FEMA Director: San Juan Mayor Refuses To Participate in Puerto Rico Unified Command and Relief Efforts…

CNN attempts to spin a narrative, FEMA Director refuses to engage. FEMA Director Brock Long explains how the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin-Cruz has intentionally disconnected herself from the unified chain-of-command for Hurricane Maria relief efforts in favor of playing politics.

Additionally and incredibly, Mayor Yulin Cruz has never even visited the San Juan Headquarters where FEMA, Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept of Defense, National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers and PR state governors office are communicating, prioritizing and responding to the urgent needs of municipal leaders and the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Ridiculously, Mayor Yulin Cruz chooses to remain a few blocks away talking politics to media cameras instead of engaging with local, state and federal officials on recovery efforts. FUBAR.

Notice at 09:00 where Director Long specifically discusses the need for disaster response action from the local community, and how citizens should participate instead of remaining dependent on federal government.  Quickly CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield jumps in to cut him off so that CNN producers can continue selling their narrative. WATCH:

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236 Responses to FEMA Director: San Juan Mayor Refuses To Participate in Puerto Rico Unified Command and Relief Efforts…

  1. Beenthere says:

    I recently has a very nice conversation with a gentleman who has dealt contractually with FEMA in the past. If what we are hearing is true about the total devastation of Puerto Rico, then according to this gentleman FEMA is authorized to to take control of any assets in the affected region that it deems necessary to complete its mission. The owners will eventually be paid for the use of these assets which includes trucks. For the most part the locals are not helping out because it takes time (& that what they don’t have) to vet them so that they can be trusted to use or carry government equipment/supplies. All military personnel are vetted at the time of sign-up. The locals are probably taking care of themselves/family or immediate neighbors which the media refuses to show these acts of charity. Logistically, PR is so different from Houston & Florida; being an island makes it harder to transport people/goods. ———–This is his perspective. We both agree that the PR government is corrupted & that corruption has made the situation worse than what it should be.

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  2. distracted2 says:

    Talk about literally biting the hand that feeds you…

    I have compassion for the people of Puerto Rico and the circumstances they find themselves in but at this point I just want to scream get up off your butts and help or shut the heck up.

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  3. andi lee says:

    Center of Puerto Rico … 5 months to restore power. The equipment looks old but functional, at least.

    Really odd. Dr. LaPook’s timeline speaks of mass pharmaceutical med shortages. Were the citizens not prepared or did they lack money in the first place, to prepare?

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    • wheatietoo says:

      They are lying.

      They are corrupt…and they want to string this out to make people ‘pay extra’ to get their power back on!

      That island is so corrupt, they see this disaster with dollar $igns in their eyes.
      They don’t care about helping people.
      They are preying on this situation to get maximum revenue out of it!

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      • carrierh says:

        Again, I call it the latin touch which means get richer while the poor suffer. We need to email Trump that we do not want nor need this welfare island for whatever purpose. They don’t care about their citizens and most everyone on OUR welfare. WE can’t afford to continue draining our bank for them. Let them fend for themselves and stop allowing people like the mayor and governor be elected because they can take control when we cut the cord and take back their island.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      He should check in Yelin-Cruz’s basement, who knows what she did with these donated meds. She was able to get another photo-op though. (notice the hat too!🙄)

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    • AZ18 says:

      PR is home to many pharmaceutical manufacturing plants so I think that is what he was referring to and the affect it might have in mainland US.

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    • Bendix says:

      This Dr. LaPook is not to be trusted, as he has been pushing the anti-scientific “gender” line on CBS.
      In other words, he is for sale to the politicians.
      Did he claim this stuff for all the years and years he’s been a physician? Did he learn this in medical school? No to both.
      He’s a fake news phony.


  4. Jordan Rivers says:

    The Puerto Ricans are being bamboozled by the fake news media. Wake up people!! Hats off to the USA and Donald Trump.

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  5. Curry Worsham says:

    At 1:48 he said …
    “What we need is for that POS to stop playing politics and get her sorry ass down to the Joint Field Office and get educated.”
    And then out loud he said …
    “What we need is for the good mayor to make her way to the Joint Field Office and get plugged in…”

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  6. Risasi says:

    That FEMA guy is too polite…

    Also, I don’t want to see the federales come in with Martial law and remove the San Juan mayor. That would be a repeat of Katrina, with examples of gun confiscations. No, the people of Puerto Rico need to learn to self govern and remove this wicked and corrupt mayor themselves.

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  7. wheatietoo says:

    NO to Martial Law!

    Can’t you all see that is the ‘end game’ here?
    The Dems would love it if Pres Trump fell into their trap and declared Martial Law.

    That is exactly why they are doing this!

    Dems know that PDJT cannot stand to see people hurting and suffering.
    They know this about him!

    So they are using this suffering…even making it worse…to try to force Pres Trump into declaring Martial Law in order to help these suffering people.

    It’s just like in a movie where the bad guys are torturing the family members of some guy…to get him to do what they want!

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  8. Stringy theory says:

    I trust President Trump. He knows what is going on, and will deal with it as needed. Thanks be to God for this man.

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  9. Regina says:

    Go FEMA! Jobs!

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  10. rashamon says:

    For your enjoyment, “The UglyTruth About Puerto Rico” and why we really don’t want them to become a state. Being independent is impossible until corruption wanes, so I guess the status quo remains the only viable option.

