President Trump Impromptu Presser En Route to Indiana (video)…

President Donald Trump talked to reporters before a scheduled trip to Indiana and touched on the Alabama GOP senate primary, the state of the GOP health care bill, his tax plan and the controversy over the NFL protests:

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113 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser En Route to Indiana (video)…

  1. treehouseron says:

    He knows that the Republicans are a complete sham. The reason he keeps bring up the filibuster rule is because he KNOWS even if it was gone, they’d still find a way to oppose MAGA.

    A poster yesterday (can’t remember the name) kept making the point that after Friday, we’re going to have 52 votes on everything. They’ll vote in lock step starting Monday. Why? So they can say they support the President’s agenda, all the while knowing the Democrats won’t let it pass.

    We need to primary all of them.

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  2. Mariainohio says:

    I ran across this article stating that Green Bay head coach will join the “unity” display before the Thursday night game. At the end of the article there is a vote giving these gestures of unity a thumbs up or thumbs down. FYI presently, there are many more “thumbs down”.

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  3. gzuf says:

    That 9:05 POTUS response on HHS Price is pretty rough; while I imagine he is more disappointed by the Obamacare failure than public plane private use controversy neither is good for optics. Either way Price could be on the outs possibly.

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  4. quintrillion says:

    Love P45. He will keep fighting for us 24/7; he’s amazing! And he will win and we will win. Don’t ever give up this is all too important and we may never have this chance again to make big changes that will stick and benefit generations to come. Stay woke, confident and shining the light on the dark place to kill the diseased rats and roaches that try to infect the good we do with their drama queen bs.

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  5. Troublemaker10 says:



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    • Howie says:

      Take it to the Green Parrot Bar in Key West. BOLD REPUBLICANS….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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    • decisiontime16 says:

      “Our framework”. “Our bold tax reform”…..”WE are going bold”…..

      None of this would have happened without President Trump. It was his vision. His ideas he ran on and won despite them.

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    • trapper says:

      Brace yourself. We are about to get another slap in the face by the Republicans. They are going to simplify the tax rates to reduce the corporate rate and the rate paid by the hedge fund guys, but they will make middle class Americans pay for OUR rate reduction by eliminating our deductions for mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and state and local taxes. So, sure, you can file it on a post card, and sure, your rate will be lower, but check for your wallet, pally boy, because the AMOUNT a middle class taxpayer pays is going to go UP. Wait for it, and don’t say nobody warned you.

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      • andrewe1 says:

        I live in a high tax state and city and I endorse eliminating the state/local deduction. Time for the blue state voters to pay full price for their government’s spending.

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      • ginaswo says:

        They did not remove the mortgage interest deduction.
        People living in hi tax blue states should vote with their feet if they don’t like hitaxes

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        • trapper says:

          Wait for it. They will need to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction for the middle class in order to make the middle class rate reduction revenue neutral.

          And again, woulda shoulda coulda is not the point. I’m not talking policy. That’s a different discussion. I’m talking lies. This will not be a middle class tax cut.


          • L. says:

            Wow no mortgage interest deductions will break the fragile real estate market. I thought the real estate lobbyists were some of the most powerful in Washington lately.


          • carrierh says:

            If the House wrecks Trump’s tax rate plan, he will veto it and probably have to go EO because he knows we need this. The Congress better start thinking and acting as our representatives and not representing those who money them because their future in Congress is threatened to the Nth degree. Ditto on getting rid of DACA and a full REPEAL OF ACA. Time for reckoning.


      • I live in one of the aforementioned high tax blue states…and I agree that if they started losing their deductions they would suddenly change their tune about the need for Federal reform. I am not opposed to the suggested changes as simplicity is the enemy of a corrupt,power-hungry government! BUT, for those of us who structured our earnings, withholdings, etc on the current tax laws, having this proposal made retroactive to January 2017 would be a huge financial hit, so I really hope Congress doesn’t go down that path!!


    • ginaswo says:

      4 words for GOPe: SHOW ME THE MONEY

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  6. dbethd says:

    MSM: “Why does it matter if he’s in the hospital?”
    The stupidity knows no bounds. When that is the beginning of the questions, how can you even possibly take their other questions with any seriousness and respect? (Not that I feel they deserve any respect -just to be clear–I loathe them).

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    • treehouseron says:

      President Trump had to get out the Crayons and Construction Paper for that one.

      “See, Little Katy Tur, he’s in the HORSE-SPITAL. He has to go to congress to vote. That’s a different building. ”

      (Hat tip to Howie for Horsespital, that’s how my mom pronounciated it too)

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  7. Budman says:

    The press corp: Who’s in the hospital?… Who’s in the hospital?………. Do your homework shlubs!!!
    Love how PT brushes these morons off.

    BTW… Great hair day for our beloved President Trump!!! MAGA

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  8. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    I like that president TRUMP said, he’s got an EO lined up for next week that removes state lines for medical insurance. FBN (Cavuto) completely ignored it.

