Holy Cow – The Official Mandalay Bay Massacre Narrative Just Completely Changed – Latest Presser Video…

Well, well, well… the entire previous weeks claims about the timeline and structure of Stephen Paddock and how he carried out the Mandalay Bay Massacre just changed a full 180 degrees today when Sheriff Joseph Lombardo dropped a statement that Paddock did not begin shooting until his advanced preparation was interrupted by Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus “Jose'” Campos.

According to the latest stunning revelation by Sheriff Lombardo, security guard Campos was responding to a door alarm notification, presumably from a fire exit door being opened by suspect Paddock on the 32nd floor.  Upon reaching the floor, Campos noticed the hotel room suite door was ajar, and heard the sound of drilling (he didn’t knock).

Paddock was drilling a hole in a door (“adjacent room”) when Campos walked in at 9:59pm.  That’s when Paddock opened fire on Campos wounding him in the leg.  Immediately thereafter is when Stephen Paddock broke out the windows and opened fire on the crowd below.

This latest revelation is explosive because it shows Paddock was interrupted in the act of preparing for the attack, and not during the commission of the attack itself.

This explains a great deal about the event and why so many advanced preparations appeared not to have been utilized.  Unused ammunition, body armor, weapons etc.

This latest crucial bit of information is also explosive in that it may indicate there were other participants that might have been present, later, if the attack plan had proceeded without being interrupted by the security guard (the need for 23 firearms etc.).

Within these latest developments it is entirely possible that Paddock would have had a great deal more effectiveness in the overall attack if he had finished the preparation prior to carrying out the shooting.

The hurried need to carry out some level of the attack despite the interruption might also explain why Paddock just smashed out the windows to begin firing etc.  He may indeed have had a much more substantive plan, but was forced to drop that approach by the unexpected interruption prior to the shooting.

This new information essentially changes everything.  It is also most likely the reason why the LVMPD have stated they will not hold another presser until Friday.

The bigger problem for Las Vegas Police, FBI, DHS etc. is that this change is far more substantial than just the timeline.  This “new narrative” stinks to high heaven.

Think about this.  Not only are they saying the security guard encountered Paddock prior to the shooting of the crowd, which is fundamentally and factually different from their prior claims, but the essential points of how Campos engaged with arriving law enforcement is now entirely different.

Previously LVMPD stated: a 2nd guard met Campos at the elevator (seconds after reporting he’d been shot). Then, moments later, Campos and LVMPD stayed and cleared rooms taking their time because no shots were being fired at that time.  Now they want to say Campos was shot and what?…  He sat there by the elevator for 10 minutes before LVMPD arrived at the elevator while the shooting was ongoing?

This is not a timeline issue.  No way can this current explanation square with all the previous details, which were stated as facts day-after-day well into their fourth and fifth day press conferences.

Lombardo and the FBI were telling a story that they now admit was demonstrably false.  It’s not just getting the timeline wrong, it’s refuting all of the prior conversations these investigative officials claimed to have had with the responding officers.   That’s not a mistake, that’s a fundamental admission they were telling us false information.

Sheriff Lombardo is not only completely changing the shooting timeline as it relates to the responding security guard, he is entirely contradicting the investigations assertions and statements of investigative fact for the events.

Here’s the presser video with my notes bullet-pointed below:

  • Paddock’s brother is in town and being questioned.
  • No evidence of a 2nd shooter. (yet)
  • Approximately 200 of Paddock’s prior visits to Las Vegas and surrounding area tracked down – No other contacts identified.
  • Still no motive.
  • FBI begins releasing some property.  See FBI.GOV website for more details.
  • Anticipate one more week investigating physical site of attack.
  • Anticipate one more week investigating hotel room.
  • Investigation is very complicated.  “Complicated event reconstruction”
  • No further press conferences until Friday (October 13th)
  • Some evidence of medication in room. No details provided.
  • No note left in room.  Would not discuss night stand note and numbers.
  • Sheriff Lombardo very confrontational with questioning.
  • Security Guard heard drilling in room.  Drilling of “adjacent door” interrupted by security guard and not completed.
  • Security guard did not knock on hotel suite door.  Door was party ajar.
  • Security guard shot (at 9:59pm CST) prior to the mass shooting of the crowd at 10:05pm CST.  Repeat: PRIOR TO THE SHOOTING OF THE CROWD.
  • Guard was responding to alarm of “open door” (likely emergency stairwell)
  • Paddock had body armor and “self defense equipment”.
  • Paddock check in date at hotel Sept 25th (parking), but did not occupy hotel suite until September 28th.  Time between 25th and 28th is deepest investigative period officials cannot explain Paddock activity.
  • Paddock did plan to escape.  No details provided.
  • Multiple cell phones in room.  No details provided. (FBI Interruption)
  • Lots of electronic equipment were in the room.  Forensics ongoing.
  • Paddock disguised his movements in the periods immediately prior to the shooting date of October 1st.  Investigators perplexed by thoroughness of Paddock disguising his activity.
  • Sheriff Lombardo very aggressive, curt and short-tempered with this press conference.
  • No further press conferences scheduled until Friday October 13th.

How can investigative officials so clearly mislead the public on the timeline of the shooting itself as it relates to the security guard?…. and still hope to retain credibility with the public? … this makes no sense.

The disinformation previously provided on the exact shooting timeline itself was not accidental.  That affirmed timeline, and the statements of facts occurring within it, was provided FOUR DAYS after the attack.  More than enough time to have the timing and sequencing accurate.  The motive for misinformation is troubling.

The security guard (Jose Campos) being shot at 9:59pm would explain the quick response of LEO.  It wasn’t their magnanimous Las Vegas LEO ability.  Presumably Jose Campos was the reason they knew where the shooter was and got them there so quick.

Additionally, people are confused on the door(s). Campos was responding to an automatic security notification of a security exit (fire stairwell) door being opened. That’s typical. Almost all fire exits are wired to central alarms and give monitors signals when opened.

That door alarm was obviously (seems obvious) triggered when Paddock (shooter) drilled plates in the door frame to secure the door closed. Obviously this was anticipatory for SWAT arrival via the stairwell. And that’s exactly what SWAT did. SWAT needed a prybar to open the door (CBS interview).

Security Guard Campos arrived on the floor to check the emergency door alarm only to see Paddock’s suite door (that’s the 2nd door) slightly ajar, and hear drilling inside. Campos unexpected entry into the suite is what caused Paddock to fire upon him (notice the bullet holes in the door) and then kicked off the next 15 minutes of action (random firing into the concert crowd).

LEO stated the door drilling was inside the suite and likely for placement of a camera etc. and noted all of the electronic equipment.

Natural question becomes: What was the original target? What was the original plan if it wasn’t interrupted by Campos. What would the event have looked like if carried out according to plan?

Assuming, based on what did take place, Paddock needed approximately 30 more preparatory minutes for the full monty…. what would that have been?

How would successful preparations have changed the ultimate attack?

Nothing in any of those questions would lead a person to believe he planned to leave or escape. Indeed, even if he did “escape”, it would be silly with all those registered guns, and the room in his name, that Paddock would escape without anyone knowing who carried out the attack. Common sense tells you he didn’t plan to exit.

There’s nothing in evidence so far that looks like this wasn’t ultimately a suicide mission. Body armor and defensive equipment would only realistically be for a showdown gun battle with the arriving cops. [The only thing that would change that reality would be if the investigators found a parachute in the room – Highly unlikely].

If no exit plan, then what was all that stuff in the car for?

Was it a matter of bringing everything on September 25th with grand plans, and then reducing the plan according to reality he encountered with the venue? Most plausible explanation would be yes. ie. he modified his plan based on events he encountered and didn’t need all he brought.

He parks the car at Mandalay on Sept. 25th and then goes about gambling etc. His physical location between 9/25 and 9/28 is unknown by investigators (or so they claim). Obviously he wasn’t sleeping in his car… so where did he sleep on 9/25, 9/26 and 9/27?

