Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 1:30pm Livestream

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders delivers the press briefing for Tuesday October 10th.  Anticipated start time 1:30 – 2:00pm

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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36 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 1:30pm Livestream

  1. fleporeblog says:

    I wrote this a week or so ago! The MSM realize that our President will single handily take out Obamacare on his own. The liberation for 10+ million Americans is breathtaking. This also exposes the fact that Obamacare was all about a redistribution of wealth needed for those that benefit from it. This will also change the conversation among Americans because the Forgotten Men and Women are going to be liberated!

    From the article linked above:

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday hinted on Twitter that he’s getting closer to signing an executive order that could erode Obamacare, after Republicans in Congress failed to pass a repeal bill.

    An order allowing association health plans would give Americans in the individual market who don’t receive government subsidies another health care option outside of the Affordable Care Act. About 83 percent of the 12.2 million people covered by Obamacare health plans get subsidies that help them pay their premiums, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    “Obamacare is so screwed up and so expensive, and it’s especially bad for people who don’t get subsidies. This gives them an alternative,” said Robert Laszewski, president of the Health Policy and Strategy Associates, a consulting firm specializing in assisting insurance companies and other clients through health policy changes.

    Associations likely wouldn’t be required to sell to people with pre-existing health conditions and wouldn’t be required to offer 10 essential benefits set forth by Obamacare, Brookings Institute analyst Matt Fiedler said Monday. These benefits include pregnancy and newborn care, hospitalization, mental health and substance-abuse services and rehabilitation.

    Fiedler said the damage to the individual insurance market would be “quite significant” because healthier people would seek cheaper coverage through associations, driving up premiums in the Obamacare market.

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    • Regina says:

      Why would anyone buy insurance that didn’t cover hospitalization??


      • JCL says:

        Keyword in that quote above: Brookings Institute. We will need more information to confirm or deny, as Brookings tilts hard left and is a tainted source. So … stay tuned.

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        • mimbler says:

          Yes, and they are just listing the 10 requirements of O’care; with nothing to indicate which ones insurance companies would want to keep.
          As you note, they would keep hospitalization because that is the product they would be selling!

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      • mike says:

        Because US hospitals can be a death trap, financially and corporeally….


    • Ditch Mitch says:

      The mistake the dims made on NoCare was to give all the authority to HHS Sec. By doing so PDJT’s HHS Sec. can (de)regulate NoCare. Price was FIRED because he was not going to (de)regulate NoCare. He didn’t even recommend any (de)regulations. Price is/was an establishment swamp creature.

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    • BOMBSHELL AHA: President Trump’s EO fires up the hot seat under Uniparty Incumbents.

      • They can’t complain after failing legislatively.

      • They can’t obstruct legislatively after President Trump acted to help Working Americans.

      • They can’t legislate to help Illegals because they can’t meet the “pay for it” requirement.

      • Reduced costs from President Trump’s action reduce the Deficit and can’t be used to “pay”.

      • They WILL be PRIMARIED for their failures … unless they Repeal ObamaCare on President Trump’s terms.

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      • SeekerOfTruth says:

        very well stated tx.
        When was the last time Congress passed some significant legislation?

        Obamacare. A massive failure. That reversed the balance in Senate and House. No budgets, no economic or tax reforms, no infrastructure projects, no social programs. Status quo ever since Obamacare.

        PDJT is quickly showing that all of Congress is selfish and Incompetent. x10.
        And maybe a little gun-shy as they fail at most legislation. The safe way for them is no legislation at all else risk a massive failure and again upset Congress balance.

        Obama saw the same thing and moved illegally to do things himself. He was not smart enough to do things legally. His whole life was about doing things the dirty quick illegal way.
        PDJT sees the same thing, Congress cannot do anything, and is moving legally to move things along.

        Congress has become totally dysfunctional and it is no longer a valued asset to the government. Their committees do not even monitor things that they were supposed to monitor like for example intelligence agencies, etc..

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      • Blacksmith8 says:

        BKR says:
        • They can’t complain after failing legislatively.
        – but they will

        • They can’t obstruct legislatively
        – but they’ll whine and cry loudly from the congress floors

        • They can’t legislate to help Illegals
        – but they’ll make stuff up and pass it anyway

        • Reduced costs from President Trump’s action
        – will be completely ignored.

        • They WILL be PRIMARIED for their failures
        – and if that’s all we get, it’ll be worth it.

        I know doom and gloom ayeore showing here.
        btw: it’s not you it’s me.

        I’ve been barking about ‘the secretary shall’ and ‘at the discretion of the secretary’ since that dark midnight when they rammed this through without an objection from the gop.


    • How can this become the law? EO s can’t become laws. That’s my concern!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        It won’t but it allows a workaround from Obamacare. Our President is banking on the fact that Americans will see the truth behind the Ponzi Scheme and with the 2018 destruction of sitting Republicans that will be primared and Democrats that will lose their seats, the Senate will make it the law of the land and give Healthcare back to the states.

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  2. Stephanie Cevelin says:

    Those reporters still just don’t get it! LOL!

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  3. catmom says:

    What a disgusting group of people. She is a Saint.

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  4. Nchadwick says:

    WOW – She handles the antics of the pathetic reporters LIKE A BOSS!


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  5. georgiafl says:

    Re This:


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  6. 4beagles says:

    Good thing John Roberts is a reporter and not a math teacher….LOL…Good Zinger Sarah !

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  7. Apfelcobbler says:

    Hillary must be fuming that she and her trail of donor/contractor glom-ons have “missed out” on so many natural disaster federal relief efforts. “We [me and Bill] deserved these disasters! What happened?”

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  8. dbethd says:

    MSM: (GASP) POTUS didn’t say highest taxed ‘corporate’ nation! Outrage!

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  9. rashamon says:

    Saint Sarah, you should be awarded a very, very long hook that would allow you to pull these idiots right to your nose so you can embarrass them by name and make certain their faces are front news on every news outlet. How do you spell S.T.U.P.I.D. and congregate so many in such a small space?

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  10. California Conservative says:

    Sarah is SO awesome! I loved when the Moron Stream Media (MSM). Lay out a bated question asks if the president wasn’t telling the truth and she simply says YES and calls on someone else and they lose their time.

    The get a sense of humor comment was great too!

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    • JC says:

      Liked those two responses, too, CC.

      Showboat April Ryan was still braying a ridiculous question as Sarah left the room. Anything to draw attention to her and that giant mouth on national TV.


  11. LULU says:

    Was I the only one who heard her answer (on Corker’s saying President Trump would be responsible for WWIII) “Senator Corker is entitled to his opinion. He is not entitled to HIS facts.”

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  12. visage13 says:

    They are jackals. I especially loved her smack down that they can’t take a joke. Secretary Tillerson is doing such a great job that the press is trying to take him down. Anytime, something is going great, they have to try to tear it down.

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  13. 4beagles says:

    Off Topic, what is the name of the color dress she wore? Melania wore a similar colored garment recently.
    I’m tired of floro-orange repaints on my gardening and woods tools. That dress color reminds me of a floro-lavender. Time to dig and move some bulbs and such with handme down tools that I’ll re edge and repaint over winter. I can probably mix something close to that and have an airbrush. Testors paints has a floro-pink that’s close……

    ….but what’s the name of that color?


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