Comrade General Jeff Sessions Breaks The Ice…

In the opening moments of a speech to the Federalist Society Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke the ice with a little Russian humor:


That has to be worth a few thousand spontaneous ‘splodey heads.

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256 Responses to Comrade General Jeff Sessions Breaks The Ice…

  1. waicool says:

    the only way Sessions’ sick-for-laughs Russia lines were funny is if one of your loved ones doesn’t have to hire a lawyer to defend themselves against the witch hunt he started.

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  2. Gov Jay says:

    Sundance… the photos of the news anchors are beyond hilarious!…

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  3. MaskOfZero says:

    I find I am very conflicted with Jeff Sessions.

    That was an excellent speech, delivered with humility and intelligence. The jurisprudential philosophy propounded and Justice Department statement of values and intent are right on the mark. Each one of the legal/constitutional issues enumerated by Sessions are rightly at the top of the list of concerns.

    My problems with Jeff Sessions relate to issues which may already be in the process of being addressed, judging by the number of sealed grand jury indictments queuing up in the courts right now.

    I think the difficulty is that many of the people who have committed criminal acts are powerful and wealthy people deeply embedded in the Congress and government. Actions against these individuals will most certainly be painted as partisan politics, rather than justice being served.

    Sessions is no fool. He must know that when proceeding against politically sensitive opponents–he needs to have all his legal ducks in a line, and have been transparently seen to have followed due process in every respect.

    I get that.

    What I don’t get is Rosenstein being hired, considering the out-sized role he would play due to Session’s public recusal, and his mandate as head of the FBI. Rosenstein brought in Mueller, and both are now implicated in a number of serious legal issues from their pasts together, as long-time close colleagues. Comey needs to be charged with leaking to the NYT–which he publicly admitted–but Comey is friends with Mueller.

    That whole mess stinks to high heaven, and Jeff Sessions seems to have deliberately tied his own hands from executing the office to which he was appointed. Nobody trust the FBI any more. The intelligence agencies have been diminished by Obama appointees. Hillary and Bill Clinton walk free this day, despite a list of crimes each has been proven to have committed.

    The jury is still out on Jeff Sessions–I will continue to hold judgement.

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  4. Big Jake says:

    Is there an Attorney General in the room?


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  5. All American Snowflake says:

    Well I thought it was funny. Sessions could find a career in comedy.


  6. saintoil says:

    Nothing funny about how he is figurehead with Obamastien as head of witch hunt. But he can’t do nuttin bout all dat………….Swamp overlord.


  7. saintoil says:

    Suhr…..Suthern gentleman……..Mr.Recusal………life is good, got those awards and pensions comin.


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