November 1st – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #286

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. fleporeblog says:

    The day of reckoning is coming! Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says that our newest weapon is operational! It is called the “Rod From God”. It is being used throughout the ME. Especially in Syria ??. It may have actually been used in North Korea ??On October 10th.
    From the article linked above:
    So what does Mattis have in mind? He wouldn’t say, but he did let slip one interesting comment.
    “Just to clarify, you said that there were possible military options that would not create a grave risk to Seoul,” a reporter said later. “Are we talking kinetic options as well?”
    “Yes, I don’t want to go into that,” Mattis said, agreeing that his closely held military option involved kinetic action, a euphemism to describe lethal military force.
    Keep in mind that our President met with all his military brass on October 4th! That is when he said “The Calm Before The Storm”! October 10th may just have been what he was referencing!
    From the article linked above:
    A TUNNEL at an underground North Korea nuclear site has collapsed with up to 200 people killed, according to reports.
    The collapse happened at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the north-east of the country on October 10, according to Japan’s TV Asahi.
    Interesting tweet and response by Thomas Wictor:
    There is a very good chance Kim Jong-un was in that mountain that day! If not, he absolutely lost his scientists and generals.

        • A2 says:

          Wictor is implying that Kim and generals were buried under the collapsing mountain. Not at all. Rocketboy was on State TV a few days ago. However he did disappear just before the September hydrogen bomb blow-out. It was noticed he was limping, but I expect for security reasons he went incommunicado.
          The collapse of the mountain was verified by 38 North satellite images, Japan, SK and China after the NK launch in September and now elaborated upon.. What is not made public in terms of sources is the so-called 200 people killed by the secondary quakes.The other reports are all public information made before today’s date. So I would be skeptical of Wictor’s implied statements.
          For me, the collapsing mountain detailed since September did put a kink in Rocketboy’s nuclear fireworks, as did the Chinese who must have told him to lay off during the 19th Party Congress.
          Perhaps after 50 years we will know the facts. 😀
          The Kim Jung-un Papers.

          • A2 says:

            Don’t get caught up in the ‘magic weapon’ speculation. We will not know, nor should we. Just let it play out.

            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              I treat Wictor with asbestos gloves. Some of his stuff is straight out of the Deep State kilns.

              • And yet Wictor has correctly foreseen things that others have not. No one is perfect.

                • A2 says:

                  So have I, but I am not an Icon, and I am definitely not perfect. He has a loud hailer. that is all.

                • wolfmoon1776 says:

                  He does a good job, but I trust Sundance more. Which is why I’m mostly here and not there.
                  I’ve corrected Wictor a few times – very gently and kindly and without seeking to diminish his reputation. He admits when he’s wrong, which is awesome! (Such corrections go unnoticed in the massive avalanche of tweets which follow his. But he does look through them and take note of honest criticisms, corrections, and the like.)

              • I have noticed that, too. Some things do not always add up.

          • You need to read Wictor’s actual threads, or if you have been reading his threads, you should read them until you fully understand them. Thomas Wictor in no way has implied that KIM was buried, but many of his nuclear personnel were.

      • WhistlingPast says:

        Thank you for a great summary. Kinetics away!

    • sunnydaze says:

      This is kind of interesting. If Kim Jong Un was killed, it could take months to find out the truth.
      Comm. gov”ts, have a way of hiding their Dead Dear Leaders from the Public Eye for a while, I think.

    • millwright says:

      Flep: Now why would such high-level officials be present at a construction site ? Other reports indicate there were two successive collapses; the first during mining operations and a second during rescue operations . Now, I’m presuming the PDRK is using conventional drill, blast, excavate and shore processes as its highly unlikely they’ve got a “mole” ( TBM) or the capability to support one ! Then there’s the issues/risks of driving tunnel in highly unstable ground ( due to previous nuke testing ) reported by geologists world wide.
      But “who knows for sure ?” “Back when” i was a “Supervisor of Erection” for a major OEM’s “Construction and Mining Division” when we hit the heading for our first round there was my company CEO, the COB, my Division VP, two other VPs and my boss all under an unsecured back !

    • Sayit2016 says:

      Ok this officially just got weird… I read about the collapse a couple weeks ago hmmmm weird and then thought serves him right the little shite – never heard another word about it … now I read this ( connecting dots) and it makes total sense..
      Trump: I will not telegraph my intentions…..
      Moral of the story… POTUS is not playing !

  2. wolfmoon1776 says:

    We CAN fight back against weak local policies that encourage terrorism and crime during the 2017 election. It is not just possible, but almost a SURE THING to WIN BIG LEAGUE – if we JUST DO THIS:
    This is easy. Just research which party the “party-less” local officials and judges belong to, by getting the “county slate”, and don’t vote for any Democrats. Then GO TO THE POLLS LIKE IT’S 2018!
    Long Version:
    Twitter is shadow-banning me HARD on a series of tweets describing how we can end sanctuary cities. You see, I just realized today, after this terror incident, that THIS is our moment. SO MANY LOCAL CANDIDATES ARE RUNNING IN THIS OFF-YEAR ELECTION!
    What we have to do is have a MASSIVE Republican showing in this off-year election. If we do, we can kill off an entire generation of Soros-funded sanctuary backers, that SOROS is running hard in this off-year election when nobody is looking, and most of the candidates are LOCAL.
    (Yes – I am guessing that the BIG MONEY these Dem local candidates are showing comes from somewhere other than the barren party coffers.)
    Most of these local candidates are NOT SHOWING THEIR PARTY. This is intentional. They are typically things like trustees, city council members, and judges. They’re not SUPPOSED to be political. That doesn’t mean they aren’t VERY political.
    I noticed this year that the highest visibility candidates in my area are using a lot of “code words” that indicate they are young, want change, “new ideas”, etc. And when I finally found out which party endorses them – DEMOCRATS.
    These are the very people who actually make “sanctuary city” decisions. These are the people who create the screwy policies and activist judicial decisions that are the basis of all the problems.
    While local candidates in many areas don’t typically show their party, parties can ENDORSE candidates, and if you get your REPUBLICAN COUNTY SLATE, it will tell you who is endorsed by the party. It’s sometimes hard to FIND the slate, but if you search using the terms SLATE, 2017, REPUBLICAN, your state and your county, you will likely find it. Then just make sure you don’t vote for ANY Democrat candidate unless you know for a fact that they are hard-core blue dog and will not support any of this radical leftist nonsense. Likewise, RINO virtue-signalers are off the menu. But by and large, you’ll be voting for KNOWN CONSERVATIVE INCUMBENTS and NEW REPUBLICANS.
    Here are the tweets. If you’re on Twitter, please retweet to get past their algorithms! Thank you!

    • Alison says:

      Thanks, WolfMoon. I will certainly retweet these & recommend to others that we vote local slates that keep terror from taking root in our small towns.
      Why anyone is willing to ‘settle’ for massacres as a way of life is truly beyond comprehension! All I feel is anger at the growing mounds of flowers & candles. WTF?!?

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Thank You!!! 😀
        Yes! Even the smallest local communities are affected. When (heaven forbid!) the Kamala Harris-Amy Clobuchar DHS comes looking for rapefugee resettlement communities someday (heaven forbid), they may start out in the boondocks, with people they can bully. We have to stand up to the insanity EVERYWHERE!!! It MATTERS at a very local level!
        (Remember when the idea of Obama being President was LAUGHABLE? THAT is what commies do! Make what should NOT happen, happen!)
        I lived through a virtue-signalling gun-ban effort that should NOT have happened in the cow-town locality it did, but it really did happen, and we were very lucky that it was declared unconstitutional.

      • Sayit2016 says:

        I was watching the Dodger game tonight ( YAY they won!!!!! ; ) ) and I was looking at all of the people attending and enjoying the game and thought I USED to love going to ballgames and concerts and I realized my life had been changed by these attacks and for me there is a low vibrating fear about these kinds of events now that I never used to have and to be honest it pisses me off !!! I AM sick of these horrific events being broadcast in my home– you will be watching something and BOOM there it is BREAKING NEWS — horrific event……I am SICK of these people that cause such pain and heartbreak to friends and family. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!!

        • Grandma Covfefe says:

          I agree-thousands times. It made us angry and fearful. We are not in the best place here in SoCal. We plan to stay in this coming weekend, just to be safe. And we don’t go out after dark anymore.
          Strangely (or not), only two house on our street, were lit up for trick-or-treaters tonight (or last night)….first time in 40 year I never seen it this dark on Halloween night. People are worried. We’ve been dark on Halloween night for 30 yrs due to scary incidents. Our old traditions and culture is being changed, uprooted, threatened, or destroyed. Very upsetting.
          Thank Goodness our President Trump knows that.

      • ladypenquin says:

        Alison, what’s your twitter handle? I’ll follow you. I’m @Lady_penquin

        • Alison says:

          It’s @Alison4Trump I already follow you ??

          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            I just had to re-follow you, too! Twitter are such sneaks! GRRRRR!
            Either that or it’s time to burn my computer again.

          • ladypenquin says:

            Thank you. Done.
            I need to find a way to file all the Treepers I follow to catch their tweets. Haven’t figured out how, except as bookmarks.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I just RE-FOLLOWED you, because I discovered that Twitter had sneakily “unfollowed” you behind my back. I know this because I have only unfollowed a couple of GUYS who I will always remember. I never unfollow anybody.

    • Wolfmoon, a quick way I check is to go to our progressive voting site, most states have them. Whoever the judge, councilmen etc they give a thumbs up to, I vote the opposite. Yes I do more research than that but it’s been pretty accurate who NOT to vote for.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        GREAT idea!
        This time, I didn’t have the slate in hand, and the one I did find online was very incomplete, but the Democrat poll worker outside kindly handed me THEIR slate, and it was very complete! Easy to see who NOT to vote for! But I agree, a proggie site will give the BEST reverse information!!!

      • Sayit2016 says:

        It is annoying that you have to dig for information on Judges — thank God for the internet and conservative groups that do a lot of the vetting…..

    • sunnydaze says:

      This is super important now: We have to get rid of the Dem Judges. They are all creeps. And they have a LOT of power over us.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Yes – these judges cause a LOT of trouble – AND they get booted up the chain, where they can even cause MORE trouble.
        All the MAGA Republicans have to do is an hour on the computer and then be sure to vote, and we can deliver a butt-kicking to George Soros that he’ll take to the grave with him!
        But we have to do both – research and then vote. There were almost NO familiar names on the ballot this year, and yet there were more local offices than I’ve seen in a LONG time. This is why the SLATE makes it so easy. All the names you need to vote FOR, or all the names you need to vote AGAINST. If you find it fast on the phone and save it, it’s right there to study or bring to the voting machine. Plus you can mail to friends and fellow Trumpets!

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I was going to say this is a perfect example of “think globally, act locally”, but I like this better.

      • wheatietoo says:

        I’ve always hated that “Think globally” slogan.
        It’s creepy…creepy propaganda.

        • sunnydaze says:

          Think Globally Act Locally.
          Pretty good propaganda. It worked!
          Now it’s our job to throw it in the garbage bin.

          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            That’s exactly right. It was PROPAGANDA. We never even realized it. It sounded profound, but it was designed to make us CONCEDE our values instead of promoting them to WIN in the international marketplace of ideas.
            It was GLOBALISM begging the question of whether globalism worked.

        • rds says:

          Veering off the path here, but the Left excels at destroying words and the language in general. “Global” in all its forms is such a word. It’s now tainted. “Gay” is another example of a fine word that can’t be used as originally intended anymore.
          Destroy the meaning a word, turn in to some grotesque bastardization that conveys only leftist ideas and it is no longer useful. It’s like we’re getting a form of Newspeak crammed down our throats little by little. We need to put a stop to this.

        • JoAnn Leichliter says:

          The first time I saw it, many years ago, I figured it was just more lefty propaganda (bumper sticker type). The same goes for that more recent, cutesy “COEXIST” bumper sticker that has become so popular since the 9/11 attack (you know, the one with all the religious symbols).

    • JM Covfefe says:

      Thank you for your work, Wolf. If you have time, could you post slates for Virginia Fairfax, Louden and Arlington counties, preferably in to day time? Those three counties have the biggest impact on Virginia.
      I have been trying to find time to do it myself, but work has swamped me and time is getting short. Nov 7 IIRC.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        OK – this is interesting. It looks like the GOP in VA is kinda swampy and doesn’t really do a good job of creating slates for locals. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m just not finding them.
        HOWEVER, there is a state web page that lets people research down to the city level pretty well.
        This page has all the different elections, and all the candidates and issues condensed into PDF files that are searchable by city, county, etc. So ALL the information is there, but it is NOT compiled by city or county.
        I will keep looking for precompiled slates and attach them here if I find them, but if not, then people can find the information about candidates by looking through these PDFs.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          PS – not seeing very much in the way of lower-level races in Virginia this election. I think people will be able to go to the polls and just vote straight R, based on the sample ballots I’m seeing in Virginia.

          • JM Covfefe says:

            I have to say, I think the best advice is a composite of the Treepers in this subthread.
            Do as much research as you can + grab the sample ballots both parties hand out on the way in. If someone is listed on the blue sheet, don’t vote for them! Red sheet, maybe OK if not listed on blue sheet. Never thought of grabbing the blue sheet before. Makes sense.

        • JM Covfefe says:

          Yup. That would be about right. Uniparty+.
          Took me months to find out who the Trump supporters and delegates were for the primary. Those three counties are the Southern half of the swamp. Even after a lot of research, it is still difficult to discern reality. Take Cuckinelli for instance…
          (/me hangs his head in shame, and uses his cuckinelli staff T-shirt for manure spreading.)

          • JM Covfefe says:

            If you get bored and want to peruse the swamp-red-uniparty, google bullelephant Virginia…

            • d2i says:

              I’m pretty certain the General Assembly appoints judges in Virginia – city, county, supreme court, etc.
              Did a quick search to be sure and this is what came up “The selection process is identical for supreme court, court of appeals and circuit court judges. As outlined in Article VI of the Virginia Constitution, judges are elected by a majority vote of the Virginia General Assembly (the combined house of delegates and senate).”

    • whatfreshnell says:

      RT’d. Thanks!

    • psadie says:

      http://www.PAGOP.ORG is the “official” site for Pennsylvania GOP Party and it gives the 2017 Judicial candidates at one glance.

