Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 2:00pm Livestream…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers the press briefing for October 5th, 2017 from the White House.  Anticipated start time 2:00pm EDT:

UPDATE: Video Added

White House Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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157 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 2:00pm Livestream…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    The Left and MSM are absolutely losing their minds because they realize in the next day or so, the truth about why Paddock did what he did is going to come out. They are doing everything humanly possible to get Americans to believe that Paddock didn’t care who he was shooting! They are talking about a Lollapalooza event in Boston to show he was willing to kill kids. It is ALL a lie because the truth is that he wanted to kill Trump voters and 2A Patriots.

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  2. sunnydaze says:

    Cue the Tillerson and Mayor Nasty questions.

    Anything to get off the real news.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Question about the disparaging of MSM as fake News. Does it harm Americans to label MSM as Fake News?

    LOL. These idiots are too much. Now they want the story to be all about THEM. Newsworthy! /s

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  4. duchess01 says:

    Definition of Process: for edumacation of the p-pool – what part of process do you not understand?

    process (prŏsˈĕsˌ, prōˈsĕsˌ)►
    n. A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result: the process of digestion; the process of obtaining a driver’s license.
    n. A series of operations performed in the making or treatment of a product: a manufacturing process; leather dyed during the tanning process.
    n. Progress; passage: the process of time; events now in process.

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  5. G3 says:

    The President can’t undercut his own cabinet— Go, Sarah! LOL!

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  6. duchess01 says:

    Complaining about the President’s travel costs – guess what, guys – he takes no salary – and he does to takes expensive vacations on taxpayer dollars – nor does he play golf instead of showing up at work – Sarah pointed out that these weekend trips are ‘working’ weekends! You people have no shame!

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    • duchess01 says:

      Oopsey – He DOES NOT take expensive vacations on taxpayer dollars!

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      • They don’t have much to hit POTUS with so they have gotten to the stage of hitting him with travel. Before Sarah cut off the reporter he was going to suggest that the last President stayed home and worked. ROTFL.
        Nobody is mentioning the chefs Zero flew in from Chicago to cook him a meal or the barber (every two weeks), the weekends in new your and over 100 Million dollars in vacation travel. Or the celebrity studded parties thrown at the White House. Their lavish no expense paid entertaining was not related to America’s business. I personally am glad to have POTUS at Bedminster or Mara Lago away from spying devices.–just-make-pizza.html

        One of many:

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      • Paco Loco says:

        WordPress and it’s no edit feature sucks!

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        • duchess01 says:

          No – that was me – computer freezing – trying to re-type – made mistake – would love to blame it on WP, but cannot!

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          • maiingankwe says:

            It’s okay Duchess, most of us knew it was a simple mistake. We all make them, at least you were able to catch yours. I want to cover my eyes knowing all of the ones I’ve made, and didn’t catch till far later.

            But it’s good to know we are among some really great Treepers who simply understand or don’t care. Sure, we have some mean ones, but they never seem to last too long. I had mine last week and have only seen a few of his comments since.
            Stay smiling,

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            • duchess01 says:

              Oh, Ma’ii – you are so sweet – thanks – we probably don’t notice yours because we are so wrapped up in your profound prose – we don’t notice – still waiting for that 1st book!

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              • maiingankwe says:

                I’ve been slacking big time Duchess. I’m just getting over a sinus infection that had been going for more than two weeks. My first seven days of antibiotics did not work even though I took every single one. Now I’m taking a fourteen day dosage and feeling lots better thankfully.

                Boy, was I miserable and my house became such a mess! I almost lost my Domestic Goddess card. I know, now that would’ve devastated me.

