Senator Tom Cotton Talks About Potential for De-Certifying Iran Deal…

There is a myriad of complexity within the Iran issue that extends beyond the substantive issue of whether or not President Trump should again certify compliance with the Iran Nuclear Deal.

For clarity, President Trump would not be ending the deal or ending the agreement.  The President is required (every 90 days) to certify if Iran is upholding the terms of the nuclear agreement.  The next certification is due on October 15th.  If President Trump does not, because he cannot, certify compliance – he notifies congress.  It’s up to congress to decide what to do from there.

Therefore President Trump would not be “tearing up” the agreement, nor would he be “ending the agreement”, he would simply be notifying congress of the compliance of Iran, or lack thereof, according to the monitoring agencies that report to the President.  That’s it.  Now to Senator Tom Cotton.  Watch:


Senator Cotton can be an ally for MAGA (see immigration), or he can be a concern for MAGA (see aggressive military intervention), depending on the issue.  It is also important to understand how lobbying efforts impact policy positions as they relate to military intervention.  There are interests in DC pushing us toward military conflict with Iran.

It is critical to understand nuanced DC perspectives because the same lobbying activity stems across a broad stream of “conservative media” outlets, and has an interest in influencing our opinion.   Breitbart, Washington Free Beacon, Conservative Review, and a host of other media entities are aligned in purpose/ideology with strong religious, Pro-Israel lobbying positions.

This can sometimes create a challenging hypocrisy to reconcile, and is never more evident that on the subject of Iran.

Example: Steve Bannon will argue against military intervention from one side of his mouth, yet when it comes to Iran he will happily align with the need for a declaration of war or militaristic activity.  Bannon’s connection with lobbying groups is also why he will never stop supporting Senator Ted Cruz.  It’s not simply a matter of U.S. policy, it’s an agenda aspect to supporting the lobby; and ultimately Israel’s best interests.

[Ted Cruz supported TPP and actually constructed Trade Promotion Authority, the vehicle for TPP passage.  This would make one think Steve Bannon, who claims “Economic Nationalism” as a priority in 2017, would therefore abandon Cruz.  He doesn’t because of the larger interests of aligned and connected lobbyists and their influence on media.]

Senator Tom Cotton is an ally in America-First economically and on immigration; however, when it comes to foreign policy the filter of the pro-Israel lobby overlays his militaristic positions.  This ideological alignment, and donor-rewarded advocacy within the GOPe, is a common DC influence agent for foreign policy.

Some christian and far-right (orthodox) media are also part of this advocacy.  It becomes increasingly evident when we see Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Joel Pollak, et al, attacking Trump administration officials depending on the perception of policy risk to pro-Israel media positions.

Additionally, some attacks on Trump cabinet members by the “NeverTrump” community are driven by a concern the member’s support for Israel is not paramount in the policy.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been, and will be, openly skewered for positions that do not align with accepted conservative religious media orthodoxy.  So too will Secretary of Defense James Mattis; or, as history has evidenced, Trump National Security Adviser HR McMaster.

Each of these administration officials, and others, will be a hero or villain depending on the policy issue that surfaces and how it is viewed by pro-Israel media outlets who share opinions on politics.  CTH is pro-Israel, but it doesn’t drive our perspectives.

This is an important aspect to understand because many of the facts and opinions which help us establish our own positions on the Iran deal are likely to come from ideologically familiar media sources, or politicians.  Those voices can often be heavily influenced by their association with pro-Israel/anti-Iran lobbying groups.

Ultimately any underlining influence is just another consideration when viewing information as it is shared. Understanding the prism and world-view writers and pundits place upon their discussion of foreign policy helps everyone better evaluate content.


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90 Responses to Senator Tom Cotton Talks About Potential for De-Certifying Iran Deal…

  1. SharonKinDC says:

    SD, this is an excellent piece which clearly outlines various stakeholders interests, which at times, conflict w/ the America First/MAGA agenda.

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  2. ZurichMike says:

    This is from August 2016 and not sure what it has to do with this post.