    • Dekester says:

      Thanks Wolfman,
      Local politics is the same up here in Canada. Soros has funded many a candidate.
      I remember the day when our local politics were just that, local.
      Not now. Any reasonably sized municipalitiy usually has a powerful leftist group behind it.

    • PgtSndThinker says:

      Tried and tried to find more info on my local judicial candidates. Nothing but their own vague statements. Nothing in the government voters guide, nothing on the State or County Republican websites, no endorsement or contributor information at all. Wow. This is the first election I am alert to these issues.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I’m still getting stuff in the mail. Ironically, I got two competing “slates” today by different organizations, and two LETTERS from local and state politicians with THEIR personally endorsed slates. One of the pols is a local, a straight shooter, and his endorsements are really detailed, eye-opening and welcome – the best thing yet. Even better than the “official” GOP local slate.
        Yes – these “local” elections now have huge national implications, and people clearly realize it. This is the first time I’ve gotten letters from sitting pols with private endorsements, much less in an off year.
        I’ve tried to become increasingly informed over the years – to the point that I try to have a strong position on every vote on the ballot. I used to think this was a bit “overdoing it”, but now – thanks to these scofflaw Obama judges and un-American city councils, virtue signaling for psy-op media attention – I realize that we have to care about every single vote.

  3. Avi says:

    Time for Sessions to fire Herr Mueller and condemn his gestapo tactics.

    • WhistlingPast says:

      Time for Sessions to be moved into another position.
      Larry Klayman or Jay Sekulow would make excellent replacements.

    • rumpole2 says:

      I coming round to thinking that Mueller may well end up investigating Democrats… just as well let him carry on. He may well STOP of his own volition rather than implicate Clinton etc.. or he may even have to start indicting the real criminals.
      The worst that can happen is a few Trump staff get swept up…. but I doubt that… and if they do…. Trump can always dish out the odd pardon after Mueller is done.

      • millwright says:

        rumple: If Herr Muller stops short of investigating the Clinton’s its there perfect scenario to 1) dig the spurs into that lazy horse or 2) can him and assign him a place in the docket of his replacement !

        • rumpole2 says:

          I assume a lot of the evidence and testimony he has already collected will be useful evidence against all sorts of people.
          On a related matter… Comey already did a (half-assed) investigation of Hillary…. that evidence is already gathered. Comey even outlined a bunch of serious crimes…. He only stopped short of recommending an indictment because “no reasonable prosecutor would proceed” …. he is of course WRONG in that.. so all that is needed is a Prosecutor to run with evidence already gathered.

          • G. Combs says:

            “[…] He only stopped short of recommending an indictment because “no reasonable prosecutor would proceed” …. he is of course WRONG in that..[…]”
            Actually Comey wasn’t IF
            no reasonable prosecutor = prosecutor afraid of Arkancide

            • G. Combs says:

              Remember Supreme Court Justice Scalia died on February 13, 2016, less than half a year BEFORE Comey made that statement.

      • THru Dr T says:

        I agree with you. The latest sleuthing by citizens on Twitter ( [email protected] ) and 4chan are reporting the following;
        1) Mueller resigned in 2013 as FBI director because he was being forced by Obama/Holder/Hillary to bury and not pursue investigations such as Uranium 1. He knows they are criminals and will not protect them . To the contrary: he has all the evidence in place and the Justice dept has crossed all the Ts and dotted the eyes during this time
        2) he will turn everything over to the DOJ and it will be Rosenstein who will bring it to grand jury and indict . Not Jeff Sessions as he cannot
        3) This was the most amazing Sting operation created in the history of our country by DJT and general Flynn who took a bullet for our country
        4) it is only now that the Left has finally understood what’s coming down on them although they’re still in denial
        5) it cannot be stopped
        6) They are all going down
        The best thread on this issue is really in twitter by [email protected]
        Read it several times and you will see that President Trump is a true master of Sun Tzu the art of War . This was all planned out by President Trump and a handful of his most trusted circle without any of them knowing the entire plan he had in mind to Drain The Swamp. We are There Now!!
        Sit back and enjoy . He’s got this down.

        • WhistlingPast says:

          This I gotta see.
          Man do I hope you’re right!

        • amwick says:

          The Clinton Cabal is so much bigger than the 2016 campaign… Mueller could be opening doors for a serious prosecution. There is so much legal bs that was done before to cover it up… unravelling crimes this huge,,, takes a plan.
          I think AG Sessions is part of the sting. The part that is aimed at non campaign crimes..

          • singingsoul says:

            amwick says:
            “The Clinton Cabal is so much bigger than the 2016 campaign… Mueller could be opening doors for a serious prosecution. There is so much legal bs that was done before to cover it up… unravelling crimes this huge,,, takes a plan.
            I think AG Sessions is part of the sting. The part that is aimed at non campaign crimes.”
            We need to be very careful not to be lulled into complacency concerning Mueller’s intentions whom to go after and remind ourselves he is not Trump’s friend not republican friend not “America First “friend. Mueller is out to bring POTUS douwn.
            President Trump the guy who had the oudacity to run and win the Presidency without the swamp. We know Mueller’s stripes and the tiger does not change his stripes.
            I think what is happening is that he is skilled in deception and he is succeeding to deceive smart people that are Trump supporters because we wish Mueller to be someone else who he is.
            Mueller is not a good guy he went to the dark side a long time ago. Greed of money has pulled many into the dark and many cannot resist the pull of money and perceived power it brings.
            I want to keep it real unless I see different. Entrapment is Mueller’s special skill. He will exploit weaknesses among Trump team.
            Remember Mueller has lots of time in 10 days while POTUS is away. Mueller’s timing is uncanny.

        • amwick says:

          ps I think Hannity is in on it.

        • I wrote this in June which is somewhat along the same theory…of course, time has passed and my theory has become a bit more refined. Please excuse me if it seems a little broken…I was brainstorming when I wrote it.
          jwingermany says:
          June 7, 2017 at 5:59 pm
          How do you Drain a Swamp?
          Okay…let me put on my tinfoil hat here for a second. Could this all be a setup of massive proportions…HUGE proportions?
          Does this statement by Comey almost seem too perfect to anybody else? It gives President Trump just enough cover…and Comey just enough cover?
          Think about what Trey Gowdy said a couple of weeks ago (I think on Fox News)…paraphrasing: I think history will be a lot kinder to James Comey. That stuck with me! Gowdy’s body language was TRUE excitement that he could barely hold back. I keep thinking about that statement.
          Btw…where has Mr. RICO Man Rudy Guiliani been lately? Remember that list of crimes he read out? What about Sessions low profile?
          Maybe, my imagination has gone wild…or…this could be MASTERFUL…GENIUS! The hair on my arms keeps standing up on my arms imagining the possibility!
          Now, remember back when Comey laid out the laundry list of crimes by Hillary Clinton…then…so inexplicably let her off the hook with a ridiculous and now infamous “no intent” excuse. Some people at the time (SD?) had asked the question if Comey was signaling SOS!
          NOW…think Seth Rich.
          Think about how overboard, over-the-top and shrill the opposition to President Trump has become from ALL sides. Are they trapped in a corner by a fierce Lion fighting for their last breath? We are always reminded by SD that this very serious game is worth $$$TRILLIONS$$$.
          Could it be that FBI Director James Comey is a White Hat?
          Could it be that this was all one HUGE setup against the Deep State? The Global Corporate Media? The DC Swamp?!
          Trump had to give them enough rope to hang themselves…PUBLICLY on CNN, NBC, CBS, NYTimes,…WaPo! Remember the campaign rally where Trump first told us about Jeff Bezos and his WaPo/Amazon tax scandal?
          While looking direct into the camera that thousands of us were viewing on RSBN…Candidate Trump told us not to forget it.
          I have not.
          We have Debbie W-S doing weird things. CNN-ISIS woman…Anderson Cooper’s “$hit on a table”…somebody else called Trump a POS.
          Clapper seems very uncomfortable lately…and Admiral Rodgers seems to look a lot more healthy.
          Is the trap in the process of being sprung?

    • Oh yeah? Well, don’t hold your breath since it was Sessions who appointed both Rosenstein and Mueller………

      • sgtrok13 says:

        Negative. The President signed off on appointing Mueller it the evening prior.

        • amwick says:

          Can you think of a better way to avoid the slightest appearance of bias? That was the brilliance of the whole sting. It had to be fool proof in order to succeed. It had to look like they were being black hats…. at least I like to hope…

  4. Nchadwick says:

    I like to re-visit this video from Louder with Crowder — it is my fave Halloween!

    • olderwiser21 says:

      These people and their egos…..I bet she falls asleep during most of their meetings nowadays.

      • piper567 says:

        photo of SCOTUS at Trump’s first speech tp Congress showed Ginsberg wearing gloves.
        Peripheral circulation issues frequently affect cognitive functioning.

    • Ferret2 says:

      The Judging Dead.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      You know, she could make a deal with Trump. Trump is ALWAYS willing to make a deal.
      I’ll bet there is some centrist out there on Trump’s radar that she could put in a good word for, and Trump would help her retire happily.

      • Michael says:

        No need. She’s moribund already. Just wait her out.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Let’s just say that Trump has a very good hand. 😉
          Ginsburg might have to sweeten the deal by talking up somebody already on Trump’s list, and stating the desire to endorse, but that’s a nice move for Trump, too! 😀
          Don’t think she’s take it. She’s not thinking too well, lately, which is indeed sad. She used to be pretty sharp. If she thinks she’s going to outfox or outwait the 16 years of Trump-Pence, she’s got another thing coming.
          She may change her mind in 2019 or 2021, if not, as you imply, sooner. I think Ginsburg needs a deal more than Trump does.
          We’ll see. I like the idea of a balanced court, and shifting the left to the right just a bit, and introducing somebody who is less partisan than Ginsburg is a nice way to maintain that balance. Surely somebody on Trump’s list gives her SOME feeling of relief.

        • I thought I saw a formaldehyde IV drip in her arm…..Maybe it was just me.

          • H.R. says:

            I thought I saw Egyptian hieroglyphics on the IV bag. I’m only speculating, but I believe that several of her organs are already in the jars. We’ll know for sure when they charter the barge to float her up the Potomac to The Valley of The Supreme Court Justices.

    • A2 says:

      She is on the down slide to the ultimate end of us all. It doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things that is just a ‘moment’ not a trend.

    • amwick says:

      Dementia is a serious issue for lifetime appointments. I started reading a bit.. and there is no system in place to address it. The other judges are supposed keep on eye on their colleagues, and gently intervene if they suspect a serious issue.
      Making the problem even worse is that the judges all have clerks to do much of the actual work..
      You have to wonder whose opinion is actually written…. Ginsburg has become an embarrassment. She is hanging on to spite our President. Totally legal, that is our system.

  5. Kaiser Roll says:

    The Virginia election is all about the turnout. The GOP candidate outperformed the polls in 2013, when he was expected to lose by at least 10 points. The same happened in Kentucky in 2015, where Matt Bevin won a landslide victory (and is doing a much better job than John Kasich is in my home state of Ohio),_2015,_2013,_2014
    The polls are showing a tie or an much narrower lead for Northam than McAuliffe had in 2013 and Warner did in 2014. The Q poll is a useless outlier that is clearly a push poll like that alleged tie in Alabama from two weeks ago.
    The left thinks it owns Virginia now, and plans on desecrating its history to create a Year Zero. Their Soros funded ads are blatantly anti-white.
    Defend the Constitution, vote ED GILLESPIE

    • olderwiser21 says:

      I thought the latest polls had Ed up by 10?

      • Kaiser Roll says:

        I think one poll has shown ED up by 10, but it appears to be an R push poll. I think GILLESPIE will win by 2 or 3 points.
        I would be very surprised to see the GOP win the Attorney General seat, given that Herring is the incumbent.

        • Michael says:

          If we win back the Governor’s Mansion then I don’t much about losing the AG race. With control of the Governor’s seat and the General Assembly we can legislate away all of his stupid opinions.

    • Michael says:

      I will be voting on Election Day and trying to convince everyone I know to vote for Gillespie. He’s far from perfect (he’s pretty much a mini Paul Ryan) but he’s infinitely better than Red Ralph Northam.
      I’m praying he wins. I feel much better about this election than I did 4 years ago.

    • Kaiser Roll says:

      1.1 mln votes McDonnell (R)
      818 K votes Deeds (D)
      1.07 mln votes McAuliffe (D)
      1.01 mln votes Ken Cuckinelli (R)
      146K votes Sarvis (L)
      Democrat turnout was down in 2009, due to disappointment and a weak nominee from the rural part of the state.
      1.08 mln votes Warner (D)
      1.05 mln votes GILLESPIE (R)
      This wasn’t supposed to be close, Warner was believed invincible.
      1.99 mln votes H. Clinton (D)
      1.76 mln votes DJT (R)
      There do appear to be enough Trump voters (in a state that wasn’t targeted) to carry ED over the top if they turnout next week. Many D voters (younger) only vote in Presidential years. The left has made a huge mistake, and the media can’t run interference for them.

  6. Wend says:

    I think and hope that Latino Victory insanity will help Gillespie.

    • sunnydaze says:

      I agree. They really jumped the shark with that one. Should wake some people up.

    • Sayit2016 says:

      It has… a ton of cash is being sent into the coffers on this last week —by people in VA that are disgusted by this political ad….. it is sickening !!! Watching that woman on Tucker try and justify it made me want to come through the TV. They have pulled the AD –in light of a actual terrorists running down REAL people with a rented truck. There is no gutter these people will not sink into.

  7. ALEX says:

    Interesting thread from a recently retired special forces operator….and some history of Uzbekistan and the facts that should come out. Uzbekistan is also the staging area for many of our special operation operations into Afghanistan…

  8. Avi says:

    Herr Muller is now investigating Hope Hicks. anyone still feel that he and his hillary apparatchik staff are “white hats” ? really?

    • Albertus Magnus says:

      Interviewing Hope is NOT the same as INVESTIGATING her.
      What is wrong with all of this punchbowl crapping going on?

      • Nigella says:

        Well it would be nice if Mueller would be dragging in some Dems…

        • A2 says:

          Albertus, it is to generate headlines. I want to see the testimony of the housekeepers, butlers, dog walkers and Nannys. Oh, and the Cable Guy.