That puts him checked into the suite on Sept. 28th (per Lombardo) and taking 3+ days to get all the gear into place and begin setting up the attack plan. However, there’s hotel in-room-dining receipts from September 27th.  Again, more false statements?

However, with all the meticulous planning itself in those preparatory days, did Paddock just misjudge the end time of the concert, or was there something else he had in mind that would come later? Was a more substantive attack (if plans were not interrupted) supposed to start at the conclusion of the concert?

Lots of questions.

However, knowing that Campos interrupted the plan, while it was in process, changes the dynamic of the attack narrative by a considerable amount.

The official story is getting sketchier by the day:

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  1. G. Combs says:

    georgiafl says:
    “…One of his planes was linked to a known or suspected government spook agency…”
    That is incorrect
    It comes from: Reddit The_Donald

    Volant LLC (of Roanoke, VA) is getting mixed up with Voland ASSOCIATES LLC in a different city. “John W. Rogers” is the Registered agent for Volant LLC and Volant LLC and Rogers have two houses on the same street. I posted all this several days ago.

    “…No drinking indeed, Mr. Wynn….”
    If your whole aim is to NOT standout in the crowd and you do not drink, you get a ‘virgin mary’ or soda in a glass used for a certain type of drink. And as a non drinker, I would know because I have done it. Heck I did not even have to ask! So I would take Mr. Wynn’s word on this because he would have the RECEIPTS and not some person’s memory.

    Also NO TICKETS — NO DWI, This guy was really trying to fly under the radar, law wise. If he was smuggling the last thing he would want is the cops to pull him over.

    “…Hiring the hooker while he was there is consistent with Islamists on jihad….”

    OR it is consistent with the hooker being a courier for the criminal element. This would explain why Paddock was always hooking up with prostitutes when gambling/money laundering.

    Smuggling, money laundering, very clean front man as well as the numbers man, fits Paddock.

    His choice of hotels and LOUD concerts, could be all about covering up arms running. As one guy, (the caller Frank on info-war Utube) said, mega concerts keep the LEOs and staff busy and allow illegal transactions to hide in the crowd.

    I would REALLY like to know WHEN Paddock died.


    • Laura says:

      I would like to know when he broke the windows. Was it AFTER the security guard found him or before? If after, that might possibly maybe indicate that shooting at the concert goers was Plan B!

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      • Eskyman says:

        I’d like to see someone break glass like that in the windows with a 12 oz hammer like the one shown in some of the pictures.

        I don’t remember where I saw it, but someone posted that they tried breaking similar glass with an 8# sledge hammer and had a lot of difficulty doing so. Maybe he shot them out?

        There are still way too many unexplained things. High in my list is “where is all the brass?” All that firing would’ve left a big pile, and all I’ve seen is a few cartridges here & there.

        I also haven’t seen any photos anywhere showing what, if anything, is on the ground below the broken windows. Broken glass? Brass? Bodies? It would sure be nice if we had some actual reporters that would actually do some legwork and do some investigation!


  2. hawkeye13 says:

    I’m glad folks are looking into it, but I seriously doubt that we (public) will ever find out what happened really..

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  3. Legal Immigrant says:

    Ask yourselves – if there is evidence this guy got set off to “do something” by the Wacko’s on MSNBC, CNN, etc – with their continuous mongering that the Far Right is taking over and “we” will be responsible for WWI – worse – nuclear disaster – and potential destruction of the world…. do you really think the MSM – any media – would be eager to report that? How about that wacko that shot up the Republican’s baseball practice? How many stories were on the tube acknowledging that he too may have been set off by “their” reporting? I believe we all know where this will end up – the conclusion will be distorted towards Trump and the need for the media to report on his ineptness, rather than the need for Trump to do what he does and the media squealing like stuck pigs while he changes the course of this magnificent country and puts it back on track towards greatness.
    I tell you – I watched some of this stuff (I usually don’t) and if I weren’t aware of “the other side” I would be scared shit and perhaps also get the urge to “do something”…
    Jus Say’n.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Simple solution for the MSM problem, just simply decide to not watch them anymore! What do you think would happen to all the celebrities and the TV hosts who are the recipients of the main stream media welfare if everyone decided not to watch them anymore? Become ordinary average people like you and me?

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      • mztore says:

        Guess you are absolutely correct. Didn’t know about L.V. shooting for a couple of days as I don’t watch/listen to the news any more….all they do is lie anyhow, and I don’t like lies. I have my nose in a book or my e-reader instead. Recently read “the truth is just the lie you believe the most” while getting another book. That really is the most honest thing I’ve read in a long time. All the media/fbi/ celebrities and the rest can do. If they say it long enough, maybe we will all believe them….not likely.


        • Jedi9 says:

          You better off in the long run, such as reading books, but even that needs to be scrutinized. Think about it this way, the brain just like any other muscle in the human body if conditioned through repetition gets stronger, or in the case of MSM can be weakened or injured. Why do you think we continue to hear the same things over and over and over again? Same trashy music, same talking points being repeated, same old ideas in Hollywood movies being produced! It is because it is a conditioning process being implemented by the MSM gate keepers, designed to keep the masses dumbed down.


  4. MIKE says:

    Seems to be more clues outside the hotel than in it. Close your eyes and listen to the audio portions of the concert goers’ cellphone videos as well as the cab driver’s recordings. Listen to the cadence, rates of fire, etc. I hear two weapons, and both sound like selective weapons, with one sounding very similar to a belt- fed auto weapon. and these weapons have overlapping durations of fire. They also are not originating from the same location.
    when you install a novelty item like a ‘bump-fire stock’ onto a weapon, you essentially throw the accuracy potential of the weapon right out the window. Most gun stores could not sell these items.Bump fire stocks sat in cases collecting dust.
    But what the heck to I know- I’m still wondering why they released a post mortem photo of Paddock, only hours after the melee had ended. Leaked is a weak explanation. Hundreds of photos taken and we get a couple of the MB suite and the Money shot? Please. We weren’t even shown a current live photo of Trayvon that was less than four years old.
    And can anyone tell me the significance of spelling the vertical dateline on the ‘Beier report’ as
    Oktober 9 ? just curious.

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    • Harry Lime says:

      “And can anyone tell me the significance of spelling the vertical dateline on the ‘Beier report’ as
      Oktober 9 ? just curious.”

      It could be a typo, or…

      It could be that Bret Beier really likes beer and is simply a reference to Oktoberfest.

      Or it could be a reference Max von Sydow’s character Oktober in the spy thriller The Quiller Memorandom which coincidentally enough is about a Neo-Nazi organization…a new generation of Nazi’s difficult to recognize because they don’t wear uniforms anymore.

      Truth is stranger than fiction.


  5. Michael says:

    I’m supposed to be doing a house rehab, instead I’m hooked on what the heck happened stories!

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    • Peter says:

      Lol. So true.

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      • LULU says:

        Tinfoil is not my look, so I’m now a spectator until this gets sorted out. And it will. It will take too long for most (autopsy results are not issued for 6-8 weeks; “voluminous” amounts of CCTVV recordings to pore through from 24/7 cameras in all areas of the hotel/casino since 9/25, and more)…

        I can wait.

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        • Glenn Stehle says:

          I disagree. This has deep state and/or organized crime written all over it.

          Peter Dale Scott has written a great deal on this.

          I predict we’ll never know, with any level of confidence or believability, what happened.

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        • John B says:

          That’s just it, the CCTV clips are usually the first thing to be released in these situations. The longer they wait, the more I become skeptical. If they can’t provide footage of him carrying at least something that appears to be a majority of those weapons, I will know we are being lied to.


        • Tiger.red says:

          It doesn’t take long to review surveillance video to determine who was in/out of Paddock’s room in the days leading up to the attack. You would only need to review 1 or 2 hallway cameras leading to his door. Remember, his room is located at the end of the hall, so review couldn’t be easier.

