September 13th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #237

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. citizen817 says:

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  4. patrickhenrycensored says:
    • citizen817 says:

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      • BobBoxBody says:

        The Stephenson Effect, it’s a comin’….

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I am attempting to calm myself. This is the third Awan article I have read today, each one stranger than the last.

        This article is about yet another tenant renting another Awan home where a fairly sophisticated computer set up was established. The tenant became concerned that she might be set up as some sort of fall guy for something illegal because there were so many strange things demanded of her by her landlord, Awan.

        And, it seems the FBI has been utterly clueless and blind to what is going on.


        “Everly also detailed Awan may have been using other parts of the property she rented to warehouse more servers. Much of what Everly told the FBI about Awan includes:

        Awan pumped electricity from the main house to a detached locked storage shed that used cooling towers to preserve and maintain electronic “equipment.” Everly said she paid the electricity bill for set up but was not allowed access to the unit.
        Everly once reported to Awan the basement at her rented home had flooded and said the landlord panicked and showed up within minutes to check the equipment in the locked garage area.
        Everly thought Awan might be using her rental of the property to implicate her or set her up for possible illegal things he was involved in.
        Awan had his own key to the property and often used the house when Everly or her family members were away.
        Awan did not live at the house but used the address to receive personal mail at the location, often addressed to the names of different alias’ he employed.
        Awan demanded rent be paid in cash only.
        Everly maintained her own internet router and cable boxes on a different floor from Verizon at the rental property, separate from the Awan set up in the basement.
        Awan pressured the woman to sublet her basement to a number of Pakistani nationals who had relocated to the United States.”

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        • 4sure says:

          Prolly sending top secret docs. and info to the enemy. Top secret docs and info from Hillary’s server that was easily accessed, esp. by the DNC chair,Wasserman. This is the biggest espionage ring with high ranking gov;t. officials and elected officials in the history of the country. Treason and the firing squad for every damn one of them.

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        • Bendix says:

          Where I live, having the landlord’s electrical use comingled with the tenant’s, when the tenant pays the bill, is illegal.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Really, really interesting. This story has more twists and turns. FTA:

      “…The secret server was connected to the House Democratic Caucus, an organization chaired by then-Rep. Xavier Becerra. Police informed Becerra that the server was the subject of an investigation and requested a copy of it. Authorities considered the false image they received to be interference in a criminal investigation, the senior official said.

      Data was also backed up to Dropbox in huge quantities, the official said. Congressional offices are prohibited from using Dropbox, so an unofficial account was used, meaning Awan could have still had access to the data even though he was banned from the congressional network.

      Awan had access to all emails and office computer files of 45 members of Congress who are listed below. Fear among members that Awan could release embarrassing information if they cooperated with prosecutors could explain why the Democrats have refused to acknowledge the cybersecurity breach publicly or criticize the suspects…”

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    • psadie says:

      The Congressmen especially Becerra who left the House (just in time) are going to pay a high price once this story breaks…blackmail, collusion and more. OMG.

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      • eagledriver50 says:

        IF these Anwan brother’s were running servers and cooling towers, etc…It is easy enough to get a search warrant for that address and get the power usage for any particular time. Has one been obtained? Which leads to another question: Where was the INTERNAL security for this? There are special protocols involved in getting information to storage and someone was very lax in this aspect. Question: Who had the AUTHORITY to do this?
        DWS did not have that authority, so who did? This does not take a genius to figure out…The Dems are on the spit and they will be roasting for a long time on these security breeches…

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    This put a big smile on my face!

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    • ALEX says:

      KAC has been outstanding the last month or so. I don’t watch much TV News because the one thing I don’t tolerate is stupid people I don’t respect lying to me, but I do see more then enough with snippets like this on various forums…

      I also like Hope Hicks and how she quietly does her job and if these women and others have gained the Presidents confidence, then they are the real deal in my book…

      I’m really liking the way things are shaping up in all phases…The dinner tonight and twelve states in seven weeks coming shortly…What I like the most is the butt hurt in the right media sites that never really supported the President and they can go to WAR or play their small audiences for click bait fools…I’m enjoying this more then ever…

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      I am so grateful every day that Donald Trump was willing to do this –
      Does the news media realize how grateful we are that it is President Trump they are pummeling instead of them AND President Hillary Clinton pummeling US and the USA!