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  9. Pentheus says:

    “In my opinion the NFL has to change or you know what’s going to happen? Their business is gonna go to hell.”

    19 seconds later the banner says
    TRUMP: NFL must change or it will “go to Hell”

    Tonight’s top story on CNN – Trump thinks he’s God, orders NFL to change, threatens Hell.

    Result: the MAGA turnout in next year’s elections just got 10% higher!

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  10. Howie says:

    The chance of GOP doing any meaningful tax reform…..( no loner a need for the E)

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  11. Lucille says:

    Watch the speech on Right Side Broadcasting Network at


  12. Howie says:

    Nobody is gonna like anything Price puts forth. He is bought and paid 10 ways from Sunday and almost as bad a pick as Sessions. The transition was blown. Period.

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  13. paulraven1 says:

    Why does he always have these things next to a roaring jet engine? Annoying.

    But notice the chirpy little bi*ch pestering him about “First Amendment”? I’d say she was stupid, as this is not a First Amendment issue and this has been stated ad nauseum for weeks but of course she’s just pushing the narrative. Notice this is the first time in 8 years the Leftist media has uttered the words “First Amendment” (and under false pretenses) even while Obama and Clinton were actually, serially ravaging it?

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      And the riots in C’ville has nothing in common w/the protesting during the National Anthem. I would love for P Trump to apologize for his statement at his Alabama rally IRT using the SOB term and then tell them that the only way for the NFL to get their business in order is for all the players to stand at attention, helmet in left hand at their side, right hand over their heart and all other personnel on the field stand at attention with right hand over heart. No one should be doing their warm up on the grass ignoring the anthem. And the locking of arms has got to go as that is still a political statement. NO POLITICAL STATEMENTS ON THE FIELD!


  14. MAGA trump says:

    God bless President Trump

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  15. Thurstan says:

    The key to lower medical insurance costs is competition. Eliminating the insurers’ fiefdoms (captive state populations) will allow competition. The economies of scale that arise from larger insurance groups will increase insurance company profitability and at the same time lead to competitive price lowering (like we see with cell phones, etc). Lower prices lead to the peeling off of more and more people who are on Obamacare. Those whose rates under a nationwide insurer are lower than on Ocare. Ocare insurers become less profitable as their Ocare base shrinks, and Ocare premiums skyrocket. In the end, allowing cross border insurance competition will kill Ocare while benefitting all other citizens with better insurance costs and choices.
    And Trump can take sole credit for lowering premiums and killing Ocare.

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    • Howie says:

      The key is to lower the cost of care and medical treatments of all kines. Bottom line. The false hope of competition between insurance companies is pathetic and stupid.


    • Kaiser Roll says:

      The US population is overweight to obese for a clear majority. End the farm subsidies and SNAP. That’s a big cost reduction right there.


    • Singer says:

      Demanding price transparency and eliminating monopolies by enforcing 100 year old laws that have been affirmed by the USSC would do more to solve the cost problem and reduce overall costs by 70 to 80%. No one will do it though because it will ravage the economy albeit temporarily. The resurgent economy in the aftermath would be unprecedented.

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  16. TreeClimber says:

    I really like when you post transcripts, I’m deaf in one ear (in a strange way – it sounds like I’m constantly underwater, with sound coming through but faint and distorted,) and trying to listen to and decipher these videos is… extremely difficult. Anywhere I can find the transcript to this?

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  17. Kaiser Roll says:

    Any serious tax reform must target the tax evasion that Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are engaging in.

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  18. Trumppin says:

    There goes the master brander again “There in a BOX!” NFL Rope-a-dopes know it too!


  19. Howie says:

    We haz 3 branches of government that counts. Executive, legislature, and judicial….we got the executive….the best way now is to get the judicial at SCOTUS. Bet the ranch. Get Kennedy out and another Trump Justice and we are in Biz. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

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  20. Howie says:

    Why do people keep on having faith in the GOP? I do not understand. It is so clear of a scheme it would bite u if it were a snake. And it is.


  21. Howie says:

    Oh Well….keep on preppin’.


  22. czarowniczy says:

    Some PO’d Louisiana politicos are trying to push through a bill that would cut the $400-million in bonuses the state gives the Saints, money was to sweeten Benson’s bank account and keep him from moving to a ‘more profitable’ location. Not much of a chance of that happening as too many of these politicos get choice skybox/suite seats during games and especially during playoffs and Bowl games played in the Dome.
    Don’t know if it’s been brought up but now the excuse is the players are saying their protesting racism, poleece brewtality (eye dialect mine), income inequity (hypocrisy theirs) and Trump in particular. Geez guys, these same conditions existed under whom you describe as Americas first black president and eight years later under our first real black president but I don’t remember any of the overpaid NFL whiners hitting a knee protesting either of them…

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