          Since casinos (like everyone else) have gone digital, every casino surveillance video player I’ve seen has a gliding “still frame” mode that allows you to scroll though emply screen shots then pause and examine when something comes into view, e.g. a patron walking down a hallway.

          Also, since the vast majority (+90%) of patrons have and use a player’s card to accumulate points, freeplay promotions, etc., you can quickly limit your focus on “bad” guys by eliminating the “good” guys. For example, when video shows someone walking down the hallway towards Paddock’s room, you can easily speed the video forward/backward until the subject uses a player’s card (“PC”) to play slots, comp a buffet, play valet parking, etc. Once the PC is used, the casino can pull up your driver’s license (which was scanned when you signed up for the PC). Investors can quickly eliminate these people (i.e. +90%) from suspicion.

          Bad guys – money launderers, cheats, 10%’ers, or people carrying guns to Paddock’s room – won’t use a player’s card, so law enforcement easily limit its search.

          My point? Law enforcement already knows whether others entered Paddock’s room to aid in the shooting, and could easily confirm their findings by releasing limited video. I question why that hasn’t happened since they had no problem (within a hours of the shooting) assuring us that Paddock acted alone.

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          • snarkybeach says:

            the entire investigation is hinky


          • Michael says:

            I have no doubt whatsoever they also have facial recognition and can so a FR search across all the feeds and instantly (more or less) know where anyone has been. I would also imagine that info is shared amongst hotels as a courtesy to keep track of anyone who might have thought up a new way to win. Perhaps even goes out to who knows how many gvt orgs?


        • Jim Bush says:

          Odds in Vegas favor no one ever seeing those CCTVV jewels you speak of, just as everyone looked to the many surrounding surveillance cameras in OK City to reveal the ID of John Doe #2, there will have been a malfunction somewhere in the chain with those systems having been off line for repair, etc.. etc.. There was a surveillance camera pointing at the very spot Seth Rich was found shot, but of course, this system was non-operational —Sort of like all the gas station surveillance cameras that were pointing at the Pentagon from several locations at varied distances on Sept. 11th 2001, leaving us only with the Pentagon’s few camera frames showing a streak followed by an explosion. .


    • Esperanza says:

      Me too. I wish to lodge an official complaint. Sundance, your place is too interesting. It takes for ever to read the threads.

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    • Dee Lewis says:

      I’m at the Diner with my toast just sitting there because I am too busy reading all these comments!

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    • pawatcher says:

      Did you see anything on how Paddock broke the tempered glass and the whole window didn’t fall out, only two holes. I didn’t know the was possible.
      Was it tempered glass or just reinforced?


      • G. Combs says:

        I doubt it was glass at all. (I tried to break a window to get in the house after I locked myself out and found out you can’t break it! The stuff didn’t even scratch it just flexed.)

        I think the window was actually made of Polycarbonate. (It is a really great plastic.)



      • Fannie says:

        My brother has years of experience in the commercial glass business. He said: The glazing system is of the “curtain wall” type. Usually those systems are glazed [installed] from the exterior. And the glass is probable insulated, that being the generic term “thermopane”. That being said, no, the glass could not easily be removed. He used a hammer to break the glass. The exterior lite appears heat-strengthened per the break pattern. The interior lite was probably heat-tempered to meet glazing codes.


  6. Larry Grover says:

    I saw an interview with a cop who said they were advised there were 2 shooters: one inside the festival and one outside, so they ended up parking right in the kill zone. Why were they not notified of a shooter inside the casino? Also, what aid or assistance was Campos given during the 19 minutes before the cops showed up? I worked LV security and we had undercover guys with guns, where were they? Sounds like a total communication breakdown.

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  7. justme928 says:

    At the risk of making SD mad, not that I blame him because there is no shortage of nutty theories being posted, here are my thoughts.

    The security guard (SG) approached Paddock’s room because of the door adjar alarm. He see the room filled with guns, he freaks and leaves. Paddock sprays the door with ‘200’ rounds and one round hits the SG. Start the clock. The SG makes his way down the hall, possibly crouching somewhere and probably concerned that Paddock may follow him and finish him off. The SG’s adrenaline was flowing and he was probably in shock ( not medical) and trying to process what the heck just happened. Easily a minute could have gone by. Also, don’t know when he met the maintenance guy but the SG would have taken a short amount of time to say, OMG, this just happened. Regardless, time elapsed.

    Once the SG got his wits back, he called/radioed his superior, who may have immediately answered, may not have. The conversation between the SG and superior would have taken some time ( not long) especially if the SG was making no sense because he was freaking out. There could have been a bump up call to THE security guard supervisor, but for sure there would have been a bump up call to management. Keep in mind, Paddock had not started his slotter. No gun firing and now the hotel is trying to figure out what has happened, and how to deal with this so hotel is protected. OMG, what do we do! Easily 6 minutes goes by, all heck breaks loose and the SG ends up with the story, per uppers request, of being shot after Paddock starts shooting. CYA.

    Other possibility is after the SG got shot, he freaked, crouched somewhere and didn’t react or call anyone. Not everyone can handle getting 200 rounds shot at them and react normal. Paddock starts his slotter and the SG on his own comes up with the story his was shot after the slotter started. His own CYA story. Hotel uppers may have not been contacted until after Paddock started his slotter.

    Police/FBI knew immediately upon review of the videos that the SG’s story was BS. They went with the SG’s story because they needed to have time to investigate the SG and the maintenance guy to see if either/both were working with Paddock. Those investigations would have taken days and once satisfied, the new timeline was released, i.e. the SG was short before.

    The hotel is in deep do-do regardless.

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    • justme928 says:

      ** i.e. the SG was SHOT, not short.


    • Joe Kenney says:

      Fyi, Sundance is a she.


    • bob says:

      Decent analysis. One thing left out is that as soon as 200 rounds were shot 911 must have been pounded into every cell phone on that floor.

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      • justme928 says:

        Yes, calls to 911 would have happened, but since the shooting had not started after the initial 200 rounds, location may have been sketchy. However, how the SG and/or hotel reacted, or delayed reaction, is one thing. For sure, imo, the delay in the police/FBI giving us an update on the time line was to give them time to investigate SG and maintenance, possibly even time to investigate higher ups.


        • Guffman says:

          Location would not have been ‘sketchy’ to anyone on that wing of the 32nd floor (or the floors directly above and below). That kind of sustained, high-powered gunfire would be unbelievable loud traveling down a hotel room hallway.

          Number of immediate calls to 911 and front desk would have been… yuge.


        • When Theories Collide says:

          200 rounds is the story. I have my doubts. Maybe 20 – 30.

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      • David A says:

        …and every cop in the city should have known about the 32 floor being the source of the shooting.

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    • jim says:


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    • David A says:

      Sorry but a security guard with a radio would have ASAP ( within 15 seconds) reported being shot and asked for assistance and medical.
      Hotel Security should have immediately notified police.
      Once live fire on crowd began all police in the city should have known of the likely source via numerous 911 calls from the hotel.


      • G. Combs says:

        Yes, the first reaction of that security guard would be to high tail it to a safer spot and then call Hotel Security. If he was hysterical, all they had to do was use the darn SERVEILLANCE CAMERAS! SHEESH!

        Sundance had:
        Security guard shot (at 9:59pm CST) prior to the mass shooting of the crowd at 10:05pm CST. Repeat: PRIOR TO THE SHOOTING OF THE CROWD.

        Yet this is the first timeline from the police scanners H/T 4Chan

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        • Eskyman says:

          That’s interesting, but I just cannot understand the time stamps, they don’t appear to make any sense- are they times starting from a certain point and then indicating how much time afterward?

