President Trump Secures Release of Three Thieving UCLA Student Athletes Arrested in China…

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalem Hill have embarrassed our country, our president, their school and their families.  A day prior to President Trump’s arrival in China the three UCLA Bruin freshman basketball players were arrested in Shanghai, China for stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near the team hotel.

In addition to being a national embarrassment, they were facing harsh legal consequences in China that would forever destroy their lives.  However, during President Trump’s meeting with Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping, he asked for leniency.

While President Trump is en route back to the U.S. from the 12 day Asia trip, Chairman Xi Jinping has released the three thieves:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three UCLA basketball players detained in China on suspicion of shoplifting are on a plane back to Los Angeles.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said Tuesday the matter “has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Chinese authorities.”

Freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were detained in Hangzhou for questioning following allegations of shoplifting last week before the 23rd-ranked Bruins beat Georgia Tech in their season-opening game in Shanghai as part of the annual Pac-12 China game. Ball is the brother of LA Lakers guard Lonzo Ball.

The rest of the UCLA team returned to Los Angeles last Saturday without the three.

There was no immediate word from UCLA on the players’ status for the team’s home opener Wednesday night against Central Arkansas.

The school said the three players, along with coach Steve Alford and athletic director Dan Guerrero, will make their first public comments about the matter on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, but won’t take questions.

A person with knowledge of the Pac-12’s decision said any discipline involving the players would be up to UCLA. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the conference doesn’t plan any sanctions.

Scott thanked President Donald Trump, the White House and the State Department for their efforts in resolving what he called “the incident with authorities in Hangzhou, China.” He indicated that UCLA made “significant efforts” on behalf of its three players.

Trump said Tuesday he had a long conversation about the three players’ status with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.  (read more)

It’s doubtful these thieving idiots, or their families, will ever understand how fortunate they are to have President Trump speak on their behalf.  President Trump mentioned their position, and his efforts, during a quick presser with reporters after leaving the Philippines:

[…]  The basketball players, by the way — I know a lot of people are asking — I will tell you, when I heard about it two days ago, I had a great conversation with President Xi. What they did was unfortunate. You know, you’re talking about very long prison sentences. They do not play games.

He was terrific, and they’re working on it right now. And hopefully everything is going to work out. And I know they’re very grateful because they were told exactly what happened. (press transcript)

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343 Responses to President Trump Secures Release of Three Thieving UCLA Student Athletes Arrested in China…

  1. Lyn says:

    Only a matter of months until these 3 will be bad mouthing the president for being racist or fascist, etc. Count on it.

    And they’ll face no trouble from their school either.

    Now if they were just a regular student there, they’d be kicked off campus in a second.

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    • Sedanka says:

      You’re right, they will all “take a knee” and be totally ungrateful to Trump.

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    • mcclainra says:

      I predict it won’t be months until they are bad-mouthing POTUS; much sooner. I’m sorry he didn’t leave them there for a while, to make a point.

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    • DGinGA says:

      Lyn, sadly, no they wouldn’t be kicked out of school. Maybe if they were white, but not three black students.

      On the plus side, none of the GA Tech students managed to get arrested while in China.

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      • A lot of our American citizens visit China and manage to not get arrested, but you make a very good point DGinGA.

        There are some people that you just can not take anywhere.

        Selfish spoiled brats that will always cause trouble, embarrass the family or in this case the team and the country.

        Honestly, UCLA might learn a lesson and cut these chuckleheads loose now but I doubt it.

        But if I were the Bruins I would leave them home on just about every away game, who knows what they will try next.

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        • Maquis says:

          They wouldn’t even “represent” UCLA if it were a genuine academic institution.

          The fact that these morons were admitted solely for their physical prowess alone, in a child’s game, belies their claim to high level academics.

          If universities were serious about academics, possibly even about morality, then there would be no sports programs at all.

          What’s the point? How do hard studying students out to save the world in one fashion or other benefit from being associated with reprobates that shun learning and bring nothing but disgrace upon them and their school?