      God bless you, President Trump – there are all these people out here who voted for you and think you are the greatest – Melania, too!

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        to clarify – I would much prefer of course that the news media would NOT “pummel” our wonderful President – but we pretty much knew it would be like this – and he keeps pushing through and getting things done!

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      • indiamaria2020 says:

        Funny. A lot of Media himbos and bimbos still think we care about what they say or do. Most of the MSM is blathering to their own echo chamber. For those still worried about things MSM, recall that mighty PRAVDA had ironclad control of Soviet news. Then the Soviet Union was no more. Funny how that works.

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      Free Press? Not so much. It’s criminal.


  9. citizen817 says:

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  12. Welcome back, Sundance -great to have you back and hope you’ll provide an after action report once you’ve had a chance to decompress. I’ve donated to Samaritan’s Purse to help the folks in Florida as I did with Harvey. Who’s with me?

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  13. citizen817 says:

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    • I am dubious of Tucker. He’s the good cop, in the “good cop, bad cop” scenario. Either way, both are on the same side. Which is not ours. He never asks the right questions of others. Which would be

      1. Do you believe you have a “right” to go to another country?
      2. Do you believe you have a “right” to go to another country and stay there illegally?
      3. Do you believe you have a “right” to go to another country illegally, and to commit additional crimes?
      4. Do you believe you have a “right” to go to another country illegally and to work in that country whilst there illegally?
      5. If you have answered “NO” to question 2, 3 and 4, then what do you think should happen to you if you do such things?
      6. How many times have you been abroad, and how many times did you enter that country illegally? If the answer to the second part is “never”, then why not?
      7. Do you agree that it is a “human right” to be allowed travel documentation from your nation of birth?
      8. How many articles have you written, or speeches made, to confront nations who do not provide documentation to their citizens that would allow them to enter another country legally?
      9. To enter a country illegally, why would someone provide $5000 to a people smuggler and take a long and hazardous journey to cross a border illegally, rather than catch a considerably shorter and more comfortable and safer $350 flight, and just not return home?
      10. Do you believe in the rule of law?
      11. Do you believe that the law should apply differently to different groups of people?
      12. Do you believe in equality among people?

      In fact, I hear very very few ask such questions. Ever. In fact, I never have. They can’t be that incompetent. They are just not interested in highlighting such questions.

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  14. citizen817 says:

    I’ll be happy to do my part, and see this happen!

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  15. citizen817 says:

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      But if he did that, congress might actually pass something useful and, heaven forbid, might actually start passing Trump’s agenda. But, of course, McConnell’s UniParty controllers would never approve of something like this. Steve Bannon’s right. Both Ryan, McConnell, and a major portion of the “Republican” congress are committed to seeing to it that that the Trump administration is discredited and becomes a failure. This is more important to the donor class (that provides the money) and , hence, more important to Ryan, McConnell and “moderate” bought-and-paid-for members of congress than keeping the Republican majority. These people do NOT represent the American people. They are a part of the swamp that must be drained of America is ever to be great again.

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      • Tegan says:

        And it’s up to US to keep up the pressure. Ryan and McConnell have to be getting reports from staff on how the GOP voters are in to their game. They can either start to cooperate and support the White House agenda…or suffer the consequences. That’s where we come into the picture. Emails, calls, letters …every way you can think of to let them know we demand much, much better!


        • 4sure says:

          If they didn’t get the message w/the election of Trump in the primaries and the gen., they “ain’t” never going to get it. But, they DID get it, but do not represent us. They represent their fat cat globalists and CoC. Those interests will get what they paid for.


  16. citizen817 says:

    16 yrs after 9/11, our collegians have no clue about patriotism. Turned into SJW by their lack of education and leftist professors. How depressing!

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  17. EV22 says:

    On yesterday’s Day #236 thread, there was quite a bit of back and forth on DACA and whether or not President Trump would break his word.

    Just a reminder: President Trump already did his job “repealing” DACA and now DACA is going to be drafted and voted on in Congress.

    If we don’t want DACA, no matter the horsetrading deals they try to make in Congress, it is up to us to bombard our representatives in Congress every single day if need be and let them know they will be Cantored if they try to go ahead with amnesty. (Personally, I think we’ll need to have a huge march in Washington because those Congress critter aren’t going to want to listen to us deplorable peeps.)

