Rape Allegations Surface Against Disgraced Hollywood Executive Harvey Weinstein…

A few days ago Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company after claims of decades of sexual harassment surfaced in a New York Times report.  Since the original report more women have come forward to provide more substantiation for the deviant conduct.

Weinstein responded by apologizing to the women he assaulted over three decades and requested forgiveness from his peers for his shortcomings.  In addition Weinstein promised to punish the National Rifle Association and President Trump with new attack films as an atonement to his ideological community for his prior rapes.

Today the New Yorker is publishing the story of even more women, including three specific instances of rape:

(Via New Yorker) […] Three women—among them Argento and a former aspiring actress named Lucia Evans—told me that Weinstein raped them, allegations that include Weinstein forcibly performing or receiving oral sex and forcing vaginal sex. Four women said that they experienced unwanted touching that could be classified as an assault.

In an audio recording captured during a New York Police Department sting operation in 2015 and made public here for the first time, Weinstein admits to groping a Filipina-Italian model named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, describing it as behavior he is “used to.” Four of the women I interviewed cited encounters in which Weinstein exposed himself or masturbated in front of them.

Sixteen former and current executives and assistants at Weinstein’s companies told me that they witnessed or had knowledge of unwanted sexual advances and touching at events associated with Weinstein’s films and in the workplace. They and others describe a pattern of professional meetings that were little more than thin pretexts for sexual advances on young actresses and models.

All sixteen said that the behavior was widely known within both Miramax and the Weinstein Company. Messages sent by Irwin Reiter, a senior company executive, to Emily Nestor, one of the women who alleged that she was harassed at the company, described the “mistreatment of women” as a serial problem that the Weinstein Company was struggling with in recent years.

Other employees described what was, in essence, a culture of complicity at Weinstein’s places of business, with numerous people throughout the companies fully aware of his behavior but either abetting it or looking the other way. Some employees said that they were enlisted in subterfuge to make the victims feel safe. A female executive with the company described how Weinstein assistants and others served as a “honeypot”—they would initially join a meeting, but then Weinstein would dismiss them, leaving him alone with the woman.  (read more)

Dozens More Examples Highlighted HERE

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415 Responses to Rape Allegations Surface Against Disgraced Hollywood Executive Harvey Weinstein…

  1. bflyjesusgrl says:

    TMZ reports:
    President Obama has added his name to the list of famous people who are disgusted by the stories that have surfaced about Harvey Weinstein.

    The former Prez just said, “Michelle and I have been disgusted by the recent reports about Harvey Weinstein. Any many who demeans and degrades women in such a fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.”

    Obama went on … “We should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories. And we all need to build a culture — including by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect — so we can make such behavior less prevalent in the future.”

    “Make such behavior less prevalent”. LESS PREVALENT? SERIOUSLY?? What is wrong with that man?? Oh, Let’s build a culture with less rape and less sexual harassment.

    How about we ERADICATE the disgusting behavior altogether?? Shouldn’t that kind of behavior be completely unacceptable in the culture we already have?

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      But I’m with ‘HER’ when it comes to keeping his money.

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    • What about degrading rap music to women, police, that former pres. and his wifey liked so much? Even invited to the WH all the time… Compare to those lyrics Harvery just a boyscout.

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      • Minnie says:


        Will never forget the vile and pornographic super bowl halftime show, and obunghole invited them to the White House, too.

        So grateful OUR House has been purged.

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    • Risa says:

      Of course in Barack’s defense he only learned about this on the evening news. Malia told him Harvey was a great guy.

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      • LCSmom says:

        I keep thinking it was Obama that ordered the hit. He is weakening the Clintons at the same time and innoculating Michelle from having to grovel for money from or be connected to such a sleazy disgusting guy when she runs for public office.

        By then, all of this Harvey crap will be old news, and they won’t have to answer for why they chose to park Malia there for her gap year.

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    • Michelle says:

      Obama wants to build a culture of less rape and yet he imported thousands of middle eastern men who only know how to function in a rape culture.

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    • LCSmom says:

      Except for the muslims. He has to leave a grey area for them to continue to abuse their women.

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    • KRs2 says:

      bflyjesusgrl, totally sounds like a statement from a UN agenda creep. American culture is already not a “rape culture” despite what Leftists claim, but with all the illegals and “refugees” they’re bringing in, guess Leftists are attempting to get ahead of the game by making it less prevalent in “Our” culture. Hollyweird, on the other hand, is a differ story and to the sewer with them, the whole lot of ’em. Also, as I started reading your comment, I thought you were Going to say “Obama has added his name to the list of victims of Harvey Weinstein”. 😱 😬

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      “Any man who demeans, degrades and ASSAULTS women in such a fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, ESPECIALLY when has wealth or status.”
      FIFY, Barry.