          Do these three represent their “classmates?” How? Are they all ignorant? Self-entitled? Lawless? Ingrates?

          How does one take pride in free-ride morons looking only to go professional, at playing a child’s game?

          I’m embarrassed for anyone that would.

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          • Beverly says:

            Collegiate sports didn’t use to be like this. Clean-cut young men, “sound MINDs in sound bodies” was the ideal. Our great-grandfather founded one of the oldest college football teams, and he would Never have tolerated a player so much as showing disrespect; any criminal behavior, and you would be expelled and turned into the authorities immediately, and no respectable person or family would receive you in their home.

            My alma mater, Vanderbilt, was still insisting that our football players etc. study Real courses and pass them; this was in the 1970s. Taking the field, our young men would be outweighed by the opponents (looking at you, ‘Bama) by about 30 pounds apiece, and would lose almost every game; but they played clean, and they got a real degree when they graduated.

            Most of all, they weren’t THUGS.


    • PDQ says:

      And if do, a meme needs to be created to CALL THEM OUT…and spread far and wide. They will look like utter, traitorous despots.

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      • redfearn teal says:

        in the u.s. they steal all the time. the only consequence if caught is they don’t get the stuff. court appointed lawyers delay if manager shows up, over and over until he doesn’t and then they go about their merry way…….

        they are only doing what is allowed to them in this country and i don’t understand why our president would concern himself with this matter, imho 3 less out of control youths in this country, and ucla would have to reup with 3 more thugs.

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    • Bob says:

      Let’s all say what has to be said….if they were white kids studying science they would be toast.

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      • leebelieu says:

        To be honest if they were white science students they probably wouldn’t have tried to steal. Heck I’d wager if they were any ethnicity science students, not coddled athletes, they wouldn’t steal. The leeway for these modern “gladiators” is awful.

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      • KPomeroy says:

        If they were white kids studying science, Trump would’ve saved them anyway. But then, Trump would be “toast” in the MSM for racism.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Lyn, there must be some punishment because if caught stealing here, there would be punishment/jail time. They should be removed from the team NOW! Of course, we are in CA where nothing bad will happen to them. Hope their parents are after them, however, and having serious talks and taking back credit cards, cars, etc. If doing this garbage now at this, they will continue down the wrong track unless straightened out here and now, AND they should send a huge thank you to our President because surely they are now aware being in jail in China would not be a good thing, ever!


      • Beverly says:

        If their parents had brought them up right, they wouldn’t be stealing in the first place. Cam Newton’s dad, for instance, made a pile of money off his son with bribes and such when the boy was still in college. Big scandal for about five minutes; no punishment.


    • budsblog868 says:

      What a waste of political capital by Trump. he is now indebted to Xi.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Hardly….the Chinese would have had to house the jackwagons, and they would have been a massive headache to house due to their obvious standing out from the general prison population, plus the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the liberals if they hadn’t been released, and I’m sure these fine fellows would have been difficult to manage prisoners who pitched a fit every time they turned around. And the Chinese were certainly not at liberty to put bullets in their heads.
        The Chinese didn’t want them.

        So this is more of a mutual favor moment.

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      • Nan says:

        I don’t think so; Xi looks benevolent with his lenience to these guys. They’re lucky Trump was in town.


  2. Maquis says:


    What they are, what they are sure to be.


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  3. kea25252014 says:

    rolls eyes throw them out, take way the money. Let them learn. Also respect other cultures.

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  4. andyocoregon says:

    President Obama could have done the same for Otto Warmbier, but he didn’t. Obama could have sent Dennis Rodman to North Korea to negotiate his release, but he instead left him to be tortured and later die.

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  5. backwoodsgirl123 says:

    Lawlessness everywhere you look these days!

    They should have been left in Chinese custody until the players and the team and the parents begged Trump to help them!