    Everyone’s always asking, “What can I do to MAGA?” Well, here’s something everyone can – and should – do.

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  18. andyocoregon says:

    What do you bet this was arson?

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  19. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    What has the Sessions Justice Department been up to?

    DOJ announced today “…the independent federal investigation into the death of Freddie Fray, Jr. on April 19, 2015 in Baltimore, Md., found insufficient evidence to support federal criminal civil rights charges against six Baltimore Police Department officers…. the investigation into this incident has been closed without prosecution.”

    M A G A

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  20. fleporeblog says:

    Later today is shaping up to be a pretty fun day in terms of Healthcare!

    Graham/Cassidy/Heller/Johnson will be sharing their Repeal and Replace Bill on Capital Hill while Crazy 😜 Bernie, Pocahontas, Booker, Gillibrand, Baldwin etc. will be unveiling their Single Payer Bill.

    Nancy Pelosi and Crying 😭 Chuck are not happy that the far left is talking about Single Payer when a majority of Americans want absolutely nothing to do with it. Fly Over Democrats in states like WV, IN, OH, MI, ND, MO, MT are mortified that the party Socialists are about to link Single Payer to their party and hopes of being re-elected in 2018.

    This also could somehow galvanize the Republicans in the Senate to do the unthinkable and pass the bill that would give Healthcare back to the states which would put a stake in the heart of Single Payer once and for all.

    Wonder if our Lion 🦁 tonight had a heart to heart with Heitkamp, Donnelly and Manchin about their prospects now that the Democrats are going all in with Single Payer.

    From the article linked above:

    WASHINGTON — A group of Republican senators will roll out a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday as the GOP makes a last-ditch effort to reform the nation’s health care system.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., will lead a group of fellow Republicans — Sens. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Dean Heller of Nevada and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin — in unveiling a plan that would provide federal money to states to allow them to create their own health care plans.

    “It will take the decision-making and the money out of Washington and bring it back to the states,” said Heller, discussing portions of his plan during a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

    The group, joined by former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., about their plans to rush the bill through committee and to the floor before the end of the month.

    The 23-page bill will be sent to the Congressional Budget Office to be analyzed and to determine its cost and its impact on the national debt.

    Meanwhile, Sanders also is expected to introduce his bill Wednesday. Several lawmakers have lined up to support the single-payer approach.

    However, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., declined to support the bill, saying she continues to fight to preserve Obamacare and fix portions of the law that are in need of repair.

    But Sanders has a growing number of supporters, including several eyeing a possible 2020 presidential run as Democrats.

    Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., called the Sanders bill “a litmus test for the liberal left.”

    On health care, McConnell has told members of his Republican caucus not to come forward with a bill unless they have the 50 votes needed to pass it under special rules.

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    • jupitercomm says:

      Lindsay Graham’s lacks the ambition of a McConnell but for what it’s worth I think his political instincts are underestimated.

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    • citizen817 says:

      So we get a “yes” vote with McCain…he screwed the last vote. Now we get a “No” vote with Rand Paul (he’s already says he’s against), and most likely still won’t pass.
      Because it’s not “perfect” enough for Rand.
      Definitely controlled opposition.

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    • citizen817 says:

      The “Turdle” plays both sides against the middle. Can never be trusted!

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    • Lindenlee says:

      They STILL don’t get it. We need that money they took from already-broke Medicare and dial back ALL THOSE EXPENSES, to REDUCE the spending, NOT send it to the states. The states are like damn addicts to federal money, because they can’t balance their own dqmn budgets.

      STOP THE DAMN SPENDING! CUT THE MASSIVE WASTE. PROSECUTE ABUSE AND FRAUD. there is MORE than enough money to pay for manythings, just from the r3covered waste.

      And can someone tell me why, when I live in FL and pay my very expensive insurance premiums AND deductibles on a modest retirement income, why I have to pay AGAIN, for FEMA grants, etc. to people who never got insurance and expected taxpayers to bail th4m out? For God’s sake,how many people do I have to pay for, and pay for me as well??!!