          The picture shows the first timestamp as 9:10, but the next entry is 18:10, going up to 47:10. Then another set, starting at 4:07 and going to 8:55. These entries don’t seem to correspond to anything I’ve seen, such as “Security guard shot (at 9:59pm CST).”

          I just don’t get it. Maybe some more covfefe is needed!

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    • G. Combs says:

      Observed from short clip.
      Aaron Rouse nods after Sheriff Lombardo says minute changes in timeline.
      Door alarm went off down the hall from ?sun room? (maybe suspects room)

      Unfortunately Rouse is not shown in the longer Fox News video
      Door Alarm NOT on suspects door.

      So the suspect’s door was NOT OPEN.
      Drilling is into wall next to door maybe camera maybe gun. (If going through drywall why wouldn’t you use a push drill that is quiet?) Security heard drilling (Down the hall over a loud music concert??) Security DID NOT KNOCK.

      Security Guard immediately called Security Manager. LEO did not know until met guard in hall of 32nd floor. Security Guard prevented maintenance man from entering hall.
      That brings us to the Bob Powell Video I watched last night on the sound of the shots and the bumpfire combined with a bipod. I tried to pull it up again only to see Video Removed for youtube policy on harassment and bullying What in Hades???
      That was on Hubby’s machine. On my machine I can not even get that.
      The URL was [https://www.youtube.com//watch?v=1Bw4vvf59Js] but now it redirects.

      What is interesting was the last comment showing on Hubby’s machine which I tried to transcribe:
      Michael Moran
      “…My friend had a party in Mandalay and not a sober person fell against the window and didn’t even move it but within two minutes security was banging on the door, if they sensed a full breach and not just an impact they would’ve responded with the police…”
      If an alarm went off when the windows were broken, that would explain the security guard AND maintenance man! It might also explain why that was the last comment before that page was wiped from the internet.


      • justme928 says:

        So much we don’t know, yet so many know exactly what happened. I read a lot of the theories and file it away until more ‘reliable’ info comes out. Regarding my post offering a theory why the time changed. I still think it’s related to giving the investigators time to check into a few things. Scott Adams on his periscope this morning told us how he was robbed when he worked as a teller at a bank. Very shortly after the robbery he was interviewed by the FBI and he was certain his account and description on the perp was accurate. Only after he was shown the video did he realize he was way wrong. Adams therory is that the trauma the security guard went through caused his mind to miss-remember. Apparently this is a common thing. That could be possible and it could still cause the investigators to not correct the time record until after they knew there was no involvement by the security guard and others.

        Therories are interesting, but I can’t stand when someone who is pushing an agenda, attacks anybody who proposes a therory or questions the one they believe is true. There are MANY with an agenda and they are working social media hard. They want it to be ISIS, Deep State, Antifa, etc. All I want is the truth. I don’t need to be right and I don’t want the info YESTERDAY if it will compromise the investigation.

        The video being removed could be because people are ATTACKING any therory they don’t like. Threats to individuals too.


  8. MaineCoon says:

    Ziggi, WSB – I’m thinking out of the box & posting this in OT also in hopes you will see.

    Could the escape plan include AIRBORNE escape via parachuting out of 32nd floor window, rooftop or 39th floor rooms/lounges (see below) or an EXIT OFF THE ROOF USING A MOTORIZED APPARATUS.

    ***LOOK AT THIS PICTURE**** Paramotoring training in NV. Shooter look-alike in apparatus.


    There are different options for a building rooftop escape method:

    STEP 1:

    1. Motorized Kitesurfing or Paragliding:
    Very doable. I see it all the time at a certain beach location.

    2. Powered Paraglider (PPG or Paramotor)

    This vehicle makes it possible to continue ones exit on the ground to a specified exit location (airport, plane or to me accomplices in car location)


    Are the service elevators to the Four Seasons and the MB are the same elevators? In addition, aren’t Penthouses often privately owned and often have their own elevators?

    WSB – please confirm/deny. How does access work for any Penthouses privately owned in a public hotel, such as Four Seasons? Would there be any?

    “In property law, ingress, egress, and regress are the rights of a person (such as a lessee) to enter, leave, and return to a property, respectively. In a sale and purchase contract, it means that the buyer gets full rights to insure the property according to Standard A.”

    Assuming a penthouse owner has the above legal rights, could a penthouse owner somehow bring in motorized kitesurfing equipment in a box for assembly inside PH?

    Anyone find any owners of Four Seasons Penthouse(s)?

    3. Parachute Exit off the 39th floor MB Foundation Room’s open veranda. Land at RT 21 event area. Event-attendees have exited after shooting. Step 1 & below Step 2 (blowing up the MB) are practically simultaneous. Parked car already at RT 21, with/without accomplices.


    Parachute Exit off the 39th floor MB Skyfall Lounge (RT 91 event venue seen in this video)


    1. After exiting hotel, blow up MB hotel in OK bombing style using his car with bomb-making materials. via electronic detonation device or accomplice(s). This event would draw all LEO to MB instead of focusing on anyone’s airborne escape.

    I present this so others more knowledgeable can begin to look UP instead of DOWN the hotel for potential, viable answers. Thinking out of the box as waiting on FBI to disclose facts isn’t working. This might be an elaborate plan, but so was bringing 23 guns to the 32nd floor. Prep wasn’t completed, but there might have been a parachute in shooter’s room, something indicating an airborne escape plan.



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    • I’m trying to catch up here while doing other things. I’ve tried to catch up on all the theories, etc.

      The one item not mentioned by Sundance in this post is the issue of the parked car loaded with what we’re told are explosive materials. If this is true, then my take is that there was definitely something else planned and that plan went sideways when the SG showed up. In other words, if the packed car was in the basement of the hotel (was it?) why was it there?

      As for the bail out by paraglider, as Howie would say, Ah.. donknow!


      • what comes to mind is the Anders Breivik mass shooting in Norway in 2011. Van bomb killing many and drawing LEO to scene, only to then shoot up many more at a summer camp……

        Had to have something else planned with that car (or an accomplice whose job it was to do something with that car within the hotel garage or drive it closer to to the oil tanks….?

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      • MaineCoon says:

        Read my entire post.

        Maybe not but other airborne methods are doable at 32-39 floors – parachute or other motorized methods. Something in the room indicated an escape plan. And it didn’t have to be elevator or walking via chairs. Elevators would be turned off and doors locked to prevent entry back into any floor. Thats how Ive seen it done in my hi rise buildings where I’ve worked. Couldn’t re-enter building without access code to your employers floors.

        Only place the building security can’t control is an airborne exit of some nature.

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        • Risasi says:

          Seems far-fetched. A sixty-four year old accountant type jumping out the window? And has there been any report of any kind of parachute anywhere?

          Since we’re entertaining this idea maybe they should do a linen check. Maybe he had a maid card swipe and was planning to tie a bunch of sheets together to shimmy down and make his getaway… 😉


      • Sevenwheel says:

        Three logical possible use for the tannerite.

        1) get it to the airport fuel tanks and use it to blow them up.

        2) make a car bomb and blow it up to create a diversion.

        3) bring it to the suite and use it as the police closed in to blow up the entire hotel room and scatter the evidence all over the street outside.

        Good thing his plans were disrupted.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Do you really think some guy descending, dangling from a parachute, could not be
      taken out by a police sniper during descent?
      met when landing by a massive police presence?
      escaped unnoticed?
      Think it through.
      Was there any mention of parachute materials by LEOs or seen in pics?

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Still surprised no hotel video from Law Enforcement…Las Vegas is tourist attraction so one min of hotel video, will produce thousands of minutes of tourist video! We only need to know the right time and location! The changing timeline and now, early shooting changes the focus to “new plan”…the WINDOW may be another key because everyone believes they can’t be opened…only broken.

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      • Eskyman says:

        No, of course the windows can’t be opened, can they. Oops!