    Interesting coverage on CBS’s 10 p.m. news include Chef Andreas cooking up a storm with a team delivering meals to hospitals and homes. SOOOOOME BODY is working…

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  11. maggiemoowho says:

    Just watch how this plays out, Bill Deblasio and Council woman Melissa Markviverito are going to be Yelin-Cruz’s angels that come in and save the day. Markviverito is already making the MSM rounds cutting up Trump and both along with Yelin Cruz are tweeting out BS about Trump. Yelin-Cruz has been in contact and receiving help from Deblasio as well as FEMA. She praises Deblasio and Markviverito and refuses help from others.
    🔺Another old photo from her twitter account. She is using old photos to make it seem like all these people are just now helping due to her BS cries for help. SHE IS A LIAR!!!🔻

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Here is the original photo and tweet from Sept 21, 2017. Notice that she shows a close up of only the NY patch in the above photo, you have to click on the photo to see that the man is actually from a Federal Agency.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Leftist commie types are masters at manufacturing Propaganda.

      She is not about to let this crisis ‘go to waste’.

      I hope she gets exposed for all her outrageous lies.

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      • elize says:

        Or like other toilet waste, she ends up being found, floating and bloated.

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      • mike says:

        I hope she goes to prison for politicized starvation, torture and possibly mass murder. I’m sure any close scrutiny of her finances will be interesting to the IRS, FBI, DEA, and no telling who else.

        Ray Nagin was the heads up to all US mayors, that there is accountability even though Nagin got off lightly for his corruption – a lot charged off to his race card. PR levels of corruption will be a freak show in comparison to even New Orleans.

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      • Bendix says:

        Andrew Cuomo went down there before this. I see where this is going. He intends to run in 2020, and he’s already got his little brother and the rest of the MSM helping him kick off his campaign against President Trump.
        Hah, Kamala Harris THOUGHT she was going to be the anointed one. Guess again, Kammy.


  12. Regina says:

    Another delightfully competent agency head – these guys are mighty impressive…I would Love to work with them.

    Old Freddie there was so physically tense from the first sentence she made my jaw clench – I wonder if they sit up nights worrying whether they’ll have to do an interview with one of these spunky Administration guys who have all the answers? They all really get taken to task – their questions are so senseless they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

    So fun to watch these little smackdowns 😉
    And they’re educational, too!

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    • Bendix says:

      She has to pretend she understands half of what he’s talking about. That’s got to be a real strain for some bimbo who got where she is due to looks and surname.

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  13. auntiefran413 says:

    I watched these videos and could count on one hand the number of Puerto Ricans I saw helping…whether it was using a chain saw to clear the roads, or loading/unloading trucks!

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  14. I would bet anything that Obama is mixed up in this dysfunction somehow. I don’t have a clear picture of the entire situation in PR, but I do know Obama has already thrown in his 2 cents. Is this how he distracts Trump? Can’t let a good crisis go to waste……smh

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  15. wheatietoo says:

    This guy confirms the problem with ‘predators’ that is going on…except he calls them “roving gangs”.

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  16. TexasRanger says:

    The Truth – Puerto Rican’s Are Delaying Disaster Relief – Here’s The Real Story….
    Report: Puerto Rico Teamsters Union, “Frente Amplio”, Refuse to Deliver Supplies
    The Liberal Democrat Puerto Rican’s and Media Are Lying About Trump’s Response and Help.!

    I have posted this message on at least 50 relevant YouTube video and WordPress Blog comments sections – I urge you to make your own comment and do the same. Don’t let the lying liberals and media.

    Don’t let the lying liberal Democrats and main stream media bash President Trump with their Fake News Stories.! San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz is a liar and pure political leftist liberal activist.!

    Do a YouTube search for Puerto Rico and post to comments on all relevant videos and stories. Do a DuckDuckGo search for Puerto Rico WordPress comments and post your comment to relevant articles.

    This message needs to be spread everywhere on social media and the Internet…..
    Help President Trump MAGA Make America Great Again and Drain The Swamp.

    Video 06:25 Minutes

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  17. glmwriter says:

    Will the USA also bailout P.R.’s continued debt crisis?


  18. Redheart says:

    How did we get to the point that the Federal Government is responsible to make everyone whole after a disaster?

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    • Good question, I do not mind assisting folks that need help, heck I am a Paramedic all my life and have helped people whether I was working or not, but the abuse, the expectations, the demands, it never fails to amaze me the demands, the ungratefulness, that you give and give and give for free and then they condemn you?????? It is not enough? Fast enough? best ? better? what the heck else do they want??? It is never good enough when you are hated, make no mistake, President Trump, we the supporters of are hated.

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  19. guitar107 says:

    As usual, leftist politicians louse everything up (I wanted to use the F word, actually).
    They don’t care about anyone, just to push their narrative and to hang on to absolute power.


  20. botvinnik says:

    The good people of Puerto Rico should rise-up and give this horrid bïtch a Mussolini Blanket Party from the nearest lamppost.


  21. itsy_bitsy says:

    This worthless woman politician should be removed from office. It appears that the person NOT doing her job is this b*tch!


  22. TJ says:

    We’ve long known about the corruption in Puerto Rico. I’ve been trying to work a project there for 6 months might even be a little longer now and nothing moves because the mayor’s want their pay off first. You don’t have bribe money then you don’t get to work


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