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  21. fleporeblog says:

    The Swamp lost their minds tonight wondering what the hell was discussed at Dinner at the WH this evening. Nothing has been reported about the dinner our President had with three Democrat and three Republican Senators. The Senators were:

    Joe Donnolly, D-IN
    Heidi Heitkamp, D-ND
    Joe Manchin, D-WV
    Orrin Hatch, R-UT
    Pat Toomey, R-PA
    John Thune, R-SD

    Democrats up for reelection in 2018 are petrified by the announcement that our President will be coming to their state to pitch his Tax Reform Bill (he will visit 13 states in 7 weeks). This also petrifies the Uniparty Republicans. Our President is telling them that you are all full of crap and I won’t be tricked in having just a Republican Majority of 52 to try and pass Tax Reform.

    Those 3 Democrats at dinner with our President told Crying Chuck a few months ago that they wouldn’t sign his pledge to fight any Tax Reform Bill that had cuts for the top 1%.

    This also sends a MASSIVE MOAB on the fact that next year, our Lion will campaign in those same 13 states to discuss why Kate’s Law, Sanctuary City Bill and possibly the RAISE Act have not been voted on and passed.

    From the article linked above:

    President Donald Trump will visit 13 states in 7 weeks in a major push for tax reform, all of which are senate battlegrounds during the 2018 midterm elections. The White House strategy sends a clear message to both Republicans and Democrats: either get on board with the MAGA (Make America Great Again) agenda or get defeated.

    The states from East to West include Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota and Montana. President Trump won all but New Jersey and Virginia in November, taking the Second Congressional District in Maine for the first time for a Republican since the 1980s.

    President Trump will host a dinner at the White House Tuesday night for Sens. Joe Donnolly, D-Ind., Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., Joe Manchin, W.Va., Orrin Hatch, R-Ut., Pat Toomey, R-Pa., and John Thune, R-S.D. In North Dakota, Sen. Heitkamp attended the event with the president, though it was not clear whether she would support tax reform.

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  22. cycle1 says:

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  23. ALEX says:

    Reading on-line excerpts of Crooked’s book, it becomes clear the mindset that allowed her to stay married to Sick Willie..I don’t play psychiatrist, but this is not normal and it’s obvious no editor,friend or even husband could control this sick Wack Job…

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  24. fleporeblog says:

    For those that think that Luther Strange will win on September 26th and whether Roy Moore will lose to the Democrat in December, the following should put you at ease:

    Luther Strange is dying a slow and painful death! All the talk about the Democrat winning in December is complete nonsense. Even PPD states so. Please keep in mind they predicted our President winning PA and MI days before the election. They also show how biased the polls are about our President’s approval rating both nationally and in individual states.

    From the article linked above:

    President Donald Trump may have endorsed Luther Strange in the runoff, but Roy Moore is getting the lion’s share of his base in two new Alabama Senate polls. The two men advanced to the runoff on September 26 to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate after the first round of voting.

    As our county-by-county post-election analysis explained, private polling data conducted by PPD a week before indicated that nearly two-thirds of voters who planned to back Rep. Mo Brooks would vote for Judge Moore against Sen. Strange in the runoff. Given we underestimated the judge by several points, it is entirely possible some of those voters already made that strategic voting decision.


    However, the Emerson Poll found voters in Alabama gave President Trump a 52% job approval and 36% disapproval rating, significantly lower than the PPD Big Data Poll (68%) and the 82% a new Strategic National Poll found have a favorable view of him.

    The eventual winner will go on to face Democrat Doug Jones, the Establishment favorite who beat Robert Kennedy, Jr. While there has been some chatter, mainly from a liberal media hoping Judge Moore is too conservative for Alabama, we find that assertion ludicrous. This race is rated Safe Republican on the PPD Senate Election Projection Model.

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  25. Harry Lime says:

    Yeah, this needs to be re-posted.

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  26. citizen817 says:

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  28. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Even Jemele’s tweet about Trump was dreary and boring. This failing ESPN sports talk show hire is obviously tanking in her job and ratings which is why she used Trump’s name to get attention. Her lefty comrades even get antisemitic attacking Ben Shapiro and doesn’t realize they’ve become the Nazis at Charlottesville.

    I asked Jemele to show her work and name the white supremacists Trump’s surrounded himself with. She didn’t answer – but her followers did, citing Steve Bannon, Seb Gorka, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach, and the Trump family themselves. So that’s two guys who are gone…That’s your indication of deep-seated white supremacy at the White House? These are the guys in white hoods carrying torches? And how exactly are they a threat to you?

