President Trump Hosts NCAA Championship Teams at the White House…

Earlier today President Donald Trump celebrated several NCAA championship-winning teams at the White House, including:

♦Arizona State Women’s Triathlon ♦Florida Baseball ♦Maryland Men’s Lacrosse ♦Maryland Women’s Lacrosse ♦McKendree Women’s Bowling ♦Ohio State Men’s Volleyball ♦Oklahoma Men’s Golf ♦Oklahoma Men’s Gymnastics ♦Oklahoma Women’s Gymnastics ♦Oklahoma Softball ♦Penn State Men’s Wrestling ♦Penn State Women’s Rugby ♦Texas A&M Men’s Indoor Track and Field ♦Texas A&M Women’s Equestrian ♦Utah Skiing ♦Virginia Men’s Tennis ♦Washington Women’s Rowing ♦West Virginia Rifle.

Raw Video of Event:

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49 Responses to President Trump Hosts NCAA Championship Teams at the White House…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump likes to reward intelligence, excellence and winning; the left like to promote stupidity, mediocrity and losing.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    Our President truly loves this part of his job! You can see it in his smile. In many ways, he is a kid at heart!

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    • Molly says:

      This is the first thing I thought, also. “He is really enjoying this.”
      He’s impacting those kids in many ways. What an honor for them.
      One guy in my small high school got to visit Pres. Reagan with a group of Eagle Scouts. He became a doctor. 😉

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      • frankie says:

        President Trump himself was a football, baseball and basketball jock. He also boxed in military high school. O played some hoops,, but smoked more dope in high school, W was a male cheerleader, and Clinton was in the band.
        Their HS activities did mold them for their political careers.

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        • frankie says:

          And I like the sports/state mix. Especially Texas A&M women on top in a horse sport and West Virginia taking it all in rifle.. There’s something fun about that. Props also to the Okies for their titles … their guys and gals are wiry athletes. Lindon Crow, an American Indian from Oklahoma was our high school football coach (St. Genevieve, Van Nuys, CA). He intercepted Johnny Unitas in the first great NFL title game.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      fkeporeblog, and he is indefatigable! Saw joy and welcome and love for our President in each group and their laughter at whatever he was saying to them. No frowns, no nasty looks, but real American winners in more than one way.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I agree flep, is this man cordial or what?
      I love this president, I don’t know where he gets the energy but I’m glad that he’s so energetic. All through the campaign and election, I’ve marveled at his stamina.

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  3. Ditch Mitch says:

    This guy is amazing!…Ummm…our President is amazing. PDJT just keeps going and going. The PSU girls lacrosse were having so much fun visiting the White House and being honored by their President. True class. Had to stop and comment. Now to watch the other 26 min.

    Thanks for posting SD. I would have never known about this otherwise.

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  4. LBB says:

    The best of the best. What’s not to love.

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  5. mot2grls says:

    President Trump has so much vitality. His interest in other people and liove of life shines through, especially with the youth.

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  6. Ditch Mitch says:

    Flash news alert! MD Lacrosse player wearing Trump Tie gets front row step WITH PRESIDENT!.
    Turn your volume up. Lots of thank yous to our President.

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  7. jbrickley says:

    Such a cordial host, he’s got them all eyes on him and laughing.

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  8. Pam says:

    This was so fun to watch. All of these kids and their teachers seemed so genuinely happy to be there and meet our president. Respect and class never gets old!

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  9. Pam says:

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. USA loves Melania says:

    Let’s hear it for the West Virginia Rifle Team! Nobody shoots straighter than a Mountaineer!

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  12. fred5678 says:

    Amazing that he can chat knowledgably with each team and get lots of friendly smiles and laughs from so many young folks

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  13. KE Thompson says:

    THis is really cool, it’s the first time ever, a NCAA National Champion Equestrian team has been recognized at the White House

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  14. drdeb says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE President Donald J. Trump. My time campaigning, supporting, contributing was the smartest and best time spent by this retiree! And now I am proud to spend some of my time leading my county’s Presidents Team effort. (the rest is spent attempting to lead a local charity for abused families) Can’t wait for 2020! Pray for the President that God through our Lord elected and for all he holds dear. I love you, fellow Treepers and of course you, Sundance!!!!

