President Trump and President Xi Conduct Bilateral Discussions within Beijing’s Grand Hall…

After an hour of scheduled “closed-door” one-on-one “private” discussion between President Trump and President Xi, the leaders of both nations reassemble with their delegations for discussions between the larger groups.

Beijing Schedule: At 10:40am (local) / 9:40pm (U.S. Eastern) President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping lead an expanded bilateral meeting with their respective emissaries of trade, finance and national security.  (Video of initial remarks)


(Pool Report) The meeting took place in an elaborately adorned room in the Great Hall of the People.  The US and Chinese delegations faced each other at a pair of long tables. Trump and Xi sat in the middle of the table. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and US ambassador to China Terry Branstad stay on either side of Trump. Trump and Xi both spoke for a few minutes.

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89 Responses to President Trump and President Xi Conduct Bilateral Discussions within Beijing’s Grand Hall…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. sundance says:

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  4. SpanglishKC says:

    i don’t have a comment …yet. Need to catch up on CTH

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  5. sundance says:

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    • wheatietoo says:

      This word is being used, a lot…by pundits in their media, English-speaking pundits, and now by Xi.

      They keep saying this word, but in communist countries, this word often means ‘submission’.

      I mean, ‘who’ gets to determine what will be the accepted level of “Cooperation” is that is desired.

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  6. sundance says:

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  7. Thank you SD. GREAT speech by POTUS! Panda was very happy to hear him speak! They both must have had a very good private conversation!

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    President Trump is a genius…One man stands up against the world and soon, the world says, he’s right!

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  9. Curry Worsham says:

    “The hosting of the military parade this morning was magnificent and the world was watching”
    Except for the U.S., Mr. President.

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    Can’t wait to see the deals that come out of the visit…America is open for business…24/7!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Your wish is my command!

      From the article linked above:

      The White House expects to announce upwards of $250 billion in business deals in China this week, an administration official said — exactly the sort of U.S. jobs-based diplomacy that President Donald Trump likes to deliver when traveling abroad.

      Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross boasted of that number in a meeting with chief executives in China on Wednesday, but offered few details, according to two people who attended the meeting. A U.S. official confirmed the amount.

      The deals are expected to focus heavily on the energy sector. One of the biggest deals the Trump administration is currently negotiating is a multibillion-dollar energy investment from Chinese oil and gas giant China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., known as Sinopec, that would bring thousands of new jobs to hurricane-ravaged areas in Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

      Details of the project in the hurricane zones in Texas and the Virgin Islands are yet to be finalized, but Sinopec is in negotiations to partner with ArcLight Capital, a Boston-based infrastructure investment firm, and Freepoint Commodities LLC, a Connecticut commodity trading firm. The deal is expected to be worth more than $7 billion in investments in the U.S.

      The project would include construction of a 700-mile pipeline from the Permian oil field in western Texas to the Gulf Coast, as well as a storage facility there. Separately, Sinopec would expand the existing oil storage facility known as Lime Tree in St. Croix, according to a person familiar with the proposal.

      The Sinopec deal alone could reduce the trade deficit between the countries by as much as $10 billion a year, according to one person with knowledge of the negotiations. And the project’s focus on areas impacted by recent hurricanes could also provide a political benefit to the president, who has faced criticism over his handling of storm damage, particularly in Puerto Rico.

      The president will likely emphasize U.S. liquefied natural gas and its role in lowering the trade deficit, and negotiate for China to buy more LNG from the U.S. in the future, two people familiar with the matter said.

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      • Minnie says:

        Mr. President is a natural born leader and was led to his role as our Commander in Chief by the grace of God.


        Get ‘er done ✅

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      • Curry Worsham says:

        Media response…

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      • Martin says:

        To put the values of these deals in perspective, and considering that under Ozero our deficit with China was speeding toward a trillion –

        A million bucks, in $1000 bills, is a stack of about 4 inches in height.

        A billion is a stack of about 500 feet in height.

        A trillion is a stack of about 10,000 miles in height.

        It’s hard to get your mind around. So when SD says trillions are at stake, it’s a tall order. The usual method of retiring debt will not work. That’s why we have Trump. Or rather, thank God we have Trump.