  3. Ips Prez says:

    Well you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Can’t say as I agree with it however. I am not a politician or connected in any way to any news source. I read articles by the Left and Right and form my opinion based on what I perceive to be the truth. I believe Iran is a very dangerous country, not because of the Persian people but rather the Islamic government. Typical of Islamic teaching the government of Iran is bent on spreading it’s beliefs by force across the Middle East and world. The evidence for this is overwhelming and consistent throughout Islamic controlled countries. Allowing Iran to become a nuclear power with it’s current government is beyond the pale. They cannot be trusted to act in a responsible way with such deadly weapons and thus must be prevented from acquiring them or as an alternative the Islamic government needs to be overthrown and replaced with a government that is loyal to the Persian people and at peace with ALL it’s neighbors including Israel which the current Islamic government has made no secret of hating and desiring to destroy. Discounting opinions because they might be aligned with or against something you agree or disagree with is hardly wise. Viewing the facts from a cold disconnect is the only way to come to an answer that comes close to being the true answer. I believe I have done that, but, I could be wrong. Since I am not the President I am not too concerned about that.

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    • EbonyRapror says:

      My view is that Sundance was not being critical, he was explaining nuance that most of us who aren’t wired into the hallowed halls of our government don’t know. If you read all sides of issues, then you should appreciate the even handedness presented here more than most.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      What makes you think the President is not reviewing all data dispassionately?

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    • I believe that you have misinterpreted what Sundance wrote as being anti-Israel and pro-Iran. I cannot believe that to be Sundance’s position.

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    • SpanglishKC says:

      YOUR OPENING SENTENCE CRACKED ME UP! It’s Sundance blog glad you think he is entitled to his opinion here…LOL…OK then..

      Sh’ia Islam is not the only problem. Most major terrorists ie. ISIS, Al Qaeda are Sunni Muslim (think Saudi Arabia / Wahhabism).

      Allowing ANY more countries to become a nuclear power is destabilizing.

      The beauty of SD’s piece is he reveals motives and forces us to think more deeply and thoughtfully about these tangled web of alliances. Frankly, the only one I can trust is Trump. He truly seems to put America First.

      You are correct to point out its the goverment of Iran run by the mullahs that is the problem. I also believe a large percentage of “the people” there support the mullahs too. So there is that.

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    • Paul Revere says:

      I don’t know, any country with nuc’s takes on a huge responsibility. If they have them, perhaps they are a bargaining chip, but using them is a whole different matter indeed. Save maybe the US, Russia and maybe China, any country that uses such a weapon against anyone else is committing suicide as the retaliation would wipe the offending nation off the map. Frankly, I am beginning to think this is much to do about nothing.
      Is there a threat some nut job will deploy such a weapon, I guess, but that threat already exists. What we need to concern ourselves with, in my opinion, is re-establishing this nation as one where the rule of law applies to everyone, and making our borders impenetrable.
      In conclusion, I look to Randy Neumans wisdom, lets drop the big one, they don’t like us anyhow…


  4. EbonyRapror says:

    Ya can’t tell da players widout a scorecard.

    Thanks for providing a scorecard Sundance.

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  5. Kaco says:

    [Ted Cruz supported TPP and actually constructed Trade Promotion Authority, the vehicle for TPP passage. This would make one think Steve Bannon, who claims “Economic Nationalism” as a priority in 2017, would therefore abandon Cruz. He doesn’t because of the larger interests of aligned and connected lobbyists and their influence on media.]

    This may be harsh, but I think Steven Bannon is a fraud or at least talks out of both sides of his mouth. He may be useful in some primaries, but not all if he’s taking down a MAGA supporter incumbent. I don’t know where Mercers’ business interests lie but they must have been for TPP, etc. if they are pulling the Cruz strings. The Alabama primary left me very peeved with him, his website is a mess, I haven’t been back since. But the primary left me with more questions because of others who supported Moore over Strange beside Bannon and Gorka.

    Sen. Cotton, someone on here said to beware of him some months ago, might have been before the election but actions speak louder than words. If he is not particularly traitorous to MAGA and has turned himself around, I will support him. He was at the Sea Island meeting last summer so I am still watching.