                I’m having a great deal of problems with posting on CTH, but I am slowly eliminating them one by one. For instance, I am typing this in notes, will copy and paste when done in the comment box provided. I’m doing this through Firefox, which is somehow failing miserably on me too. I will figure it out, I swear. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been unable to give you a like when I read the verse you share each day. So even though you don’t see my name, I am still there getting comfort from your daily posts. I just wanted you to know that and to thank you. Those verses really do help, and it’s always been greatly appreciated.
                Be well and stay smiling,

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                • duchess01 says:

                  Oh, you poor dear! My girlfriend has been battling a sinus infection for over a month – same thing – first dose of antibiotic did not work – then doctor claimed it was a virus – like that helps – told her to get some rest – sent her some home remedies for viruses – hopefully, she tried them but, not sure because she still thinks doctors can heal all wounds – sorry – but, I don’t –

                  God knows your heart, Ma’ii, and He knows mine – His Spirit encouraged me to post the daily verse – He even chooses them through someone else – so I am only a messenger – He is the Creator – who touches hearts – not me – if He wants you to notice – He guides you to them – not me – the likes are His blessing to me – and they make me smile – you make me smile, too!

                  As Creator, God knows what we need before we know we need it – you needed rest – you called it slacking but, He didn’t – He called it rest for the weary – so no apologizing necessary!

                  I am moved by your post in so many ways – but, especially by the fact that you worked so hard to post it – again, the Hand of the Creator at work to bless us both – thank you, sincerely!

                  Have a Blessed Day, Dear Lady! We missed you – and your beautiful posts!


          • sallyal says:

            I generally refrain from being the grammar police but I WILL correct anybody using “could care less” instead of “couldn’t care less”. Makes it mean something completely different that what was intended and most don’t even realize what they are saying. I hear a lot on the radio and even TV using it incorrectly. Argh!

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            • duchess01 says:

              I hear you loud and clear, sally – I have my pet peeves, too – and yes – if we had to rely on radio or TV for proper English – we would be speaking gibberish – instead of English!

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            • Matroidman says:

              “Could care less” is my main grammatical pet peeve.

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              • olderwiser21 says:

                What about “nuculear” instead of the correct pronunciation – NUCLEAR – GW Bush used to say that and it drove me crazy!!! I doubt correct grammar is even taught these days – probably too politically incorrect!! It might hurt someone’s feelings! “You and me” instead of “You and I” will go – “Him and Me” instead of “He and I” will go. Tons of bad grammar out there, even by television news biggies. I hear it all the time.

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                • nimrodman says:

                  I clipped a cartoon out of National Lampoon back in the ’70s.

                  Large block building with no windows sitting in the distance beyond a perimeter chain-link fence.

                  Warning sign on fence sez:
                  “No One Who Says “Nuculer” Permitted Beyond This Point”

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                • Tegan says:

                  Olderwise…my mother, also from Texas, pronounced it the very same. I think it’s a regional thing. BTW, in Atlantic City the state of Arkansas is prounced (by natives) Are-Kansas! So, I wouldn’t be too hard on President Bush (defending my mother here, too! 😂)

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                • I believe that Pres. Bush confessed one time that he mispronounced “nuclear” in order to drive the NE US elites crazy! It worked, too, didn’t it. He had a great sense of humor, was very proud to be a Texan, and loved tweaking the Northern elites!
                  After I heard that, it stopped bugging me, though I always pronounced it “newclear.”

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              • TexasRanchQueen says:

                My pet peeve is those who do not capitalize the first word of a sentence and/or use no punctuation. Also, those who call our president Mr. or Don/ald.

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              • Don’t get me started on: there, their, they’re; you’re, your; to, too, two. Simple things that too many people just cannot seem to use correctly. At the urging of those who do not like the grammar police I refrain from pointing out incorrect usages.

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            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Loose and lose. It’s surprising how many people don’t know the difference.

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            • It gripes me when they use the words towards, backwards and forwards….. No you go backward and forward–these words are not plural……I used to do that until a writing professor jumped my butt back in college…..LOL.

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            • Buckeye Heathen says:

              One of my pet peeves as well.


    • annieoakley says:

      The Extreme Hypocrisy of these hideous jerks is just..

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    • FL_GUY says:

      Since these clowns NEVER bothered to discuss Os monthly vacations for 8 years or the fact that Judicial Watch has been trying to get the true costs for several years now but are being blocked, probably because the amount O and Oette spent on their traveling band of “family” and “friends” is probably over a billion dollars, they should shut up about President Trump’s travels. Since they never bothered to question the costs of all those celebrity attended parties hosted by O, that served no official function, they should not question a DIME President Trump spends.

