September 18th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #242

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,366 Responses to September 18th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #242

  1. andi lee says:

    Single-most compelling “paragraph” to the dawning realization … there is A GOPe SPY! *still* in the midst of the White House walls!

    The descriptive narrative is a vivid retelling of a 1st person account detailing intimate knowledge of movement within the sacred confines of POTUS’ realm.

    And, ‘New York Times’ knows the leakers. ((NYT link(ed) in article))

    What leads me to call out the, “GOPe”? (aka, Uni-Party)

    The UK Court documents:
    (subject of lawsuit: Dossier Confidentiality Clause breech, was “unsubstantiated raw data”, not to be made public. A Cyprus website host also a victim – was linked to; damaged business reputation) (Similar: US Courts, Buzzfeed)

    that reveal:

    “Senator” John McCain, clearly, violated, ‘The Hatch Act’, & hired, former UK Spy (& his business), Christopher Steele, (victim) for opposition research on his party’s candidate for POTUS. Walked HIS Dossier to FBI:

    Former FBI Director James Comey *used* McCain’s *unsubstantiated* Dossier at secret FISA Court to obtain warrant for Paul Manafort’s home.

    ~ with love, the new GOP! MAGA!

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  2. budmc says:

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  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    Can you believe this crap…Washington already spends over 2.7 Billion a year
    Washington Taxpayers Foot $2.7 Billion Annual Bill for Illegal Immigration

    2,000 Dreamers to receive DACA renewal scholarships

    (sorry was posted on wrong thread)

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    • quintrillion says:

      Then the grateful illegal invaders became SJW Commie organizers and demanded MORE free stuff because that’s what they learned from the commie professors and peers.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Look at how the governmental benefits that Illegals get have increased since Reagan’s time.
        They now have special ESL classes for kids and adults, press 1 for English, 40% or more of Welfare recipients are Illegals, in California many are voting, and the list goes on.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    Whoever brought Manafort in is a mole…Manafort was under FBI investigation and Obama used this to continue the spying and entrapment.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Obama did the same with Flynn…they put him in position because he was already under FBI investigation and they could continue the spying and entrapment. President Trump and our country are truly blessed!

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    • andi lee says:

      Flynn has the goods on Benghazi. Gowdy’s 2015 Benghazi Report has line-item notation, Flynn, Trump, under surveillance.

      I expect, Manafort, has knowledge TPTB wants / needs, to remain hidden.

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      • Publius2016 says:

        Don’t know what information would stop the prosecution. Obama and Hillary are the parents of ISIS and Soros helped fund the revolution in several countries including Ukraine. At the end of the day, the “Republican” Congress put through unconstitutional sanctions on Russia for election interference. Only Trump Presidency stopped the complete takeover!

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      100% YES!!! I’ve said from the beginning that all this Russian BS against Trump, is a set up and I firmly believe that the Bush’s, McCain, Kissinger, Stone, Manafort and others set Trump up. Just follow all the Russian appearences and the people who brought them to Trump events. Now we know why the Dossier was made, they needed a document to present to the court to get a wire tap. My guess is, this will all lead to the Bush’s, McCain and Obama. Whoever got that dossier should hang though.

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  5. andi lee says:

    Wow! Blast from the past!
    *The Mike Pence Show*

    Thank you, Vice-President Pence, for all that you do. Let your works continue to reflect God’s Holy image! Amen!

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  6. fedback says:

    President Trump attending a working dinner with Latin American leaders.

    First two minutes are priceless. The President decides to greet everyone around the table personally.
    You can see T Rex and Haley laughing in the background while The President socialises
    The respect he’s met with is wonderful

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  7. psadie says:

    The refugees want to go to Germany where they are “paid” well and want to make MUSLIM BABIES. Good grief keep them out of the USA.

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  8. trumpfan1 says:

    omg. i am going to die because of eating too much popcorn… oh lala. (you know today has many popcorn).

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  9. Nchadwick says:

    A crowd has gathered at a jail in St. Louis where protesters are asking for collections to bail out people who were arrested last night.

    “Chanting when one of us is under attack, we fight back”

    This hasn’t been peaceful since it started the first night, the constitution protects “right of the people peaceably to assemble” — Time to set a curfew and enforce it, by ANY means necessary!