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  6. MIKE says:

    Somehow i get the feeling the left will turn Trump’s actions to free the thugs against him. Call it a hunch, call it what you will, but ungrateful goes hand-in-hand with self entitlement. Never mutually exclusive.

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    • KPomeroy says:

      That will take some interesting spin!

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      • Deplorable Saint says:

        The MSM and leftist will stay mum and just not give President Trump credit. They can’t help themselves. These players will likely wind up in prison for another crime real soon.

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        • MTeresa says:

          The opposite of love is indifference. The MSM and the leftists will not say a peep about this. President Trump was quite charitable by negotiating their release. I hope these three nitwits realize their good fortune, thank our President, and realize what a bullet they dodged. Same with UCLA – think those leftists on campus will recognize what was done for these three “youts”?

          I won’t hold my breath.

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          • BakoCarl says:

            Perhaps –

            PTrump had the three criminals and UCLA agree yo certain conditions if they were released by China:
            – to publicly admit their guilt.
            – to be kicked off the UCLA basketball team.
            – to be kicked out of UCLA
            – to serve 500 hours of community service each

            I can dream, can’t I? And maybe hope for justice.

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            • Paul Revere says:

              Justice indeed. These a**h0l!s stole a few pairs of sunglasses, killary robbed the USA blind and sessions say’s he cant do nuffin if it just looks like.
              Folks we are screwed!


  7. 4430lacey says:

    UCLA,…. it says it all, 3 Black thugs with sticky fingers embarrassing a renown college.
    Apparently they couldn’t sell the Chinese on “Black Privilege”.

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  8. TeaForAll says:

    Their scholarships should be revoked, and they should be expelled from playing any college sports and put on probation. Their crimes were a disgrace to this country.

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  9. ibobland08 says:

    I don’t mean this as a smart remark as I’m sure there’s an answer: what’s the difference between these guys and Otto Warmbier? I thought Warmbier’s behavior was pretty embarrassing. Granted he didn’t deserve what happened.

    Liked by 2 people

    • sunnydaze says:

      Not any difference at all *if* Warmbier knew he was breaking a North Korean law with his stunt.

      I don’t remember the details of that case.

      If he knew what he was doing was illegal, then he’s as big a fool as these 3.

      Rule # ONE when you visit a foreign country: Do.Not.Break the Law.

      (Unless you’re in the U.S., then the skies the limit….sigh….)

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Warmbier took a poster, didn’t he?
        Took a poster off of a wall…apparently as a souvenir.
        Or that was the story. He may not have done anything at all.

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        • vfm#7634 says:

          The Norks did have security footage of Warmbier doing it. They do live in a 1984-type police state, after all.

          Although in the U.S., unlike shoplifting, taking a 5-cent poster off a wall wouldn’t normally be considered a crime.

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          • jbrickley says:

            Well it was a picture of their Supreme Leader who is worshipped like a god! Also just dirtying a newspaper photo on the ground of said Supreme leader will get you sent to the concentration camps all the same. The people in the DPRK are rightly paranoid as a result.

            Liked by 1 person

          • David says:

            Norks did have security footage of Warmbier doing it.

            They had footage of someone doing it. Way too dark and grainy to tell if it was Otto. They should have installed some South Korean high quality cameras.

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        • sunnydaze says:

          I think part of the story was also that the room he took the poster from was in an area that was off-limits to foreigners, and even unauthorized N. Koreans.

          Could be wrong, but I *think* it had a bit more to do with than just “the poster”.

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      • PDQ says:

        Too bad those visiting the USA aren’t fearful of that admonishment.
        Law and Order is dying.


    • mcclainra says:

      Difference is who is potus, and Warmbier was white……………

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    • nimrodman says:

      “what’s the difference between these guys and Otto Warmbier?”

      Two very big differences:

      This was China, that was N. Korea
      This was PresTrump, that was Barky the Mu$lim

      There might be more but those will suffice, I believe.