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  15. I loved this! At around 17:55 the girls softball team, I think Oklahoma, gathered around PDJT and prayed for him! It looked like every group loved him!

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  16. Kent says:

    ….tides turn….

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  17. rsanchez1990 says:

    Yeah Florida baseball! GO GATORS! 🐊

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  18. Eric Kennedy says:

    White House just put this out…

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  19. KPomeroy says:

    Great great video. Trump is so relaxed, and really gets people laughing. I love it! 😀

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  20. yadent says:

    Very nice!! Before I saw this here all I had read about was South Carolina’s Woman’s and North Carolina’s Men’s Basketball teams not going………

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  21. TheWanderingStar says:

    Gig’em Aggies! Whoop!


  22. tonyE says:

    Basketball teams do not go.

    Lacrosse, bowling, shooting, gymnastics teams do.

    Just watch the teams on TV. Do you notice something different about the players?

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  23. JessWokeUp says:

    Best shot of the day was him praying with the Oklahoma Softball team. So cool 🙂

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  24. Eric Kennedy says:

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  25. Steve Wright says:

    Four, count ’em, four, Sooner champion teams. As an alum, class of 89, it’s a great day.



  26. Turranos says:

    Such a joy to see this. A great experience for the kids. PDJT is having a great time, like no other president before him!


  27. datagooroo says:

    No boycotts?

    Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 23, 2017


  28. Beverly says:

    I just kept smiling through this whole video. Our man in the White House is a real People Person, isn’t he? So gregarious and charming, and the kids really seemed to get a thrill out of the whole occasion, as well they might. Funny, they are a great representation of Middle America, the beating heart of our land.


  29. jello333 says:

    I just LOVE that he shined the spotlight on some of these “non-major” sports. Too often, only the top 3 sports take all the limelight, while most others just kinda get a passing mention, if at all. And more than anything else, I find that insulting to the athletes that perform in these other sports. Most of them have been playing their whole lives, working HARD toward being the best they can be at their given sport. And yet, they get very little attention and praise. So it’s a great thing to see them get the attention they deserve… and not surprising that’s coming from Donald Trump.

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  30. Mia C says:

    I never realized what a great fit for the presidency he’d be. Since it’s a job that you have to do a lot of hard work for but also a lot of events and meet and greets his whole professional life has been preparation for it.


  31. sundance: thank you SO much for posting this ;O it gave me some much needed inspiration when i saw it the other night – you know, those times when we could use a shot of of his brilliance, and realness.

    And the RAW video is fantastic…great to see the unedited dynamic of an event like that (and surprised that PBS would even release it).
    Like the greatest LEADERS, the MISSION that clearly guides him is evident at all times.

    SO completely in command: he reflects this paradigm that i seek to live by in my own way –

    “the difference between the humbleness of warrior and the humbleness of a beggar, is that a beggar bows and scrapes to those they see as their superiors and insist that all others bow to them • while a warrior bows to NO ONE and REFUSES to allow others bow to them”

    Donald Trump embodies the humbleness of a warrior…

    qualities of A Jackson, T Roosevelt, Reagan and many other historical giants are all visible!

    and watching this, i was reminded of something that i almost had forgotten in the insane year of liberal freak outs we’ve witnessed since he was elected…

    being native New Yorker, born and raised in Manhattan, i’m really proud of my boy (even ‘though he’s from Queens lol)! REPRESENT!

    i was PROUD when he was a candidate and i’m really proud now –
    Donald Trump LOVES NYC and won’t forget where he comes from, which is why it’s been painful for me to watch political elements and the dopey national media there attacking him relentlessly – i know that hurts him…and it hurts me. and it’s a little sad to see my city behaving the way it has and being attacked generally in retaliation – i live in NH now and in my travels of the world, have seen it from ALL sides, so….NY is simply a phenomenon – the greatest City in the world (make that the known universe), hands down, and I won’t stand to see it savaged by political ignorance, or fear ‘O’

    People should know that if Donald Trump is anything, he’s a NYer – brash, honest, DIRECT, kind, no nonsense, dogged, etc…the qualities IMO that people appreciate most about him


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