November 11th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #296

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. Mia C says:

    How is Moore doing in making it clear that Alabama is a do or die state for us? Is Moore making it clear that if the Dems can steal this seat, they can then take the Senate and get to work on impeachment?
    –The Breitbart site is claiming that people are standing with Moore, but honestly I haven’t seen him doing what Bill Clinton did so brilliantly. He clearly laid out the fact that Republicans were trying to undo an election which got Dems to rally around him. And he was guilty as sin!
    –In this case it’s actually true and I totally believe the charges are trumped up b.s.
    –So is Moore letting Alabama know that Dems are trying to undo an election and we can’t let them? Or is he falling into the trap of talking about these smear accusations from dating that supposedly took place 40 years ago?

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  2. citizen817 says:

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  3. Moore said this today!

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  4. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    sometimes people dig up old tweets of mine that are more relevant today than they were back then..
    here is one

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  5. PDQ says:

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  6. POTUS is very funny!

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  7. FreedomOutpost is now reporting some of the stuff I had already read, about this woman accusing other pastors at other churches of sexual improprieties. Also that the woman who claims to have been 14 at the time she alleges this happened may actually have been older.

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    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      I’m not even going to bother checking these stories out that are circulating because I’ve caught many lies being drummed up to superficially push Moore. The AL seat is in severe jeopardy. There are two polls out today, one is Axios which previously showed a strong margin, and both show a rapid drop for Moore in AL. A former DA who worked with Moore is now speaking out too and she confirms as an official he was hanging out at highschools and malls where teens were.

      The best outcome would be for the special election to be delayed until Roy Moore can disprove the accusations properly. If he is innocent, then he has nothing to fear.

      Right now, the AL Senate seat is in jeopardy just as SD said it would be if Moore sits on his derriere and do nothing locally other than hobnob with DC. Outsiders to Alabama can shout all they want, and Breitbart can report all the fake news they want, locals know what Moore has not done to win their hearts and minds since the primary against Luther. He failed to meet with local politicians. He is not rallying at important functions. Moore is taking them for granted. The Alabamans here are not 100% thrilled. The Governor if she values her job better act quickly to delay the election.

      The Doug Jones people are rallying to forbid a delay. If you were watching carefully, a major poll conducted only a week ago showed Moore was holding on to his lead. Boom, the accusations were released by Wapo. This has nothing to do with McConnell and Uniparty which will greatly disappoint the wild Breitbart imbibing crowd.

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      • deqwik2 says:

        The Governor said she is not changing this election again. (Originally it was set to be held with regular state elections in 2018 & she changed it to a special election).

        The polling inside Alabama was showing a close race & they all expected it to tighten & be close at the end so Moore wasn’t on easy street before this. Now they say it’s at risk.

        “The Republican Party’s options, including the possibility of a write-in campaign, “are all being researched,” said Steven Law, who leads the pro-Republican Senate Leadership Fund.

        Paul Reynolds, Alabama’s Republican National Committeeman, called it “a firestorm designed to shipwreck a campaign in Alabama. I think it’s sinister.”

        Despite such support, experienced Republican operatives believe the Alabama Senate seat, held by the GOP for the last 20 years, is now at risk.

        Those familiar with recent polling of the Alabama race suggest it was always going to be close despite the state’s strong Republican leanings — largely because of Moore’s controversial past.”


        • keebler AC ovfefe says:

          That’s too bad, I’m sorry to hear it. We were afraid of this risk during the primary. Bannon/Breitbart wins but we lose.

          If seat lost in AL, then Senate will be split 51-49. Dems have to win AZ and NV where it’s said they have good chance to get majority. There are about 30 seats up for grabs in 2018?

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          • keebler AC ovfefe says:

            become even not majority


          • litenmaus says:

            This whole Moore scandal has the EXACT smell and feel that rolled across our state when Greg Gianaforte took out the Guardian reporter keebler….. The timing of the polls, the results of the polls. the various politicians telling our voters that Gianaforte needed to step down, and the media telling our voters that Gianaforte was not the type of individual we should vote into office.

            Same sh!t, different day.


      • guru1966 says:

        Contain your glee, keebler. You’ve been beating this drum since Strange was defeated and exposed as a McConnell puppet

        Roy Moore is a fighter, like our POTUS, and will fight this false smear attack in the same manner as Trump did in the primaries and general election.

        If you prefer to side with McCain and Romney, so be it.

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        • keebler AC ovfefe says:

          No Moore is not a fighter. The 10 commandments is an empty move lots of people see it now. He did nada in AL to campaign until THIS HAPPENED. His previous endorsers are stepping off the boat too, Thorp, Cornyn. We need that AL seat to help keep a majority but it’s a write off now. There is no glee in this for those who tried to fend off Breitbart’s revenge on Trump but maybe it’ll teach Bannon a lesson.


      • We all have to make up our own minds. I suppose you will discount this simply because it is posted at BB. Regardless, this is a local polster:

        “The polling between Thursday morning and Saturday showed far less movement than I originally expected,” pollster John Wahl told Breitbart News. “The controversy surrounding the Washington Post article seems to have galvanized the support of both candidates, but not changed the actual percentages in a significant manner. The Moore campaign has already weathered a considerable amount of political attacks during this campaign season, and I expect most of his lightest support to have blown off during these attacks. His current support level is holding fairly steady.”

