WaPo Reports Clinton Campaign and DNC Paid For Trump Dossier…

There’s a myriad of angles within this that must be reviewed prior to absorbing content.

First, do not think the Washington Post is ever going to frame a damaging article against the Clinton’s or DNC; it is beyond their inherent ideology to do so.  Therefore the motive of any media expose’ must be kept in mind.

Second, while the article itself states the Clinton Campaign and the DNC paid Fusion GPS to contract Christopher Steele, the researcher and dossier author, the article also tries to lend some credibility toward the content therein.  This is another possible angle.

Third, the judge in case of the congressional subpoena into Fusion GPS bank records -to discover the funding of the dossier- gave Fusion GPS until Friday of this week to work out an agreement with congress that would eliminate the need for a judicial decision.  It is entirely possible this WaPo article was advanced by a risk averse Fusion GPS in order to dilute the need for the bank record inquiry.  No doubt the bank records would contain far more information than just the Clinton Campaign and DNC.

Fourth, with #3 in mind, and considering this report is from within the Washington Post, there is a strong possibility the other finance mechanisms for the dossier might include the U.S. government (FBI and CIA).  Additionally likely – knowing the WaPo has a history of defending, and working on behalf of, the intelligence community.

Fifth, the sourcing within the Washington Post article is weak, vague and disingenuous with verbiage such as: “people familiar with the matter”, “according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity”, “people involved in the matter“, etc.  Notice how the term “matter” repeats.  That familiar term is frequent throughout the article.

As to the substance:

(Washington Post) The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.

Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research.

After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie, retained the firm in April 2016 on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Before that agreement, Fusion GPS’s research into Trump was funded by a still unknown Republican client during the GOP primary.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through the law firm, continued to fund Fusion GPS’s research through the end of October 2016, days before Election Day.

[…]  People involved in the matter said that they would not disclose the dollar amounts paid to Fusion GPS, but said that the campaign and the DNC shared the cost.

Steele previously worked in Russia for British intelligence. The dossier is a compilation of reports he prepared for Fusion. The dossier alleged that the Russian government collected compromising information about Trump and the Kremlin was engaged in an active effort to assist his campaign for president.

[…] Fusion GPS’s work researching Trump began during the Republican presidential primaries, when the GOP donor paid for the firm to investigate the real estate tycoon’s background.

Fusion GPS did not start off looking at Trump’s Russia ties, but quickly realized that those relationships were extensive, according to the people familiar with the matter.

When the Republican donor stopped paying for the research, Elias, acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, agreed to pay for the work to continue.

The Democrats paid for research, including by Fusion GPS, because of concerns that little was known about Trump and his business interests, according to the people familiar with the matter.

[…] Some of Steele’s allegations began circulating in Washington in the summer of 2016 as the FBI launched its counterintelligence investigation into possible connections between Trump associates and the Kremlin. Around that time, Steele shared some of his findings with the FBI.

After the election, the FBI agreed to pay Steele to continue gathering intelligence about Trump and Russia, but the bureau pulled out of the arrangement after Steele was publicly identified in news reports.

[…] Congressional Republicans have tried to force Fusion GPS to identify the Democrat or group behind Steele’s work, but the firm has said that it would not do so, citing confidentiality agreements with its clients.

Last week, Fusion GPS executives invoked their constitutional right not to answer questions from the House Intelligence Committee. The firm’s founder, Glenn Simpson, had previously given a 10-hour interview to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Over objections from Democrats, the Republican leader of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), subpoenaed Fusion GPS’s bank records to try to identify the mystery client.