    I am pro-Israel and they are our only real ally in the M.E. but what we do there will be to protect ourselves. A nuclear Iran would be dangerous. I don’t have any answers how to finesse this.

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    • sundance says:

      The absence of Moore campaigning in Alabama is concerning. However, he has spent a considerable amount of time in DC talking shop….

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      • Kaco says:

        That is interesting and I didn’t realize re: his campaign. Had read on here from another treeper he’s been talking with Lee, Paul, DeMint, which I am sure you are referring to. Disturbed about Lee at the least.


    • wheatietoo says:

      Kaco, Tom Cotton was one of those never-trumpers who attended that big meeting at an island resort…in Georgia, I think it was.
      I can’t remember the name of the resort, but it was a big Anti-Trump pow wow last year.

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      • Luke_Luck says:

        Sea Island.

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      • Troublemaker10 says:

        Cotton did attend the Georgia Sea Island meeting but he was not a never Trumper.

        I pretty much have viewed Cotton open to Trump (often supportive) even during the end of the primary. But as Sundance described above, Cotton does not agree with all of Trump’s agenda ideas.

        I remember him meeting with Trump early on when other Senators would not meet with Trump. He also not only defended him in town halls against criticism, but I don’t think he, himself, has openly criticed Trump even in their differences.


        Tom Cotton has no problem with Donald Trump
        May 5, 2017

        Why Would a Republican Hawk Support Donald Trump?
        Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton makes his case.
        JUL 3, 2016

        Tom Cotton Talks about Meeting with Trump
        Mar 25, 2016


        • Kaco says:

          That’s good to know and a positive toward Cotton.

          Bannon will try to primary him anyway.

          To me it’s wasted, primary the real obstructionists. Not ones that’s been going along.

          I better not see an upset in Alabama with his choice. But even if it’s close with a deep red state, this might be worrisome about his picks.

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          • tom f says:

            “Bannon will try to primary him anyway.”
            Please explain how you are certain of this.
            You too have a crystal ball?


            • Kaco says:

              I guess you missed Bannon’s interview with Hannity the other night in which he said, “All Senate incumbents have to go except Ted Cruz. He’s a good man.” And that he is going to work on getting them all voted out in the primaries.

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              • Troublemaker10 says:

                He’s talking about incumbent Repub Senators up for re-election in 2018 in that statement. Cotton isn’t up for re-election yet. Don’t know who his 2020 targets are yet.


        • georgiafl says:

          Tom Cotton is from Arkansas.
          Perhaps his largely Trump supporting constituents and Mike Huckabee have influenced him.

          Tom Cotton is smart and well-educated.
          “He attended Harvard College, where he wrote for the Harvard Crimson, graduating in 1998, three years after enrolling. In 1997, he attended the Publius Fellowship program of the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank. In 1998, he was accepted into a master’s degree program at Claremont Graduate University. He left in 1999, saying that he found academic life “too sedentary”, enrolling at Harvard Law School,[4] where he received his J.D. degree in June 2002.”

          “Immediately after finishing law school in 2002, he served for a year as a clerk for Judge Jerry Edwin Smith at the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He then entered private practice, working at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher for a few months, and at Cooper & Kirk from 2003 to 2004.” – Wikipedia

          Tom Cotton is a patriot.
          After all this great education, law internship and practice, Cotton decided to enlist in the military under the warrant officer program.
          “In March 2005, he entered Officer Candidate School, and in June 2005 was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry.He was initially stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, where he entered a 14-week Officer’s Basic Course. After completing OBC in November 2005, Cotton attended the U.S. Army Airborne School as well as Ranger School and Air Assault School.” – Wikipedia

          Tom Cotton served in Iraq and Afghanistan – when he could have been a JAG officer which he was offered. – Wikipedia

          Tom Cotton values and honors his fellow soldiers, unlike McCain.
          “Between his two combat tours he served as a platoon leader with the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery, the unit responsible for military honors funerals. Tom’s military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, Combat Infantry Badge and Ranger Tab.” – Cotton’s website.

          These show Tom Cotton’s character and influences.