      • elleb77 says:

        I, for one, like to know what’s really going on. Posting that Hicks is talking to Mueller is NOT punchbowl crapping. How would a lot of posters here see the turd in the punchbowl with the bright red rose colored glasses on all the time.?
        All of the Mueller-turned-good-guy theories are fantastic! I agree. But they are theories. Until I see something from Mueller to indicate that he’s on our side, I’m going to be cautious.

        • Albertus Magnus says:

          If your post is any indication of how much attention you are paying then there is the problem. OF COURSE it is news and should be posted that Hope Hicks is being interviewed. But it is pure BS to turn an interview into an INVESTIGATION and is ONLY written that way to make it sound ominous.

  9. Eks Mann says:

    >>>In NYC, looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person.
    One wonders why these people are so “deranged.” Consanguinity, perhaps? Centuries of inbreeding?
    From Wikipedia:
    “RATES OF OCCURENCE – MUSLIMS: Among modern Arabs the practice of marrying relatives is a common feature. In the Arab world today between 40% and 50% of all marriages are consanguineous or between close family members.
    “It is estimated that 55% of marriages between Pakistani Muslim immigrants in the United Kingdom are between first cousins.”
    Search “consanguinity psychosis” for further study – it’s sobering stuff.

  10. Thom says:

    Don’t get stuck in the “Last Refuge” of a failed cause. It is within this bastion you will be surrounded, with only patriotic euphemisms left to convince the belief that you are still fighting. Civic nationalism has run it’s course.
    Egalitarianism is a failure. Diversity and multiculturalism a sham. America is not a mass of individuals who simply wish to shop in a global mall. America is a Nation; conquered, colonized, and settled by and for Europeans and our values. America has an innate identity that must be preserved.
    Take a stand. A new, younger, and true conservative front-line is forming. The Alt-Right wants you to join!

    • JM Covfefe says:

      Not sure how to take this? Strikes me as an attack on our Treehouse by a bannonite. Maybe I am wrong, and just PO’d by today’s events. But I have to say that this Last Refuge is the most intelligent, proactive, can-o-whoop-ass crew that I have had the pleasure of conversing with in a long time.
      If nothing else, you may consider working on your marketing skills. Appearantly you were stuck in the spam bin for a while. AdRem must have smiled on you.

      • Thom says:

        Not a Bannon follower. The alt-right really isn’t fond of him. I mean what the heck is “economic nationalism?” There is no nationalism without a nation.
        And you cannot have a nation until the core indentity of the country is preserved. In this case, white America. Bannon and alt-lite refuse to acknowledge this. They still hold on to the left wing tenant of egalitarianism that forms the core idea of the left; the left also includes Conservative Inc.
        There is nothing conservative about them. I mean really what do they conserve?
        Overall, my point about the treehouse, is that it understands this entire problem, but doesn’t want to make a move on it for fear of being called racist. It’s almost like most are living vicariously through Trump…the countries last Civic Nationalist. Peak post-WW2/boomer era thought.
        Same thing with The_Donald on Reddit.

        • sunnydaze says:

          From your post, above:
          ….”And you cannot have a nation until the core indentity of the country is preserved. In this case, white America. …..”
          Get outta here.

          • Thom says:

            Go check out the 1790 immigration act and get back to me. There is over 200 years of history until 1965, to back up my claim America is supposed to be a majority white nation.
            And yet Sunnydaze, I’d be willing to bet you support Israel’s claim to ethno- nationalism. I know I do; every nation has that right. Why not the USA?

    • JM Covfefe says:

      Advice to a young man (me) from an old man: never start a fight with an old man. All your fancy quick Tae Kwon Do moves won’t help you because his focus will be to kill your arse quickly, before he looses his breath.

    • JoAnn Leichliter says:


    • nimrodman says:

      “A new, younger, and true conservative front-line is forming. The Alt-Right wants you to join!”
      Do we get an Alt-Right decoder ring?
      But, hey – I’m please as punch that it’s true conservative (TM), that sure puts me at ease.
      Thanks, Thom!

    • amwick says:

      I was waiting to see something about Kek.. that or buy Bonds..
      I like it here because it is a refuge from the wind,, you know, the idea wind that pushes you left, right, upside down and sideways. The branches sway in the wind, they survive all the pushes.. Basically I don’t like pushes… It is fine to discuss, to study, to speculate, to kid around a bit,, but please, no pushes.

      • Thom says:

        Pushes are good. They get rid of the dead limbs. And if you are sitting on a dead limb, you deserve the fall.

        • amwick says:

          I deserve to fall??? Nice… really nice… Maybe you forgot about the meaning of the word refuge?? OH well, we see things differently.. I don’t want anyone to fall… nope, that would be really awful.

  11. wheatietoo says:

    Wow. Hard to believe she didn’t know it was a truck that was the weapon of choice.

  12. sunnydaze says:

    The SJW’s in Canada are jumping the shark now. This is a good thing. If we are going to be peaceful and safe here in the US, We NEED our Northern neighbors to wake up with us.
    At a Halifax, N.S. music festival, a singer asked white people to move to the back and allow POC to sit up front.
    One white woman (an usher) refused and…..the music festival organizers….wait for it…..APOLOGIZED for the “bad behavior” of their usher!!!!!!!!!

    • nimrodman says:

      I’m “people of color”
      Kind of a pinkish tan.
      You know – like that “flesh” colored crayon in the large-size crayon box.
      That kinda thing.

    • nimrodman says:

      I’m sorry to tell them, but it’s the singer that expressed “overt racism”
      … the anti-white variety.

  13. Nchadwick says:

    Quick look back from 1 year ago – priceless

    • Howie says:

      He is a Donk.

    • nwtex says:

      Darn it! More misleading remarks.
      Per the daily caller article Tammy linked to —this is what Tapper said (btw, not cutting him any slack, at all, l simply do not like mis information being spreal all over the place…gossip.
      “The Arabic chant Allahu Akbar…. sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances and too often we hear of it being said in moments like this,” Tapper said”
      Not what the DC ran with in it’s banner –>
      CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Allahu Akbar ‘Beautiful’ After Terrorist Attack [VIDEO]

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Interesting. We need to assume that the GOAL is the REASON – because that’s just what commies and globos do. It’s how they roll.
      They want a police state.
      I keep saying – we need to do something about the CIA. Based on the Kennedy files, they must be WAY WORSE than that by now. Importing crazy ‘slims and running psy-ops domestically. Covering up terror and trying to invoke a police state where they run rampant.
      Either make them shut down the crazy, or shut down the whole burrito, if they don’t.

    • Howie says:

      The less religious a Muslim is, the less likely he will kill you out of the blue.

      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        It may seem so. But…I still don’t want ’em here. I want all them Muslims out…out…outta here.
        Sharia Law is NOT compatible with our Constitution. Their “moon god’ hates our God of the Bible. We have no room for their hate.
        Get ’em all out of my country..

  14. joeknuckles says:

    The nerve of the “Latino Victory” group that rant the racist ad depicting a white Republican voter chasing down a Muslim girl with his vehicle is astounding considering the facts of the case described below, in which an ILLEGAL ALIEN LATINO chased down a Muslim girl with his vehicle, then raped and killed her. Perhaps they are trying to reinforce the original narrative that the killer was white and it was a racist hate crime. That was before the killer was caught.

    • Howie says:

      The Muzz are playing a simple numbers game. They have a system that is infallible. Out of every numerical group of Muslims a few will take action. Say out of a million. Some of them will go out and kill you as a religious rite. It is just part of their religion. Most of them just hate you, some will kill you.

      • joeknuckles says:

        I like the idea that Islam needs a reformation. I sure hope it works. If not, they will end up being anihilated. Eventually, things will come to a head and the west will have to either fight back or be subjugated. It would probably be the worst conflict the world has ever seen, as they are now living among us everywhere. It would be like a global version of the Civil War.

  15. wheatietoo says:

    Laura — “The Diversity Visa program has got to end.”
    Yes. Yes it does.

    • nimrodman says:

      Oh, man, at that Allahu Akbar link there are some hysterical rhyming couplets in the comments section. Here’s the cleanest one, the others are even funnier but NSFT (Not Safe For Treehouse) so I won’t quote them here, well maybe one censored one:
      My name is Jafar
      I come from afar
      There’s a bomb in my car
      Allahu Akbar
      My name is Mohammed,
      I once built a clock.
      I went to the Whitehouse,
      And saw Michelle’s [email protected]

      • nimrodman says:

        sorry, meant to leave the link, didn’t expect the graphic to show again
        but if you click on the graphic, it’ll take you to the linked page where the comments are

  16. millwright says:

    NJ is – or on the verge of becoming – a “Sanctuary State” . Guess where this latest terrorist lived and got his WMD ? BTW, he probably didn’t have the vigorish ( or connections ) to get real guns from the street vendors in NE NJ. or intended to “suicide by cop” .

  17. “I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.” (Rom 15:30)
    Even as Paul needed backup in his struggles, our President needs us to join him by praying.
    May he find his sleep refreshing and his strength abounding each and every day!
    May he be blessed in every relationship from family to staff to all he interfaces with.
    May his travels be blessed, safe, and successful.
    May his heart be washed of all impurity and filled with the courage of the Lion.
    May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in America as it is in Heaven!

  18. joeknuckles says:

    Somebody mentioned a new weapon nicknamed “The Rod From God”. Here’s a good article about what it is and how it works. Very intriguing.

  19. A2 says:

    In just a few days (Friday), the President will be making an historic visit to Asia. He has said he is leaving his A-team negotiators like Sec Mnuchin in the US to ‘Get it done’ over tax reform. He is taking many trade reps with him to negotiate the beginnings of new bilats.
    PM Abe has been ramping up security before his visit. I suspect the US military will do so in South Korea. China will never allow an attack or blip on his visit there. As for Vietnam, I suspect that may be a weak spot, but Vietnam is desperate for US bolstering against Chinese over reach. He will meet Duterte in private meetings in the Philippines, however it is unclear whether he will stay for the ASEAN meeting. He may just have emissaries there and fly back to Hawaii.
    God keep him safe.

  20. Dazza says:

    I bet Mueller ends his probe while POTUS is in Asia

  21. joeknuckles says:

    I just did a quick google search of James Alex Fields. I don’t see any new articles about him since aug 18th. Has anybody heard anything about him? Has he made any new statements? Has there been anything to shed any more light on what happened and why?

    • rumpole2 says:

      I am keen to follow his trial. It is likely to be the The Hysterical Lynch Mob and Liberal Political False Narrative V an Individual
      I have seen nothing.. but there is a Hearing scheduled 12/14/2017

      • joeknuckles says:

        Do you think he’ll live that long?

      • James A Fields will either cop a plea to some low level charge or they will rule him mentally incapable .
        .The people who know the accident was fake do not want a video expert looking at all the still pictures and video .
        A well trained monkey could find hundreds of inconsistencies and indications of fakery .i
        The picture of the man driving is enough reasonable doubt that another man ( stunt driver Bobby Holland Hanton) was the man in the picture.

    • rumpole2 says:

      I do have a sub-forum at Random Topics… to follow any developments.
      There is some info that I gleamed when Carlottesville was in the news 🙂

      • joeknuckles says:

        Thanks, the trial will be interesting to follow if it ever happens. Can you imagine the butthurt on the left if it comes out he was panicked and in fear of his life? If he’s found not guilty? Or if there is something stranger going on that we don’t know about yet?

    • G. Combs says:

      “It’s utter, self-serving bull.… that the slaves should be allowed to keep more of the wealth they created We NEED that wealth to bribe the useful idiots to vote DemonRat!”
      There, I finished Shumer’s actual thoughts. ?

  22. andi lee says:

    While no one is paying the slighest bit of attention, Senate Majority Leader McConnell ? has been *rocking* the CLOTURE & MAGAing!
    ?New Judges confirmed!
    Palk – 26 Oct – W.District Oklahoma
    McFadden – 30 Oct – District D.C.
    Barrett – 31 Oct – 7th Circuit
    Larsen – 31 Oct – 6th C.
    (*Eid – 01 Nov – 10th C. – *M.Ldr ?promised 4 this week)
    (Them Democrats be misbehaving so bad on the hill, Sen. Majority Leader McConnell ? has called for longer hours ? plus, weekends ? if neccessary. Sen Lankford suggested amending the rable-rousing hours be allowed for only 8 hours, instead of the current twenty, per nominee. Majority Leader ? is considering, if no improvement is in sight or sound). ?

    • JM Covfefe says:

      Citizen, for over a year, almost every night, you have been scouring the net making sure we don’t miss anything. Thank you very much for your dedication!!! You are making an important difference, and should be very proud. 🙂

    • JM Covfefe says:

      “Knowledge is Power” Ed Boone, Game Designer MK4, 1992, ORD.

    • Nchadwick says:

      If a Christian commits a crime in the name of Christianity, then I have no problem disavowing the act. I am not a fan of Laura Loomer, as many time she is petty and does some of the things she does, in my opinion, for selfish gains…… I do watch and follow her because at time she gets it right — even though her intentions were not to do so.
      Someone who believes journalism is dead — we need fearless individuals that are independent from mainstream media to go after and ask the “insulting”, “rude”, in your face questions — that is real life and for far to long we have allowed these mainstream media to play in the confines of political correctness. I believe that we all have been indoctrinated into the mindset of political correctness – and time we break the chains and accept that reality is messy.

      • distracted2 says:

        I don’t always agree with her but I am in awe of her fearlessness.
        I should have been more forthcoming with regard to my “unreal” comment. I was mostly referring to the fact that the woman who wouldn’t disavow the attack works for the NYTimes. That said, I found most of the video astonishing on both sides.

  23. A2 says:

    I have read these wild expectations about NK and his nuclear scientists buried under Montap mountain that collapsed in September after Kim’s Hydrogen Bomb test. (all unsubstantiated).
    That is not anywhere close to what has gone down. Except a pause in their nuclear testing.
    What is going down is the collapse of the NK economy. The sanctions are working. However China is still dithering. The NK Won is now worthless. RMB (Chinese currency) is now demanded for payments to the State (including remittances from the slave labour in Russia). It is getting to be a wild west or should I say ‘east’ economic situation.
    Kim has now forbidden any traditional celebrations that come originally from China that have been observed by NK citizens for hundreds of years (Duanwu).
    So, as far as I see it, the backslide to demise is coming along nicely.

