Panda Talk – President Trump Listens To Henry Kissinger on Prior (Failed) China Policy…

Ahead of a working lunch with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis, President Trump holds a consultation meeting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Mr. Kissinger has been an arms-length foreign policy adviser since the campaign.

Undoubtedly the requested Kissinger insight would be regarding China, and more specifically regarding Beijing, and the old communist guard’s outlook toward the ongoing communist congress currently taking place in the deepest bamboo forest.

President Trump took the media opportunity to discuss a myriad of ongoing issues including the collapsing ObamaCare issues and the ongoing tax proposals.


The meeting with Kissinger follows a familiar pattern for those who have watched the nuance of President Trump and how he advances his own ideological philosophy by listening to historic advocates with insight into what Trump considers “prior failed policy”.

A meeting with Kissinger is to China what a meeting with Al Gore is to climate change. The key takeaway is that Trump already has a distinct set of policies and procedures he plans on implementing in his China strategy.

However, prior to executing specific points in his own very unique doctrine, President Trump re-listens to voices who have failed. Ever effusive of respect and consideration Trump never tips his hat to give insight into his own strategy or why he is seeking their specific counsel; he just listens.

What follows next is a deliberate, uniquely Trump, approach that bears little resemblance to what the “experts” anticipated.  Yes, Trump will maneuver to control the bamboo, not the Panda.

Remember:  President Trump’s policies don’t focus on forcing the mouse to move through the maze; instead he changes the location of the cheese and the mouse travel changes accordingly.

As everyone following closely will note, the media remain clueless on the approach.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat.

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116 Responses to Panda Talk – President Trump Listens To Henry Kissinger on Prior (Failed) China Policy…

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Excellent synopsis. But that’s why I come here. 🙂

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    • rashamon says:

      Of course. It’s certainly not for the bacon.

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    • catphish says:

      Run, do not walk, away from this man. Kissinger is the ultimate swamper !


      • A2 says:

        Well if that is the case give credit where it’s due. According to a Bannonbart article (cited on this page) Old Henry learned his China policy at the feet of Steve and is spreading his message. According to the article, Bannon is the world’s expert on China.
        (no laugh emoji is big enough for that howler of an article).

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      • ZurichMike says:

        Trump is listening. Did you not read the article? He learns from the failures of others.


    • Payday says:

      So is the NFL just a diversion? I wonder.


      • ZurichMike says:

        Yes, if you’ve been to this site for any length of time, all of the memes of the day (NFL, tweeting, etc.) are “shiny objects” followed by clueless/stupid media who are not focusing on very important things that Trump is accomplishing in the background.


      • cyn3wulf says:

        Yes and no. For the yes, see ZurichMike’s reply below. As for the no, they are not “just” a diversion. Each “diversion” also accomplishes something in addition to the diversion. In the case of the NFL, we see multiple things happening, including sticking up for the sensibilities of Trump’s base, putting the Left into the position of being against the flag and anthem, halting the previous “strategy” of not actually fighting in the ongoing culture war, but most importantly, it advances Trump’s notion of patriotism as our source of unity, which is not an afterthought in the Trump agenda. Indeed, he closed his inaugural address with it:

        “A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.

        It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag.

        And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.”

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  2. daughnworks247 says:

    Moving the cheese.
    Good analogy.

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  3. Henry the K does not want to pay a 116% increase in healthcare premium.

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  4. nor'easter says:

    Remember Nixons “diplomatic relations with China” thing.


    • El Torito says:

      Yup, It was like Michael Rockefeller’s search for primitive art. Just. like. it.


    • dayallaxeded says:

      To which Poppy Boosh was dispatched as ambassador. PDJT can learn from failure and there’s so very very much to learn from the GOPe’s sell-out to glowbullshit financial interests through China policy. The more you look at the history, the more Nixon comes off as a pitiful patsy–well-intentioned, but intentions don’t count for much when one has so many knives sticking out of one’s back that they look like a porcupine. Dear Lord, please continue to guard and guide our PDJT! Make him Your effective weapon! Amen and Hallelujah!