          • georgiafl says:

            At age 40, Cotton is the youngest US Senator.


          • MNGal says:

            I had no idea about all of this. Thanks for posting. It sure puts things in a different light.

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          • Naslod says:

            i am from Arkansas, and the reason I do not trust Cotton is because of who his donors are. He was given millions in campaign money from people outside of the United States and yes, he right now is saying all the right things, but I just don’t trust him as he is not who he appears to be. Here in Arkansas, it has been written that he prefers men and his wife is only a beard for appearances (a few years ago). That is his business, but it makes me mistrustful that he is only putting on an act. I like how he is supportive of President Trump, I just don’t trust him. He is the ultimate politician. all of this in conjunction with him going to the island, and just what i have read about his donors.

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          • LULU says:

            Is this from Cotton campaign material? Is it self-written or written by a supporter? His Wiki site cites many sources where he or his supporters would have submitted his bio information. I see only the Wiki link.


        • mcclainra says:

          Excellent. I, too, have had some doubts about Cotton, who is one of MY senators. I thought it was great that he beat the useless, lefty Pryor, but when I saw he went to Sea Island, I was concerned too at that time. Since then I have watched him, carefully, and do not think he is, or was, a real #NeverTrumper. So far, so good. I am a little worried that he may get sucked in to the swamp because he had to have run up a lot of debt when he ran against Pryor, which would be a way for them to go after him, but so far, so good, as I said earlier. We will just have to continue to watch him carefully.

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      • tdaly14 says:

        That big meeting in the Ga Islands happens ever year, that’s nothing new. Why people keep referring back to that makes no sense to me.


    • Steve Bannon came late to the party in Alabama. He took credit for something he had little or no impact on. Moore or Brooks was always going to win Al. Bannon never got involved till two weeks before the run-off. He (Bannon) stood in my hometown and lied by misleading unaware voters to believe he was with Trump from the beginning. Just one of the lies that night. He is a major fraud.

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      • That’s one of my big problems with Bannon too, a bit opportunistic in Alabama that gave me a slimed feeling. Honestly I have always had a weird feeling about him but keep quiet since many of the people on CTH that I respect seem to support him.

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    • myrightpenguin says:

      To drain the swamp in the Senate with primaries we need “Cruzbots” on board with us, so bear that in mind, as it could be part of political calculation.


      • tom f says:

        Are you sure? Doesn’t everyone need to be perfect? /s
        There’s a plan in place and Mr Bannon, (love him or hate him) is part of that plan.

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      • Cozette says:

        Why do we need Cruzbots when they are no more aligned with MAGA than Democrats are and less willing to compromise than more pragmatic swampy Senators. Ideologues are the worst people ever to negotiate w

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        • myrightpenguin says:

          I don’t disagree, but this is about simple math to win primaries. I look back to Kelli Ward vs. McCain last year, and our base was fractured and although Cruz supporters preferred Kelli Ward many were low energy because they didn’t want to fight and organize on the ground along us. We need to win these primaries to tear down McConnell’s “Shameful Seven”, and although I don’t like Cruzbots, there is a bit of a distinction from Rick Wilson, etc.

          Re. Bannon, also useful to note this, re: calculation.
          “This is the price we pay for cruzbots and #nevertrump movement”

          … he was wrong about Pence but he did not like “Cruzbots” there either. His judgment about Pence just confirms what I know – he’s a flawed individual, but there is a common ‘enemy’ as far as Mitch McConnell is concerned.


          • myrightpenguin says:

            “he’s a flawed individual” – that is regarding Bannon, just to be clear (Trust Trump – we’re blessed to have Pence as VP). I’ve observed quite a few examples over the years where although Bannon is passionate his judgment is far from perfect.

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  6. Senator Cotton made a powerful point:

    Iran [following in China’s decades-long footsteps] is buying time:

    • To prepare to “Nuclearize Overnight”

    • To have time to aggregate the economic strength to Nuclearize Overnight with Conventional Backup

    • To attract and entangle Global Corporations in their economy, and then induce them to lobby AGAINST American interference with the initiatives above and FOR Iranian exports and entanglement in other nations’ economies … to the point that those nations obstruct American alliances and trade deals

    • To have time to infiltrate neighbors and opponents with embedded spies and terrorists

    What better place to start than the American Traitor Donahue and his weaponized USCOC?