    • wheatietoo says:

      Aww, I like the idea of little Kim losing his entire nuclear program in a massive tunnel collapse.
      So I was hoping that was true.

      • A2 says:

        Yes I know, but didn’t happen. He did lose momentum. And they have to rethink the launch sites. In the meantime he is being economically squeezed. That squeeze will be more apparent after the President does his Asian tour.

        • A2 says:

          I should add, watch the Russian commentary during the President’s visit to Asia.
          Major knickers in a twist. They really hate this.

  24. JM Covfefe says:

    Not sure if this is worth anything. Like we didn’t already suspect antifa was colluding with isis.
    Short, book sales pitch:

  25. Kaiser Roll says:

    Remember this from last year???
    Soros-funded LATINO VICTORY FUND certainly should have…
    Vote ED GILLESPIE for Virginia Governor

    • whatfreshnell says:

      I just loooove the hand-lettered signs and cute illustrations that these cutie-pies are holding. *spitooie*

  26. Kaiser Roll says:

    Jack Dorsey, Owner of Twitter, Pedophile Defender

    • starfcker says:

      Mark Dice and Kaiser Roll. Awesome Job. Don’t fear them. Ridicule THEM. Marginalize THEM. And let’s see some prosecutions of THEM. Looks like we’re headed for a major tipping point. Trump winning the presidency is the most profound event of my lifetime. I believe he can do that much good. The unshakable religion of liberalism is about to undergo fatal convulsions. It has no foundation. It isn’t built on any known truths. Its currencies are lies and manipulations and intimidation. As long as we’re not intimidated, they’re going to lose, you can bet on that, and it’s coming sooner than you might think.

      • Dekester says:

        Excellent post. Thank you.

      • Well said Starfcker!
        “It (liberalism) has no foundation. It isn’t built on any known truths. Its currencies are lies and manipulations and intimidation. As long as we’re not intimidated, they’re going to lose, you can bet on that, and it’s coming sooner than you might think.”

      • farmhand1927 says:

        “It’s currencies are lies and manipulations and intimidation.” No truer words spoke. Great post, starfcker.

      • StanH says:

        No question. Their BS is a mile wide and a millimeter think, simply poke at it and the entire charade will vaporize. Hang tough, keep pushing, there are fractures showing in every liberal institution. As Saul Alinsky taught us ridicule is one of the better modes of attack.

      • pyromancer76 says:

        “It” also is not “liberalism.” It is an insidious (evil) substitute planted by the you-know-who-s. The best of Western Civilization is “liberal” — e.g., like the American Revolution in comparison to the French — that Conservatives wish to conserve, preserve, and pass on to the next generations.

    • JohnP says:

      I guess this means Twitter officially considers pedophilia a sexual orientation and not a crime. So is Twitter going to be a sponsor for the Telethon for Molesters?

  27. wheatietoo says:

    Varney is getting a lot of new viewers…which is a good thing, because he is not afraid to talk about all the good things that our President has been doing.

    • Kaiser Roll says:

      The stock market seems too much like a bubble. I’d be less wary if the labor participation rate goes back up from 63% to the pre-recession 67%. That is masking a lot of unemployment.

      • wheatietoo says:

        Wall Street is warming up to the idea of ‘America First’.
        This is good…it will help to bring jobs back.
        Under Clinton, the Stock Market started rewarding companies for offshoring their operations and taking jobs with it.
        It was an automatic uptick in their stock price.
        We need this to reverse.
        We need companies to get rewarded for bringing jobs back now.
        Even if this is a ‘bubble’…there is a 5000 point cushion that has been created in the last year.
        There will be dips and profit-taking, there always is.
        But even if the market dropped a couple thousand points…it is still higher than it was.

      • n1ghtcr4wler says:

        no bubble with the increasing interest rates

      • indiamaria2020 says:

        Experts have been “warning” of this since November 10, 2016 when the market first rallied following Trump’s presidential victory. Folks heeding those warnings then have left A LOT of money on the table.
        OF COURSE there are ALWAYS market corrections, but “bubble” predictors are like broken clocks……

      • G. Combs says:

        The REAL Unemployment:
        ShadowStat ( Walter J. “John” Williams) explains how BillyBoy Clinton changed how the unemployed were counted to HIDE the damage done to the USA by NAFTA, The World Trade Organization (WTO) and HIS efforts to get China into the WTO.
        “[…]Up until the Clinton administration, a discouraged worker was one who was willing, able and ready to work but had given up looking because there were no jobs to be had. The Clinton administration dismissed to the non-reporting netherworld about five million discouraged workers who had been so categorized for more than a year. As of July 2004, the less-than-a-year discouraged workers total 504,000. Adding in the netherworld takes the unemployment rate up to about 12.5%.
        The Clinton administration also reduced monthly household sampling from 60,000 to about 50,000, eliminating significant surveying in the inner cities.[…]”
        If you add those 20+% unemployed to government workers you get a YUGE chunk of the USA willing to vote DemonRat to keep the goodies coming.
        The fact we then add Illegals and RapeUgees and H1B visa holders to this mix is COMPLETELY INSANE!

      • daughnworks247 says:

        I have four people on my block who are on Social Security Disability, but there is not a thing wrong with them. Nice neighborhood too, but they have no shame.
        SSDisability is a huge drag on our economy. Program should be for the truly disabled only.

  28. Kaiser Roll says:
    Ralph Northam: Accusing conservatives of what his Islamist pals are doing.

    • farmhand1927 says:

      Gotta love James Woods!

    • indiamaria2020 says:

      I no longer buy into this type or imagery. I’ve quit seeing Trump as the lonely Chinese man facing death in front of a column of tanks. It implies that the Clinton Machine is ALL POWERFUL.. The opposite is true. Trump’s got ’em surrounded and flummoxed. He is WINNING, and has all the tanks at HIS back. Takes time to take down an Ex-president, an Ex-presidents wife; it has never been done. But Trump is not helpless, and is no baby. He is a Warrior, he is WINNING, and tailwinds are to his advantage.

  29. TexasRanger says:

    “I Am Not Going To Be Led By The Nose By Mueller And His News Media Cronies”
    Rush Limbaugh Video 16:40 Minutes Oct-30-2017;
    Paul Manafort, Hillary Clinton, MSM Main Street Media

  30. wheatietoo says:

    If you were going to take down an insidious global pedophile ring, that includes powerful politicians, media moguls and industry executives…how would you go about it?
    Hit them head on, while their power is intact, and there would be loud protestations of their ‘innocence’:
    “You’re crazy! He is a pillar of the community! You can’t make such a wild accusation!”
    Witnesses would be too terrified to tell what they know.
    These are very powerful people.
    But if you nibble away at their power, expose them for other crimes and perversions first…then the public is more willing to accept the truth about them engaging in such a horrible thing as pedophilia.
    For example…a month ago, Harvey Weinstein was on top of the world.
    Then he was exposed for using his power for decades, to force women to accept his unwanted sexual advances.
    He’s lost his company and a great deal of his power.
    If it came out now, that…oh by the way, Harvey is also a pedophile…then people would say:
    “OMG. That’s terrible! Well we knew he was a scumbag. He should be in jail!”
    Witnesses would feel safer about talking, since Harvey isn’t so powerful anymore.
    Now, I don’t know if this is what is going on.
    Only time will tell.
    But it seems like a logical way to take down a global pedophile ring full of powerful people.
    You know…if one existed.

    • SB says:

      As Reagan said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

    • parteagirl says:

      Wheatie, I tweeted out a few of the milder pics of Tony Podesta’s art collection a couple of days ago when Tony Podesta was trending on twitter. I thought it would be a reminder of the kind of character he possesses, along with his brother. I was surprised by how many Trump supporters had no idea about the art collection and are seeing these images for the first time. Over 800 have responded in pure revulsion, which I think proves the point you were so eloquently making. It’s pinned to the top of my twitter page if you want to have a look.

      • wheatietoo says:

        Oh, I remember his horrific art collection.
        And thank you so much for tweeting about it.
        Remember, the whole ‘Fake News’ narrative was created to gaslight us about the revelations in Podesta’s email…about pedophilia.
        They circled the wagons & went all out to steer people away from that.
        People fell for it.
        They didn’t want to be branded as ‘crazy conspiracy nuts’.
        But there are simply too many clues that indicate there is something there.

  31. andi lee says:

    DOJ / FBI finally responds to Intel Cmte. subpoena with an invitation to view intel “classified” re: dossier documents.
    Schumer became upset, upon learning SOTH Ryan was notified prior to his notification, and flew into a tantrum. Seriously. And, guess what else was a surprise?
    SOTH Ryan was a NO-SHOW.

    • Publius2016 says:

      Ryan was part of the plan to Impeach the President on Obstruction! They’ve been surveilling President Trump for years. In the hearing, Comey was asked if he informs the committee of the goings on and he said he does “quarterly” then when pressed on Trump he said due to the “sensitivity” of the matter…Comey was protecting the PLOTTERS in the Congress including Ryan and McConnell. They worked hand in hand with Obama for 8 years! Look at the evidence. 90% of Congress are RINOs, Nevertrumpers, and Dems.

    • elleb77 says:

      Is Ryan on that committee? I don’t think he is.

  32. Publius2016 says:

    They always show you “Dreamers” from Mexico, but the real growth in immigration in the past 30 years is from Majority Muslim countries. Here’s a Bush41 Immigration bill where Head Clown Schumer wrote: “The regions used in the Schumer proposal were: 1) Africa; 2) Asia; 3) Europe; 4) North America, excluding Mexico; 5) Oceania; and 6) South America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.”

  33. Publius2016 says:

    This is not DIVERSITY; this is stupidity!

    • Publius2016 says:

      Tech firms are suppressing messages and changing algorithms to fit predetermined narratives…like pollsters, they change meaning to get their results…the problem they have with President Trump is that he knows their industry and is a Master Brander so he builds new constructs and circumvents their computers’ design…COVFEFE is an example!

    • rds says:

      We need to turn that around and become the biggest threat facing the tech giants.

      • georgiafl says:

        Absolutely! But how?

        • Publius2016 says:

          Very difficult…search engines were set up with Government money and took years of negative returns…the problem is that the platform requires use of current infrastructure so anything built as alternative would be taken down immediately or given spotty service…Always considered satellite as only true alternative as bandwidth only needs to be accessed.

        • paulraven1 says:

          We need conservative mega-figures to purchase some of these entities. That is best and most direct way. Can you imagine the demoralizing dent you would make in the Left by purchase of, say, the NY Times?

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I watched part of the hearing yesterday and it turned my stomach to see how eager some members of Congress are to allow these companies to even further censor what I see and read on the internet.
      I will use my own BS detector to sort through it all. I don’t need their help.

    • daughnworks247 says:

      New talking point out from the left = 126 million people may have seen fake Russian ads on Facebook. OMG!!!
      Don’t believe it.
      I follow Facebook stock closely.
      LAST quarter, Facebook reported 9.2 billion dollars in ad revenue.
      If there were $100K in Russian ads, that means 100K/9.2 billion = .0000108695 or less than 2 thousandths of a single percent of their ads.
      No kidding. Do the math.
      Additionally, look at the way Facebook/NBC are counting the ads potential audience.
      I am an admin of a Facebook group of 54K people.
      If one of these ads ran within my group, at 2:00am, on a Sunday night, and was deleted at 5:30am, when I woke up, that means “the ad MAY HAVE BEEN SEEN” by 54K people.
      If they did this 2,333 times, the claim might be true.
      BUT —
      We also know that HALF the Facebook ads in question were purchased AFTER the election.
      Half of the ads didn’t matter at all.
      In context, you should probably know, when I wake up every morning and check that group, I usually delete about 30-40 items which are silly, non-contributory, old video, clickbait sites.
      Thus, in context,
      I could have been responsible for deleting ALL those problematic Russian posts
      (1/2 of 2333 original ads purchased = 1166 / 30 days in a month = 38 items per day for a single month.
      It’s just not that big of a number.
      This is dumb.
      Never, EVER, play that misleading statistics game with Momma!

  34. JM Covfefe says:

    I am soooooo tired, and can’t open these on my tablet. But there are 40 new killary emails. Maybe one’yall can take a peek and see if there is anything juicy…*&caseNumber=F-2015-13014

  35. Patriot1783 says:

    Paterson NJ mosque is the point of origin for worship for this murderer.
    5 of the 8 victims were friends in NY on a reunion trip.

  36. elleb77 says:

    So who else (besides me) thinks Mueller is on the phone every night chatting with Hillary?

    • Publius2016 says:

      It was leaked that there are 4 remaining Mueller indictments…if Hillary isn’t, then there will be another Special Counsel.

      • waltherppk says:

        The “cover story” about the Uranium One scandal is that 9 agencies had to approve the Uranium One sellout of the U.S. and the correct response to that evasive argument is to proceed with indictments of ALL 9 of those treasonous conspirators who have perpetrated a crime under color of authority.
        Prosecute every treasonous son of a bitch and bitch involved with ALL the “9 agencies”, and send them ALL to prison per RICO by making them accountable for the crime they assuredly have done. Let them make their sophomoric lawyerly rationalization EXCUSES to the walls of their prison cells.

        • pyromancer76 says:

          Please. Make our day!

        • daughnworks247 says:

          “Agency” is misleading. Nine people were responsible. Six of the nine work for/with/contributed to the Clinton Foundation.
          Bob Gates, head of DOD for a time under Obama, was also on that committee.
          Might be interesting to see what Gates has to say.
          Also, the nine made a decision based on facts available. If the FBI bribery investigation was kept from them, then, how can the nine make a sound decision?

      • paulraven1 says:

        And who will appoint this special counsel? Jeff Sessions? Not in this world.

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      It would be ideal if there were a way detail in government attorneys and investigators from some of the states who have no connections whatsoever to the wretched DOJ and would be able to operate independently.

    • dogueluv says:

      I almost fell for his what seem to be a sincere plea for money, but something didn’t sit right with me, so I waited…. I’m glad I did.