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      • ibobland08 says:

        What I was referring to is that Warmbier was never called a “national embarrassment” by people by conservatives (I am a conservative too for perspective).

        I always thought Warmbier was a moron for even going to North Korea and for tearing a propaganda poster down in a country with a totalitarian government.

        Granted it was terrible that he went to prison camp and died.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Ok. Here’s Warmbiers story. He went into a “staff only” area of the hotel he was staying in to get the poster.

      So yeah, he went where he was not supposed to go. And in N. Korea, there are no “polite slaps on the wrist” when you go up against the rules, no matter how lame….unless you’re a member of the elite of course.

      “Early in the morning of New Year’s Day, Warmbier allegedly tried to steal a propaganda poster from a staff-only area of the hotel….”


    • mimbler says:

      Well, his offense was far more minor, and the punishment was draconian.

      If these three had been sentenced to something not commensurate with the crime, I’d be in favor of PDJT negotiating it down. But since they stole high value items to the felony level by American standards, I don’t see why they should get off scot free,

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  10. Neural says:

    Wonder if the liberals will notice that Donald Trump (a republican) negotiated with China and while doing so managed to arrange the release of these three idiots, yet Bill Clinton, in 1994, was unable to negotiate the same for Michael Fay (also an idiot).

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  11. mikebrezzze says:

    I hope those three 2 digit IQ simpletons are kicked off the team but chances are they’ll receive a PhD from UCLA by Christmas!

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  12. OmegaManBlue says:

    The three players are beyond lucky our President helped get them out of China. I really don’t think Obama would have been able to pull this off. Obama really didn’t work a relationship with them. The players still probably don’t realize what they were in for if they were convicted over there.

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  13. Bob Thoms says:

    Extreme decency on the part of our President to ask for leniency; sadly, he will get no credit for helping these young thugs out.

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  14. litlbit2 says:

    Anew class at UCLA, how to rip off business establishments in foreign lands that used crime cameras? Ball bouncers🙈🙈🙈👎

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    • Maquis says:

      It’s as if the inane sports establishment is intent on destroying themselves. They can signal their twisted virtues all they want, they are only turning more Americans away, for Good.

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  15. GSR says:

    Hmm, look like Democrats to me.

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  16. MaineCoon says:

    People whose actions are without consequences and persoanl responsibilities repeat them or do worse things. Some consequence should be forthcoming.

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  17. quintrillion says:

    Thou shalt not steal.. not even from Communist Atheists.

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  18. nimrodman says:

    With the loss of manufacturing jobs in the US over the past decades, there’s a satirical saying that sticks in my memory:

    “America doesn’t MAKE anything anymore. America makes pizzas and pole dancers.”

    This case sounds like a corollary to that as it pertains to the import-export trade imbalance:

    “China exports all manner of manufactured products under the sun. America exports shoplifting kneebros.”

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  19. wheatietoo says:

    Does anyone think these guys even realize how lucky they are?
    Because I doubt it.

    They’re probably saying “What took so long!”
    And they will probably blame Pres Trump for their having to spend a week in jail.

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  20. NCPatrick says:

    This incident, occurring as it did while our President was meeting with China in extremely delicate negotiations, made me sick. They did not deserve one second of special treatment; I wish President Trump had left them to mull their fate — and not in a luxury prison but in a Chinese prison — for about six months. They shamed themselves and our country and it is hard to imagine anybody could be so stupid as to pull a stunt like this while representing us abroad. Ugh!

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  21. mikebrezzze says:

    HOw much ransom do you think UCLA paid? I hope it cost them huge bucks! At least $2m each!

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  22. jbrickley says:

    Hmm, Louis Vuitton sunglasses go from approx. $400 -> $2,000! Companies like Louis Vuitton do not discount overseas they just adjust for the exchange rates. So the price in Chinese money would be the same when converted to USD. Most US States would list that as a felony theft.

    UCLA should revoke their scholarships and expel them, immediately. Not only did they commit a felony in Communist China but they embarrassed the United States of America. Louis Vuitton should ban them from every making a future purchase for life.