      I have a feeling that he would use his own plane but they won’t let him. He’s doing the job of President for Free. I suspect he hasn’t had one unofficial party to impress the high society or celebrity people. The man works ALL the time. That’s how he rolls, that is why he EARNED his Billions the hard way.

      I’m really tired of the media crap. I would like to see the tables turned and the media clowns questioned and put on the spot.

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      • duchess01 says:

        Agree, GUY – however, I would rather they be replaced with some intelligent reporters and/or journalists – tell me – how did ‘terrorism’ become the topic of the day – Thanks April – for asking your nonsensical question – made my day to see you put in your place, again!

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        • donnajeanz says:

          April should only be allowed to ask her lol questions in the month of April…I always mute her questions and unmute when our brilliant Sarah is answering her. Just absolutely love and respect our Sarah, you go girl, you make my day…

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        • Not sure they can be replaced as it is the owners who drive the agenda. We need a strong and vigorous FREE press to arise.

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          • duchess01 says:

            Correctomundo, grandma – the networks choose them – but, yes – we need a strong, vigorous FREE press –

            Maybe, if we took away their White House Press Credentials – and gave them to those not connected to a network – we could have a great question/answer period – OR – if it was just a Press Briefing without the question/answer period – it might be worthwhile – the current p-pool are a national embarrassment!

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            • I cringe when watching. It is a national embarrassment to have such characters parade as serious journalists.

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              • duchess01 says:

                Most definitely, grandma! I listen to Sarah’s briefing – but, I have a hard time even sitting through the question/answer portion –

                I have a question: Do they really think the President asks Sarah her opinion about any national security issue – or tell her – this is what we are going to do about the Iran Deal – or that he is peeved at Secretary Tillerson – because he burped at lunch?

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      • Ditch Mitch says:

        FL GUY, PDJT actually commented on getting picked up by AF2 (i believe was the call sign). He felt more comfortable in TF1. I wonder how much he spent on renovating AF1.
        Change to gold draps, add a Churchill bust and “sweep” the HVAC system!?


  7. annieoakley says:

    Good Lord these people are awful. Bump stocks were approved under O” Barry.

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    • Bake says:

      What is the history of Bump stocks? They were illegal before O? Or just certain people could own, purchase them? So, once opened up to legal purchase and ownership, is there a registered list of who purchased them? How many are out there? Good grief.

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        I think they have only been around for ten years or so. I never heard of them before, and don’t really understand why anyone would want one. Shooting is fun, but it’s expensive. Especially when you are shooting automatic weapons. So expensive not many could afford to use them much, any more than fully auto weapons.
        I doubt they are all that common, but I don’t know for sure. My ‘thing’ as far as firearms was historical/Old West. cap and ball, Sharps falling blocks, lever actions, single action sixguns, that sort of thing. I’m not saying what people ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ have, referencing the hysteria concerning the availability of bump stocks, just that they will likely never be a common thing. Anyone who goes to the kind of trouble Paddock went to (lone wolf or otherwise) is going to find a way, witness the casualty count all over the world using cars and trucks. Maybe the hysteria should be saved for not having reinforced buffers along sidewalks every where and cracking down on vehicle licensing. Just sayin’.

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        • Dana said “bump stock” is a “technique,” not a “device.” It doesn’t fit her style of shooting, so she doesn’t know about it. FWIW, nobody in the shooting world knows much about it, but reporters are speaking as if the bump stock is a piece of equipment.

          Thus, I find the NRA statement puzzling. Maybe they will demonstrate the technique later so they can laugh and point at the libs???


      • booger71 says:

        They were developed for returning Gulf war Vets who couldn’t use there disabled hand, but still enjoyed shooting. You can literally make your own out of a few household items.

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      • They have not been invented that long…..And were not even that popular until this story broke. In fact, to people knowledgeable about semi auto weapons, stock slides (Bump stocks) are really just a joke.