  5. sundance says:

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    Our president is fantastic! He is meeting with Kissinger to cement what he will do that is totally different from what Kissinger did and would do. The Old man feels like the President really values his opinion. But the reality is that our President knows that Kissinger is a fool but nonetheless he can learn what NOT to do from him.

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  7. sundance says:

    As if on cue:

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  8. That cat caught the canary grin says it all.

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    • georgiafl says:

      The presumptive auxiliary US National Security Counsel and Department of State pipe in.

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    • Kaco says:

      I hate to click on that article but in reading the headline, Steve Bannon is working with Kissinger on China??!

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      • backwoodsgirl123 says:

        Yeah, Bannon has delusions of grandeur and I don’t know who he will be rooting for next election, but it will probably be some Rino.

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        • Trumppin says:

          I think when Bannon publicly excluded canuck cruz from his war plan it was apparent who he’s truly backing.

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        • mark4trump says:

          Bannon has said he will primary everyone except for Mr True Conservative–‘Lyin Ted’

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          • backwoodsgirl123 says:

            That actually doesn’t surprise me any. I just didn’t want to bring lyn’s name up! LOL! That’s pathetic! Didn’t Bannon learn anything the first time around?

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            • Judith says:

              What I want to know is this: Did those pearl-clutching, trusTED Bannonites here in our Treehouse learn anything? Those who follow Breitbarf and know so much more than President Trump? Are they ready to steel themselves for a 2018 midterms bloodbath? Or, might they be led by the bluenose, down that primrose path to RINO world, once again?

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        • omyword says:

          Ted Cruz, he wants to get rid of every senator except Cruz. He could be an asset, but instead he is splitting the movement. He wants MAGA only by him for him and nothing but him. So many people worship at his altar but in reality he is a snake. HE is the snake, McCockeyed is just a dottering old guy who hasn’t the courage to do the right thing. Bannon, schemes.

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  9. bob says:

    Wow, 94. That’s a pretty good run.

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  10. symsense says:

    Terrific analysis.

    However, it still pains me to see someone like kissinger consulting Trump on China.

    Unless the petrodollars main man Kiss has flipped on the zionist world order he should always be remembered as one of the main people who destroyed the working class in America. Here is Kissinger in 2007

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  11. POP says:

    New word needed.
    We can’t describe China as Communist in the Marxist Leninist sense any more.
    How about Demmunist? Where the State runs your life for the benefit of someone else.
    That’s how that Carbon hysteria came in very handy.


  12. 4beagles says:

    Other Korean news:

    Hackers from North Korea are reported to have stolen a large cache of military documents from South Korea, including a plan to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.
    Rhee Cheol-hee, a South Korean lawmaker, said the information was from his country’s defence ministry.
    The compromised documents include wartime contingency plans drawn up by the US and South Korea.
    They also include reports to the allies’ senior commanders.
    The South Korean defence ministry has so far refused to comment about the allegation.


    • LBB says:

      I thought the timeline was an important part of this story.

      “The hack took place in September last year. In May, South Korea said a large amount of data had been stolen and that North Korea may have instigated the cyber attack – but gave no details of what was taken.
      North Korea denied the claim.”

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    • James says:

      A good rule of thumb is to consider anything that comes out of the BBC with a huge grain of salt. It’s one of the most liberal sites out there. That said, this article may be correct. But to me it seems strange that this man who is on the defense committee would release this instead of the defense minister. Why would they publicize this? Based on just about everything we read these two countries are on the verge of war, so learning that your enemies have stolen your war plans certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in your government.
      Is it propaganda of some type? Another thing – I understand there is a pretty strong “anti-war” element. Anti-war may not be the correct term but would this man have any leanings in that direction?

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  13. emet says:

    The Chinese knew exactly how to position and present themselves to Nixon and Kissenger because they had a spy (Larry Wu Tai Chin) operating for 30 years or so in the CIA’s FBIS. While Mr Chin was being feted at banquets in China, praising him for his spycraft, Nixon and Kissinger were congratulating themselves on putting one over on the Chinese.