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  10. duchess01 says:

    WHAT’S HAPPENING – 09/18/2017


  11. fleporeblog says:

    Folks I am getting excited 😊 about the direction the Graham Cassidy Bill is taking in both the Senate and the House! Ginaswo has been doing some incredible research for us! The left is beyond scared at this point. Their worse nightmare was announced today by the CBO that they will only be able to provide preliminary financial analysis of the Bill. Just enough to satisfy the Parliamentarian. They won’t have the final details until some time in October. Long past the Senate and what I believe will be the House votes. Democrats will cry 😭 but will be screwed because Nancy P. famously said you have to vote before you can see what is in the bill.

    I would hope that SD could run a separate thread about the Bill but more importantly what WE can do starting tomorrow to mobilize our efforts on behalf of our President. The left gives their creatures an example of what to say when calling a Senator and/or Congressman. We need to counter their phone calls and emails. Here is the info Ginaswo shared earlier:

    – To contact AZ Governor Ducey and ask him to tell McCain to vote YES,
    Phoenix: 602.542.4331
    Tucson: 520.628.6580

    – To email AZ Gov.Ducey to ask him to tell McCain to vote yes on cassidy graham

    – To contact Alaska Governor Walker to ask him to tell Murkowski to vote YES,
    Call the Governor’s office
    (907) 465-3500

    – To contact Maine Governor LePage to ask him to tell Collins to vote YES,

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  12. maggiemoowho says:

    The FBI snuck into Manaforts house while he was sleeping, think about that for a minute.. How is that allowed, they picked his locks.

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  13. ALEX says:

    Maria now a Category 5.

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  14. ALEX says:

    Looking good Flepore…

    Under the plan, Obamacare money that pays for an expansion of Medicaid and that subsidizes coverage for many of those who buy insurance on the exchanges would be pooled and instead given to states as block grants.

    The states would tailor the money to their own health care plans. The bill would immediately repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate requiring people to get coverage or pay a tax and its rule requiring large employers to provide coverage or face crippling penalties. It also scraps the 2010 law’s tax on medical device sales.

    There are “people coming out regularly and saying they’re for it, either privately or publicly,” Mr. Cassidy said.

    Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, and Sen. Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican who faces a tough re-election bid next year, have signed onto the plan. Yet Republican leaders are demanding an airtight vote count before bringing another bill to the floor.

    Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican and a key holdout, said he supports the bill but wants hearings, further straining the calendar.

    Bill sponsors aren’t counting on red-state Democrats to offset Republican dissenters, though they say some might hop on board if the 52-seat Republican majority fronts at least 50 votes.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Really is ALEX! See my post above. We need to mobilize CTH to bombard Collins, Murkowski and McCain the same way the left does!

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    • Sorry dude, but the “bill” does not repel the mandates–individual or employer. The bill as currently written sets the fine/tax to zero. All the next congress has to do is raise the fine/tax to what ever they want. Do you really think that this government will give up power, any power, willingly???

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      • ALEX says:

        That makes no sense..


      • That is misinformation:
        Who would need to be covered

        Under the Cassidy-Graham plan, the mandates would be eliminated at the federal level. States could choose to keep the measure, replace it or get rid of it completely.

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        • Oh yeah, let’s cite the Washington Post as the authority. Real good.

          Here is the current text for the individual mandate, the verbiage for the employer mandate is similar:

          23 (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 5000A(c) of the Internal
          24 Revenue Code of 1986 is amended—
          LYN17709 S.L.C.
          1 (1) in paragraph (2)(B)(iii), by striking ‘‘2.5
          2 percent’’ and inserting ‘‘Zero percent’’, and
          3 (2) in paragraph (3)—
          4 (A) by striking ‘‘$695’’ in subparagraph
          5 (A) and inserting ‘‘$0’’, and
          6 (B) by striking subparagraph (D).
          7 (b) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made by
          8 this section shall apply to months beginning after December 31, 2015

          You can find it here:

          Note how clever they are. They can claim a zero equates to elimination when in fact it is just gaslighting. You guys are being gaslighted.

          Now, who providing the “misinformation”???

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          • If the States are responsible for running healthcare and are given grants to utilize your premise makes no sense. The Washington Post has a nice layout explaining the plan.
            The source you link contains the following:
            More specifically, GCHJ:
            Repeals Obamacare Individual and Employer Mandates.
            So I don’t see your point.


            • Because if the language is still in there, all the next Congress has to do is change the zero to a positive number and puff….the mandate is back.

