Sarah Sanders, HR McMaster and Ambassador Nikki Haley Press Briefing…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, National Security Advisor HR McMaster and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley provide an extensive press briefing on a variety of domestic and international (N-Korea, U.K) issues.

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86 Responses to Sarah Sanders, HR McMaster and Ambassador Nikki Haley Press Briefing…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    See snowflakes, powerful women in powerful positions! Do not fear the “Republicans”

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    • Publius2016 says:

      1 conservative, the other not really…

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    • Bl says:

      Nimrata is mistake. She is not the kind of woman one would want in power.


      • Stringy theory says:

        I’m not a fan of hers, but she has done her duty thus far at the UN.

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        • dilonsfo says:

          You are correct. It appears she has put her personal politics aside and is doing what President Trump hired her to do…follow his agenda and implement his policy.

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          • H.R. says:

            Yup. Ambassador Haley has been quite a surprise to me. She is following President Trump’s policy and she’s really good in here position at the U.N. She really projects the strength and resolve needed, and she doesn’t doesn’t blink when facing the tinhorns from the other countries.

            I was expecting a backstabber and foot-dragger and instead she has far surpassed my most optimistic hopes.

            She’s had a couple of gaffes as I recall – no ‘A+’ – but I’d still give her a solid ‘A’.

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        • carrierh says:

          Nikki has found her base in the UN and is doing a stellar job. I never had much confidence in her previous position, but in the UN she shines. Trump is proving once again he wants women involved and encourages them to shine and move up and we have never really seen it to this degree. So far they have been performing as well as or better than other appointees, altho his appointees in general are all stellar selections. They are educated, great backgrounds, work hard and work for America. Yes, we have our favorites, but together they are awesome. I like the fact that most meetings are with prayer and that is important for all Americans, whether with faith or not.

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      • Cosmic says:

        She is an amazing person willing to MAaGA

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      • TreeClimber says:

        My mother and I were two of the only three people in SC who was against her when she ran for governor. I was beyond appalled when PDJT appointed her to the UN, but so far she has pleasantly surprised me. Don’t be fooled, though – she’s a power-ladder climber, not truly out to MAGA. She’s smart enough to recognize the alpha in the pack, and throw her lot in with him… whoever the current top dog may be.

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        • carrierh says:

          Tree, are you saying that men are not ladder climbers? Get real. Each person is a human being, no matter the gender, who looks forward to advancement whether in government or in any business. What we are seeing are women who are given the chance to do what only men were allowed to do before. She has a great niche now for herself and if proves worthy to us, then why not move on up the ladder.


    • Janice says:

      I made the same observation to my friend as we were watching. Democrat women scream “glass ceilings’ so you know it. Conservative women just do it!

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  2. skipity says:

    Nikki Haley is nauseating.

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  3. Tonawanda says:

    1) I am not 100% sold on Haley BUT …

    2) She looks and sounds like a person who has learned and is learning a lot about reality.

    3) She seems to “get” the Trump priority of results over politics and rhetoric.

    4) She has been very Thatcher-like in her presentations.

    5) She has a quick mind.

    6) I wish she would stop wearing all those rings, and the bangle.

    7) She is growing into a serious person, is my take on her.

    8) She could very well be the first woman president, and it would not surprise me if she runs with Trump for vice president.

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  4. ck says:

    I like Nikki, always have. But then again I didn’t have fainting spells when Trump appointed Mittens as the SoS (oh wait) or signed the Paris climate accord (oops)

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  5. Ditch Mitch says:

    Nikki is good. So far she is towing the line of PDJT at the UN. Worst case she could be a long range opportunist. Maybe looking 6 years down the road, but as long as she tows the PDJT line I’m ok with her.

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  6. Heads up, everyone!

    I believe a political attack on Secy Tillerson. I heard a snippet on the radio from a no-name talker, but this morning Kennedy was on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show and really trashed him.

    So, get ready!

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  7. Sunshine says:

    McMaster: ”…and their evil ideology”. I agree.
    How many Muslims and ex-Muslims must repeat to us that Islam is Islam and there is no such thing as moderate Islam?
    I hold no ill will against Muslims, only their refusal to acknowledge nasty Islam.
    Meeting with Islamist Erdogan: this megalomanic Caliph wannabee is not of good faith and any time spent with this guy is wasted unless he feels the heat.