  2. maggiemoowho says:

    Allowing someone to do something to you that you are uncomfortable with or don’t like just to get a job or movie role is not called Rape or Assualt, it’s called a really bad decision and is just plain stupid. Maybe all these women can get a part in the movie when it comes out, it might help them forget Weinsteins actions for another 20 yrs.

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    • ediegrey says:

      Adultery is immoral. Harvey is a disgusting excuse for a human being but the women who did what he wanted could have said no. Women are not immune from being moral. Women’s rights do not give them permission to be the spotless victim just because they want to be stars. Unless it is rape, there is no excuse. And their silence until Harvey was exposed is disgusting too.

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  3. maiingankwe says:

    I’m disgusted by all of these players, and believe it or not, I almost felt sorry for the ass, almost. Didn’t end up that way thank goodness. This thought came when his company decided earlier today to wipe his name off of every and any movie that had his name on it. As if it will make everything go away.

    There are still a huge number of deviants like Harvey still working in Hollywood. To think he is the only one is more than naive. So the question is are the rest of these big name molestors, especially the ones who prey on children are they going to get ousted? Oh hell no, of course not.

    Looks like Weinstein screwed up Bigly, and is now paying for his and everyone else’s crimes. And while he is paying for it, these so-called brilliant actors are stepping out and stepping on the very one who gave them access to the bright lights and stardom. Most of these women were complicit, not all, but most. I’d say the ones who made it to fame were just as guilty.

    Looking at these pictures of the stars all laughing and smiling and now claiming he hurt me sexually is a bunch of bunk. It may have been wrong with what he did, but they are guilty of selling their souls to the devil.

    So yeah, I’m waiting for the rest of the big wig power brokers of Hollywood to be ousted for who they are. Should I hold my breath? Nah. It ain’t going to happen, and that’s why all of this ticks me off to no end. If I was Weinstein, I’d let everyone know who the sick players are. It’s not like he would give a hoot anyways.

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  4. jmclever says:

    If others were complicit and it was a work place issue. Sue the whole company. Sue those who enabled this predator. All of Hollywood, not just one man is being exposed…pardon the pun.

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  5. nwtex says:

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  6. Hannity played Weinstein tape. He said Obamacare denounced Weinstein. I’m at work. I flipped it to fox. At home no tv.


  7. Jeff says:


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  8. itswoot says:

    When I look at some of the seedier photos of Weinstein, I think it would be fitting for him to have the name of Captain Creech. Creech was a character (also seedy) in one of Gerald Durrell’s books.

    The name of Creech drags up an association with the words, “leech” and “creep”. In other words, a bloodsucking creep.


  9. TreeClimber says:

    I want to know, why. This is “their” usual MO – use “sexual assault” to destroy whomever it is they currently want to destroy. A “warning to donate more” isn’t cutting it, for me – this level of destruction, for one of their own – when, as so many are pointing out, they’re all just as bad – he did something, something to upset or “endanger” them. And he went *real* quick from “oh, I’m sorry, I’ll destroy NRA and Trump to make amends” to “I’ll destroy you” towards all of them. And why are all these “raped” women only just now coming forward? Why didn’t they say something before?
    No, there’s more here, motivation-wise, than we’re seeing.

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  10. jmclever says:

    Why us NYT so bent on pushing this story? Historically, they have not been defenders of truth.

    Sundance suggested in a prior article that the left is broke and HW is being used as an object lesson on what happens when the Hollywood elite try to leave their plantation (it exists. The difference is they thought they had some power when in reality they were being used as cash cows where the rest if us were being used for other purposes)

    Where he once apologized, he now blames a vast rightwing conspiracy. We know that every time Hillary cried conspiracy she was in reality discrediting conservative truth tellers.

    We just watched our President unmask the NFL for who they are and destroy their influence in American culture.

    NYT is not smart enough to investigate and produce such a story as this and then strategically hold it to counter POTUS’ agenda when needed as a distraction.

    What have been the results? Revealing of systemic filth in Hollywood with political and cash connections to filthy politicians who look the other way for political and financial gain. Look how quickly they are disavowing and distancing.

    My guess is that a MAGA white hat did all the legwork and is feeding that story to NYT to help POTUS Trump do to Hollywood what he do easily did to NFL. Maybe even Trump himself?