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    • LCS mom says:

      I never understand how they think Trump is a white supremacist (and sexist) when he has Omarosa and Diamond and Silk, and the amazing Lyn Patton around him and in positions of power in his company. Here’s a great testimonial by Lyn Patton from before the election when they were playing the race card heavy. It’s even more true today.

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      • Peter says:

        Jamele (ignorant, racist – never met trump – anarchist, angry, uninformed, victim of group think) vs Lyn , a working black female who worked for Trump, knows him, has an actual and real relationship with trump.

        If I were a high school teacher , I would play both back to back and have a discussion – teach my students to critically think – which of these is real, and which is not?

        We need critical thinkers , so many are lost in the hyperbole of the propagandists.

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        • Tegan says:

          Used to be on the fringes of education classroom teaching but left after I saw the handwriting on the wall. IMO, the BEST thing a teacher can do is teach critical thinking. Forget memorizing facts, tables, etc. just as the job of a patent is to teach their children how to be independent, productive, responsible adults so is the job of the classroom teacher to encourage students to compare, question, analyze, and make informed decisions.
          But, alas, those types of young people aren’t so easily manipulated and willing to be used as fodder for the cannons…so it won’t happen until parents demand it.


  29. citizen817 says:

    I respect Wictor and his twitter feed makes for interesting read.
    However, the physical wall needs to be built.

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  30. keebler AC ovfefe says:

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  31. buckweaver27 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to be addressed and am so happy to read today’s announcement, as I’m sure all of those in the Western states are, too.

    “Secretary Zinke Directs Interior Bureaus to Take Aggressive Action to Prevent Wildfires”

    “Today, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke directed all Department of the Interior bureaus, superintendents, and land managers at all levels to adopt more aggressive practices, using the full authority of the Department, to prevent and combat the spread of catastrophic wildfires through robust fuels reduction and pre-suppression techniques. ”

    “This Administration will take a serious turn from the past and will proactively work to prevent forest fires through aggressive and scientific fuels reduction management to save lives, homes, and wildlife habitat. It is well settled that the steady accumulation and thickening of vegetation in areas that have historically burned at frequent intervals exacerbates fuel conditions and often leads to larger and higher-intensity fires,” said Secretary Zinke. ”

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  32. keebler AC ovfefe says:

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  33. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Democrats, GFA and beserk media are conveniently forgetting that DACA was set to expire Sept 5 due to Obama dangling a carrot to elect Hillary. ‘Splains the illegals in CAL voting for her. The fault is Obama.

    GFA is Google, Facebook and Amazon.

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  34. citizen817 says:

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  35. citizen817 says:

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  36. Ferret2 says:

    What Happened? This Happened!

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  37. citizen817 says:

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  38. citizen817 says:

    Wonderful addition to the Clinton Library

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  39. nwtex says:

    I’m assuming the interview did not take place …who knows the actual reason tho.
    No biggie anyway you look at it.

    David Muir Passes on Hillary Clinton Interview As He Continues to Cover Irma
    Sep. 11, 2017

    Clinton was supposed to be interviewed by ABC’s David Muir for a segment which would have aired on Tuesday’s World News Tonight. But, since Muir is continuing to report on Hurricane Irma, a source tells TVNewser he didn’t feel comfortable leaving the crisis to do the interview.

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    • janc1955 says:

      David Muir, ABC’s resident male model poseur, is all about making studly poses in full-body camera shots, so it’s no wonder he decided to stay in Florida to vogue. I can’t stand to watch or hear that clown for more than a split second.


  40. citizen817 says:

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    • harleyd says:

      Here’s an interesting little test to take:

      Which of the following is most likely to happen:

      1. The Clinton Foundation makes a massive donation to the Texas Recovery

      2. The Clinton Foundation makes a massive donation to the Florida Recovery

      3. Hillary donates all her book tour and book sale proceeds to the above recoveries

      4. AG Sessions signals his top priority commitment to reestablishing the primacy of the RULE OF LAW by appointing a second Special Counsel to investigate (you pick it):

      – Hillary’s e-mail scandal
      – Clinton Foundation corruption/pay to play
      – Obama administration unmasking of Americans and leaking classified information
      – Comey’s lying under oath, leaking of classified information and obstruction of justice
      – Or any Obama administration high level scandal of your choice

      Your vote please.

