMAM. Very special people who have families and are on a daily front lines against terror. Egypt will have to form something like this unit and so does any country dealing with terrorist. Below is some footage.

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