  11. Wife leaves!

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  12. Minnie says:

    Geraldo (on Hannity) made an excellent point.


    This slob and his brother owed 42% of their corporate entity.

    Geraldo has no doubt that the 2 brothers deducted the payoffs (hush money) from their company income taxes as a legitimate business expense in violation of tax law.

    What has to happen now, per Geraldo, the frustration the NY county DA voiced about the inability to prosecute him for the groping of the actress, now the tax man can unpeel a lot of this nonsense and hold people accountable for clear violations of the IRS Tax Code. This is not a minor crime.

    It was good enough for Capone!


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    • Minnie says:

      Per Hannity – this casting couch crap has to stop.

      Yep, it’s a long time coming.


      • artichoke says:

        Without the casting couch there may not be big budget movies. One of the fringe benefits of being a producer is to diddle the actresses (or actors, or whatever your taste is, probably some are pedo but not Weinstein.)

        Financing a movie is a big risk and there have been recent flops. I think this may be the end of big budget Hollywood and now it’ll be more cheap and even “diversity” stuff, with the blacks coming into the Academy.


    • JimmyJack says:

      I think there are all kinds of financial shenanigans tied to this. Movie financing, pay to play etc.


  13. sunnydaze says:

    At @ 3:20 “congratulations you 5 ladies (the nominees) no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein..”

    Seth McFarland at the 2013 Emmy Nominations:

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  14. JL says:

    I have a question.

    For those of you who watch TV, how much of the coverage of the gun control narrative has been lost to this scandal?


  15. Nailbanger says:

    And these azzholez call us deplorable,,, pffttt

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  16. jeans2nd says:

    Oh dear. Good ol’ Harve and his lawyer Lisa Bloom have both lost the support of the pro(re)gressive alt-left.

    “She (Bloom) outlined a plan that involved “more and different reporting,” including “photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.”

    “Among those upset with her were two members of the board of Mr. Weinstein’s company: his brother, Bob Weinstein, and Lance Maerov, who had both exchanged confrontational emails with Ms. Bloom over the past two days.”

    “Mr. Maerov…said that “publishing pictures of victims in friendly poses with Harvey will backfire as it suggests they are exculpatory or negate any harm done to them through alleged actions.””
    “Bob Weinstein wrote Ms. Bloom a disapproving email on Friday morning…“It is my opinion, that u are giving your client poor counsel,” he wrote.”

    Yup. Bloom was going after the victims.
    Remember good ol’ Harve was blaming the vast alt-right/right wing conspiracy?
    Lisa Bloom’s idea.
    Ain’t it a bummer when the NY Times goes after your kid, Gloria? Pretty stoopid thing for your kid to do, huh Gloria? How does that make you feel, Gloria? Whaddu spose the alt-left will do to your kid, Gloria?

    techdirt outlines (“from the wanna-try-that-again,-harvey dept”) Weinstein’s lawyers and connections, and asks 10 very pointed, relevant, and pertinent questions, including #8 –
    “8.Deflect from being accused of using your power to bed powerless women by… talking about the NRA?!?”

    Beam me up, Scotty.


  17. JimmyJack says:

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  18. lurker99 says:

    And NBC declined to report earlier this year about the accusations too……………

    Who at NBC decided this ??


  19. Kaco says:

    I agree with a lot of others here, about women being active participants in the casting couch when they were propositioned, deciding between careers or their self respect.

    However, in reading some of the stories of the women affected and especially that tape, I’d say that Weinstein is a full blow sexual predator and probable rapist. That tape gave me chills and I can only imagine what would have happened had she actually went into his hotel room.

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  20. amy1212 says:

    How was the audio recording not actionable? At common law, Battery is an intentional unpermitted act causing harmful or offensive contact with the “person” of another. It is a general intent crime and tort. You just have to prove he did the “act”. The audio confirms. That DA needs to be FIRED!

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  21. pattyloo says:

    What is the tape you are referring to, Kaco? I watched some of yesterday’s hannity on youtube and did not hear anything.


  22. artichoke says:

    Not to minimize rape. But if it happened, why didn’t she report it when it could be proved?

    Of course we know why not. She was not threatened. She would have just lost the opportunity to earn lots more money.

    I want to see some actress who is raped run to the police station or hospital, do a rape kit, and behave like someone who was actually raped. Not reveal it in the press years later when nothing can be proved and the alleged rapist cannot defend himself.


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