      • Fannie says:

        My brother the commercial glass man and I were discussing this. He wrote: The high-rise curtainwall clad buildings generally do not have windows that open. HVAC systems work best in a closed system, and operating windows can wreck appearance.
        There is also the jumper prevention factor.


        • Fannie says:

          Just to wrap this up, my husband is a retired commercial architect who has done high rises. He confirms the curtainwall is fixed on all floors.


          • Eskyman says:

            Fannie, I’m sure your brother is quite right: “The high-rise curtainwall clad buildings generally do not have windows that open.” They can’t be opened by customers occupying the room, that is.

            However, there is a way to open the windows, as shown by the photo I’ve posted above. It shows two windows, wide open, while workers are covering over (or replacing, I’m not sure) the window where the glass was broken out.

            I’ve been wondering why none of the many videos I’ve seen show the gunman’s muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor. He must have had the lights off in the suite, otherwise the light through those broken windows would have stood out vividly at night. Yet no flashes are seen at that location, even though he had a dark room behind him and no tinted glass/plastic to conceal him.

            It further occurred to me, that if somehow this whole thing was a setup of some kind, wouldn’t it be helpful to tell everyone that “the windows just can’t be opened, no way no how!” then have an actual shooter at a different location with the window pane removed?

            If I were writing the fictional story, I’d have the “gunman” who is actually a patsy or ringer, shooting blanks from that room on the 32nd, then have a real gunman at a different dark location, with a semi-automatic which had a suppressor. The suppressor would muffle the shots enough no one could tell where they were coming from, and would also hide the flashes. That way, you have people actually shot; no one can see muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor since they were blanks (a blank firing device is required, which goes over the muzzle,) and the real shooter/s isn’t seen.

            Yes, this sounds more like Agatha Christie than real life, but so far not much is making sense of this shooting. People did get shot, at least I’m fairly certain of that; but how it all happened is still very much up in the air.


            • G. Combs says:

              the Bob Powell Video I watched last night on the sound of the shots and the bumpfire combined with a bipod, also had audio of a gun with a suppressor.

              If you listen, to me at least, the 10-11 sec fire sounded like the gun he showed with a belt and the sporadic higher pitched 1-2 second sounded like the gun with a suppressor he showed.

              Someone here on the presidential open thread yesterday had linked to this Utube. I know nothing of guns, but the guy did a pretty convincing presentation.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      No. That’s so 70s James Bond.


    • Max Hathaway says:

      Actually, his escape plan was to fly out the ManBay window by body-jet-suit to the top of the Hoover damn, which he intended to ram into @ approx. 666 MPH, causing it to crack apart and spill into the CO River, where he would land on a surboard just ahead of the Dam wave which he would ride victoriosly all the way into Southern CA, where he would be greated as a hero by Gov. Moonbeam.


  9. Sunshine says:

    LOOK at the dining receipt, this says to me there were TWO other individuals in the room with him on Sept. 27.

    The soups were $12.00 of which one Potato Soup is $2.00 while the House Soups would be $5.00 each. The same for the food which indicates order was for three people. Paddock drank water while the other two each ordered a Soda and a Pepsi.

    Why is everybody assuming only Paddock brought up all the equipment to his room?
    One or more accomplices could have booked other rooms for a day or two with two suitcases each, unload the contents in Paddock’s room, and check out of the hotel.

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    • LULU says:

      Two meals were ordered. That would cause the kitchen to set up two covers. The ticket is made up in the kitchen. The night before he had ordered two dinners. Asian food. For himself.

      I have never been asked by Room Service how many will be dining. This was an assumption in the kitchen, IMHO.

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      • Sunshine says:

        YES. Now, theorizing…

        Look at the food that was ordered.
        Three soups…. Although we all like soup, who orders $5 soups for in-room eating? And bagels? Answer: Senior people.
        The big burger was for a younger person.

        This is a 2-bedroom suite.
        This tells me the younger person had one bed and the two seniors probably shared the other bed. It could have been a family vacation.

        UP TILL NOW, there is a certainty about Paddock parking his car on the 25th and moving into his room on the 28th.

        No indication that he booked the room on the 25th.

        THUS, he needed that room and it was available on the 28th and the hotel food receipts become null and void in this story.


    • deqwik2 says:

      Look at the receipt on the upper right side. It says Table not room service.

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  10. Jeff says:

    Shadow Government and DEEP STATE operation to further the gun grab narrative .

    Understanding what JFK defined as ” a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy ”

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  11. klinowskiv says:

    My gut feeling all along was that what happened wasn’t supposed to happen. After all the talk about the shooter’s meticulous planning to pull it off, I felt that my feeling had to be wrong, but the security guard being shot before the murders makes me think I was onto something.

    I think something else was planned and everything went wrong for Paddock when he shot the guard. Sundance said frustration and rage. I think he took out those feelings on the crowds, impulsively.

    The meticulous, long-term planning had to be motivated by something else, probably money. I’m not saying that whatever he was planning wasn’t evil, but the shooting that happened seems like the kind of rage he felt when his plans didn’t work out.

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  12. ledygrey says:

    In sundance’s article the top photo labels the distance – see red arrow – between shooter’s room and stage as 1,700 feet.
    The Sniper’s Nest diagram further down labels the distance from the shooter’s room to the Country Concert venue as 1,1000 feet.
    Does this make sense?


    • joninmd22 says:

      There is some discrepancy between distances. Wikipedia has that the distance between the hotel and venue is 450 meters. I assume that’s on flat ground and hotel entrance to venue entrance.

      At 32 stories assuming 11 feet per story that’s 352 ft / 3 x.9144 = 107.25m

      That gives a hypotenuse of a right triangle of 463m or 1519 feet

      Paddock’s room was at the end of a wing of the hotel so 1,100 feet so possible as is 1700 feet to the far end of the concert venue as it covers 15 acres.

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      • ledygrey says:

        Thanks for your expertise!

        But the diagram says 1,1000 feet. Isn’t that 11,000 feet except the comma was displaced in Sundance’s diagram? 11,000 feet is quite different from 1,100 feet!


        • joninmd22 says:

          True but what I’m thinking is that they meant 1,100 feet and added a 0 in error. My numbers are independently developed.

          11,000 feet would be 3352 meters or 2 miles away.


  13. straightstreet says:

    Remember that extra phone charger found in LV shooter room that didnt match up with any of the electronics? The charger is allegedly used by US special forces and other covert electronic devices. John Beilman was lead engineer of that special charger. He commited murder of his special needs daughter then killed himself the morning after the FBI raided his home. This may have been posted already but I’ve not read thru all the replies.
    Murder/Suicide related to LV shooter after raid:

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  14. cagberry says:

    Does anyone know if the tannerite would set off a detection alarm if brought into the hotel?


  15. When was the next scheduled concert?


  16. trapper says:

    Here’s my take on this. You may not like it.

    I remember him from a presser on the first day. There was an exchange with a reporter where the reporter asked a question and he responded “I don’t know.” But then he went on. I’m sure I can’t quote precisely from memory, but it was pretty close to this: “Well, there we are again. Sometimes when I say ‘I don’t know,’ I do know, but I can’t say.”

    That is the mark of an honest and truthful man. He is not comfortable even saying he doesn’t know when he really does. He is not comfortable saying anything he knows is not true. He can’t lie. He’s a lousy liar because of his inherent honesty.

    So, knowing this, the feds know he can’t be trusted to spread the fabricated narrative. So, what do the feds do? They lie to HIM. They send him out with fabrications and misdirections and outright lies, and he dutifully tells them to the press, believing it all to be true. Until he gets wind of the game, discovers what has been happening. So then what does he do? He goes ibn front of the cameras and blows it all up.

    His discomfort and testiness are understandable. He has been lied to and betrayed and forced to unknowingly destroy his own credibility to serve someone else’s interests which may or may not be honorable.

    The short of it is, I’ll take this guy all day long. I’d hire him. I’d trust him, I would be proud to call him my friend. Well done, Sheriff. Well done.

