California Wildfires Claim 38 lives – 5,700 Homes and Businesses Destroyed – Most Destructive Wildfires in State History…

Nearly a week after the California wildfires began, the zone containing scattered fires has swollen to an area as wide as 100 miles. The flames have left at least 38 people dead and destroyed at least 5,700 homes and businesses, making them the deadliest and most destructive group of wildfires California has ever seen.

(Via ABC)  Rising winds fanned the California wildfires again Saturday, forcing hundreds more people to flee from their homes in the state’s fabled wine country and threatening to undo the efforts of crews who have spent days trying to corral the flames behind firebreaks.

Just a day after firefighters reported making significant progress, the winds kicked up and pushed flames into the hills at the edge of Sonoma, a town of 11,000. About 400 homes were evacuated in Sonoma and a portion of Santa Rosa that included a retirement community that evacuated earlier this week, authorities said.

“Things went to hell last night,” said Dean Vincent Bordigioni, winemaker and proprietor at the Annadel Estate Winery, who awoke at 3 a.m. to see flames erupting over the ridge above his property. “They’ve got a good fight going on.” (read more)

Three more deaths have been confirmed from the wildfires burning in Northern California, bringing the total to 38.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office announced two more deaths there on Saturday, taking their total to six. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says the 20th body in the county has been found in the city of Santa Rosa.

Those deaths take the toll to 38 for what was already the deadliest series of fires in California history. It is likely the people were killed soon after the fires broke out nearly a week ago and their bodies were just discovered.

The increased presence of law enforcement officers to help people get out of homes has made the fire areas safer even as new flare-ups occur.  (LINK)


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251 Responses to California Wildfires Claim 38 lives – 5,700 Homes and Businesses Destroyed – Most Destructive Wildfires in State History…

  1. Rodney Plonker says:

    As someone flooded out by Harvey, I feel lucky compared to what is happening in NorCal now. At least we got days to plan for it and get ourselves ready as best we could. Post-event, we are recovering and our house may be ready to move back into in a few weeks time. We were all safe but immediately after it happened, we had to think about where we would live especially if my youngest kids could even go back to their school and stay with their friends. (The School turned out ok.) The wildfires are much worse situation than what we faced is that the entire neighborhood is gone. No repairs here.

    One thing I wish I pass on to all of you Treepers thinking about future adverse events. I wish I had taken the time to digitally capture all those storage boxes of our mementos. We had at least 3 large boxes of old pictures that we had to throw away. And now that I think about it, it could have given it as a project for the kids to do. I even had a phone app already downloaded for this task. It would have also given them some fun in wondering what all those pictures were. The same holds true for letters, kids art, school reports, diplomas, awards etc. Too late now.

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  2. jane harris says:

    As a Sonoma County resident …and born and raised in Marin….I am appalled at some of the comments that were made here in respect to California in general…


  3. “All day, firefighters tried to hold back the infernos, but they couldn’t. Fire roared through rural valleys and canyons, then pivoted, danced and spun, turning dangerously erratic. Flames didn’t grow along one flank. The entire perimeter exploded.”


  4. TwoLaine says:

    My prayers are with everyone in harms way.

    Merced FD finds unharmed flag among NorCal fire ashes
    15 Oct 2017

    The intense flames from the wildfires burning in Northern California tore through dozens of homes and businesses in its path but it did not destroy one American flag.

    Among the ashes, the Merced Fire Department found this flag tucked away in the rubble. It was left untouched while surrounded by blackened homes and charcoaled ash. After making the discovery, firefighters decided to put it up for the community to see.

    Firefighters found the flag Thursday while they were out in a neighborhood that had been destroyed by the blaze.

    Read more:


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