      • maiingankwe says:

        You and me both.
        I had always believed his story, but to do this for money makes me sick to my stomach. It’s sick in my opinion.
        Sheesh, now I don’t even know if I should believe him, especially with the tweet he made about pizzagate. One would think a victim, any victim of pedophilia would be very cautious in what and who to believe when it comes to plausible stories. To stand and be so adamant in his yelling tweet, it really makes you want to stand back and rethink everything he has said.
        Plus, there have been yuuge numbers of conservatives who have been standing up for him in the comments sections. I think that would come to a quick halt if they all learned of his mindset and his tweets.
        It’s good that we took a pause before sending him money. We should always follow our gut instincts, they rarely if ever lead us wrong.

  37. Dora says:

    I do so agree with Dr. Gorka.
    Former Trump Adviser Slams Hillary, Demands TREASON Charge As Details Go Public
    Sebastian Gorka is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox show, and last Thursday night, Gorka said this: Hillary Clinton deserves to be tried for treason and potentially executed for her role in the Uranium One deal.
    Gorka is a military intelligence analyst who also served from January to August 2017 as the deputy assistant to President Trump. Gorka is of Hungarian descent and was born in Great Britain. He started his career working the Hungarian Ministry of Defense, and became a prominent counterterrorism expert in Hungary after the 9/11 attacks.

  38. Kaiser Roll says:

    Ralph Northam: Enemy of the 2nd Amendment
    Ralph Northam: Friend of Illegal Immigration
    The regressive left of Northern Virginia, a region completely funded by federal largesse, are not content. They want New York-style GUN CONFISCATION and Kalifornia-style SANCTUARY CITIES (for MS-13 and other cartel friends)
    Defend the Constitution, Defeat Islamist Terrorism, Build the WALL.

  39. Kaiser Roll says:
    Latino Victory Fund (George Soros) has DELETED their infamous racist and divisive ad that accused ordinary conservatives of MURDERING CHILDREN. They didn’t just stop running it, they even removed it from their twitter.
    They deleted it not because they admit it is wrong to hate white people, but because an ISIS Terrorist killed people in a truck attack in New York.
    The ad has been saved for future memory.
    Virginia voters, elect ED GILLESPIE, and drag every Trump supporter you know to the polls.

  40. jeans2nd says:

    Did you know, a part of NAFTA includes a provision where we taxpayers pay insurance for the risk of companies investing in other countries?
    Yup. Is called Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).
    Seems Trade Rep Lightbringer (aka Lighthizer) is against it, and the ppl off-shoring our jobs are not happy.
    From Forbes –
    “At issue is what happens if, for example, an American company investing in Mexico faces outright expropriation (e.g., seizing a factory) or new regulation that de facto renders the American company’s investment worthless.”
    Trade Rep Lightbringer’s response?
    “It’s always odd to me when the business people come around and say, ‘Oh, we just want our investments protected.’ … I mean, don’t we all? I would love to have my investments guaranteed. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in the market. …”
    How can one not help but love Mr. Lightbringer?
    p.s. who protected our investments in 2008? Ya. Give those companies off-shoring our jobs the same protections as have we.
    have a great day

    • Tegan says:

      Yes, indeed. We are self-invested retirement (no company pension). Our dear Obama gave $20,000 of our retirement funds to the unions at GM illegally (bond holders are supposed to be paid first.). Where was our “investment protection”?

  41. Dora says:

    He’s like the plague. He won’t go away.
    Hundreds gather in Chicago for first Obama center leadership summit
    They came from eastern Kentucky, Houston and Jakarta, Indonesia, from Bangladesh, Kenya and Mexico.
    More than 500 people, described as thought leaders and problem solvers who were hand-selected from thousands of applicants and nominees, gathered on the South Side on Tuesday to participate in the Obama Foundation’s first international summit.

  42. andi lee says:

    2015, HRC reads in the news she has been taking FARA MONEY.
    Team Hillary will be discussing FARA MONEY with ELIAS soon.
    Mook inquires, “she doesnt want to”?

    • JohnP says:

      Marc Elias will fix it. He fixes everything.
      Marc Elias is going to need a sabbatical from his duties at Perkins Coie. He’s going to be spending a lot of time answering questions.

  43. Bob Thoms says:

    Texas 6th district Rep. Jeb Henserling stepping down. He was a reliable supporter of MAGA agenda.

  44. KBR says:

    How the Dems are taking over states through federal judicial:
    This is an example from NC, but it is happening elsewhere too.
    Fourth Circuit takes control of North Carolina

  45. Dora says:

    We can thank Chuck Schumer for this ´diversity´ program. The blood of these victims is on his hands.
    Report: NYC Foreign Terror Suspect Entered U.S. with ‘Diversity Visa’ Trump Wants to End
    The suspected foreign national terrorist behind the New York City attack that has left at least eight individuals dead came to the United States years ago through the Diversity Visa Lottery, a program that President Trump and pro-American immigration reformers have demanded an end to.

    • Nchadwick says:

      Bundy Trial Update
      Jury selection continues ahead of schedule. The judge brought in a second batch of potential jurors and the expectation is to possibly have a jury selected by tomorrow, which would be a full day ahead of schedule.
      Cliven looked good today. Alert and taking in the activity happening around him.
      Big motion today at 4pm as the defense attorneys are looking to round out their team with additional staff which oddly Judge Navarro appears reluctant to allow.
      There is a motion set before the judge pertaining to destroying of evidence … don’t have all the information to post on that — but this is just what I found on yesterday’s court

  46. Kaiser Roll says:

    Center for American Progress, John Podesta
    Corruption!!!, Rape???, Pederasty???
    Desecrating monuments, accusing conservatives of MURDERING KIDS???
    This is the Democrat Party in 2017.
    Vote ED GILLESPIE, Virginia Governor
    Bring every Trump supporter you know to the polls, the fate of the Constitution is at stake!

  47. MVW says:

    Mandalay Bay. Campos. FBI. DOJ. This is beyond draining the Septic Swamp.

    • Truthfilter says:

      If I heard the guy (in Still’s video) correctly, Campos didn’t have the required “cards” to work in the casinos or bars, according to Nevada’s regulations. If true, this lends support to the earliest reports that Campos was working concert security. If true, why was he on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay during the concert? How did he get a key card or access? Furthermore, there has been no released audio of Campos’ call to hotel security that night but they DID release the audio of building maintenance guy, Steven Schultz(?). And of course, we still haven’t seen any security camera footage of anything that happened in that hallway or on the elevators/stairwells. Campos is either connected to the shooting or he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw something that differs from the desired narrative. I imagine that it would be very easy to blackmail, threaten, and pay off a guy like Campos in return for his silence and cooperation.
      We will never know the truth.

    • Honest Abbey says:

      How did this terrorist’s family get here? It was reported yesterday that the FEDS were already in Tampa (by 8pm) questioning his family.
      The Diversity Visa Lottery Program is supposed to be individual based, not family based.
      Something is definitely SHADY here with the News reports.

  48. NJF says:

    What the heck? I’m waking up to judge Nap
    Saying on FBN that Mueller sent a letter to the judge that he wants Manafort’s bail rescinded bc he’s a flight risk??

    • paulraven1 says:

      “A Chuck Schumer beauty.” I love it.

    • georgiafl says:

      41,575,801 followers – 8:20 am 11/1

    • maiingankwe says:

      Our President Trump does not seem to need a great deal of sleep; take a look at the time stamps. I bet he will also continue with his tweets throughout the early morning hours. I’ve seen him do this before and it simply amazes me with his grueling schedule.
      The last time wasn’t more than ten days ago. He started tweeting at three am, posted at four, five and eight am.
      We all know he’s a night owl too. Last night I’m sure he was up late with his meeting with our Homeland Security people with concerns to the terrorist killing eight of our People. How anyone can go like he does, and at his age, is beyond me. We are so blessed to have him fighting so tirelessly for all of us. He is an amazing man and President. God Bless him.

      • Nchadwick says:

        My father was the same way. He would come home around 8-9 every night, then go to bed about 11-midnight — he would eat/watch television to wind down. Back up at 4, to the gym around 5 (worked out 6 x week for hour and half to two hours) shower, at work in by 7/7:30. My dad read and studied those in his field of business — Think there is a book that has to do w/ high performance sellers — my father used to quote from (my dad did die of a heart attack, I’m sure much had to do w/ stress).
        When President Trump, during the election, called Jeb Bush “Low Energy” — I immediate thought of my dad – that would be something straight out of his mouth… I know Dan Pena also speaks about being high performance and says he only needs 2 hours asleep a night.

        • maiingankwe says:

          We had amazing Dads, didn’t we? I wish we both had them for longer though. I do know they are always with us and watching and cheering us on, but sometimes I wish I could just have one of our old talks. I so miss those times.
          Your Father sounds like he was a brilliant man with little patience for bs. Gotta love that. Thank you for sharing a part of him with us.
          Be well,

          • Nchadwick says:

            Thank you so much for your response == Been under the weather, and just now saw it!
            Yes, very lucky to have such excellent role models — I hear some stories today and even in my own life, as the father of my children was not there — on any level — just glad my father was a role model in their lives as well as my own!
            There are many similarities that I have seen between my father and both candidate Trump/President Trump — my father studied business from the ground up — and throughout his career never stopped educating himself with seminars and reading accomplished authors, even taking us out of school to attend some teachings where he thought it would benefit us. He passed in 2010, afterwards my mom cleaned out his home office, to my dismay — Was able to salvage some of his books, recordings, etc — have always wondered if he read/and his reactions to Businessman Donald Trump and would have loved to see his reaction/thoughts on the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump.

  49. indiamaria2020 says:

    President Trump, Gen. Mattis and AG Sessions have Security and Law Enforcement well in hand. Personally, I grieve, but no longer want to perpetually gnash my teeth, and tear out my hair over the criminal insanity of our past leaders, for example the importation of Muslim agitators.
    I want to look to our bright future. The ASEAN trip upcoming, the real progress The President is making with Congress, TAX CUTS, the end of NAFTA as it now exists, and the superb coordinated programs being implemented by his superb TEAM, not the least of which are his brilliant Cabinet leaders. THREE POINT OH GDP!! A herculean feat of beauty.

    • waltherppk says:

      Every judge who disagrees should be a domestic enemy liquidated until a revised common sense idea of jurisprudence prevails for judges not too stupid to survive.

      • G. Combs says:

        Have multiple intelligence services estimated that 15-25% of the Muslim population are “radical”?
        “[…] the numbers presented are not that surprising given that 2/3 of Western European Muslims can be considered fundamentalist or radical believers, according to a 2013 poll.
        The author analyzed data from a representative survey among immigrants and natives in six European countries. Two thirds of the Muslims interviewed say that religious rules are more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live. Three quarters of the respondents hold the opinion that there is only one legitimate interpretation of the Koran.[…]
        The table below lists % [of world Muslim population] and Total % of Muslims worldwide that support suicide bombings against civilians in defense of Islam (I.e. the product of Muslims that answer Often/Sometimes suicide bombings are justified and that countries ratio of all Muslims.)[…]
        Of the countries that were polled, which represent half of all Muslims worldwide, 15.66% of those Muslims admitted to pollsters that it is justified to use suicide bombs against civilians to defend Islam. These “radial Islamist” would account for 8.176% of all jihadists worldwide. The low figure of the range seems reasonable, but the chart above is missing some notable countries with large Muslim populations Nigeria (4.7%) and India (10.9%). Pew hasn’t polled India to my knowledge, but Nigeria has and the results were wildly different for radical Islamists (8% 2013 and 34% 2010).[…]”
        Notice these are the people WHO ADMITTED to a pollster that “it is justified to use suicide bombs against civilians to defend Islam.”
        Also: Ibn Q. al-Rassooli
        – an Iraqi exile committed to warning the world of the dangers of Islam

      • seventhndr says:

        More like 90% poisoned. 🙂
        Seriously, ask a “moderate muslim” if allah may have been wrong about some things and if its possible muhammed was not a perfect man. No way 90% will agree to that and to not agree, is to believe in the clearly written radical words in the koran, the sira, and the hadith and that the ultimate violent radical muslim, muhammed, was righteous.

  50. georgiafl says:

    Branco hits it out of the park – again!

    • elleb77 says:

      Remember, Mueller’s a white hat ???? LOL When I see indictments on the Podestas, I might believe that.

    • The Boss says:

      There are four sealed case files in the same court where Manafort and Papdopoulos cases were unsealed. Relax John. Don’t be surprised if these sealed cases, once unsealed, clear a few names from your list.

      • elleb77 says:

        Or, those names could be: Flynn, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, … It’s a 50% of it going either way.

      • elleb77 says:

        The one sign of “hope” that I see is that I don’t think General Kelly would have been Trump’s COS if he had any doubt that Trump might be in impeachment trouble. There’s that.

      • Here is my best guess on this subject…
        The President jettisoned Manafort last summer when he learned he was under investigation. Are we to believe that the President or anyone close to him didn’t look closely into Manafort’s dealings including his Podesta connection? President Trump knew where the investigation would lead. The minimal reaction we have seen from our President regarding anything related to this investigation tells me I’m right.
        Whether Mueller knew where this investigation would lead is another story. Obama’s corrupt administration and his weaponized intelligence services severely underestimated the President’s knowledge of the situation.

  51. Kaiser Roll says:

    MS-13 Motto, “Kill, Rape, Control”
    Harvey Weinstein
    Bill Clinton
    Kevin Spacey
    Jeff Epstein
    John Podesta
    Wonder why the left defends their “sanctuary cities” so much…
    ED GILLESPIE for VA Governor

  52. Nchadwick says:

    He is SOOOO Funny /Sarc.
    Obama Jokes about being from Kenya (or does he?)

  53. Kaiser Roll says:×1024.png?itok=KUhUVvCL
    Latino Victory Fund(ed) by George Soros doesn’t want you to see this. They think it is “racist” to criticize MS-13, which has spread due to Sanctuary City policies in numerous Democrat-dominated areas.
    DJT can’t do it alone, he needs ED GILLESPIE as Virginia Governor.

  54. The majority of these attacks are in the cities yet that demographic overwhelmingly votes in favor of Muslim immigration policies. These indoctrinated Dim-lemming fools are doubling down on stupid,

    • georgiafl says:

      Love it – except for the finger.

    • G. Combs says:

      Here, I will make it easy for you!
      DS-4080: Oath of Renunciation of the Nationality of the United States, US State Dept.
      DS-4082: Witnesses’ Attestation Renunciation/Relinquishment of Citizenship, US State Dept.
      NFL listing of e-mail, snail mail, phone, fax contact info and even some web pages you can make comments on HERE!

