(More Pics)

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31 Responses to Wilburine…

  1. Jlwary says:

    Where’s Wilbur? Ah, found him! MAGA

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  2. Pam says:

    We don’t call him Wilburine for nothing! 😉

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  3. treehouseron says:

    Melania can’t help but look 100%

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  4. Alison says:

    Nikki’s laughing about something. I bet Wilburine gave her a peck on the cheek 😍

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    I love it.
    Wilburine seems to enjoy the hell out of being at things like this…it’s like he enjoys observing all these stiffs putting on their little acts.

    I’ll bet he made a funny remark to Nikki Haley and that’s why she is cracking up.

    But look at our President.
    He’s standing there riding the elevator…and not holding onto the railing.
    I could never do that.
    I always have to hold onto the railing when riding those things.

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  6. Carolina Kat says:

    Thanks for posting these. I’m so proud of our President!

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  7. Bob Thoms says:

    UN pro-tip. Nice time of year to visit the Big Apple. In addition to walking by Trump Tower/Wollman skating rink, and other famous Trump landmarks, stop in at the UN.

    They have a most excellent full service dining room that overlooks the East River – it’s full up white linen dining with excellent food at a fair price (must be US taxpayer subsidized). Kinda fun to dine with all the foreign diplomats and bureaucrats…….the UN also has a very affordable employees cafeteria in an equally nice setting. Again an opportunity to get some good food at a decent price and in an incredibly exhilarating environment – that is if uber multiculturalism is your thing.

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    • carrierh says:

      Unfortunately, I am not a fan of NYC or the people who live there. When they remove diBlasio as Mayor, I will reconsider and hope they start getting back the truly good restaurants they once had.

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  8. annieoakley says:

    President Trump and Melania always carry themselves so well. Just comfortable wherever they are.

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  9. I love the flag lapel pins! MAGA

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  10. In Az says:

    President Trump always has his head up looking around, observing his surroundings.

    I have always told my kids to do this at all times…..to this day…. Be aware of your surroundings and be observant of what is happening.

    I never had to do that when I was young but it is necessary today. …. unfortunately…..thanks to the traitors in government.

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  11. Minnie says:



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  12. Beenthere says:

    I thought Trump’s personal body guard, Keith, of 20+ years quit.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Leaving at the end of September or early October, supposedly.

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      • brh82 says:

        Today I ran across a conspiracy theory site where they discuss how our atmosphere is engineered to kill us and the President’s bodyguard was fired by General Kelly as part of the plan to rid us of this President. General Kelly is being engineered as well, by a cabal of Globalists. All of it was believable. The bodyguard is moving back to New York where his family resides.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Not sure who you are looking at, but Keith is not in this picture…..


  13. WVPatriot says:

    Enjoy the photos. I am thinking about getting twitter to receive President Trump’s messages. I have never had facebook…no reason to have it.

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  14. DHarvey says:

    Notice on the upper left Tillerson is chatting with Defense Sec Mattis. Defense and State.. what a terrific combo..

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  15. A2 says:

    As I flagged before, Mr Wilbur will be giving a speech in Hong Kong on the 27th. Then I suppose he will be off the Beijing to deliver the ‘tender message’ to the Economic Mandarins. All preparation for the President’s expected visit. I still say, depending on events, 80% on, 20% not on.

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  16. RyderLee says:

    I think that is the Farthest Away I’ve ever seen Wilburine from Melania 🙅😮😄

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  17. canadacan says:

    You’re not going to believe this but I’m not entirely sure who Wilbur is

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  18. Blacksmith8 says:

    That would be US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, just in front of US Rep Nikki Haley at the top of the escalator

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  19. brh82 says:

    Is the bodyguard the younger guy in front of Wilburine?

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