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    • Glenn Stehle says:

      I have no idea what’s going on, but Lombardo does appear to have been asked to do something that he finds deeply troubling.

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    • Eskyman says:

      Your explanation makes sense to me.

      I’ve been thinking that the Sheriff was just a lousy “people person” and needed to rein in his temper; but now that you’ve given possible reasons, I can see that he might be angry because of things out of his control. I’d be angry too if I was being set up, & I knew it, and also knew that there was nothing I could do about it. He’s always got a “minder” with him, and that does reinforce your theory.

      Now whether this is merely speculation or is true, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess. We’ve been lied to by so many people & so many organizations, I just don’t believe anything anymore, unless it’s solidly backed up with facts that can be checked!

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      • G. Combs says:

        He’s always got a “minder” with him, and that does reinforce your theory.

        Go back and watch the “minder” as Lombardo speaks. You can see him nod his head at certain points. That gives a clue to what the FBI wants us to believe that is probably DISINFORMATION.

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  17. “Investigative Officials” is becoming an oxymoron.

    I think it is great that new details are actually coming out; what I do not get is why the original story (letting other perps scrub and get outta dodge?) and then now why part of the REAL story? If they think we are that stupid, why admit to anything different. They all seem to be very proficient at the “nothing to see here; move along” modus operandi.


  18. Kathleen Rady says:

    Does anyone know if the rifles found in the room were military style rifles or just hunting type rifles?


    • joninmd22 says:

      All pictures appear to be AR-15s based rifles which can be used for both purposes. It is the most popular rifle in America for target shooting and is great on feral hogs I’m told.

      The rifle itself is based on the M16 military rifle from the 60s


  19. Linda says:

    Ms. Darnley had a cheap ticket to the Philippines….then flies to Tokyo for 3 days….returns to Philippines…..what’s in Tokyo??


  20. Linda says:

    Ms. Danley.


  21. AMK says:

    An observation or two:

    In the picture above of double doors to the suite, I notice 2 things not previously mentioned.

    The door that has bullet holes, lying on it’s side, is not the door used for entry. The key card swiper and peephole are on the other door and this would be the door that opened with the doorknob.
    The bullet hole door has a bolt hole on the floor where it would have been latched from the inside.
    Also, the ‘do not disturb ‘ sign is lying on the floor outside of the room.

    That’s it, just a couple of random details, probably unimportant.


    • AMK says:

      Another thing….

      Which door did SG see was ajar? The outside corridor door to the smaller room or the inside connecting door between room and suite?

      How can anyone make more than a wacky guess at motive at this point? I think they are throwing spaghetti at the wall….they being FBI/ LEOs.


  22. James W Crawford says:

    I am even more mystified by this new narrative. The shooting began during the last act of the last night of the Harvest Festival concert series. If Paddock was still making preparations when he was inturrupted by the security guard, then it becomes doubtful that THIS concert event was his intended target. No intelligent person would occupy the room for days then wait until the last moment to complete preparations. If the Harvest Festival concert was not the target, then what subsequent event might have been targeted for mass murder?

    We can spin all types of conspiracy theories about gun running or government sting operations. However; there simply is not enough of a price differential between new firearms from a gun store verses “street value” of a slightly used firearm (actually a negative price differential) to make it profitable for anyone much less a “high roller” to get involved. The government sting operation might make sense only if you assume that the government handlers would utilize someone whose response to being discovered would be to commit mass murder rather than simply surrender and trust his government handlers to bail him out.

    If this was some type of government orchestrated sting operation run amok, itbwould explain President Trump’s comment about “betrayal.”

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    • Molly Pitcher says:

      If this concert wasn’t the intended target how much longer feasibly could he have continued undisturbed preparing?
      At some point somebody would remove the service cart. At some point someone would get suspicious of the ‘do not disturb’ sign it would seem.

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    • doit4atlas says:

      Perhaps he was waiting for everyone to bunch up very tightly at the exit chutes…


    • Jim Bush says:

      Perhaps “betrayal.” from inside the government? ( note the clearly punctuated question mark) — Just pick your faction as to who did the betraying — It is clear at this point and even before this event that “the government” is by no means a monolithic block. — But far be it from me to actually become an Andrew Breitbart, as this site’s banner suggests, even as its own moderators patrol as thought police discouraging even the most logical conjectured hypothesis.


  23. mimbler says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned, but the constant suggestions of arms dealer, don’t make sense.
    According to reports, Paddock bought all these guns legally, so they would be traceable to him.
    That might be how it is done in the hood, but not by a professional arms dealer.


  24. mimi says:

    I have lurked here for months (love the site) but never commented because I find my thoughts or comments are usually said by someone. That being said, here’s my take so far.
    Possible Motives as of yesterday:
    1) Federal sting operation (catch the real bad guys)
    2) Gun grab (political)
    3) ISIS
    4) Money to be made (Owners selling stock / security firms making a boatload selling detectors)
    5) Bats**t crazy shooter

    If we are to believe the new press briefing, reasons 1, 2, and 3 no longer fit. No reason to drill holes, rig cameras and doors. The co-conspirators would have done that. That leaves me with only 3 and 5 as motives. And the official reports want me to look at 5. Can’t ISIS still be considered? Big plot gone bad. What better target than L.V. i.e. Sin City. Who wins if L.V. loses?


  25. Cosmic says:

    Can anyone expound on what it would be like to fly a drone(s) from the MB with explosives? I can’t recall where I saw it but there’s a picture of Paddock flying a drone in his backyard with who I believe is his girlfriends brother in law, or sisters boyfriend. Could that have been the bigger picture?


  26. 99Problems says:

    Watch this video:

    At the 5:00 mark you here a couple of “pops” and you see people begin to rush out BEFORE the rapid-fire begins. After the rapid fire…it’s a stampede.

    • Linda says:

      Watched your video….do you think the reflection off that hotel could be from the helicopter which appears to be very close to that spot.


    • Eskyman says:

      Now that may just be it!

      This video seems to show shots coming from the Delano, the building behind the Mandalay Bay that looks very similar to it. Actual muzzle flashes (or something resembling them) can be seen near the top of the wing pointed toward the Mandalay at around 5:20 in that video.

      That’s one of the things that’s been bothering me all along: why are no muzzle flashes seen from a (presumably) dark room on the 32nd Floor? If the lights had been on in that suite, it would have shown up brightly at night; if the lights were off, then muzzle flashes would have been visible- but there’s nothing to be seen near the 32nd Floor of the Mandalay Bay, on any of the videos. This is a possible explanation!

      The only thing I’m sure of at this point is, we’ve been lied to and misled all the way. I don’t trust any of the multiple agencies involved here, nor the hotel. I’m more and more inclined to think it’s all misdirection, on purpose- but I just can’t figure out what the object is.

      If I was picking out a patsy to be the fall guy, Paddock would be a perfect choice. But a fall guy for what… I just don’t know!


  27. whirlwinder says:

    The concert grounds should be secured and evidence for shooters within the crowd should be investigated. The investigators should find multiple gun magazines and bullet casings lying about in profusion. Why is this not being pursued? Or if it is why is no body discussing the results of this type of investigation?


    • dayallaxeded says:

      Pretty sure if there was any evidence, like you speculate about, we would know about it from concert goers and first responders who wouldn’t have been under LE control. There was substantial off duty/out of town LE presence in the concert crowd, so such evidence if it existed would not have gone unnoticed. Absence of mags and spent casings=no in-crowd shooter. QED.

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  28. burnett044 says:

    Well it is surely fun to read every theory here ..lol some pretty far out ,,but hey who am I to say..
    it is hard to see the entire picture of a puzzle when pieces are missing..but I will keep asking questions…..here let`s ask this nice lady.