        They were invented for people with disabilities who had trouble pulling the trigger to rapid fire a semi auto. With these stocks, they use the recoil of the rifle against your shoulder to push the gun (and therefore the trigger) into your trigger finger with each shot.

        Can you imagine what this does to a guys shoulder? LOL Also the gun jumps around so much that you can no longer really aim the gun–you cannot accurately aim it all except for the first shot…… So, as you can see, if you are shooting 100 rounds you might hit with the first shot, and if you hit with any of the other 99, you are lucky……It’s a total waste of ammo.

        All of those reasons, coupled with the fact that many of these guns will jam solid after 15 or 20 rounds fired by a slide stock (The cops said that the Vegas shooter had this problem) and you can see why the ATF under Obama approved them as legal–they are really only novelties that your gun range will let you play with for a few bucks.

        Of course, there is one situation where a slide stock would be effective. And this is shooting into the middle of a large crowd of people…..In this case, you do not care where you hit because there will probably be someone there when that bullet reaches the area……

        Ban these things if you want because although I’m a strong 2nd Amendment supporter, I have always held the opinion that if you can show me a new law that would have curtailed a real mass shooting, and not just another restriction on lawful gun owners, I’ll look at it….. Lack of a slide stock certainly would have hampered these murderers….

        So wrap a ban on these things that most gun owners despise anyhow into a bill that gives me the wall and makes chain immigration illegal and I would probably sign the dang thing….. 🙂

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    • JC says:

      How does she stand it, annieoakley? The only mature, appropriate question out of the whole bunch (unless I missed one) was Kevin Cork’s well-researched question re: the Idiotic Iran Deal so brilliantly 🤢 concocted by bho and minions.

      Sarah mostly held firm today on one question per Operative, and it made much more sense. Also, excellent slap-downs delivered with calm precision.

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  8. Sayit2016 says:

    Sarah says ” Good Afternoon” and the press pool does not even have the courtesy to respond. Thus her ” still working on that I see- we’ll get better ” comment. They want respect but are willing to give NONE. Ugh ! They can not even muster the most basic of manners.

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  9. albrevin says:

    Does anyone honestly think that Tillerson supposedly calling Trump a ‘moron’ is news? This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    I know I’ve been called a lot worse by my employees. Get on the headsets of any college football game and listen in…. This just shows how dumb, petty, spiteful, dishonest and FAKE the news media is in America. A complete disgrace to this country.

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    • annieoakley says:

      Breathtaking to say the least.

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    • n1ghtcr4wler says:

      the Obama crooks in the state department want their revenge bc they dont like how Tillerson is doing his job

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    • singingsoul says:

      “Does anyone honestly think that Tillerson supposedly calling Trump a ‘moron’ is news? This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.”
      I do not think Tillerson called POTUS a name.
      Couple of weeks ago they accuses McMaster doing the same.
      Lets say this those who circulate false accusations are the morons.

      Do I think Tillerson has disagreements about a topic? Yes I assume so otherwise he would not do his job.. I am sure people can disagree respectfully without calling others names.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      I think it is refreshing if he did…oddly enough. Two titans just talking straight with each other. In the moment, no harm long term.

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  10. napoleon32 says:

    Is there a “Hell’s Kitchen” for reporters? I’d love to spend an hour every week watching an angry Scotsman rip them up one side and down the other with no filter.

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    • dekester. says:

      Hey N32,

      I am Scots born and have been both a pitcher and catcher of the anger you mention in your post.

      Your Presidents ability to incinerate his foes with his tweets, likely comes from somewhere in his Scots mother’s genes.

      Your Presidents fight is brilliant..especially as contrasted with the neutered RINOs he has to tolerate.

      Thanks for posting this Sundance, I tried watching it on T.V and lasted approx thirty seconds.

      I immediately swore at some smart arse called a John, and switched back to the Golf Channel that was showing a tournament from my old stomping grounds. ( Carnoustie.)

      Thank you all.