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              • Your logic is conspiracy level. The mandates are removed, set to zero. In your first comment you say as of 2015, this time you say as of 2016. The mandates were administered by the Feds. The authority of the Feds to administer Health care is removed by the act and that authority is transferred to the states. Each state can legislate a mandate if they so desire.

                So we are supposed to be afraid we are being snookered that the next administration can return to Federal mandates when the rest of the Obamacare law is no longer in effect? That is frankly ridiculous.

                A much more realistic fear is that blue states will enact a mandate. If they do one is free to move out of state. There are no guarantees in life other than death. The next administration can always write a new act and get it passed. That is why we must be vigilant.


                • ray76 says:

                  Ignore the sales rhetoric and the title, read the bill.


                • Too late tonight for me but tomorrow.
                  Do you really believe that Senator Cotton would state on his website the following if this act could be made null and void by resetting just the numbers in the act to reenact a Nation wide mandate?

                  If you believe that why isn’t it just as easy to believe that the next Congress will write a new Single payer plan? Cotton’s staements:
                  More specifically, GCHJ:
                  Repeals Obamacare Individual and Employer Mandates.
                  Repeals the Obamacare Medical Device Tax.
                  Strengthens the ability for states to waive Obamacare regulations.
                  Returns power to the states and patients by equalizing the treatment between Medicaid Expansion and Non-expansion States through an equitable block grant distribution.
                  Protects patients with pre-existing medical conditions.
                  GCHJ also eliminates the inequity of four states receiving 37 percent of Obamacare funds and brings all states to funding parity by 2026. As an example, Pennsylvania has nearly double the population of Massachusetts, but receives 58 percent less Obamacare money than Massachusetts.


                • ray76 says:

                  Ryan said the same things.


                • ray76 says:

                  Ryan said the same things and this bill does much the same things: set rates and amounts to zero but leave the structure in place.


                • I think they still have the constraints of the parliamentarian for the 51 vote threshold. They do not have the freedom to craft fresh and in fact they only have to Sept 30th. The same logic of it doesn’t go far enough is why we are in this boat.
                  While people like McCain posture for purity hundreds og thoudands of Americans can find no affordable health insurance cobverage. This bill would make strides to change that. After we have a larger majority or McConnell does away with his friend the supermajority the issues can be revisited and improved.

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          • HAHAHAH…even better…they state as much in their own summary:

            Section 104: Repeal of the Individual Mandate
            • Strikes the individual mandate penalty and makes it $0, retroactive to calendar year 2016.

            Section 105: Repeal of the Employer Mandate
            • Strikes the employer mandate penalty and makes it $0, retroactive to calendar year 2016.

            ROFLOL…They got the Supreme Court to legalize efforts of the Federal Government to force us to buy something we may not need. Do you really think they would give that power up???

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          • ray76 says:

            It’s the same garbage the Republicans have thrown up all year.

            They’re not the “good guys”.

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        • blognificentbee says:

          Thank you! This ^^^^^^


  15. cdnintx says:

    Video with Chris Farrell at Judicial Watch with panel that includes Dr. Gorka discussing Deep/Permanent State. Worth the watch.

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  16. Kaco says:

    I swear I caught a TV commercial earlier asking to lift the Qatar sanctions. WTH?

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  17. kinthenorthwest says:

    ( it is Clinton’s Network News hmm).
    But still illegal in so many ways.

    Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman

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  18. treehouseron says:

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  19. sunnydaze says:

    Police shot a (white) man at Georgia Tech a few nites ago. Now the school’s on lockdown cuz of rioters.

    Here’s the shooting:

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  20. Blacksmith8 says:

    this being the presidential thread and all, I’ll leave this hear so I have good people to share my nightmares, I was bad, I admit it. I looked at GP about a minute ago.
    some filthy stooge ny reporter says to go after Barron Trump.

    I am sick and tired of this nonsense. Not once ever did I consider blaming or pointing at the complete lack of parenting by the former occupants. I never considered even a sideways glance at the bush kids or the clinton daughter.

    I am boiling mad right now.

    Hear me well you libtards: LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!

    You have know idea what you’ve unleashed. I am but a poor student at the Mattis school of diplomacy.

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  21. trumpfan1 says:

    can we go after the nyt reporters?

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  22. maggiemoowho says:

    Next time your kid says he saw a ghost, check your phones, probably wasn’t a ghost, probably was an FBI agent.

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  23. Nchadwick says:

    Georgia Tech — Rioting Burn Police Car —


  24. maggiemoowho says:

    Hot Christmas item this year😄, get them now before they sell out.