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  7. EbonyRapror says:

    One thing I find very troubling is the ease at which conservatives turn on each other. We must keep the big picture in mind – we are not each other’s enemies. The enemy is the leftist cabal who do a far superior job of sticking together no matter the issue than we do, Harvey Weinstein the very rare exception.

    Perfection is the enemy of good. Let’s be satisfied with good.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      That’s a nice sentiment.
      But it is best directed at the “enemies of good”…namely, those who are trying to undermine and defeat our President who is the one actually doing something ‘good’.

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    • oldtoenail says:

      I agree with EbonyRapror comment. I do not ask conservatives to follow the progressive pattern of supporting their person even when they are pure evil. But I think we can temper our criticism and at least make sure our facts are correct. Also support action that moves in the direction of MAGA even though it may not be arrow straight towards the goal. Don’t give up your ideas for perfection just relax the tendency to go “all or nothing”.

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  8. wheatietoo says:

    Thanks, Sundance.
    You continue to provide us crystalline clarity on complex subjects such as this one.

    And you have dared to point out the hypocrisy of Saint Bannon of Breitbart, which will probably bring on a bevy of Bannon defenders to sully the comments with their disinformation.

    I said during the Alabama special election fiasco, that the “telling thing” about Bannon will be…if he primaries Toxic Ted next year, in keeping with his rhetoric about ‘going after globalists and swamp creatures’.
    Because Cruz is both, even though he cloaks himself in rhetoric to make it seem otherwise.

    When Bannon went on the record on Hannity’s show this last Monday night, saying that the only GOP incumbent that he wouldn’t be primarying…is Ted Cruz…then my suspicions about Bannon were confirmed.
    Bannon even called Cruz “a good man”.

    The reasons for Bannon’s departure from the White House have now become more clear.
    It’s really a shame.
    I wanted to trust Bannon, but now I cannot.

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Good points well made Wheatietoo

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Yes – I wanted to trust Bannon as well, but am so deeply disappointed to see him backing Cruz and calling him a “good man”. I will never forget the dirty tricks Cruz pulled during the campaign. Those were not things that “good men” do. Do any of these people ever mean what they say or stick to their guns? Politics is dirty, dirty…..

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      • tdaly14 says:

        It’s called being a politician in campaign mode. They do really nasty things and always have.

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      • daughnworks247 says:

        I’m fine with Bannon. I don’t always agree with my husband either, and I married him.
        We need to understand the exception of Cruz, via the Mercers. I don’t like it but I understand it. (Soundtrack= You can’t always get what you want, Rolling Stones)
        Too many people have bought into the palace intrigue pushed by MSM.
        Watch the unedited 60 minutes interview with Rose and Bannon gives complete credit to Trump for policy….. because that’s how Trump really feels and has felt for the past 3 decades.
        Also interesting to note, Bannon casually mentioned Jared 3 times in that interview. no issues between them at all, very complimentary. Bannon worked with Jared every day. Clearly, Bannon and Trump were talking and probably still are.
        Recall that weird summit between the Mercers, Bannon and Trump?
        Yeah, we have to have some kind of pushback in the media.


    • Kaco says:

      Yes, that p’d me off, too. I’m sure PT was none to pleased to find he had a Cruzbot leaker, constantly putting down his daughter and her husband, as his “senior strategist”. What did Cruz offer the American people? Nothing! “Vote your conscience” – I did! He would have flopped on immigration, too, and let more ISIS or MB refugees in. God only knows he would have been just shy better than Hillary and that would be as far as the Marxism goes. Bannon “economic nationalist” my foot! TPP, Paris Climate, NAFTA, yeah Cruz would have sold us out.

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  9. ray76 says:

    Ahh… this “agreement” was not ratified by Congress. Yet another instance of Obama nonsense, like “executive action”. It’s just more Obama cult-of-personality BS. His word does not bind the US. We must stop pretending that it does, both domestically and internationally.