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  14. Robert W. says:

    N.K. would only come of military info by 2 ways: 1. Russia/China gave it to them 2. Pres. Trump wanted them to have it. IMO

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  15. I consume more articles that you can shake a stick at each and every day and SD’s Trump Doctrine series is the best hands down and it is not even close. Trust me you simply cannot get this anywhere else and it is like our very own inside joke because no one is covering it. It is as if Trump operating out in the open yet invisible to all except the elect. I am telling you I am beginning to think God is blinding Trump’s enemies as to what he is doing while he is doing it. Prove me wrong, pro tip, you can’t.

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    • LBB says:

      Matthew 13:13-15King James Version (KJV)

      13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

      14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

      15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

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    • LBB says:

      TS, I was recently down in TX with family. Casual discussion came up about the dishonest media, but it prompted someone to note changes in their area. They expressed in the last month or two, people who used to not be whole-hearted Trump supporters, are talking about how now they get it. They thought it was sort of amazing . I mention I seen some of the same in IL. Why? someone asked. It’s a moment that now they can “see”. Like our puppet strings here.
      I have witnessed over several decades , God’s use of closing eyes, ears, opening mouths, etc. Can be used in many scenarios. God’s word applies to many of life’s situations.

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    • JC says:

      Good post, TS. Have been thinking same for some time now. No other way to explain the idiocy of the opposition. Blind eyes and deaf ears only way to explain such entrenched stupidity.

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      • backwoodsgirl123 says:

        Romans 1:20-25Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

        20 For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes, that is, His eternal power and divinity, have been made intelligible and clearly discernible in and through the things that have been made (His handiworks). So [men] are without excuse [altogether without any defense or justification],
        21 Because when they knew and recognized Him as God, they did not honor and glorify Him as God or give Him thanks. But instead they became futile and [a]godless in their thinking [with vain imaginings, foolish reasoning, and stupid speculations] and their senseless minds were darkened.
        22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools [professing to be smart, they made simpletons of themselves].

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    • Fe says:

      Great comment Dave!!!!!!

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  16. NJF says:

    “Control the bamboo.” Patience Grasshopper. Lol

    I read that in his voice.

    The idiot brigade is still insisting T-Rex will be fired!

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  17. Dora says:


  18. chojun says:

    It’s interesting to note how the NTSB, FAA, FBI, others will pour over a scene where an aircraft crashed, killing multiple dozens – picking over every last detail and crumb to piece together the cause of failure for the purpose of avoiding future tragedy; when it comes to $20 Trillion wasted dollars, a resurgent Communist state, the threat of imminent nuclear war, and a complete fleecing of the entire middle class economic structure in the USA, we’re expected to defer to the experts’ judgement and experience in the past and continue to implement their strategies and grand visions.

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  19. Bob Thoms says:

    Nominee Trump and now P Trump keeps going back to Kissinger; remember, it was Kissinger who sounded the early warning that one day China would become so be as to be a threat to US interests.


  20. JMC says:

    Nixon’s opening to China was a disastrous blunder. He had to have a “first”. Now the US has raised up a behemoth against itself. I said it then and I say it again here. My fears have come true even beyond my wildest imaginings.

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  21. Tonawanda says:

    I have recommended the biography of Mao before, by Jung Chang. The parts on Nixon and Mao are enlightening.

    The Chinese ran circles around Nixon and Kissinger precisely because the latter were obsessed with the Panda. They were manipulated like star struck little children but never figured it out.

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    • JMC says:

      Jung Chang is awesome. I haven’t read her Mao bio yet, but I was enthralled by her story in Wild Swans of her grandmother, mother and herself – an excellent history of China in the 20th century along with the bios.

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      • Tonawanda says:

        The Mao biography is just plain captivating, in addition to being informative. It is very well written.

        I have Wild Swans sitting here on my counter but always have something else in front.

        But read Mao.