  25. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Different topic – bicycle racing – Tour of Italy next year. – a Win for Israel
    – Enjoy if you like bike racing like I do.

    Three stages in Israel for historic Giro start in 2018

    JERUSALEM (VN) — Three historic stages in Israel will kick-start the 2018 Giro d’Italia in what’s the first time a grand tour ventures beyond Europe.

    The 101st Giro (May 4-27) will open with a time trial and two road stages in Israel that represent an important landmark in cycling history.

    “This will be a very special edition of the Giro,” said Giro director Mauro Vegni. “Following its 100th edition this year, it’s a new starting point, not only for the Giro, but because it’s historic because it takes the Giro out of Europe for the first time.”

    The “Big Start” will feature three stages in Israel. The first will be on Friday, May 4, with a 10.1km individual time trial in and around Jerusalem, ending along the walls of the old city. That’s followed by two stages well suited for the sprinters.

    Stage 2 will be 167km from Haifa to Tel Aviv in northern Israel. The route will include the Giro’s first king of the mountains points at Zikron Yakov before a flatter run into the sprint in central Tel Aviv. The third stage runs 226km from Be’er Sheva to Eilat on the Red Sea.

    Seeker – Italians must consider Israel to be a bike friendly and a safe country for this prestigious start. Plus I bet there will be many more spectators in Israel than when they hold bike races in Muslim countries. Then the road is a almost completely empty and no spectators. Muslims do not like bike racing and especially when women are doing it.

    My personal hope is that Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot (Israel native) will be there to start things off for the race. That would be perfect.

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  26. Nchadwick says:

    Different angle from Georgia Tech tonight — 1:30 mark
    Police Officer with huge gash on top of his head and blood streaming down his face while handcuffing rioter, as he resisted arrest!


  27. Pam says:

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  28. Pam says:

    Let’s try again with twitter.


  29. sunnydaze says:


    the Prof run off of Evergreen College by a bunch of lunatics last spring gets a 500K settlement from the College:

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  30. Nchadwick says:


    • Nchadwick says:


      Copwatch members are (from left) Jenell Holden, Connor Gillis, Marlon Kautz, and Vincent Castillenti. photo – Jason Getz,

      Faced with complaints from a citizen watchdog group, Atlanta police will stop interfering with people who videotape officers performing their duties in public, an agreement reached with the city Thursday says.

      The settlement, which also calls for the city to pay $40,000 in damages, requires city council approval.


    • Nchadwick says:

      Not the first time he has been involved in assult and Battery of a police officer

      I need the video of my arrest from[masked] rally in St. Pete
      Gives: user 3.
      Posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 12:18 AM
      Hello, this is Vincent Castillenti. I was arrested during the March 17th rally and am in dire need of witnesses, pictures, and video of my arrest.

      Until today I was hoping that the two felony charges of
      Assault and Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer would be dismissed. But the prosecutors are intent on charging me because of a tresspassing charge I acquired a few months later.

      I know several women took pictures and video of the scuffle, and that one of them is a member of our 9/11 group. I desperately have been trying to get a hold of her to no avail. If you are this woman or have any pictures or video of my arrest, or were at the rally and are willing to testify in court on my behalf, please contact me ASAP at
      and my email
      [address removed]
      [address removed].

      I know I acted foolishly during the incident and have spent a long time thinking about what I should and shouldn’t have done. There were much better ways to handle the situation and I realize that now.
      Unfortunately the “justice” system hasn’t been convinced that I’ve learned my lesson, so now I have to convince them that I didn’t assault the police.

      I may be in the market for a good lawyer as well, so any recommendations would be good.

      Thank you very much,
      Peace and Love!

      ~Vincent Castillenti

      p.s. If this email does not concern you please ignore it.

      Tampa FLORIDA


  31. jeans2nd says:

    What Acosta mendaciously does not mention is the “why” of loss of protection.

    The Hill does not get it, either.
    Trump Jr. declines further Secret Service protection: report
    “…because of privacy concerns”

    FTA – “The Secret Service said last month it only had enough money to protect the president through September.”

    Don Jr., Kellyanne Conway, et al, gave up the SS protection and are now paying for it themselves so as to save the U.S. Government, which is the American people. money. What a bunch of mendacious dummies these Fake News people are.

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  32. Eva Hewlett says:

    I apologize if this has already been posted. What timing on a 3 yr old allegation. Just in time for VSGDJT meeting in Vietnam.


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