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  11. Xroads says:

    Oh man, this is a good one! Sarah is giving them fits. So much self control to not just slap the taste out of a few mouths.

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    The Whores are scared out of their minds! They are petrified that Congress will hold investigations on them. I can’t tell you how much I laughed every time one of them asked :)!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      NOW I know why the Whores were all into Fake news! This article must of scared them to death!

      From the article linked above:

      As President Donald Trump calls on the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate so-called “fake news,” the panel’s GOP chairman said Thursday that his investigation into Russian electoral meddling could ultimately discredit some news outlets’ reporting.

      Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) stopped short of endorsing Trump’s Thursday morning call for a congressional investigation of the media. But Burr did predict that the final product of his panel’s bipartisan inquiry into Moscow’s disruption of the 2016 election would illustrate factual errors in some media reports on the issue.

      “We’re not going to investigate news organizations, but we will use the findings of our report to let the American people hold every news organization accountable for what they portrayed as fact, in many cases without sources — at least, no sources that would admit to it,” Burr told POLITICO.

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      • dekester. says:


        That is great news. Especially that Burr is quoted in Politico.

        Our business channel ( left leaning.) just reported a proposed oil pipeline from Alberta to Canada’s Eastcoast has been cancelled, and that this will be viewed as a big win for President Trump.

        Your dollar jumped 0.60 of a cent on the news.

        Our lefty politicians up here are really starting to wet themselves.

        God bless PDJT.

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      • Bee says:

        Nice to see my occasional email to his office is finally starting to make him jumpy. His newsletters have gotten more consistent as well. I told him to talk to Mark Walker about relating to people, Mark is fantastic.

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      • jmclever says:

        A “factual error” is one thing, but let’s call them what they are: bold-faced lies

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    • mazziflol says:

      Hahahaha. Yeah…OK. I’m sure another Trey Gowdy congressional oversight comity terrifies the swamp dwellers.

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  13. sunnydaze says:

    Wow. Sarah really reclaimed the narrative and set the record straight with that question re. Trump’s trip to PR and Mayor Nasty and her treatment of her own constituents in PR.

    I cannot believe how good she is at thinking on her feet. I have really never seen anyone like her! A Natural Born Master at this stuff.

    How lucky are we to have Sarah Sanders dealing with the Press Tots?

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    • KittyKat says:

      I keep thinking of that picture of her as a tiny tot with that cynical expression on her face.
      She seemingly has NEVER suffered fools gladly.

      The president is very fortunate to have her (…and her dad.) on his side.

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    • CheetoGuido says:

      yes, i agree. She is quite impressive.

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    • she takes after her father! quick with answers to shut them up! She is a gem!


    • Tegan says:

      For those of us that cannot get through the entire presser…can anyone tell us what Sarah said about the Mayor? I’ve tried twice to watch and just can’t stomach it.


      • churchmouse says:

        I watch as few YouTube videos as possible. I just don’t have the time to devote to these morons.

        Here is the transcript:

        This is the bit about Mayor Yulin:

        ‘MS. SANDERS: The mayor of San Juan had that shirt saying “NASTY.” What does this White House believe? The President went there; it was very controversial, his appearance there.

        ‘MS. SANDERS: Actually, it wasn’t controversial.

        ‘Q Well, some people —

        ‘MS. SANDERS: It was actually widely praised, even by a Democrat governor. I think that it is sad that the mayor of San Juan chose to make that a political statement instead of a time of focusing on the relief efforts.

        ‘The President invited her to be part of that conversation. He specifically asked in the meeting where many were present, including a couple dozen other mayors who were very happy with the recovery efforts — the governor, the congresswoman. He opened the floor up for discussion, and she actually made zero comments. To me, that would have been the time and the place that she should have weighed in and asked for what she needed, and laid out what she was asking for for San Juan. She didn’t.

        ‘Instead she chose to wait until the President left and then criticize him on TV, which I think is the wrong thing for her to do for her constituents. And I hope next time she’s given the opportunity to help her constituents, she’ll take it.’