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    • chiefworm says:

      Ray, Glad you brought it up. An agreement between two countries is for all intents and purposes a “Treaty”. Requiring the Senate to agree to it with a 2/3 vote. Never done. IMHO the “Iran Deal” never existed and as such should be disregarded. All Senators whom agreed to it should be tried for treason. Oh, Obummer too.

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    • Let me understand this: The Iran Nuclear Deal was NEVER RATIFIED by the US Senate? Why are we abiding by it?


  10. Sentient says:

    This is a great column by Sundance. We shouldn’t be prodded by the Israel lobby into war with Iran.

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    • A war with Iran should be a last resort just like it is with North Korea. But I do expect that Trump will be very aggressive in his dealings with Iran just like he has with North Korea.

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      • MVW says:

        Trump is 100% focused on nuclear weapons. Iran must be stopped in its program and aspirations and Iran in that effort is linked with North Korea in that Iran is helping with missile delivery.

        The Iranian terror program is secondary but also important.

        Mattis is not a negotiator nor longterm strategist in the political sense. Military, yes, so asking him about a treaty is asking him to step out of his box. Cotton was right in pointing out whose decision the certification was.

        Agendas are the problem America has, Trump I trust, Kelly too. I can’t adequately express what that means, but it is compounded by my belief in Trump’s brain power, judgement, and skill set.



  11. Troublemaker10 says:

    Iran’s secret sites linked to nuclear weapons development revealed


    While the President’s likely move has generated wide condemnation from foreign policy leaders — who reiterate that the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has maintained Iran is in compliance — a new 52-page investigative report by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), entitled: “Iran’s Nuclear Core: Uninspected Military Sites,” obtained exclusively by Fox News and slated for release Wednesday, asserts that the country’s nuclear weapons program has far from halted.

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  12. Masterman says:

    Let’s get real, Cruz is not going to lose his primary and it would be a waste of time and money for Bannon or anyone else to get a primary opponent for him. It would be a waste of time and money for Bannon to be involved in the Utah Senate race too even though that race will almost certainly give us another RINO.


  13. Sean Supsky says:

    Bannon, in the grass, silent, waiting to strike.

    Cotton, hissing and swaying, distracting.

    The congress, strutting, proud, defying the people.

    Trump, standing, shield raised, sword ready.

    Eyes twinkling, mouth smiling.

    Come one, come all.

    Face the deplorables.

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    • georgiafl says:

      We’ll see about Cotton.

      He does have some redeeming characteristics –

      Tom Cotton attended Harvard college and law school. Did an internship at the Claremont institute.

      After clerking for a 5th circuit court judge, he enlisted in the army, did Ranger, Airborne and Assault training and served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was awarded a Bronze Star – when he could have been a JAG officer which he was offered.

      Between his two combat tours he served as a platoon leader with the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery, the unit responsible for military honors funerals.

      And after that, he worked and managed his family’s farming business before entering politics.


      • Sean Supsky says:

        I understand georgifl.

        It seems that a lot of these people seem to have their own agenda that does not coincide with President Trump’s or the American people.

        Oftentimes, the mind of a soldier seeks to destroy the enemy so that they cannot resurface.

        Is this the case with Cotton?

        Who knows.

        We have seen many that said all the right words, only to later have them unmasked as the biggest frauds in history.

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  14. Southrider says:

    Well said! It becomes evident when the Israel first group overplays their hand. In general we have shared interests with many, but a totality of common interests with none.

    What is most infuriating is the lack of interest in prosecuting the Clinton Foundation treason for cash crowd. That’s the butt plug to the whole swamp beast. No honest American shares a common interest with those enriched by the Foundation.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Agreed Southrider. Americans lose faith in their governement when we see double standards for justice.
      Restoring faith in gov’t is a foundation block to a successful presidency by Trump.


      • MVW says:

        Two Tier DOJ, Keystone cop FBI, COS Kelly has big issues to deal with. I trust Kelly. Give him time. Yes, I know, Trump is the POTUS, but he has a COS for a reason. There is a chain of command for a reason. Kelly is fully capable of dealing with this.