  55. Publius2016 says:

    National Archive Fools must be fired! Still no JFK release though listed on page to the right:

  56. Honest Abbey says:

    Yesterday, once the Terrorist’s name was released, it was reported that he IS NOT a U.S. citizen, but that didn’t stop Governor Cuomo from calling him a DOMESTIC TERRORIST this morning on CBS News.
    Obfuscating language does not change the FACTS!
    Clearly, this guy is a MUSLIM JIHADIST who came to America with ONE PURPOSE in mind, and yesterday he fulfilled that purpose.

    • moe2004 says:

      Cuomo is truly an idiot, can’t wait to watch him run for President just for the laughs.

      • Niagara Frontier says:

        I flipped the switch when he said what we need to combat terrorism is “peace, hope and love.” Cuomo needs a psych evaluation.
        Your calling Cuomo an idiot was being kind especially in light of Cuomo’s insistence that there’s no evidence that this terrorist was part of any group. What does he think…that these terrorists carry around a membership card like they belong to some fraternal lodge?

        • Trump2020 says:

          Lett me ask you one thing? What the heck were you even doing on a network that would bring a guy like that in for an interview? People need to stop watching that crap. Don’t give them one view! Anyone view that crap is treasonous in my view!

          • Cuomo was on mornings with Maria on FBN

            • Trump2020 says:

              He must have asked to be on. And I assumed that they were watching one of the idiot networks. My bad! But I stand by my statement about watching the idiot networks! I don’t mean to offend anyone, just don’t ant people watching idiocy!

              • Dabigragu says:

                Hey, I visit on occasion. The way I see it is it always wise to see what the other side is up to. I don’t like burying my head in the sand. Now, NFL that’s where I’ll draw the line.

          • Seriously? TREASONOUS??!!?? Talk about over-the-top rhetoric! Sheesh….

          • Honest Abbey says:

            Hi Trump 2020, I assume you are directing that question toward me, so let me explain.
            About 2 weeks after the inauguration, we decided to cut the cord. It was probably one of the most difficult decisions to make, but we were just so fed up with the propaganda and we felt like fools for paying so much money to hear their nonsense. I’m still not fully adjusted, but I know we’re better off for having made the decision.
            Anyway, we bought an antenna that is supposed to reach 5 broadcasting towers up to 65 miles away, but because we live in a valley, our antenna only reaches one tower. That means we only receive TWO stations; A local CBS station and a local FOX station. Some days I really feel like I’m being tortured with my limited choices.
            I have at least one television on 24 hours a day, mostly just for background noise, otherwise my dogs would hear every single leaf that blows on the thousands of trees on my property, and they go crazy with the barking thinking someone or something is out there.
            Long story short, we would rather have CBS News drowning out the noise instead of Divorce Court which is on the FOX channel.
            Some mornings I actually sit down to watch the news, which was the case this morning because I wanted an update on the TERRORIST ATTACK.
            I hope this answers your question!

            • Dabigragu says:

              We cut the cord also. Might want to consider this or something similar.
              We love it.

            • Niagara Frontier says:

              Abbey, thanks for sharing that. Some people forget that over the air channels are still available as well as countless free news video clips on the internet.
              Regardless, I think you gave Trump2020 much more explanation than he deserved.

        • CaptainNonno says:

          Patterson and Passaic, NJ are Muslim cesspools. They breed and protect terrorists. LE knows but their hands are tied. More will have to die before f….ing politicians act to protect anyone. Of course if a mosque gets vandalized, they’ll be all over getting to the bottom.

        • G. Combs says:

          Cuomo said what we need to combat terrorism is “peace, hope and love.”
          Does he REALLY think that works on people who do THIS!!!

          • Alligator Gar says:

            That precious girl might have lived and her parents been spared heartbreak if we’d taken in Syria’s REAL refugees–the Christian minority!

    • In chuckie’s world, uber drivers are ‘domestics,’ just like the rest of their imported ‘help.’

    • benifranlkin says:

      Cuomo is covering for Schumer. They don’t know where he was radicalized. But with a guy from Uzbekistan, a place that exports jihadi terrorists by the truckloads and whose first name means “sword of Allah” I think we have a good idea where he got his ideas and what he had in mind for us.

    • Publius2016 says:

      His dream of presudency is dying and he knows it! Time to compromise and MAGA! Dems are bankrupt of ideas except wanting to commit cultural suicide.

    • cjzak says:

      Cuomo will do anything to get in front of the public and being on CNN is one of his favorite venues. He thinks he’s going to be President someday soon. Fulfilling Daddy’s wishes and dreams. Yuck.

    • He came in 2010 on diversity visa: it is a lottery program for people, who wants to come to US from different parts of the world…It is a Shumer project in1995, he thought that we don’t have “diversity” in our country…What a…

  57. Yeah, well maybe you shouldnt show up to the blm/antifa/isis footbs league tony, and support President Trump….oh thats right you have your own agenda with sebby gack-a!! SMH

    • Jason says:

      “lone wolf” yet mosque he attended has been known (monitored) by FBI since 2005

      • rikster says:

        Is that the Mosque they wanted to build on the Trade Center grounds? There was a few days of coverage and outrage then nary another mention.

        • Jason says:

          Mosque is in Paterson, NJ… Paterson also one of the areas in NJ where muslim celebrations were reported on 9/11

          See the comments:
          Olgi330 Sep 20, 2016
          I worked in Paterson NJ and a few dozen medical residents and staff were IN FACT having a celebration. Supervisors were notified, some of the jubilant partygoers were given warnings, others were fired. It happened. I was there and was one of the many that got a closed door apology from the medical director “on their behalf”.
          goldengrain Dec 23, 2015
          @spider17 At some point the government spiked this story and the videos. We saw the videos all day, mostly of the celebrating crowds in Paterson, but JC was mentioned, as well.

          • John Doe says:

            ^^^THIS^^^ It’s time to go in a clean out Paterson, NJ…Rudy Guiliani style.

            • Bob Thoms says:

              Yes. I remember seeing news stories, photos, and video clips of NJ muslims celebrating on rooftops and in the streets of NJ.

            • daughnworks247 says:

              We hear from our police and politicians, “If you see something, say something.”.
              Well, how long have we known about Patterson?

          • Lulu says:

            Yes they existed. Also, in the Bailey’s Crossroads area of Northern Virginia they had video reports of dozens if not hundreds of muslims celebrating on the common grounds of a high-rise apartments complex. Oh and there were news reports out of Orlando of the same thing.

      • youme says:

        There is no monitoring of mosques anymore. That was stopped by a federal judge and politicians. Previous investigative files were ordered destroyed.

      • highdezertgator says:

        “Diversity Immigrant” = “Deadly Islamic Virus”

      • I thought that Obamer canceled all the monitoring of mosques…

    • Publius2016 says:

      When the investigation is complete, we will find that the nYC terrorist was on FBI/CIA Surveillance and that he was affiliated with drug trafficking…

    • maggiemoowho says:

      Yeah, like Cumo’s parents. New York would be safer if Cumo was back in Italy.

    • eric says:

      then stop interfering with President Trump’s immigration policies and ICE officers doing their jobs.
      stop with the sanctuary city nonsense.

  58. Publius2016 says:

    Dear Fools in Congress, Pass the RAISE Act today! You are welcome to change name to DUST – Defense of United States from Terrorism Act!

  59. ALEX says:

    CNN getting what they deserve…
    A pedestrian walked into the camera feed and said, “CNN is fake news! CNN is fake news! Anderson Cooper is fake news!”
    During Don Lemon last night..

    • maggiemoowho says:

      That is so funny. CNN should be moved to Comedy Central, it’s a joke.

      • daughnworks247 says:

        Most of us left CNN long ago.
        I’m starting to think we should go back to CNN, and forcibly take it over.
        Why are we conceding the MSM to the left?

        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Notice how they put it in quotes, as if they didn’t want to say it themselves.
          Hey, comedy news network, it’s ACT OF TERROR not ‘act of terror’ !!!!!!!

        • louche9 says:

          It’s not so much a matter of conceding the MSM to the left as it is a function of a handful of like-minded entities controlling the methods of communication. For power-hungry globalists, pushing the left’s messages are preferable, because the collectivist, hive mind of the left is easier to control than are the more individually-minded conservatives. Individual liberties and people who believe in them get in the way of owning the world.
          Hearst Communications alone, for example, owns 17 newspapers, 20 magazines, 27 TV stations, a dozen cable networks (including half of A&E and 20% of ESPN.) It also runs Buzzfeed and XM Satellite Radio.
          It is a safe bet that, within that vast communications empire, nothing that does not directly benefit Hearst and the future growth of Hearst is allowed to see the light of day, and the same can be said for the handful of other media hogs.

    • LOL …and this is in NYC!!! Not exactly known as a bastion of Trump supporters! #MoreWinning LD

  60. Honest Abbey says:

    So this JIHADIST is not a citizen, yet he has a valid FLORIDA Driver’s license, worked as an Uber driver in OHIO, lives in NEW JERSEY (where he rented the Home Depot truck) and he murdered at least eight people in NEW YORK when he mowed then down with the truck he was driving.
    Maybe handing out driving privileges to non-citizens is a bad idea……You think?

  61. Eric Kennedy says:

    Interesting social-political ground report from Virginia: at least six young kids who were Trick or Treating at our house last night were dressed up as police officers, including girls.

    • Publius2016 says:

      Prayers for the victims.

    • Texian says:

      Not buying into this crap of “moments of silence” “flags at half staff” “platitudes” etc. People, politicians and institutions acting as if they are noble by doing this pacifist crap.
      I recently saw the NYSE president in a Maria Bartiromo interview and he appears to be a sharp and intelligent guy. Being a Leader and Pillar of his community of New York requires one to address such difficult situations as this. My criticism is not expressly just at him, but toward all Leaders at all levels – political, social and institutional.
      Standing in silence while Americans are getting slaughtered is not a defense.. it is a white flag of surrender..

  62. sgtrok13 says:

    There has been news that Mueller’s indictment of Manafort has mistakes. Has anyone considered that he planted a poison pill so to speak in it?
    File charges knowing that it will be defeated in court by planting errors.

    • Michelle says:

      I was also thinking that he leaked it so that there would be grounds for dismissal based on improper procedure.

    • Publius2016 says:

      Mueller is radioactive…trying to get fired so Obstruction charge can be placed on President Trump, but it’s over. END THE WITCH HUNT!

    • Chris says:

      Not a chance. Mueller is corrupt, self-serving, and overzealous. He won’t be satisfied until he gets to Don Jr. or someone close to him. Have you seen the team he’s assembled? They won’t be satisfied until President Trump is driven from the White House.

      • RJ says:

        You’re correct. He wants to arrest PDJT, his wife, and children. Destroy them forever. He’d put Barron in a foster home if he could do it. This is not a clandestine reverse sting operation with Mueller and Sessions. A special prosecutor must be established ASAP to go after Clinton and the $146 million she stole. This will entangle Muelller as being corrupt.

    • JMC says:

      It is possible Mueller went after “low hanging” fruit that everybody on both sides can tolerate and now he’ll stop in hopes of letting sleeping dogs lie.

      • Atticus says:

        He rushed the indictment to take the Uranium One heat off Shrillary (and himself). Hey….mistakes happen when you hurry.

    • mimbler says:

      I more believe the theory that the indictments were last minute and rushed to take the news cycle off of Uranium One.

  63. georgiafl says:

    My fellow Americans, Your FBI and/or Homeland Security at work:
    Feeling safe?
    Do you believe Christopher Wray (an elite lawyer’s lawyer, former award-winning DOJ attorney) can straighten the FBI out?
    (@TerrorToday is a good site for facts.)

    • georgiafl says:

      “Do you believe Christopher Wray (an elite lawyer’s lawyer, former award-winning DOJ attorney) can, *will, wants to, plans to* straighten the FBI out?”

    • bandfreak22 says:

      NO…I believe Sessions and Wray should be in lock step in cleaning up the Swamp…and I fear that is not happening.

    • G3 says:

      There is no such thing as ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attack— that language has to stop.

      • G3 says:

        Interviewed in 2015-after being listed as point of contact for two men on counterterrorism list. … is that why he has a mug shot??

      • youme says:

        They are all soldiers of allah.

        • G3 says:

          And yet, news cycle pushes from talking heads on the Hill “not known— not on any radar screen”…

        • Living in the US on taxpayers $$…..assimilating just enough until they get their “go” signal.
          Chuckle has to be held responsible for his “diversity Visas plan”……Chuckie in around about way “hired” hitman to kill Americans. Politicians are killing Americans….The so called “Privilege” that’s out there is for the Elite DC snobs….
          Why are we sending our military to the ME when we have enough jihads right here in US? thanks to diversity BS.

          • Alligator Gar says:

            Is Chuckle like Rahm, a dual citizen with Israeli citizenship? If so, strip these anti-American dual nationals of US citizenship and send the trash back to Israel.

      • Dogstar_K9 says:

        Everyone knows wolves travel in packs.

      • Wolves are social animals. Travel in packs.
        Howl at the moon to announce themselves. I see some similarities. 😉

    • snarkybeach says:

      Peter King was just interviewed on Fox and he was saying we have to keep letting refugees in because of humanitarian reasons (or some other globalist garbage excuse…)

      • georgiafl says:

        Wonder how many $$$ bought that little sound bite?

      • georgiafl says:

        There is NO HUMANITARIAN REASON to let ANY Muslims into this country!!!

      • ginaswo says:

        How bout these ‘leader’s turn their much vaunted humanitarian empathy toward their own constituents? We need to stop letting them in for humanitarian reasons.

      • I thought PDJT had a great solution: Safe zones in the Middle East so that refugees can return to their homes after the jihadists are cleaned out.

      • Wiggyky says:

        Mr. King…how many of these refugees are living at your house, or next door, or have you financially sponsored? Please advise.