    …p.s. I think anyone dumb enough to pay $2k for sunglasses should be given an atomic wedgie and tied to a town square humiliation post for a day.

    Liked by 2 people

    • sunnydaze says:

      How stupid. What made them think that it’d be easier to get away with shoplifting in China than the US?

      Pathetic Idiots.

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      • flova says:

        One of them is apparently well known because his father is a blowhard with a reality show and his brother just signed with the Lakers for 33 million.

        Oh and his father said “it ain’t no big deal.’


        • sunnydaze says:

          Sounds like that rich kid (down in TX?) whose family was A-OK with him driving around town running people over and other stuff. Can’t remember the details anymore.

          Rich parents defending criminal kids.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Annie says:

          you had better believe that someone got to the old man and told him to STHU!!!! not a peep out of him since..but, I don’t expect that he will keep quiet for blowhard..


  23. sukietawdry says:

    I’m betting they will deny the allegations and claim either it was all a big mistake or a product of Asian racism. Blacks have long loathed the Asian storekeepers in their neighborhoods who watch them so closely as they “shop.” I will be very surprised, and pleasantly so, if the three show any remorse, humility or gratitude. I’m also eager to see what, if anything, UCLA has in mind for them.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Niagara Frontier says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee held up many pictures at the Session’s hearing today during a somewhat racist rant against the administration and the DOJ.

    I don’t recall seeing pics of these fine three lads in that display. Should we wait for that?


  25. Fred says:

    I would have left them there. They need to pay for their crimes, even if it is a misdemeanor. They are fortunate that Trump took pity on them, and got them released. The are stupid coddled fools. They should also loose the ability to play Football, or any other sport at UCLA or any other college. I would go so far as to suggest that they loose any scholarship they may have, and be expelled from UCLA.

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  26. uvaldegirl says:

    I think it is great Trump negotiated their release. This is the kind of news that filters down to the people who do not pay any attention to news, breaking through the CNN narrative as well about Trump’s so-called incompetence and disrespect on world stage.
    I also fear that the 3 basketball players will come out with a story about being set-up, Chinese racism etc.


  27. MIKE says:

    The next team to play overseas should go to N. Korea. Rittle Locket man rove basketbawr


  28. Digleigh says:

    I hope I see these players and their families are appreciating this Trump.. Theft is considered a significant crime and communist nations do not tend to be lenient…Obama would have let these boys stay, because of his cowtowing and fear of China for years(picture of him bowing) ! What these players did was STUPID as heck!! I remember the movie of an actress in atrocious conditions in a Thai prison for drugs ( a “friend” put it in her suitcase…), and she was there for years!! Remember the young fellow sent home in a coma, who died soon after ( so sad ) for stealing a flag? I will not hold my breath because I am afraid Trump could cure cancer , and the MSM,GOPe, unhinged lefties, among others would not give a smidgeon of credit!!!

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  29. Glenn Stehle says:

    Jeff Sessions or these three punks? I think I’ll opt for the punks. They pose no exestential threat to the republic.


  30. treehouseron says:

    The kids did some stupid crap they shouldn’t have done, and if the Chinese executed them it would be expected. They don’t play around.

    With that said, I hold no ill will against the kids, I hope they get their crap together and get on with their life. I hope it scared the hell out of them.

    Signed, a grown up who used to do things more stupid than this when I was their age.


    • PaulM says:

      I’ll bet you didn’t do them in china.

      Liked by 3 people

    • TreeClimber says:

      You grew up. They never will. As another poster higher up said, you can take the kid out the ghetto, but…


    • TENRTEN says:

      Stop making excuses and giving black “kids” cover for their ridiculous behavior, see: “don’t make the black kids angry”, “white girl bleed a lot “, they will be bad mouthing Trump, Republicans and white people in the not too distant future it’s just how they roll ..I’m sure the media is already questioning whether or not Trump had anything to do with it, had they been white !!??!! forget about it!


