Anthony Weiner Sentenced To 21 Months in Prison…

Former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton confidant Huma Abedin, received a 21 month prison sentence earlier today as a result of his conviction for sexting and transferring obscene material to a 15-year-old minor.

According to the New York Post Mr. Weiner broke down in court during a last minute plea for leniency and a request for probation. New York prosecutors argued the disgraced former official needed prison time. The judge sentenced Weiner to 21 months behind bars.

New York – […] The disgraced ex-congressman broke down crying as he was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student to undress and touch herself via Skype in 2016.

“This was a serious crime. It’s a serious crime that deserves serious punishment,” Manhattan federal Judge Denise Cote said as the convicted sext fiend dropped his head into his hand and wept.

After the courtroom cleared, Weiner sat crying in his chair with his lawyers patting him on the back. His mom also sat crying on the bench behind him, sitting next to Weiner’s brother Jason and Weiner’s dad.

His father and brother also joined him in the courtroom — but the serial sexter’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Huma Abedin, was nowhere to be seen.

In addition to his prison stint, Weiner was sentenced to pay a $10,000 fine for his crime, participate in sex offender outpatient treatment and spend three years on supervised release once his sentence is up.

He will have to surrender to his designated facility by Nov. 6 — his lawyer put in a request for Schuylkill Federal Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, or another low-security prison near New York. (read more)


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190 Responses to Anthony Weiner Sentenced To 21 Months in Prison…

  1. duchess01 says:

    Breitbart at Rep. Weiner’s press conference


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  2. IMO says:

    Hudson Report – Criminal Congress

    “Published on Sep 25, 2017Mr. Hudson continues to name names in the time and manner of his choosing as he enumerates a stunning historical list of Congressional crimes and misdeeds”


  3. jeans2nd says:

    29 Aug 2015 –
    “Donald Trump on Saturday stood by his charge that disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner is a “perv,” adding that he “obviously is psychologically disturbed” and alleging that his wife, Huma Abedin, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton, is passing sensitive information to him…”

    “”I think it’s a very fair statement that I made…(Abedin) is receiving this very, very important information and giving it to Hillary. Well, who else is she giving it to?””


  4. redtreesquirrel says:

    I can still remember how obnoxious and unprofessional Weiner was as a member of Congress. He used to do a lot of grandstanding and always with in your face thug-like disrespect for his challengers on the other side. It now seems every member on the Left is just like him.

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  5. winky says:

    Wonder if he comes out of prison alive or has an “accident” of some sort……he knows a lot.


  6. I hope the officers who administer his sentence are aware that convicted pedos often don’t make it out of prison alive. That’s probably why he took the outcome so hard. He may not make it out.


    • winky says:

      You are right about the convicted pedos. I also wonder about all the Clinton corruption that he could write a book about AFTER he gets out of prison. Doubt the Clintons want this guy around.




  8. 21 months??? BULLSHIT. Cut it off and throw it away. Any of us sick enough to do that would have received a MUCH LONGER sentence.

    Where does the class warfare end with justice being served? The mf’in perv will be out in 9 months with “good behavior”.


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