  15. Thanks SD for making it clear for those we are unaware. I would like to add that the online supporters of bannon,cruz,brietbart,shapiro,levin, etc will forever be known by me as cruzbots. I do believe that the puppet-masters that control the cruzbot/israel 1sters chose to manipulate that segment of the population based on their religion because people feel deeply about religion and can be more fanatical. I do believe we will have to constantly have skirmishes with this cult over policy and more than likely CRUSH THEM AGAIN in 2020.

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    • Old Lady says:

      I cannot understand the Levin fan club. Can’t imagine why people call in unless they love rudeness or love him. Usually rudeness prevails in either scenario. He is a pint sized jerk constantly reminding his audience he worked for RR. Those days are eclipsed now by DT, and he’s not on board.

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      • LULU says:

        I thought I was the only one, Old Lady. One would think Levin was a god. To some, at least. I cannot imagine why. Our family was pretty closely involved with Ronald Reagan and I never heard his name back then. ???

        Maybe this is why I never heard of him (from his own Wiki page):

        “Beginning in 1981, Levin served as an adviser to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s cabinet, eventually becoming the associate director of presidential personnel and ultimately chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese; Levin also served as deputy assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education at the U.S. Department of Education, and deputy solicitor of the U.S. Department of the Interior.”


  16. georgiafl says:

    Re: Israel – those politicians who are not ‘pro-Israel’….

    1) These politicians are usually not Christians, and if they profess to be Christians, but do not have spiritual discernment to see that Islam is the polar opposite of Christianity. I include Jimmy Carter who helped establish the Islamic theocracy in Iran and whose last speech was a defense of Islam. Jimmy Carter’s library was largely paid for by Islamist donations.

    The true Law of GOD comes out of Zion (Isaiah 2:3). Christianity sprung out of Judaism and follows the same GOD and Bible and Commandments. Judaism and Christianity practiced, produce the character of Christ, of GOD and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, Forbearance, Self-Control – as well as reverence, freedom, equality and justice.

    Centuries of evidence have proved that Islam/Sharia law produce the character of Mohammed and the polar opposite of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    2) These politicians are not America First, and do not see Islam as dangerous, anti-American supremacist political movement, and may even be Islam sympathizers or act as pro-Islam agents. I include ‘Obama’, the Bushes, Clintons and and evidence points to McCain, Graham and Kinzinger as collaborators.

    Fundamentalist Islamists do not respect US Constitution and Laws. They are committed to their laws and conquest. They also are committed to money and traffic drugs, humans, including children, p0rn, arms, etc. Shamefully, some of our politicians have succumbed to greed and been involved in these crimes.

    3) Militant Islam has allied with Communism and the Black supremacist/liberation movements in a Red-Green-Black Axis at virtual and actual war with the USA. This includes the ISIS, Al Queda, etc., Antifa, BLM, New Black Panthers, Ayers, $0r0$, Obama and their minions.

    Does this also include NK, China and Russia and Iran as well? You can be sure President Trump knows the answer to this.

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  17. dec853 says:

    Mark Levin is a really, really bad guy. Bashes Trump 24/7. Never let’s up.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Doug says:

    thanks for this article because I definitely support Israel but never at the cost of america first. certainly many of our interest align but too often some exploit this support. America first means Americas interest before any other country , Israel included.


  19. Evelyn says:

    I certainly agree with George Washington’s principle that as Americans, we bear other nations no malice and have no business intervening in their affairs.

    God is, however, in control of all of this, and God is most certainly not similarly neutral. In fact, He is paying such close attention that every hair on every individual American’s and Iranian’s head is numbered.

    From that perspective, all of this political maneuvering regarding Iran’s nuclear program – all of it – is, to borrow from SD’s narrative about the Panda, chaff and countermeasures.