Fusion GPS has been fighting the release of its bank records. A judge on Tuesday extended a deadline for Fusion GPS’s bank to respond to the subpoena until Friday while the company attempts to negotiate a resolution with Nunes.  (read full article)

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479 Responses to WaPo Reports Clinton Campaign and DNC Paid For Trump Dossier…

  1. James Schoonmaker says:

    It’s going to come out that John McCain was working with the Clintons to get her elected. News report already came out that he is the one that gave trump dossier to the FBI. He also called Clinton on election night to express his sorrow over her loss. He is definitely the republican that started it. If the federal government paid for political dirt for Hillary because obama wanted it that’s a huge problem

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  2. Too soon, too convenient. I refuse to get overly excited by the hype. Swamp creatures do eat their own but the ecosystems job is to protect and maintain their environment above all else.

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  3. cdnintx says:

    This timing of these two huge news stories is very interesting…..Podesta now works at WAPO….WAPO prints this story …meanwhile Tucker Carlson is breaking a story that Manafort worked for the Podestas

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  4. Vera says:

    How did the FBI know that the previous “authorized payer” would stop paying for the “research” after the election? Why did the FBI start to pay for it if they didn’t know the previous entities, DNC and Clinton’s campaign, would cease paying. How did they know to go to that law firm P C?

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      Excellent questions that need full answers. I have read things in the past that say Steele was known to the FBI from prior work, and had approached them. Seems like a lot of colluding was going on.

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  5. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    Mark Levin too said it was probably an act of damage control because Nunes was going to get the banking records and release the information.


    • TXBlueSquid says:

      That’s what I thought. By being the first to report it, they were “getting out ahead of bad news.” It’s a damage control tactic, although I don’t think it will be enough to stem the tide of forthcoming bad news.

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  6. Voice of Reason says:

    Congress had given Fusion GPS until Friday to report who paid for the Dossier or their financial records would be subpoenaed. Suddenly this is leaked to the WaPo (who NEVER publishes anything anti-Hillary). This doesn’t pass the smell test.

    I wonder what else is in those financial records that would be so damning that they would throw their queen under the bus? Who would be powerful enough to cause them to discard Hillary? The name “Barack Obama” comes to mind.


  7. C. Lowell says:

    Agree that this a flack, distract, and misdirect high-tech defense of Obama, Clinton, and the DNC —
    Especially as it’s coming from WaPo. the newsletter of Obama’s Langley buddies…

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  8. StormyeyesC says:

    One of the many reasons DNC did not let the FBI see their “hacked” servers. Did nopt want this to be obvious. After they get the TD bank docs, there will be a lot more that we find out about.

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  9. Bendix says:

    “The Democrats paid for research, including by Fusion GPS, because of concerns that little was known about Trump and his business interests, according to the people familiar with the matter.”
    Not true. Donald Trump’s business dealings have been the subject of scrutiny for decades.
    What they should have said is, we don’t have anything we can attempt to spin as collusion or whatever without throwing some powerful people under the bus, so we had to resort to making something up.
    Fusion has the privilege of keeping their bank records private? Must be nice. The rest of us have to worry that some giant like Equifax is going to give away our personal information without our knowledge or consent.
    There’s another racket that should be shut down.

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  10. Padric says:

    Funny how the Dems/media are now all trying to pass off Hillary working with a foreign government to get oppo research on the president as perfectly normal when just a few months back they were the ones screaming “Treason!” over the infamous lawyer meeting with Donald Jr. at Trump Tower.

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  11. StormyeyesC says:

    A Republican primary opponent started this (Bush? Rubio? Graham? Cruz? Paul?). Tdell me, how did the Dems know about it to take it over from the Repub? I want to know WHO the repub was that started this ……………………NAME HIM!


  12. MR52 says:

    I sure hope they get Adam Schiff linked into this.

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  13. recoverydotgod says:

    I’m wondering if the FBI knew that the dossier was being paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign when Steele approached them. It makes me wonder what James Comey/FBI was looking for when they reopened the Clinton e-mail investigation in late October.

    Byron York: After Trump dossier revelation, FBI is next

    Sometime in October 2016 — that is, at the height of the presidential campaign — Christopher Steele, the foreign agent hired by Fusion GPS to compile the Trump dossier, approached the FBI with information he had gleaned during the project. According to a February report in the Washington Post, Steele “reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work.”