        I have read a lot of Hitler bio. I realize there is danger in making comparisons, but Mao far exceeds Hitler in evil, if that even makes sense.

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  22. iamanamerican says:

    To me Henry Kissinger is a sold out and fooled by Chicoms. The main story today is not this meeting ; instead our POTUS is challenging IQ test with SOS Tillerson and the MSM’s are going nuts. MSMs are yet to realize who is POTUS Trump neither they have any sense of humor.

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  23. Howie says:

    Peolly have to take out the Norks and Iranians then same day. Just nuke them.

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  24. TreeClimber says:

    Look at their postures. Says it all. We all know who’s boss in that room.


    • Bob Thoms says:

      LOL…you do realize that HK is 94 years old; bad posture is part of being that old……just saying.


      • TreeClimber says:

        I’m not talking about the hunching. He’s leaning over. Look at that jacket, that tie. He didn’t put it on like that. PDJT is in his seventies – he’s straight as a ramrod. Yeah, I know, twenty-year difference, but there’s plenty of seventy-somethings who hunch anyway. Nope, I’m standing by what I said before.


  25. Bob Thoms says:

    It was Kissinger who warned Nixon about China back in 1972. Nixon and Kissinger had eyes wide-open. The opening of China was a good thing; and it was mismanaged by subsequent presidents and Congress.

    “On Feb. 14, 1972, President Richard Nixon and his national security adviser Henry Kissinger met to discuss Nixon’s upcoming trip to China. Kissinger, who had already taken his secret trip to China to begin Nixon’s historic opening to Beijing, expressed the view that compared with the Russians, the Chinese were “just as dangerous. In fact, they’re more dangerous over a historical period.”

    Kissinger then observed that “in 20 years your successor, if he’s as wise as you, will wind up leaning towards the Russians against the Chinese.” He argued that the United States, as it sought to profit from the enmity between Moscow and Beijing, needed “to play this balance-of-power game totally unemotionally. Right now, we need the Chinese to correct the Russians and to discipline the Russians.” But in the future, it would be the other way around.”

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  26. In Az says:

    I am glad for this explanation. I was wondering why President Trump would ever want to speak with Kissinger.

    I have so much to learn from President Trump.

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    • sejmon says:

      What you think why VVP-meet HK every year ??? he want know what globalists,warmongers,neocons think…Look VVP knowing how DC,MIC DEEP STATE work and this is a reason why everybody want talk to him in ME


  27. Sam says:

    President Trump met with John Bolton too. That doesn’t mean he’s considering hiring the Stache, just that they talked. Nixon and Kissinger opened diplomatic relations with China, so Trump may be getting some history with Kissinger.

    Good grief! good thin g I looked it over before posting. Autocorrect decided to say President Trumpet.

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  28. artichoke says:

    I am not so sure the talk was just, or even primarily, about China. China happened to be the event that happened in the Nixon administration, the one everyone thinks of. But Kissinger knows far more than that and surely has good insights about Russia and North Korea, as well as Iran etc.

    In fact China has changed a lot since then, and not only in a nice direction. I think Nixon was able to meet with Deng Xiaoping who wanted opening to the world. A slam dunk. Now it’s Xi Jinping who has taken dictatorial control and is moving back in the direction of communism. China is actually closing now, so the opportunities are largely elsewhere, for example in controlling aggressive Russia.


  29. artichoke says:

    I thought the press should have taken the opportunity to ask questions of Kissinger, a very wise and interesting man, not just the same annoying pushes at Trump whom they can talk to any time.


  30. Bill in Lexington,NC says:

    “In a multitude of counsel, there is wisdom,” eh? I never question who President Trump listens two or thinks about. I WANT him to listen to as many authoritative voices as he can. All I care about is what he actually does. And, so far, I think he has done just fine.

    One more thing this does is placate the “old school” GOP. Trump wants to keep heavy metals coming from China and to get China to bring NK to heel without needlessly giving China the upper hand. It’s a delicate walk and he is wise to pick the brain of Henry Kissinger before Hank dies and takes his experiences and judgment with him.


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