President Trump White House Announcement – 3:30pm EST Livestream…

The White House has announced President Trump will be delivering remarks today from the White House at 3:30pm EST following his 12 day visit to Asia.  Media outlets are rushing to prepare for the broadcast. [4 live-streams] Topics: Trade, North Korea and overall results from trip to Asia.

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream – PBS Livestream LinkNBC Livestream LinkUSA Livestream Link

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240 Responses to President Trump White House Announcement – 3:30pm EST Livestream…

  1. Carolina Kat says:

    President Trump looked under considerable stress there. He sounded congested (I worry about his health! I couldn’t do 1/10th of his schedule without getting sick) and whoever was in charge of putting water on the podium needs to be fired. (or let me smack them)

    The media did not come to hear anything he said. No questions on any of it. What is the point of having media when they are lazy and stupid and vile? It makes me so angry to see that they don’t care about anything good, not any of it, that was accomplished on an HISTORIC trip.

    Our national media is a walking talking crapping travesty.

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  2. I said upthread… AND Again a few Days ago..
    A excellent summarization of President Trump accomplishments on Negations, Completing “deals” & trade agreements,
    OR, the initial outlines for future deals & Agreements..
    Not ONLY benefiting the USA, but also those Countries seeking these Deals & Trade agreements..
    If YOU are a “Bad Actor” Country..
    Expect NOTHING…
    Go along with #MAGA, you’ll see “Favored Nation” Status…
    (Just don’t get caught cheating).. 😉
    I fully expect, to see PEACE & PROSPERTY beneficial to all Whom “go along” with President Trump’s #MAGA, (Thus, the World); Agenda …
    We May see Something,,,
    NOT experienced in 100’s of years..
    A World-Wide Peace & Prosperity, not even seen in Modern times…
    President Trump is truly a *renaissance* Leader like the World has never seen before…
    Pres. Trump “gets it”.. 😉
    Notice that His, (In this region), “policy” mimics one past president..
    Only in the South China Sea(s), & Indo China Seas…

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    • Good summary and just allow me to add that when these impoverished nations trade fairly with us their poor will be lifted out poverty and start the creation of a middle-class….something that Socialism, Communism and Marxism don’t allow….it’s either be poor or be a party member and be rich….once that happens they will witness the merits of capitalism.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Note “debt collector” and “sheriff” on 2 of those boats.

        To me they indicate the economic cudgel has been an instrumental tool in foreign policy even back to Teddy’s big stick days.

        … analagous to how PresTrump is using economic policy to leverage foreign policy objectives today.

        Just a small detail that jumped out at me.

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    • FTWPhil says:

      Maybe I don’t get it, but your capitalization technique is difficult to read.

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  3. Rebcalntx says:



  4. Rebcalntx says:



    • Rebcalntx says:

      Caroline, I agree. I think President Trump knows the citizens of this country appreciate his efforts. I appreciate his love for this country & its people. Lord reward him in a big way. Good health & a long a prosperous life.

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  5. IMO says:

    Seven more years of all this winning and loving every minute of it. Thank you President Trump and the A Team. 🇺🇸

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  6. MVW says:

    Kick the Shrubs, Griftons, 0bama lackeys out. America is tired of these traitors with their carpetbaggers.

    McConnell needs to get his head out of the Anti-American Globalist Uniparty pantry, stop feeding at their graft funded trough. Same with two faced Ryan.

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  7. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    wtf the crooked media is only reporting that he drank water during his speech and not about the important substance of the speech

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  8. BHLiberty says:

    I’ve been here before but have found this site to be such a refreshing reprieve from the drama on other sites! So much drama! I’ve come to respect what is reported here & hope that more/more reach this site to understand what the President is accomplishing on a day to day basis. Thanks for reporting what matters & staying above the fray!
    What the President has done thus far, including his recent trip to the Asian worlds, is nothing but breathtaking. The economic engine is just getting warmed up and because of his accomplishments, I believe it will be hitting on all cylinders when this president is finished. A GDP 4% could be within reach! Great speech outlining his performance! Thanks!

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    • Your post mirrored the reason that I kept coming back to this site as well.

      It was and still is a refreshing change from ALL other sites and many of the commenters are extremely intelligent and insightful so in addition to the great analysis that sundance provides a person can learn much by coming here regularly.

      Also, sundance keeps a close check on abusive language and behavior which is a bonus..

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      • G. Combs says:

        “…It was and still is a refreshing change from ALL other sites…”

        I beg to differ there are some other very good sites out there. They just to not focus on politics.
        Jonova, Chiefio, Realclimatescience (Tony Heller aka Stevengoddard) to name just a few.


        • O.K. so I shouldn’t have been so selective.
          I should have stated that in MY opinion this site is a refreshing change from MOST other sites especially those that relate to political discussions…..there….fixed it for you so now you can get a good night’s sleep

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  9. iwasthere says:

    President Trump rocked that speech and the trip. Just great to have a leader of the US of A again not bowing to royalty.

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    • Maquis says:

      Who understands that he is speaking to us, Ameica, a d doesn’t waste his time with the Commie Press Hyenas and their ignant off-topic gotcha questions regarding inanities and their latest ploys.

      He just finished gracefully, and powerfully, and walks away. Love it.


  10. Carrie2 says:

    As usual NBC (and undoubtedly the other fake newsers) at the end of Trump’s report on the 12 days, wondered why he avoided speaking about the tax bill, Judge Moore, etc. Well, fools, he said he would talk about the 12 days today or were you tuned in to another planet? The speech was great and we know that the media just can’t stand success for America and our President. Sorry, you all are buffoons and how many are NOT listening to your naysaying garbage.

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  11. Mia C says:

    Great speech. I can’t believe we have someone advancing interests of working people. Every past president has gone abroad to try to give away American interests so they’ll be beloved by foreign leaders at the expense of the working middle class.

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  12. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Liberal Democrat, Maxine Waters, the jealous psycho with a wig on, is out of control with her evil demands to impeach President Trump. She has the nerve to call President Trump and other Republicans racists, when she and the other Liberals, are the biggest racists of all. She talks and acts like a mentally unstable person, and should be put away in a psycho ward before she hurts someone. I pit her and anybody that takes her seriously.

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  13. calbear84 says:

    As so many have already said, the fortitude and perseverance of our president is beyond belief. Then again, the man believes in what he’s doing, and that is a great motivator. Godspeed, President Trump.

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  14. mcclainra says:

    Here’s another take on POTUS and his water bottle………Most interesting, for sure. Some say POTUS had a hidden message in the water bottle. He is very clever that way.

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