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    • recoverydotgod says:

      “Steele’s frustration”. More like the payors frustration!

      FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier
      by Tom Hamburger, Rosalind S. Helderman
      The Washington Post
      February 28, 2017


      Those people say Steele’s frustration with the FBI peaked after an Oct. 31 New York Times story that cited law enforcement sources drawing conclusions that he considered premature. The article said that the FBI had not yet found any “conclusive or direct link” between Trump and the Russian government and that the Russian hacking was not intended to help Trump.


  14. tgmccoy says:

    Love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning…

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  15. Kaco says:

    One of the comments on WaPo:

    “Its the very concept that we should be fighting over this that makes you look like a troll. Yes, she paid for research, yes she lied. Yes, it was perfectly legal, yes the GOP paid for it too and yes, it may have prompted investigation into Russian investigations by the FBI. These are all facts and its all perfectly normal and legal. You can’t even tell that I don’t disagree. You just want to fight. Thats troll mentality.”

    Then why are they so hell bent on Trump “colluding with Russia” and Don Jr. taking that meeting when it was offered to him if it was “all perfectly legal” for Clinton and the DNC to do so?


  16. C. Lowell says:

    “They Were Going to Lose”

    House Intel’s Subpoena Forced The Dossier Client Revelation http://dailycaller.com/2017/10/25/house-intels-subpoena-forced-the-dossier-client-revelation/

    “It’s very obvious, understanding that they leaked a story to the Washington Post to try to get it out there with as sympathetic spin as possible on an absolutely terrible story for them and Democrats,” speculated one source familiar with the House Intelligence Committee’s activities.


  17. cali says:

    The first in line of the subsequent fake dossier on DT and Russia began with Jeb Bush’ ‘Rise to shine.” super PAC. It breiefly appeared during the last election but quickly was wiped off the internet. Jeb could not get traction against Trump ergo selling what his PAC had already started over to the Clinton campaign et al of course with a price tag attached to it. It zig- zagged from there to Comey to Clinton and ending with McCain who hand delivered that fake dossier in person to Comey at the FBI. GPS Fusion was a facilitator in between all of them.
    This is my re-collection as I remember although I did not save it. It was but a blip and swoosh it was gone. Jeb’s PAC started rolling the ball.


  18. Bendix says:

    Rush Limbaugh has spoken at length on this subject today, and I don’t think he’s even off the air yet:
    What Rush has to say is important, because he reaches a wide audience, and also possesses much insider knowledge of what this all means, in political terms.
    Here’s part of what he says, relative to the MSM:
    “This is one of the biggest bombshell revelations in my memory. Let me ask you a question: If the news had broken that Donald Trump had hired someone to forge a Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate showing him born in Kenya after a year of claiming something other than that, do you think you’d know about it?”
    There is much more worth reading, IMO, and he also helps to sort out the timeline, the who did what when of it.
    BTW, IMO calling this stuff “opposition research” is inaccurate, because research involves uncovering stuff that happened, which can be distorted for political purposes. No part of this dossier was based on anything real, and it wasn’t even slightly believable.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Rush has much insider knowledge? He sure is being coy with it all…


      • benster11 says:

        Rush has, short of being a politician or “journalist” himself, an intimate knowledge of these people. How they act, who they are, what they do.
        That’s what I mean by insider knowledge. The who’s who of it all.


  19. Maquis says:

    Wow. There are enough unfounded assertions and lies herein to label this a hit piece–on Trump!

    Definitely self-serving and obfusticating.

    Clearly an obvious innoculation against future Clinton Criminal Revelations. “Old news folks, just yawn and move on.”

    Clinton Crime Fatigue, is the best medicine Hill-n-Bill have for what ails them: The Truth.


  20. Old Lady says:

    These people are sickening and evil.


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