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    • xyzlatin says:

      I noted that McMaster referred to “muslim majority nations” who must deal with the terrorists in their midst. This is a rejection of the idea that he is ignoring islam.

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      • Ditch Mitch says:

        Absolutely! I believe the McMasters and the Administration as a whole is getting away from the label Islamic Extremism. Islamic Extremism is another form of identity politics. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. No matter your race, color, or creed. By not identifying the terrorists in excruciating detail it takes away from their cause. This also helps us work with the muslim majority nations. Those nations know who the terrorists are and they will do what is right. Qatar, Yemen are examples.

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  8. Impressed by the change in Nikki Haley

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  9. NJF says:

    Lou is the best!!!

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  10. MIKE says:

    Nikki is doing her job very well. Remember she cannot move seamlessly through the intel community swampage like her predecessors could, to advance her agendas. Seems the entire administration is on a short leash. Every move, word, tweet, article of clothing, etc., twisted into some racist unforgivable faux pas.
    Won’t hurt my feelings if we just stopped funding the UN . I think Nikki could handle it.

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  11. Sarah is really good; I think she is heads and shoulders above Sean. Who is that female reporter in the front row who asks really stupid questions? I mean, most of the questions are meaningless, but hers particularly stand out as stupid. And she gets called on all of the time.

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    • Brant says:

      Maybe that’s why she gets called on all the time……..


    • Ditch Mitch says:

      littleflower there are a few women in the front row; however, the one that comes to my mind is Hallie Jackson she always sits on the end to the right of the podium. Besides stupid questions, she is rude and acts like she is the only one in the room one on one. Sarah did a great job of blowing her off last time.
      I agree with Brant, a few get called on all the time because they look like fools.

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  12. EV22 says:

    I give our little SJW Press Corps an A+++ for being just ever so slightly more obnoxious than usual.

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  13. Ladybug2 says:

    Sarah is very quick, they can’t trip her up.

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    • carrierh says:

      Lady, remember Sarah worked with and was trained by Sean, who I especially enjoyed as well. Miss his smirk when some supposed “reporter” asked a stupid question or made a stupid remark, and there are many in that category.


  14. NJF says:

    Really funny.

    Beginning of periscope is A+. Then he goes on to other topics.


  15. mimbler says:

    Now, I have to ask: When you hear the official WH spokesperson say this:
    “The President supports the DACA program and supporting making a deal on that, but again that has to include that massive border security,” Sanders replied.”

    How can you still think he is “issuing a challenge to congress” rather than encouraging congress to pass a legislative DACA?

    It reminds me of when dems were still calling in and claiming Bill Clinton was innocent in the Lewinski affair after he had admitted guilt!

    And “massive border security” doesn’t mean a thing. Reagan was assured of massive border security.

    The art of the deal doesn’t include giving away specifics now for non-specifics to be determined in the future.

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    • Eric Kennedy says:

      And if GOP congressman pass something has no border security and the President vetoes it, he has just outed all of the faux conservatives in Congress who will get primaried in 2018.

      And what if Congress can’t pass anything? Doesn’t that leave the President in a far stronger position?

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      • mimbler says:

        The president leads and presents the agenda. He has led and stated that he supports the DACA program.

        If you want DACA passed legislatively, then you are happy.

        If you don’t want DACA passed legislatively, then you are disappointed.

        Personally, I am disappointed. This is America, so other people are free to disagree with my take on this.

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  16. treehouseron says:

    Ann Coulter is more interested in making snarky comments than doing anything productive. To hell with her. You couldn’t pay me to watch one of her videos, I feel insulted you made me look at her face.

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    • ATP says:

      I guess her accuracy doesn’t even overcome your hatred.
      She’s written (6?) bestsellers attempting to do something “productive” and regularly destroys the left and your Uniparty friends on tv.
      Pretty good effort I would have thought……

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  17. Zennalou says:

    It was serious the day Sessions announced that DACA was ended and Trump gave Congress window to save it with heart and compassion.


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