      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        They’re all killing each other (Sunni versus Shiite, etc.), and fomenting violence, rape, and death wherever they go. For lack of a better metaphor, they keep peeing in their own soup, they can eat it. Why should we have to?
        It’s not our job to clean up their mess, especially when they bring it here with them. It also
        is “humanitarian” to let OUR people live in peace, and enjoy the fruits of OUR LABOR.
        Anyone who doesn’t want to share our culture, beliefs, way of life, and the responsibilities thereof, can just stay out. Especially if they want to change OUR culture to their “culture”, which is more a killer virus one finds growing in a Petri dish…

    • Chris says:

      Zero confidence in Wray. I knew as soon as I saw his confirmation hearings that he would never be draining the swamp. He’s a swamp RINO like Mattis, Sessions, Tillerson, and Kelly. Although Kelly has improved slightly since becoming COS.

      • I seem to remember making a comment about my unease with the fact that Wray’s old company SPECIALIZES in Sharia Law financial requirements……hmmmm….I seem to remember……others here jumping down my throat about that comment…..hmmmm…..

    • Lulu says:

      The way to stop this is to immediately execute terrorists in the street and then leave their remains to be eaten by stray dogs and vermin. Then you immediately remove all their family members from the country.

      • G. Combs says:

        And ALL Members of their Mosque and THEIR families!

      • georgiafl says:

        Modify that – Execution by hanging, burying with pig carcass – then remove ALL family from country.
        Also – stop benefits, SS# and tax refunds, etc. for non-citizens. Maximum stay in country 1 year.
        Any crime beyond a minor traffic error or parking ticket – remove them from country!!!
        The latest NYC terrorist had committed crimes in 3 states….oddly, not the states he allegedly lived in.
        And no life sentences, no US prison where we have to pay for their upkeep.

      • georgiafl says:

        ALSO – Take DNA, fingerprints, blood type, retina scan, ear, etc. of ALL immigrants!!!
        Maybe even implant tracking devices.

      • georgiafl says:

        NO voting rights either!!!

  64. Harry Lime says:

    Check out what some filth did to an innocent woman just walking down the street drinking a coffee at the end of this clip from Mark Dice. There are so many people that don’t deserve to be in America.

  65. NJF says:

    Yikes. FBN reporting a county in UK will set restrictions on surgeries for those who smoke or are obese. As onerous as it is that some cost the system more, I feel it’s a very slippery slope. And that’s socialism.
    Not good IMO.

    • fuzzi says:

      Death panels: we have determined that you don’t deserve treatment, so, bye!

      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Look up “Liverpool Care Pathways”.
        They already have death panels; they have for some time now…
        And yet their system is help up to be the best, or one of the best, in the world.
        For whom?

    • Social Security = Slippery Slope
      Medicare = Slippery Slope
      Medicaid = Slippery Slope
      ACA = Slippery Slope
      Immigration Act 1965 = Slippery Slope
      IRS = Slippery Slope
      Federal Reserve = Slippery Slope
      Gradualism IS the enemy. They’ve exploited our language, good intentions and morality far too long.

    • Lulu says:

      Oh it’s if you ever smoked. Meaning most Brits over 60. It’s NHS killing off the old people. I remember reading years ago about a man who broke his ankle and because he was a smoker he was denied having his ankle set and was sent home to let it heel poorly on its own. He was a laborer and is now unable to work.

  66. skeinster says:

    Interupting the Terror discussion for something inspiring:
    Be sure to read the accompanying letter.

    • cjzak says:

      That was great! Never can have enough prayers when they are needed. Beautiful rosaries too and what a special gift to the Pres. and Forst Lady.

  67. Nchadwick says:

    EU states paid $2mn to jihadists in welfare payment – investigation
    I love that it is totally accepted when Police say that they will not provide any further information (this story and Las Vegas) —

  68. duchess01 says:

    WHITE HOUSE LIVE – 11/01/2017
    1:30 PM EDT
    Meeting of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and Opioid Crisis
    The White House
    2:30 PM EDT
    Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
    The White House

  69. John Doe says:

    Where’s Chris Christie? This loon originated in his state.

    • indiamaria2020 says:

      This loon “originated” in Uzbekistan.

    • Trumpfan1 says:

      That fat guy is busy eating.

    • Oldschool says:

      Nj is mini california and has been for decades. Any “GOP” governor is useless. Dems/unions/mobs own that state. From the time I was in my twenties, I remember looking at my home state and saying it was the most corrupt state in the union.
      Back in the 60’s and 70’s, Jersey had 4 thriving race tracks, one of few states with a lottery, one of few states with casinos (Atantic City), not to mention the eternal toll taking Garden State Parkway. We had revenues like no other state. Where did it all go?

    • Chris says:

      Chris Christie is a RINO. Although I shouldn’t complain too much. It’s likely going to be a Democrat taking his place. The election is in less than a week. We’ll be joining California as a sanctuary state. I don’t call it The People’s Republic of New Jersey for nothing.

  70. SR says:

    Some democrats and RINO start calling to end Mueller investigation and start another independent investigation when Podesta, foreign lobbyists and their foreign funding is in trouble. The whole DC foreign lobbyists gang can be indicted with the charges that Manaford has.

  71. Oldschool says:

    Peterson NJ is and has been for years (even before 9/11) a hot bed and nest for Islamists. No secret, no will to clean it up. Monitoring and acceptable losses are the USA’s new way of life. With that comes talking heads, feigned outrage from politicos and lots of teddy bears, flowers, candles and moments of silence.

  72. citizen817 says:

    The stupidity is strong in this one!
    MSNBC “Terrorism Analyst” on NYC ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attack: “Not Islam Whatsoever”
    This clown is the “terrorism analyst” on MSNBC.
    They may want to look around for a replacement.

  73. Unnoticed, but important:
    South Korea, China Agree To Mend Relations After THAAD Deployment

    • LBB says:

      Yes, saw this segment on OANN yesterday. Keeping antennae up for all the subtle movements towards anticipated resolution.

  74. duchess01 says:

    For your discernment…
    NOV 4: Soros & His Bolsheviks Launch The Hot Phase Of The Purple Revolution
    What’s really going on?

  75. Coast says:

    I would encourage everyone to join NunbersUSA, and get involved. You can send tweets, emails and faxs that are pre-written to your representatives.

  76. napoleon32 says:

    In non-terrorism/idiotic immigration policy news, the ADP job numbers came out and were better than anticipated.
    The economy added 230k non-agricultural jobs in October according to the report, compared to the 200k expected. Small businesses hired approximately 79000 workers last month.
    Also, the Senate yesterday confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, giving the President his 5th appellate court confirmation. At noon, the Senate will vote on yet another appellate nomination, Joan Larsen to the Sixth Circuit. The Senate will then invoke cloture on Allison Eid’s nomination to the Tenth Circuit, to fill the seat vacated by Justice Gorsuch.

  77. duchess01 says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted…
    Manhattan Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov Entered U.S. On Chuck Schumer’s ‘Diversity Visa’ Program
    October 31, 2017 by Joshua Caplan

  78. cycle1 says:

    No, Malcom Nance, not “just as easily”. Are you trying to convince people, Malcom, that you IQ is less than 3?

  79. Dora says:

    Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the triumph of Amy Coney Barrett:
    Seventeen “women’s rights” organizations, all of which complain there aren’t enough women in public office, tried to stop the appointment of a woman, Amy Coney Barrett, to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. They failed. She was confirmed by a vote of 55-43.

    • Gil says:

      We need to be able to expel anyone at any point that is not a citizen. How many times are people interviewed and nothing is done bc they cant make a case? Residency isnt citizenship.

      • KBR says:

        Residency isnt citizenship. ^THIS^
        And so, US-citizen’s rights ??should not automatically be considered the rights of every Tom Dick and Harry, or should I say “Tomas, Dickardo, and Hamad” ALIEN who enters our borders legally or illegally.
        No voting, no marching, no political contributions, no protesting BY ALIENS.
        (No dual citizenship either should be allowed. Either you are USA ?? ONLY or you are an ALIEN.)
        No right to protest ANYTHING in the USA unless you are a USA-citizen, should be the LAW. And failure to follow the law results in immediate deportation.
        The right to PEACEFULLY assemble was created as a US CITIZEN’s right.
        The right to freedom of speech in USA was created as a US CITIZEN’s right.
        That should not be misconstrued as a right of any ALIEN in the USA. Most do not even have that right in the country in which they are STILL citizens.

  80. duchess01 says:

    Four Crooked Democrats Charged With Election Fraud in Philadelphia
    November 1, 2017 by Jim Hoft

    • Gary says:

      But I saw a news story before the election that there is no fraud in Phili, these must be false arrests.

      • duchess01 says:

        This is only the beginning of the investigation, Gary – perhaps, the news story was posted early on in error – the truth will come out one way or another – imagine the fraud that got ‘that other guy’ in the WH!

    • JohnP says:

      Only four? Should have been fifty.
      Here’s a partial list of complaints filed:
      Misleading literature from the Democratic candidate, Emilio Vazquez, implying that Green Party candidate Cheri Honkala, who has lived in District for years, is an “outsider” and a “Republican.”
      At a Beauty School, 2751 Germantown Avenue, Honkala poll workers were told they could not put up Honkala signs because this is a “Democratic district.”
      At multiple polling places, Democratic poll workers and committee people are located inside the polling place, handing out the Vazquez stamp and literature; not 10 feet from the entrance to the polling location as required by law.
      At the Wyoming Branch Library, Democrats have set up a table outside the polling place, with sign-in sheets and stickers, and giving voters the impression that this party-run table is the place to check in to vote, rather than the actual check-in station inside the polling place.
      At the Pan American Clinic, a Democratic Committeeman is handing out partisan materials inside the doorway to the polling place, not 10 feet from the entrance as required by law. When questioned by a Honkala supporter, he responded that he’s an “elected” person (either a judge of election or committeeperson). If a judge of election, he should be inside but running the election in a non-partisan manner, not distributing literature. If he is fulfilling a partisan role, he needs to be outside the polling place. This location is also owned by Freddie Ramirez, the first Democratic candidate who was kicked off the ballot for not living in the District.
      Similarly, at the Beauty School, a voter was electioneered by an election worker who came out of the polling place to do so.
      At the Esperanza Health Center, a Honkala voter was point blank asked by the election workers who she was voting for.
      At multiple polling places, Democratic poll workers are repeatedly going in and out of the polling place. In one instance, Democratic Ward Leader Carlos Matos was seen going in and handling the voting machines.
      At Bethune School, the Republican poll workers are walking in and out, escorting voters inside.
      At Bethune School, a election worker was seen inside the polling place with the write-in stamp of another candidate, likely that of Emilio Vazquez the main Democratic write-in candidate. The supervisor did intervene.
      At Munoz Marin School, a table was set up right next to the voting machine, covered with literature for Democratic candidate Emilio Vazquez, with voters being told that the table has “what they need to vote.”
      At the polling place at 17th & Lehigh, located in an unspecified office, the Democratic committeepeople are telling people to vote for Democrat Emilio Vazquez inside the polling place as they check in to vote.

      • duchess01 says:

        Excellent synopsis, John! As I previously noted – ‘we have only just begun’ to investigate – unconscionable what they will do to win – SMH

  81. cycle1 says:
    “Just as likely”, Malcom, really?? Are you trying to demonstrate how much of a moron you are?

  82. duchess01 says:

    Laying it to the Feet of the Responsible Party… So We Can Clearly See! (VIDEO)
    Posted by Bradlee DeanDate: October 31, 2017

  83. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Ingraham Angle new Fox show off to a good start.
    She has been getting great guests and good talking points across. Hope she can keep it up as it will wipe out competing MSM time slot people.
    She is also likely to attract more female viewers.
    Others comments – reviews?

  84. MK Wood says:

    Listening to Chris Plante this am. He did a montage of Dem propagandists (MSM) latest talking point. “This is the new normal.” Do not be surprised when the leftest sheep start echoing this new mantra in defense of the moslems.

  85. Bob Thoms says:

    Wonder how much public assistance this guy got?
    – Food Stamps
    – SS checks
    – Free medical
    – Rent assistance
    Some reporting on how much taxpayers funded this terrorist would be nice.

  86. Do It!
    Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a strong advocate against illegal immigration, will reportedly run for Colorado gubernatorial election in 2018.
    Tancredo decided to enter the race for governor after a private poll revealed that he had a wide lead over other potential Republican candidates.
    The survey also revealed that Tancredo has a statistical tie with Democratic candidate Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO).

  87. duchess01 says:

    New Video | Obama Tells Audience ‘I Was Born In Kenya’…
    Posted by Kane on November 1, 2017 4:27 am

  88. georgiafl says:

    What is Obamagate?
    LONG LIST of Obama Clinton/Kerry Holder/Lynch administration abuses of power and lawbreaking:

  89. duchess01 says:

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling Won’t Run for Re-election in 2018
    November 1, 2017 MJA

  90. Thecleaner says:

    So let me get this straight…the useless governor Cuomo says there are no credible or further threats….then the police commish explains how the city, and especially the transit system will be flooded with LEO, and “heavy weapons” teams, and canines. All well and good, but how is any of that going to prevent somebody from driving a truck into a crowd?
    Typical police state response to intimidate the general public. I recommend putting heavy weapons teams and canines around every mosque in North America, or perhaps send in the bomb sniffing pigs instead.

  91. benifranlkin says:

    DiBlaBla and Cuomo still supporting New York Sanctuary City status??? They look a little grim up on stage today. NY Marathon coming up…think of all the streets, all the people and all the trucks driven by immigrant Muslin radicals that will mow them down. Safe haven my buttsky.

  92. Nchadwick says:

    How sweet the terrorist drove an UBER but don’t worry no safety reports filed
    Terror Suspect Sayfullo Saipov Passed Uber Background Check, Drove for 6 Months
    The ride-hailing company Uber said Saipov passed its background check and drove for the service for six months, making more than 1,400 trips.
    The company said it was in touch with the FBI and offered its assistance and that it was reviewing Saipov’s driving history but found no related safety reports.

  93. waltherppk says:

    ISIS Countermeasure #1
    Truck Rentals – Whites Only

  94. joeknuckles says:

    The words Islam, Islamic and Muslim have not been uttered once during the entire news conference in NYC today. The did, however, find a way to attack Trump.

  95. Budman says:

    McCain Warns ‘More Shoes Will Drop’ in Mueller Probe ……………………. Yeah, hopefully yours Johnny boy!