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  29. Scoot4444 says:

    A few questions

    Before the automatic shooting started there was single shots (Aldean on stage), could this be the windows being shot and weakened so they can be busted out with a hammer? If this was an arms deal why have it go down at a major casino where there are cameras everywhere, security everywhere and logistic problems moving guns, why not an off strip motel where you can just pull your minivan up to the room door? I don’t have any forensic experience, but, would a bullet coming in at an angle and hitting the asphalt leave a “trail”? When I say trail, i mean a scratch that isnt circular (if it was hit at a 90 degree angle) but would indicate a shooter direction. If there was a single shooter all “trails” should come from the same direction. If I am a security guard and was just shot in the leg and had 200 rounds fired at me, I would have moved to an elevator and got the hell out and waited for armed backup. If the shooter came through the door and im in a long hallway, im dead without any cover.

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  30. Kay Elle says:

    From Pamela Gellar via American Thinker…
    Why We Cannot Trust the FBI

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  31. melski says:

    Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre “?”

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    • Daniel says:

      I didn’t need the nicely supported details above. I just heard two different gun signatures. I do, however, differ in the notion that he was firing civilian style 223 rounds. I think it’s more likely he was firing 556 rounds. They are “the same” except for the muzzle velocity. And that potentially skews his estimations off by quite a bit.

      But one fact remains. In the audio of various captures, there is clearly more than one gun being fired and more specifically, being fired from more than one position. “Echo” doesn’t quite work as a means of explanation for any of that. And given the floor diagram, I find it hard to believe this man of advanced age was sprinting back and forth between windows in two different rooms. Pretty magical really. The two windows could explain the different audio signatures, but doesn’t explain how a man like that could run between two windows so far apart and keep spraying bullets on the crowd at the same time.

      So “no proof” of a second shooter? I’m going to say we need proof there’s only one because the evidence shows two.

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    • seventhndr says:

      Great video and the best proof I’ve seen of a second shooter.


  32. G. Combs says:

    Last night I watched the Bob Powell Video on the sound of the shots and the bumpfire combined with a bipod. It seemed reasonable and was quite matter of fact. (I can not comment because I do not know guns but you could here two short burst, higher pitched over the long 10 second lower pitched burst in the video.)

    I tried to pull it up only to see Video Removed for youtube policy on harassment and bullying That was on Hubby’s machine. On my machine I can not even get that.
    The URL was [https://www.youtube.com//watch?v=1Bw4vvf59Js] but now it redirects.

    What is interesting was the last comment showing on Hubby’s machine which I tried to transcribe:

    Michael Moran
    “…My friend had a party in Mandalay and not a sober person fell against the window and didn’t even move it but within two minutes security was banging on the door, if they sensed a full breach and not just an impact they would’ve responded with the police…”

    If true, that certainly could put a different spin on why the security guard was interested in that room.

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    • G. Combs says:

      One thing we should keep in mind is the MSM is handed SCRIPTED QUESTIONS to allow SCRIPTED ANSWERS. We found that out during the Hitlery campaign.

      Hubby’s using his computer so I can not watch exactly where the FBI guy NODS… that could be interesting. Since it might point to the disinfo the FEEBS want out there.


  33. ED. says:

    What we do know are that some of the facts have only one logical conclusion, so I thought I would start there. Like doing a jigsaw puzzle, always start with the borders.

    The hammer in the room, was meant to break the window. Why not just shoot it out? Because bullets through safety glass would make tiny holes. The hammer in the picture is too small to knock down a door, and too big to drive a nail. So we know the plan included the breaking out of a window.

    The sealing of the stairwell door was meant to stop, or slow the use by somebody else.

    The cameras were meant to allow the hall to be watched. Meaning once something expected was observed, there is no leaving the room undetected.

    The room, the car, and the guns were easily traceable to Paddock. However with a bit of planing all three could easily be hidden. Example, Comped hotel rooms in Vegas are sold daily on the black market. (I myself have bought a weekend penthouse stay from a broke gambler, where he used his comp to check in, and traded the key for 200 bucks cash.) And as for untraceable guns, and even stolen cars, were talking about a man with a criminal family background in Vegas. Large hat, dark sunglasses, and baggy clothing in a Las Vegas hotel are common for cheating husbands, getting a hooker.

    With the presence of the hammer we can eliminate a gun deal gone bad.

    With the exits being blocked from within, we can eliminate an escape plan.

    The cameras on the food cart in the hall means that whatever was going to happen was going to happen relatively quickly, before room service, a maid, or even a conscientious employee picked up the abandon cart.

    The fact that he didn’t try to be be anonymous means that he knew he would not be walking away from what was going to happen.

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, sometimes simple matters are as simple as they appear. No need to develop complicated speculative theories,

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    • joninmd22 says:

      Awesome. Logical and straightforward unlike much of the wack-a-doodle stuff we’ve seen here today.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “…The hammer in the picture is too small to knock down a door, and too big to drive a nail….”

      Bad assumption. I started using a small 6 lb sledge like that to drive nails when I gave up with a typical framing hammer. I am small and found I could drive a nail with far less blows that way.


      • G. Combs says:

        Also that same 6 lb sledge would not break a window for me when I locked myself out of the house.

        Someone days ago mentioned the blue hose could be for directing a stream of refrigerant onto the window and making it brittle so the hammer WOULD then work.

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        • Eskyman says:

          That’s the only plausible explanation I’ve seen so far for the blue hose.

          I’ve been wondering myself how the windows got broken out, as that little hammer wouldn’t do the job; but if frozen- then probably that would work! (If I were planning this, I’d have chosen a heavier hammer anyway, just to be on the safe side.)


        • ED. says:

          Short burst from 556 at close range plus hammer solves window problem. No need to bring anything else. And what nails would he need to be driving? Besides the hammer is laying on the floor in front of the broken window, so no great hidden mystery either.


  34. VegasGuy says:

    Just a comment & observation on the SG shooting….Don’t know if this has already been commented on…

    The photo of the double French doors shows (as you look at the doors), the left one is off the hinges & laying across the opening. Reports say Campos was shot in the leg & indeed that left door shows signs of bullet penetration in what could be the lower portion of the door itself.

    The interesting observation (to me anyway) is that the right door has no bullet penetrations whatsoever on any visible portion of that door. And, the penetrations on the left door appear to be very low to the ground as if fired from a prone position….hence the leg wound on Campos verses a torso hit….

    IMO, that indicates that the right door was potentially fully open when the shots that penetrated the left door were fired as none struck anywhere on the right door Either that door was fully open (rather than just ajar) or Campos actually fully entered that room via the right door when he was fired on.

    Again, just an observation but noteworthy IMO……

    Liked by 2 people

  35. One thing, or Two I want to comment here, that ya’ll are missing..Hotel doors In my experience, even staying in Cheapo Motels/Hotels..
    The DOOR ALWAYS closes behind you! ALWAYS..
    I’ve found this out by mistake, as I’ve locked myself accidently, out of My room w/out My Key Card.
    Another thing..
    It GO TIME.. For Our main event..
    S.P. had DAYS to “set-up” Camera Gear etc..

    WHY would S.P. STILL be DRILLING if the “shooting”,, is with-in moments of being committed?

    WHY BE DRILLING if your just moments away from committing a Mass Shooting?
    (ask yourself this), As S.P. had DAYS to wire up the place?

    One last thing… or two..

    Folks have asked, …
    How would the person(s) escape?
    Well remember after 9/11..
    Lots of designs came out for…
    SOS parachutes..
    THINK of the *Base Jumper(s)*

    We are only shown what 6 Weapons? Yet the are reported to be 27? Where are the pictures of them ALL?
    My Theory…
    This was a FBI Sting gone bad…
    Whomever(s) were in the room..
    Saw security guard.. (remember the “door” was SCREWED SHUT REPORTEDLY), NOT “LEFT AJAR”..
    Shot Him…–> S.P.
    broke windows, starting shooting up the concert…
    then “based Jumped” out the SECOND Window,, escaping..
    here is.. Insane jump from 35th floor of residential building Russia

    Liked by 1 person

  36. b0yzero says:

    Well, since the FBI are involved, we can be sure that we can’t be sure about any of this.

