“Stealin’ Be Ok, No Big Deal” – LeVar Ball Showcases Mentality Behind His Son LiAngelo Ball Shoplifting in China…

UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested in China for shoplifting while attending basketball tournament. UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said the players stole from three stores in China including sunglasses stolen by LiAngelo Ball from a Louis Vitton store. They were facing 10 years in prison. President Trump asked President Xi Jinping for leniency. The three players were released.

Thug life on display – After watching this bizarro interview with his father I can completely understand why LiAngelo Ball thought it would be perfectly okay to shoplift in China and live a life beyond the boundaries of ordinary moral behavior.  Somehow this guy thinks he’s making a point that will benefit his son – epic fail.

The father of the UCLA basketball player who was arrested in China for shoplifting sunglasses appears on CNN to explain why he feels President Trump did nothing to help his son get released from Chinese authorities.

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434 Responses to “Stealin’ Be Ok, No Big Deal” – LeVar Ball Showcases Mentality Behind His Son LiAngelo Ball Shoplifting in China…

  1. Moultrie Flag says:

    I think everyone is missing the ghetto message Ball was sending.

    He is simply pissed. Pissed because the UCLA plane was long gone, and Trump had “Plenty of Space on that big plane.

    He had to buy the plane ticket. It is as simple as that.

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  2. jfhdsiu says:

    Sadly, Ball and son epitomize HOW a certain ‘derogatory’ term came into being. It’s attached to the ‘content of one’s character’. Ball and son have AMPLY displayed ‘their’ “content of character”. Kind of makes one wonder about the possible merits of that certain derogatory term. All three major races in the world have them regardless of age, creed, religion, sex or color. “You will know them by their words and deeds”……………..

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    • deguello13 says:

      If that CNN interviewer ever committed some heinous crime and was caught, his proper punishment would be to be sentenced to a lifetime relegated to interviewing LaVar Ball for the rest of his life. That would be cruel & unusual to the max.

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  3. TheLastDemocrat says:

    The Progs, again, think they have trumped Trump.
    This editorial is funny. Most anyone in America, including the African-Americans I hang out with, would have the same opinion of LaVar’s foolish actions – At NBC News “Think,” where the Progs get to show off their more deep, intellectual side, which I guess extends beyond the bumper-sticker level to the level of a college term paper tirade, a commenter presents the idea that Trump, himself, has no capapcity for analysis or rhetoric above that shown by Lavar, so they are a great pairing to watch squaring off in a public exchange of ideas.

    “And as he proved on CNN, Ball, like Trump, is completely incapable of enunciating a logical through-line or following a train of thought. They are both creatures of pure feedback, saying whatever it is they need to say to maintain an audience’s rapt attention, without any regard for what they said before or what they’ll say next.”

    So, Trump. like Forest Gump, has stumbled through history, and has made history along the way, with hotels and businesses and a wildly successful TV franchise in his wake, like Forest Gump with his parade of follower jogger devotees, all a matter of happenstance. This concept is so patently foolish it should never have cleared and editor’s desk at a major news outlet, but I guess the yolk is on me for assuming NBC is a major…well, what’s the point in trying to make a point – it is foolishness itself, with such banality…



    • conradca says:

      This story is about the evil that is the Ghetto Gangster culture. This culture is embraced by millions of blacks and they commit over half of the crime in the USA despite being less than 13% of the population. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray were thugs and products of this evil culture.

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    • conradca says:

      The Progressive Fascists and Ghetto Gangsters blame the acts of these criminals on racism and President Trump. Black criminals are always victims of racism.

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  4. Nunya Bidness says:

    …from three stores? This was organized crime, not simple shoplifting.


    • deguello13 says:

      I can’t imagine why they were observed. It wasn’t as if they were conspicuous or anything.


    • Elizabeth Morgan says:

      It was $6,000 worth of merchandise. Even in the more lenient USA that is felony level robbery. I wish that PDT could send LaVar to China to do the time for all 3 thugs – 30 years in a Chinese prison might teach him some humilty and some manners – that is, if he survives.

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  5. Dan Epright says:

    The idiot needs to just keep talking to completely undo himself.


  6. Dennis FitzPatrick says:

    An ungrateful SOB who will soon regret how he has raised his son. So sad but not unexpected.

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  7. All American Snowflake says:

    God forbid that I should have to try to carry on a conversation with either of these two dumb@$$s.


  8. BigMamaTEA says:

    This Dad is an idiot!


  9. Prof Carl Edwin Lindgren says:

    The Bible says never call anyone a fool because you are endanger of Hell fire. So I will not call the Ball joint a fool. I will just say dad and son are crooks, sleaze bags, morons, asses, bastards, SOBs, suckers, twits, baboons, jerks, idiots, clowns, boobs. Well you get the idea. However being African (dumb and strong) endowed, he is important and rich and a person who has two doctorates, royal fellowships, academies and taught university for 30 year in America is nothing.


  10. It's me says:

    That is probably the most ungrateful a**hole I’ve ever heard


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