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      • dutzie60 says:

        Doomberg says, “……And the project’s focus on areas impacted by recent hurricanes could also provide a political benefit to the president, ……

        who has faced criticism over his handling of storm damage, particularly in Puerto Rico.

        Where did he receive criticism except for the dumbazz media and the corrupt government of PR? I Hate all of the MSM freaking people. (I don’t know how to bold it)

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      • indiamaria2020 says:

        Bilateral, fair, reciprocal.

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  11. SoCalPatriot says:

    We had a couple of concern trolls here earlier this morning. According to them, Xi is going through all of this unmatched pomp and circumstance to make PDJT look foolish to the Chinese masses on TV. Yeah, right…

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  12. waltherppk says:

    President Trump and President Xi enjoyed sharing a state dinner. Which state did they eat?


  13. fleporeblog says:

    Maybe it is just me but I really sense there can be a great relationship forged between the USA 🇺🇸 and China 🇨🇳! Our President and President Xi have mutual respect for one another. If we back China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, they maybe willing to denuclearize North Korea 🇰🇵 and get the trade deficit cut drastically!

    I have seen some positive signs so far!

    In it I wrote some of the following:

    China just hours ago signed 19 agreements at a ceremony attended by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

    From the article linked above:

    U.S. and Chinese companies have signed business deals the two sides say are valued at $9 billion during a visit by President Donald Trump.

    As you can see from the Tweet below, our President’s plan for 2018 is working out extremely well!

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  14. deepthinker says:

    Thank you, sundance, for posting these videos. They are very hard to find in American media for the time being, which is a shame. I don’t think many people fully grasp the importance of these two men meeting face to face right now, but as a millennial who is growing more (Trump MAGA) conservative by the day, this is easily the most important bilateral summit of my lifetime. Going even further, this is probably the most important bilateral summit of my future children’s lifetimes. You’re doing God’s work here, and I hope that these men choose the peace, harmony, and well-being of the world over what could easily be mutually assured destruction.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Reagan and Gorbachev met and it was covered 24/7…Asia trip is being covered by world press but American press wants to talk about Kevin Spacey and Charlie Sheen…

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      • Oldschool says:

        American press will not ever show Trump in a positive light, ever. FLOTUS may be the most obvious example of this. Never in my lifetime has there been a first lady like her. Even Jackie pales in comparison. The immigrant angle alone should thrust her onto every magazine cover. The only press she gets are criticisms of her shoe choice and not wanting to hold POTUS’ hand.

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        • indiamaria2020 says:

          No worries. Common Folk have their very own way of showing their admiration for the First Couple. THE VOTING BOOTH, November 2018. We’ll be there.


      • Ditch Mitch says:

        And the resounding gubinatorial victories of 2 dims in blue states.


  15. Curry Worsham says:

    “It’s too bad that past administrations have allowed it [trade with China] to get so far out of kilter. But we will make it fair.”

    President Trump doesn’t mince words.

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  16. Minnie says:

    Mr. President is well versed in diplomacy.

    We ❤️ President Trump

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  17. sunnydaze says:

    FNC is finally broadcasting this on the TV. sheesh.

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  18. pmdea says:

    They did show some of the Military Parade here in Australia, which looked impressive, but then went on to spin that President Trump is talking trade, however most Trade Agreements already are in assistance….Most people here will not know that any new trade deals have been signed, but are led to think President Trump is all talk.

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  19. ray76 says:

    Thanks for posting this… breaking the blackout.

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  20. sunnydaze says:

    I’m bookmarking this link, cuz it seems to be the only place where one can see all the meetings:


  21. Flight93Gal says:

    Do you believe the disgusting, disrespectful headline in the NYT today about POTUS visit to China? “… Far From Washington, ‘Uncle Trump’ Finds Fans in China…” Yes, we all despise the MSM but whether we like it or not, their outrageous and disrespectful coverage is impacting POTUS favorability ratings with others outside the CTH circle. Therefore, while we all congregate at CTH, each of us must accept the responsibility to “influence 3 to 4 POTUS haters/day” to communicate the great things POTUS is doing for the country. Without this deliberate action, we’ll continue to comprise the 38″ to 40% minority. 😦


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