  14. Sarah is MAGA! I just love her slap-downs, without allowing any interruptions!
    Excellent today taking only 1 question/per M.O.R.O.N., plus putting Acosta in his box for being such a ‘rude dude’.
    I love it! Intelligent, spot-on truthful, fast-talking come-backs; leaving no room for misunderstanding and refusing to take ‘clarifying’ questions….love, love, love this fighting spirit!
    This woman is an excellent MAGA advocate and very loyal, dedicated to our President.
    Applause, applause.

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  15. Ditch Mitch says:

    Ahhh the grassy knoll on the 32nd floor. Sorry I just couldn’t resist.

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  16. Southrider says:

    My position has been that WE the people have done a deal with the devil and accepted a firewall on extraconstitutional fed overreach decades ago.  Full auto, silencers, explosive devices – no.  Routine semi, etc, none-yahs-business Mr Fed.   States have a role in qualifying buyers not felons, moslem terrs,nut cases, etc and tailoring some matters for the locale. 

    I’ve danced this dance before.  I for one can accept a ban on the crappy,  if demonstrably deadly, toy (‘bump stocks’) by FEDERAL action IF we simultaneously get national ccw reciprocity.  

    Only then.

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  17. Matt says:

    I love Sarah! She’s so calm, cool, level headed, yet form and doesn’t take any BS, and she very pretty too, IMHO. What a woman! Her husband is one lucky guy.

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  18. Matt says:

    I love Sarah! She’s so calm, cool, level headed, yet firm and doesn’t take any BS, and she’s very pretty too, IMHO. What a woman! Her husband is one lucky guy.

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  19. Trumppin says:

    Just had a chance to watch – Wow.. fake news never let’s us down do they LOL how stupid to feign upset being labeled fake news and then continue to act like TMZ reporters.. good grief!

    I especially loved how they all wanted to shift the fake news label off on Russia’s pravda ha ha ha!
    at this point i’d believe pravda over us fake news

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  20. G. Combs says:

    From the point of view of getting GUNS BANNED — Hillary’s prime concern — it did not matter who he targeted. Kids in Boston would be a really good choice. However the Trump Supporters were just too good to pass up.

    Also if this was all staged as an attack by an ‘Angry White Male’ (Automatically Alt-Right) then casing out several venues would add to the optics just like buying 30+ guns in one month – LEGALLY and having heaps of guns and ammo in the room, and a car full of explosives.

    I still think he was planning to escape and was ‘sacrificed’
    A transcript of the police scanner shows a security guard shot and then 5 to 8 minutes later a black truck screaming out of the parking lot.

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  21. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    the bump stocks ban is pure stupidity. everyone can do it without:

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  22. I’ve seen better heads on fish. These gruesome media monkeys look to have been hatched and didn’t travel the birth canal route.


  23. Nikki/Chico says:

    Who-Hoo Mrs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders ripped that Jim “accoster” guy a new one! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Good on her 😉
    Is it just me or do those “reporters” 🙄 look like a bunch of muppets?

    No disrespect to the muppets intended ……

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  24. Nikki/Chico says:

    Ummmm, so much for that picture let’s try this …..

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  25. Nikki/Chico says:




  26. Media – “Is the White House aware that the creators of the Iran Deal are up for a Nobel Peace Prize and do you have a thought about those folks being potential winners?”

    Sarah “The Boss” Sanders – “I think we’ve been very clear on what our position is on the deal, that hasn’t changed just because some people may receive an award for it.”

    LOLOL 😀 😀 😀

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  27. Patriot1783 says:

    Sarah shuts down baby face Acosta in his tracks and makes him look like the village idiot. 😂😂😂

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  28. sunnydaze says:

    And once again, the score is:

    Sarah : 100

    Roomful of morons: 0

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  29. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Let’s just say it like it is. The press corps is a roomful of commies.


  30. distracted2 says:

    Can I just gush over Sarah for minute? That smile on her face could light up a room. This is a woman who is a true role model, beautiful inside and out.


  31. Doyle says:

    Super Sarah Sanders is amazing.


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