  96. MrACC says:

    Watching this NYC presser on FBN. One of the LE guys behind the NYPD Commish was asked something to the effect “since the note found in the truck was in Arabic, does that point to you and your team any sense of Islamic radicalization?” – he promptly and emphatically answered “I don’t know”. As he stepped back to his holding perch, Gov. Cuomo turned to him and said “Good Answer”. Trying to hide it folks.. wait till you see the video of that.

  97. duchess01 says:

    New York terror attack — We’ve seen the face of evil but our politicians want us to look away
    John Moody By John Moody | Fox News

  98. Thecleaner says:

    Do Cuomo and Deblasio realize how friggen ridiculous they sound…in the first breath they tell us that New York is safe, no need to change anything….then, in the next breath they tell us that they have broken up over 2 dozen terrorist plots directed at the City in past couple of years….sounds to me like they have been lucky to this point, and that there are thousands of terrorists embeded in NY plotting daily to cause death and destruction….these guys are dangerous in the worst way

  99. Thecleaner says:

    Cuomo…..”gun control, not muslim control”…..blame Trump

    • G3 says:

      OMG Gun policy!! What a nut!
      Worry about the community of the perpetrator— not the victims!! New York is officially crazy town!!

    • PDQ says:

      along with fear and chaos, I do believe their goal is to say “see how angry he makes people, we must get rid of him for the good of the country”.
      THIS is evil beyond measure…pray hard against it.

    • Publius2016 says:

      Insanity is the only word…these fools really want us to commit cultural suicide…

    • bflyjesusgrl says:

      Yet Cuomo doesn’t want to place blame or politicize it, yeah right. Moron attacks President Trump and launches gun control tirade. What’s with DeBlasio saying we want to vette individuals but not groups, or countries, or religions? They’re both Illogical, nonsensical, hypocrites!! Pray for New York, they want to be the US Londonistan!! This whole thing has made me so angry, I hope the people wake up and vote those jokers out of office ASAP!! I’m with President Trump, NOT IN THE U.S.A.!!!

    • Trish in Southern Illinois says:

      Haha this went straight to my FB page!

    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Even worse, heavily supported by the Greens, SJWs, snowflakes, tree-huggers, and logic-challenged libturds everywhere, are ELECTRIC vehicles. No noise at all (or very little).
      (Some car manufacturers have had to add some “noise” so people/animals/etc. can hear them coming.)

      • Alligator Gar says:

        I heard that the vision impaired without guide dogs were sometimes being hit by the Insights, Prius, and Leafs. Make mine a big block Chevy with Flowmasters! Great American gas hog machines.

      • Tegan says:

        Japanese engineer friend working for Hondo R & D worked on the best “sound” for the electric cars for safety purposes in city traffic. (This was a multi-year project!) Guess what they finally decided on….the sound of a non-electric car.

  100. Bull Durham says:

    Speaking of Terrorism and the attempts to destroy America . . .
    Here’s a good synopsis on George Soros’ wealth used to create violence, chaos and radicalization in the US and around the world.
    An important, fact-filled article.

  101. Shares of Fake News Jr. (NYTimes) are down 4.45%

  102. joeknuckles says:

    We really have problems in this country. Deblasio and Cuomo use the opportunity to push gun control, trash Trump and defend Muslims against imaginary hate crimes.

  103. Regina says:

    so it’s another “on the FBI’s radar” fail –
    did I just hear someone accuse the President’s TWEETS being a hate crime? I was out of the room – but jeeeez

    • Speaking to Truth will always be considered a hate crime by the left.

      • kenmar1965 says:

        And he was not deported then why?

      • sunnydaze says:

        There are a couple of very confusing vids. at that link. The first shows a woman who is his neighbor in NJ, saying he was a nice guy.
        The second shows a woman who is his neighbor in FL. saying she was suspicious of him.
        Problem is, it’s the same woman in both vids. Same hat and shirt in both. Only difference is glasses in one, and a sweater.
        I’ve never been on the “conspiracy bandwagon”. But go look at the 2 vids. One’s 2 min. , the other < 1 min.
        It's either 1) very sloppy reporting or 2) lying.

        • Regina says:

          aw jeez – not again

        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Maybe his wife :)?

          • sunnydaze says:

            nah. She was “his neighbor in NJ and FL”.
            In NJ she said he was a nice guy, they weren’t afraid of him, had a family, etc. And she’s wearing an unbuttoned sweater over her shirt.
            In FL. she’s “his neighbor” who says they were suspicious of him and didn’t like him.
            No sweater in FL. but same shirt and head scarf as NJ. In one, she’s wearing glasses, in the other, no. Same voice, same clothes, same face (portrait artist here).
            In one she’s outside in front of a brick wall, in the other inside, in what looks to be Northeastern type bldg, not a Fl. building.
            Very weird. But the FL. one’s been removed, anyway.
            Usually these people who posters claim to be the same person look decidedly different to me.
            But this *was* the exact same woman.

            • Alligator Gar says:

              Crisis actors are popping up all over the LV and now NYC terror attacks…to do what? Drive a narrative? The narrative is that nearly 800 innocent people have been murdered and maimed in 2 separate jihadi attacks in one month. Hey FBI Communitard Suppression-of-truth Organization, you can stop lying We aren’t listening any longer.

        • sunnydaze says:

          2nd vid. of “female neighbor in FL.” has been removed now. Looks like they realized the mistake. It was a pretty obvious one.

      • Wiggyky says:

        Remind me again who was President in 2015? Any Democrat have the integrity to answer it truthfully?

      • jahealy says:

        You know, I think we should deport based just on those disgusting beards. Terror ties and a sh!tty Islamist terrorist beard and he’s been freewheeling up and down the east coast for years. Spit.

  104. Texian says:

    Mr. Schumer’s actions were witnessed by our Country in yesterday’s attack, and the leader of the enemy communist insurrection party to overthrow The Constitution has now boldly challenged Sir Trump “..where is your leadership..” I think this volley deserves an actionable answer from our President..

    • FofBW says:

      So he took the bait from PT

    • andyocoregon says:

      Chuck Schumer is butt-hurt by President Trump’s tweets once again. As expected, Schumer just doubles down on his stupidity. He was the main sponsor of the Diversity Visa Program in 1990. And yesterday, he praised President G.W. Bush for “uniting the country after 911”. Bush deserves no praise regarding immigration. Bush should have ended the Diversity Visa Program shortly after 911, but he didn’t. I had never heard of that program that allows 50,000 permanent visa allotments per year to those in smaller foreign countries by a lottery system. That’s just insane in this time of rampant Islamic Terrorism. One has to wonder how many more Sleepers and their relatives have been allowed to infest our country.
      And people wonder why these terrorist attacks occur. Sheesh.

      • singingsoul says:

        I read this morning that Scarborough accused President Trump of politicizing the terror attack in NYC. These people want it both ways they fight POTUS if he does and if he does not. This is a no win situation until we take to the streets when we have enough and support POTUS.

      • G. Combs says:

        Bush was even worse than you think! He DOUBLED the number of visas given out to Muslim terrorist countries!!!
        1.6 Million Immigrants from Predominantly Muslim Countries Since 9/11 By: Daniel Horowitz | May 11th, 2015
        “How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? According to data Conservative Review collated from the DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, the U.S. has issued 1,628,854 green cards to immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries from 2001-2013. Here is the breakdown by country: […]
        According to the data, a large portion of this new wave of immigration comes from volatile countries such as Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. And don’t forget about Somalia, the source of much of our recent troubles with homegrown terror, particularly in the Minneapolis area.[…] “

        Every single person in Congress who supported this should be held accountable!
        Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law
        “Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
        For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.
        The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, […]”

        Seems to me Congress has been acting AGAINST the best interests of US Citizens for a LOOOoooong time.

    • Troublemaker10 says:

      It is so bizarre to hear Dems hold up George W Bush as an example of a good leader after 8 years of campaigning against him as a misleader.

  105. Tim Banis says:

    Time to wake up to what happened in Las Vegas.

  106. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    #AllahuAkbar is Arabic for #LockHerUp – ?????

  107. fleporeblog says:

    Folks I wrote the following yesterday and I am not a bit surprised to see the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s newest forecast.
    The Economic Train will not let up for one single minute! The Atlanta Federal Reserve went from forecasting the 4th Quarter GDP at 2.9% on October 30th to a WHOOPING 4.5% today!
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is absolutely nothing that the Left, Democrats, Antifa, Rhinos, Tom Donohue, CoC, China, Big Club, Globalist, Mueller, Barry from Kenya etc. can do to stop the TRUMP TRAIN!
    From the article linked above:
    The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) manufacturing index (PMI) remained at elevated levels in October as 16 out of 18 industries reported continued growth. The PMI came in at 58.7%, slightly lower than the 59.5% median forecast but still extraordinarily strong.
    New orders, at 63.4, only fell by 1.2 and remain a strong positive in the closely-watched manufacturing report. The Production Index came in at a strong 61% and the Employment Index at 59.8%, a decline of just 0.5% from the September reading of 60.3%.
    From the article linked above:
    The U.S. Census Bureau said construction spending posted an unexpectedly strong gain in September, revised down but still beating the flat consensus forecast. Total construction spending was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,219.5 billion, or 0.3% (±1.3%)* above the revised August estimate of $1,216.0 billion. The September figure is 2.0% (±1.6%) higher than the September 2016 estimate of $1,195.6 billion.
    During the first 9 months of this year, construction spending amounted to $917.0 billion, or 4.3% (±1.2%) higher than the $879.6 billion for the same period in 2016.

    • MaineCoon says:

      WOW!! Thanks Flep for the update.

      • Bob Thoms says:

        Nothing wins hearts and minds like a strong economy that offers upward mobility and opportunity for all.
        Look out Democrats; when Nov 2018 hits our economy will be in full-bore Trump mode.

    • BakoCarl says:

      . . . and in a few months the report comes in: GDP rises at 4.1% rate for 4th Quarter.
      HEADLINES: Trump GDP Comes In Much Lower Than Forecast ! ! !

      • Thecleaner says:

        Thats what I was gonna say…they have bern trying to talk down the economy without success, so now they will put out huge projections and paint the economy as a disappointment….and you know thay this exactly what is going on…#losing

      • trialbytruth says:

        And then they will quietly revise upward. This is getting easy to predict isnt it

    • Searkreb says:

      Don’t want to be a downer because I am personally upbeat about our president, our country, and economic future. I hope to see some of this boost our business. Every cost I can think of is up including wages but demand and sales price are still lagging. Concern troll away, but the hardwood lumber industry has been heavily reliant on exports to China ( I hate it) with limited domestic opportunities. It looks like short term pain with domestic markets still lagging and hitting China on trade issues will likely make life tough for our industry. I know these things need to happen and I’m glad they are just may have to find a new career

      • Bob Thoms says:

        Hate to hear you may have to make some major changes regarding your career. But if the economy continues to stay strong in other sectors, it will help with the transition
        Just some words of optimism for you.

      • G. Combs says:

        “….the hardwood lumber industry has been heavily reliant on exports to China…” because the furniture factories in the USA, esp in North Carolina CLOSED!
        It will take a while for them to re-open.

      • fleporeblog says:

        Give it some time because the renegotiating of the trade agreements are around the corner.

  108. Muslims to soon beat out Jews in U.S. population
    Let’s remember, our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles — not Islamic ones. Do we really want that to change?

  109. Bob Thoms says:

    Latino Victory Fund – the group behind the Ed Guilliespi truck video.
    Eva Longoria and Henry Munoz.

  110. Apfelcobbler says:

    Another Las Vegas survivor death. That’s more than a handful, one month out.

  111. Thecleaner says:

    So here is the talking point that has been sent down from the Democrat overlords….the terrorist was radicalized domestically….
    By saying this, they are attempting to undermine immigration controls or extreme vetting, travel ban etc…
    What it really means is that there are already so many radical muslims and mosques already in the country, that going abroad and becoming radicalized is no longer necessary…largely because of the fact there have historically been no immigration controls, extreme vetting and travel bans…see how they do that…twisted demented people.

  112. LM says:

    Apologies for the length of this and hugs for forbearance.
    As we approach the holidays, I believe many of us might want to include in our prayers, and actions where we can, the many families suffering loss and desolation as a direct result of the policies of the left.
    It is time to take a good long look at what has been done to us.
    Anguish to others seems acceptable to the left, and even celebrated by some elements of it, because it is the result of leftist policies that have been implemented to fundamentally transform the globe–especially Western and pro-Western societies–and has brought those responsible nearly limitless power and wealth.
    Heady with their successes, in their hubris they will not stop unless they are dealt with in the strictest sense of the law. Hello DOJ?
    The left controls most of the courts in this country, most of the school systems, most of the media, most of the congress, and will, imo, kill to control the Presidency and the executive branch, this will continue and expand in light of the changing demographics imposed upon us by the left unless we are miraculously successful in stopping it.
    People have said that Obama was simply stupid or naïve. I don’t think so. If you consider that the results of his policies throughout the world were what he intended them to be….he was brilliant–no matter if he was puppet or puppet master.
    Obama is not done. He is still busy at work, “organizing” with the Clintons and Soros along with BLM, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Antifa, and connected entities.
    Here–along with the importation of leftist Latinos, gangs, and the celebration and protection of leftist thugs who hurt the rest of us–is an example of the demographics referred to above: According to a link on Drudge, Muslims now outnumber Jews in our country. I think it is safe to say that these people will all join liberal Jews in voting Democrat. The left is “Muslim, too”. (As an aside, I appeal to the women who wore the hijabs and proclaimed this to show us the truth of the matter and voluntarily have their genitals cut off. Then, their pussy hats will mean something).
    Even in light of all recent evidence to the contrary, Liberal “Christians” will no doubt continue to parrot the media and tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, highly persecuted, and must continue to be the major beneficiary of our largess. Yet if you ask them what they know about the religion you will find that there is blankness behind their mask.
    They need the truth. We need the truth. The country needs the truth.
    The President has sent out the call to “Do Something”. I have tried to think what might, on a personal level, answer this.
    I think that the main thing is for all of us is to continue to shake off the mindsets that our society at large is trying to impose on us and focus on the truth–and share it to the extent that we are able.
    We can add our voices to the President’s. We can continue to pray and remain righteous so that our fervent prayers are effective. We can continue to support those who support the President. We can and must resist the resistance. We can and must begin to transform the transformation. We can and must open our eyes to what has been done to our country and to our allies and work to undo it.
    We can never give up.