    Liked by 3 people

  37. kiskiminetas says:

    To think that Paddock did this all by himself is false plain and simple. There are so many holes in this narrative that you would think they got it out of a Tom Clancy novel. No, there is more here than meets the eye, ear and mind test. Yes, those “authoritative” voices claim this was done with AR15s but where are the ballistic reports and other pertinent analysis to validate this case? Where are his fingerprints and the attendant powder residue on his hands, the black gloves he had on or anywhere else on the clothes he was wearing? All you get is spoon fed government gobbledygook. The fact that there were so many rifles in this man’s room(s) was overkill on overload. The Feds know exactly took place in these shootings and for some reason have chosen to cover it up.

    Liked by 6 people

  38. Tejas Rob says:

    Have they found the bolt action rifle Paddock bought just a day or two before the shooting?


  39. itswoot says:

    Assuming that Paddock may have been the only shooter, I have to wonder if there had been a delay in his preparations by entertaining thoughts such as, “Do I really want to go through with this?” Did a period of indecision put him behind on his timing?

    His decision to block the stairway door long after the concert got underway set him on the path to go ahead. The confrontation with the security guard because of the alarm on the stairway door sealed his decision. Before installing the stairway door plate, he could have called it off and packed everything back up to leave.

    Another thing. With the multiple phones (different phone numbers) in Paddock’s suite, was it his intention to call into 9-1-1 with false reports of other shooters to throw off police about his location? Did he actually do that?

    Liked by 1 person

  40. cagberry says:

    What is the “sunroom”?
    Where is it? What door triggered tje alarm? Diagrams please.


  41. Simple Jack says:

    I do not trust the FBI. I find it impossible to believe that such basic facts about this event could be completely misstated for an entire week accidentally. We are being lied to.

    This is just such a colossal screw up. How can we have an independent investigator for fact-less allegations about Russian involvement in the 2016 election, but the country has to endure more BS from the bozos that are running this mass murder investigation? Doesn’t this deserve takeover by an independent investigator now, too? If I’m the family of one of the people shot or killed, I can’t trust a word anyone currently involved with this mess says now.


  42. maggiemoowho says:

    Campos heard drilling, drilling was incomplete. Lombardo said a maintenance worker “presented himself” on the floor after Campos was shot and Campos prevented the maintenance worker from receiving any injury. Did Campos actually see Paddock using the drill and what was this maintenance worker doing on this floor. Paddock had to drop the drill to shoot or was someone else doing the drilling. To many questions, hopefully we will find out more on Friday, but won’t hold my breath.


    • Jim in TN says:

      If campos had reported the fire door being screwed closed prior to entering the room, that is one possibility for why there would be a maintenance worker sent up. That is a fire safety hazard and should be a high priority.

      Another possibility would be to assess/fix the damage some idiot with a drill had done to the room, but I find that unlikely since shooting would take precedence.

      Liked by 1 person

  43. 4sure says:

    Here’s what the FBI does not want you to know.

    The FBI is full of incompetent azz kissers who have been hired on dumbed down standards, political correctness gender, racial quotas and political ideology. They are living on a past reputation of honesty/integrity/competence. That reputation has long sailed. Under Mueller/Comey, the FBI became worthless.

    The FBI agents do less real police work and have far less contact with actual criminals of all kinds, especially those who commit serious crimes than the avg. uniform patrol officer and detective in a large metro police dept. and investigative work than any local large police patrol officer. Local officers in large metro depts. conduct more interviews/interrogations of serious felons in a month than an FBI agent conducts in a year. A large metro police agency does not need the FBI to do anything for them. The FBI comes in and acts like they are the GOD of policing. They are inept, can’t go shit w/o getting permission from a fed. attorney. I guarantee you, Sheriff Lombardo is not happy w/the FBI being involved in the investigation. He and his officers know the FBI sucks.

    But, have no fear, McCabe and Sessions are on the case unless it is somehow shown that the shooter is somehow connected to Russia. Then, scratch Sessions.

    Liked by 5 people

  44. New video with sound of 2 different guns….

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Michael says:

    Public Service Announcement.

    I read lost of frustration re “I can’t find/remember where I saw something”.

    These are aimed at computer users. I would imagine smart fones can so the same.

    (1) Consider making a bookmark directory (folder) and name it to something relevant and bookmark every page you find interesting so you can find it later. Ctl D will open a save dialogue for bookmarks. There you can create a directory (folder) or choose an existing.
    (2) I personally use Pale Moon browser as it is reasonably secure and as best as I can tell not spyware. (Pale Moon+Adblock Latitude+NoScript provide a mostly safe, fast, viewing experience)
    (3) Ant.com Video Downloader works well in Linux/Pale Moon and I would think the other two OS’s also. The second you see a vid that looks like it might get scrubbed use the ANT to download it to your hard drive.
    (4) Same with a web page. Ctl S will open a save dialogue for the page you are viewing so if it gets scrubbed you will still have it.

    Please don’t ask me for help. Plenty of that out there. I am not trying to turn this into a geek-fest and I really am not equipped – I am at the monkey on a motorcycle level. I can make it go but I don’t understand what makes it go.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Tparty says:

    I have heard a lot of discussion regarding the number of shots fired at Campos. Considering we have no bullet forensics report and now that the timeline has changed this aspect has changed and requires further analysis. Who says 200 shots?

    It sounds like Campos is estimating based on ALL the gunfire he was hearing. The shooter likely blasted a magazine at security to back them off and then turned to the windows. That also explains why police didn’t make immediate entry into the room. The shooter was contained and they thought he was directing his fire on them and may not have known he was firing on the crowd yet.


  47. What? Let’s talk about the Hollywood casting couch some more….. Really….. thanks for staying on top of the when other media outlets are all too willing to let this be swept under the rug.
    It’s almost starting to sound like the country music show was not his original intended target.


  48. datagooroo says:

    Maybe his original plan was to [A] bolt the stairs [B] break the windows [C] call the elevators to the floor and hold the door open [D] shoot up the concert [E] run to the elevator and go to another floor [F] detonate the explosives. But since the security guard came in the room the plan was foiled. This could be elaborated by adding a second person. That person could have been headed down to get the explosives when the security entered the “slightly ajar” door. The 6 minutes between shooting the guard and opening up on the concert could be due to the Paddock calling the other person, deciding it is not possible to go according to the plan and for that person to get out of there. Or maybe arguing. “Hey, I thought the security guard was you, he came in, I shot him, hurry up.” “No, there are security buzzing every where down here I cannot get the stuff”.

    I do not know. Speculation.


    • datagooroo says:

      When I wrote “[F] detonate the explosives”, detonate them in the room (assuming he would bring them up) when the police are in there, which would help him escape and increase the carnage.


    • JohnP says:

      Pure speculation on my part , but since he didn’t tape the windows so they would break clean, maybe the tape he brought was for the alarm on the staircase door and his


  49. 4harrisonblog says:

    I have worked security. In every job on the site I was on I had a client contact that I was to call and or report too.

    My next call was to the outfit that I worked for and they would instruct me. That was if there was time. I had leeway to call for LE. I was unarmed security. My only job was to observe and report.


  50. Simple Jack says:

    One thing about this analysis I don’t think adds up (not that anything adds up at this point): How can we assume that his preparations weren’t complete? The Route 91 Harvest Festival was nearly over, there were like 2 songs left to be played. Jason Aldean was the last set. So, if his preps were interrupted, you have to ask an uncomfortable question:

    Was the festival even his target? He only had maybe 15 minutes left before it was over. Perhaps he had the ballistic calcs written down, in a room that was otherwise surgically clean of motive evidence, because he had to suddenly change his plans?


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