  31. tonyE says:

    Expulsion from the team and school.

    Adios suckers… go find a school in TJ.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Oldskool says:

    Let’s see, Obama’s State Department let Andrew Tahmooresi languish in a Mexican jail for a year, and all he did was mistakenly cross the border and couldn’t get turned around. Now, we have 3 negroes getting caught stealing and our President personally intercedes resulting in an immediate release, sad.

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  33. americalsgt says:

    Take them directly to the White house where a press conference is called when Mad Dog Mattis will dress them down accordingly until they start to cry and end up begging the American citizens for their shameful behavior.


  34. Big Jake says:

    But….but…but…. Donald Trump is racissssssssssss!!


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  35. Chuck says:

    UCLA, another college off of my grandsons list.

    Liked by 2 people

    • sunnydaze says:

      The list of acceptable colleges where you can actually expect an education r/t a #GroupThinkBrainwashSession must be outrageously tiny today.

      I cannot imagine trying to vet these schools. Really feel for today’s parents.

      Liked by 2 people

  36. VegasGuy says:

    Smack the shit eaten grins off their faces…….Toss ’em out of school…..& take their Dred Locks…..

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  37. Oldschool says:

    Not a good day for justice.

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  38. trumpfan1 says:

    why would trumphelp these ungrateful black idiots?


  39. mikebrezzze says:

    I would have left them behind and run a headline that said “President Trump reduces thug population by 3”

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  40. That’s why our president, Donald J Trump is so much better than I am because if it were up to me, I would let these three low lives rot in the Chinese prison. They were stealing sunglasses! As some other commenters said, these three spoiled entitled brats after coming back will be badmouthing our president and demanding reparation money….

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  41. Ditch Mitch says:

    The three thieves (hey that could be a movie title) are lucky they were not in most Muslim countries. First stealing offense you get to choose which hand gets cut off. Second offense it is the other. Third offense maybe your head?

    Liked by 1 person

  42. KittyKat says:

    You will be able to knock me over with a feather if they say thank you.

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  43. Uncle Max says:

    I would have let ’em sweat a bit longer… say a month. They were only on house arrest at a nice hotel anyway. Then make all three write apology letters.. To the shop where they stole the sunglasses. But whatever. Maybe this gesture of what a real President does ( and not for explicit political points ) will engender President Trump to a few he otherwise could not reach. Time will tell.


  44. TheWanderingStar says:

    OMG! They have to face California Consequences????


  45. WhistlingPast says:

    (Can’t you just hear it…..)

    ‘Whut?? No ticka tape parade?! f* dat racisss.’

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  46. fred5678 says:

    If my grad school UCLA doesn’t cut their scholarships … oh, what am I thinking — B Ball comes before studies.

    If they don’t get punished and/or left off the team, UCLA should be mocked at every game this year,

    Especially watch UCLA/Stanford ( my undergrad school) games where Stanford band mocks opponents all the time.

    Years ago when UCLA changed requirement for admission to a prediction of 1.6 GPA for entering freshmen, Stanford band spelled out a huge 1.6 at halftime.


  47. guitar107 says:

    Hmm, they look like anti-w4ite and anti-Trump. Likely there will be no gratefulness from them.

    Maybe 2 month hard labor before being released to teach them a lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Chewbarkah says:

    What these idiots did was far worse than mere stealing. They embarrassed the US and its President in the middle of negotiations that ae critical to our economy. As others have said, Trump had to waste valuable political capital getting these bums out of trouble. I would have rather he brokered a deal to have them play for a Chinese prison team in exchange for only 2-3 year sentences. Will:
    1) UCLA expel these thieves from their student body?
    2) The NCAA ban them from participation in collegiate sports?
    3) They be prosecuted under US law?

    Liked by 1 person

  49. wondering999 says:

    Was looking for shoplifting punishments in China when I came across this from South China Daily Post. Interesting:


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