        Wahl is a local Alabama pollster, based in the state, and is regarded for his accuracy in the state. The pollster’s firm, WT&S Consulting, did some work for Moore’s campaign in the primary and runoff—but these polls, Breitbart News has confirmed, were not commissioned by Moore’s campaign and were conducted independently. That said, WT&S Consulting nailed the runoff numbers accurately. Its last poll, the day before the runoff election, showed Moore crushing establishment-backed appointed Sen. Luther Strange 54.3 percent to 45.7 percent—an 8.6 percent gap. The final election results were 54.6 percent for Moore to 45.4 percent for Strange—or a 9.2 percent gap.”


  8. Harry Lime says:

    Mark Steyn is a treasure…

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  9. Sandra-VA says:

    I wonder how this will affect the $250b worth of deals with China:

    “On November 8, 2017, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Representative Robert Pittenger (R-NC) introduced legislation to “modernize and strengthen the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States [CFIUS] to more effectively guard against the risk to the national security of the United States posed by certain types of foreign investment[.]” As Mr. Pittenger put it more succinctly, he is “Taking Aim at China.””

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  10. jeans2nd says:

    More verification to this –
    The *ACTUAL* 2016 FBI Report on “Russian Hacking” Does Not Show What Media Claim It Does…

    Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney interview w/”Loud and Clear” Sputnik Radio. Discusses Mr.Binney’s 24 Oct 2017 meeting w/CIA Dir Mike Pompeo re: “Russiagate affair,” mtg w/Pompeo at Pres Trump’s request.
    Beginning of show to 58:00.

    Fake News has been working overtime to discredit Bill Binney since 7 Nov 2017 The Intercept article on the Binney/Pompeo mtg. Fake News calls Mr. Binney a conspiracy theorist, “self-styled” whistleblower, etc etc ad nauseum.

    Mr. Binney proved to CIA Dir Pompeo that the 5 July 2016 Guccifer email that VIPs analyzed was a local d/l,
    —–>>>>and that the 6 Jan 2017 I/C assessment is not based on facts, and therefore nothing but allegations and not provable.<<< 3:44 “The intelligence community agencies are not telling the truth to the leadership of our government.”

    28:31 “They don’t like the President, and they don’t, uh, and they just feel that they have to get, cause him so much difficulty and trouble in any way they can, uh, to, you know, just to make his administration impotent.”

    28:45 “Because if he (Pres Trump), as a non-politician, comes in and succeeds far beyond what politicians have ever done, then they’re all gonna look really bad. And that’s why he didn’t have a lot of support in the Republican Party, either.”

    Entire interview is worth listening, if one would like truth about Congress, Clapper, Russiagate, diff of opinion w/in VIPs, DOJ, censorship, NDAA, much more.
    “They are keeping the public in the dark.”

    Warning – Binney talks technical (lolol – most beautiful music, to my ears). Packets, packet switching, traceroutes, network protocols, bits and bytes – but no nibbles. 😦 (nibble = half a byte, i.e. 4 bits)

    Worst thing to do to a know-nothing wanna-be poser is to talk technical to the dummy. Is incredibly intimidating, works every time ;-o

    Mr. William “Bill” Binney is a true national treasure.
    There are still more good guys in (and now out of) gov than bad guys. The good guys have finally been set free by Our POTUS. What joy.


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    • jeans2nd says:

      Who gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks
      5 July 2016, Guccifer 2.0 email analyzed by VIPs – Seth Rich was deceased
      Who gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks
      Had to be the Awan Bros

      NSA knows the truth.
      Adm R, tell the truth!

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  11. NJF says:

    Oh yea.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      So nice of mueller to give them time to rebrand and continue their character chop shop.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Yep, the Dems are notorious for doing that…restructuring/rebranding their underhanded operations into new identities.

        They did it with ACORN.
        OFA started out as ObamaForAmerica…then morphed into its current OrganizingForAmerica.

        I think the Clinton Foundation started out as the Clinton Defense Fund, if memory serves.

        The “Podesta Group” will be relocated to another address, with a new identity…but it will be doing the same thing.
        Or trying to.

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  12. NJF says:

    I see POTUS blew up twitter again. Lol.

    They are literally losing their minds.

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  13. wheatietoo says:

    It fills me with love and pride, whenever I think of our Military.
    May we endeavor to be worthy of their many sacrifices that they make…for us.

    This lady has some of the best tweets I’ve seen about the men and women in our Military Services.

    I loved the above video…but this one took my breath away:

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    • deqwik2 says:

      If you know a member of the military that lost their life in the Vietnam War, there is a Wall of Faces memorial for them. You can view their pic & life story or you can submit a photo.

      The Wall of Faces connects a face and a story to each of the more than 58,300 names on The Wall. Collected photos are displayed online at VVMF’s Wall of Faces which features a page for each person whose name is on the Memorial. These pages allow family and friends to share memories, post pictures and connect with each other. The photos will also be displayed in the future Education Center at The Wall.

      To see the Wall of Faces, go to:

      For information on how to submit a photo, go to:

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  14. Donna in Oregon says:

    The Swamp is working so hard while POTUS is out of the country.

    I’ve been thinking about Moore in Alabama and all the threats the left and the Swamp have been making today. We all want to support POTUS, call out the lefty tricksters and write your support for Alabama and Moore:

    Alabama Republican Party

    Just like it takes 2 minutes for the Swamp to smear Moore….we can take 2 minutes to undo their nastiness.

    I wrote:

    The Russian dossier was fake and so is this trick by the Swamp to try and remove the Republican Party candidate for Senate.. Support Moore for the Senate. No Guts, No Glory Alabama. Don’t let the Swamp scare you. They lie!

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  15. cycle1 says:

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