President Trump Calls Out Puerto Rico Truckers For Refusing to Work…

There has been a considerable amount of nonsense from people choosing to defend Puerto Rico’s unionized truck drivers and their refusal to work. The painful reality is the Puerto Rican Truckers Union, Frente Amplio, virtually control the port of San Juan and have used typical union tactics to slow down the distribution of relief supplies from the port in an effort to punish the Puerto Rican governor.  Truckers have refused to show up for work.

As President Trump departs the White House this morning he is asked a question about the leftist mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz.  During Trump’s response he points out the need for the Mayor to get involved and get the PR truckers back to work.

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158 Responses to President Trump Calls Out Puerto Rico Truckers For Refusing to Work…

  1. andi lee says:

    I l❤ve my President!

    As soon as President Trump said, “we’re looking at a very, *very sick* individual”, flashes of a child-sex trafficking case came to mind.

    ((((There was such a case: a desperate on-going search by the child-porn exploitation crimes division unit for an unidentified child (& others) in repeated episodes of child-porn, distributed all around the world. An older American man (living abroad) & a young female Asian partner (with, still, unknown accomplices) was finally caught in 2016, or 2015. Children were rescued but the one they desperately sought, was found in one of many graves.))))


  2. Realist says:

    How TYPICAL of the LEFTURD Truckers Union in PR to try to use their members to gain Political advantage during a crisis. But do you think the American Anti trump Media will call them out on it – NOT A CHANCE they will try to bury the story and blame Trump for the delays.


  3. George Hicks says:

    If I have to listen to Chuck Schumer criticize this President one more time about the federal response in PR…the man has never done anything himself , except criticize!

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