    Iran represents a merging of the ancient kingdoms of Persia (Parsin) and Elam. Elam comprises the southern third of Iran, the area with the greatest concentration of their nuclear activities. What we are witnessing is the buildup to the fulfillment of Jeremiah 49. Evidently there will be a mass humanitarian exodus of Iranian people. We should be in prayer that God moves mightily to redeem and protect them before His hammer falls:

    A Message About Elam

    35 This is what the Lord Almighty says:

    “See, I will break the bow of Elam,
    the mainstay of their might.
    I will bring against Elam the four winds
    from the four quarters of heaven;
    I will scatter them to the four winds,
    and there will not be a nation
    where Elam’s exiles do not go.
    I will shatter Elam before their foes,
    before those who want to kill them;
    I will bring disaster on them,
    even my fierce anger,”
    declares the Lord.
    “I will pursue them with the sword
    until I have made an end of them.
    I will set my throne in Elam
    and destroy her king and officials,”
    declares the Lord.

    “Yet I will restore the fortunes of Elam
    in days to come,”
    declares the Lord.


  20. lfhbrave says:

    I would argue the U.S. experience of the past 20 some years shows military interventionism is more dangerous to American First agenda than liberalism. This view could also be supported by the fact that CoC’s agenda for the past 30 years (perhaps even now) have frequently been cited as the justification for such military interventions. Trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of American young lives lost. If one accepts this premise, one could argue those GOPe of McConnell and Ryan type are more dangerous than most of the Dimms. I am extremely suspicious of anyone who advocates military interventionism in cases other than in N. Korea which actually has thousands of Americans within the range of their artillery/nuclear bombs.


    • Evelyn says:

      Isn’t the point of concern here that Iran is close to having missiles that can reach the United States. like N Korea? And their leaders’ ideology is such that they want to cause mass worldwide chaos to bring in their “12th imam,” so they don’t care about economic leverage or the death and destruction of their own people? Iran considers Israel to be the “little satan” and American to be the “great satan,” hence their mass rallies where they chant, “Death to America! Death to Israel!”

      This reminds me of when Mordecai said to Esther “14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”


      • lfhbrave says:

        There is a line between material and financial support and military involvement. My concern is more of direct military involvement in international conflicts. America has been providing and continue to provide vast material and financial supports to Israel. That is not the issue here concerning military interventionism.


        • Evelyn says:

          It should be noted that AFAIK (correct me if this is wrong), unlike many other regions in the world (Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, etc, etc) America has never engaged in military action in the defense of Israel . And I would agree that defending Israel is not America’s responsibility, that is above our pay grade. When the chips are down, God Himself will step in. Hence the Elam prophecy quoted above, along with many prophecies in both the old and new testaments

          On the other hand, we do have to defend our homeland from the maniacal Iranian regime that considers America to be the great satan and is intent to attacking us with nuclear missiles and starting a global conflagration to usher in their 12th imam. It would of course be preferable to use the Trump doctrine of assigning responsibility and employing economic leverage to accomplish this, rather than to engage in military action at the expense of American lives.

          There are so many crosscurrents here that it is hard to nearly impossible for those of us who are looking at this whole mess from the outside to sort them out. I have faith that God will give our POTUS the insight and wisdom to follow the right course.

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  21. Ken Sola says:

    Sundance, this article and this thread have thrown me into a critical state of cognitive dissonance. You, Tom Cotton and Steve Bannon are among my most trusted MAGA folks. I revere you for your unswerving loyalty to Donald Trump. Same as I revere Sen. Cotton for his post-911 military service … and for being THE ONLY SENATOR to vote against Sen. Corker’s gift to Barack Obama: the bill allowing him to proceed with the embarrassing Iranian nuke deal. Steve Bannon, in my estimation, is one of us.

    You know what must be done to resolve cognitive dissonance. I wish you hadn’t forced this on me.


  22. This Iran compliance decertifying issue is going to be Obamacare redux for the GOP. After all the GOP posturing about how bad the Iran deal was (even though the GOP in the Senate completely ceded all their power over to Obama on this issue), Trump possibly decertifying Iran’s compliance with the agreement is getting the GOP Senate nervous. The ball will be back in their court whether to reinstitute sanctions or not if Trump decertifies Iran’s compliance. This is not good for the spineless Senate Republicans. They will fail AGAIN just like they did with Obamacare to back up their posturing.


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