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      • joninmd22 says:

        3. Option 4 will never happen.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Vote. Unfortunately, none of the above.

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      • Cozette says:

        Why would he appoint a special counsel when Rosenstein, his deputy AG, has already successfully sued the CF and is VERY knowledgeable about Clinton corruption? Frankly I’m glad he’s targeting illegal immigration and Antifa, including the politicians and donors who support them, first. Those two things plus the Election Integrity Investigation will impact the 2018 election. Team Trump is playing political Jenna with poisonous snakes rather than blocks. The order of each move makes a huge difference and EVERYTHING is inter related.


    • joninmd22 says:

      AG Sessions needs to be replaced with a firebrand prosecutor with fire in his belly.


  41. woohoowee says:

    Since the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913 we haven’t had a Senate. We have two House of Representatives, thus senators should have to run for office every two years just like the other Representatives.

    And they *all* need to start punching a time clock and turning in a time card with specifics of work preformed during paid hours. Fundraising of any kind and campaigning are not work. No work = no pay. No paid holidays or vacations since they’re on the public payroll. Must work 40 hours per week to qualify for benefits. No pensions. These are public service jobs and should be treated as such.

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    • Kaco says:

      At least we can try to primary them. At this point, who would our state govt. appoint to the Senate? My governor is Kasich so it wouldn’t look good these days.

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      • woohoowee says:

        But wouldn’t it be better to have a shot at replacing them every two years instead of six? The Senate rendered itself a redundant House with passage of the 17th so it appears to me they should be treated as such.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          What would be better is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

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          • woohoowee says:

            Agreed. But just think if we present Joe Public with an appeal to a national referendum for two year terms, though. It might be easier to accomplish than a repeal since the opposition can’t very well sell voting for senators more often as taking “democracy” away from people, which is one thing the politutes would try if we started pushing to repeal the 17th. Make sense?


          • woohoowee says:

            Heh, we could present the senate as un-democratic since they don’t want to face elections as often as everyone else has to, including the president. It was politutes driving the whole “we are a democracy” lie in the first place and since so many Americans believe it we can use it to our advantage.

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  42. nwtex says:

    ‘My body freezes. My heart stops.’: Journalist Katy Tur describes receiving an unwelcome kiss from Trump while covering 2016 campaign
    Sep 12th 2017

    In her new book about her time on the presidential campaign trail covering then-candidate Donald Trump, MSNBC host Katy Tur described receiving an unwelcome greeting from the president: a kiss on the cheek.

    The incident happened before one of Trump’s appearances on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    “Before I know what’s happening, his hands are on my shoulders and his lips are on my cheek,” Tur wrote of the encounter. “My eyes widen. My body freezes. My heart stops.”

    The next thing that crossed her mind, she wrote, is, “F—. I hope the cameras didn’t see that. My bosses are never going to take me seriously.”

    Following a 2015 interview with Trump, Tur recalled in “Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History,” the candidate told Tur, “You’ll never be president!”

    Tur recalled thinking to herself, “Neither will you.”

    The journalist visited more than 40 states as the “Trump correspondent” for NBC News and MSNBC

    On Tuesday morning, following the release of Tur’s book, Trump tweeted, “Fascinating to watch people writing books and major articles about me and yet they know nothing about me & have zero access. #FAKE NEWS!”

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  43. nwtex says:

    Ted Cruz’s response to his ‘liking’ a pornographic video is, um, not good
    Tue September 12, 2017

    Washington (CNN)Late Monday night, Sen. Ted Cruz’s official Twitter account liked a pornographic video from an account with the handle “Sexuall Posts.” That, um, drew some attention.
    Hours after the “like,” a spokeswoman for Cruz tweeted that “The offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter.” Then, just after 11 a.m. ET today, Cruz himself told The Washington Post that “a staffing issue” led to the pornographic tweet being liked from his account.
    So far, so bad!

    The only thing anyone wants to know in the wake of something like this happening is whether or not Cruz had ANYTHING to do with it. That’s it. Literally, nothing else.

    Which is why Cruz needed to — and still needs to — issue a statement ASAP saying: “I had nothing to do with this and was not aware it had even been posted until it was brought to my attention.”
    He hasn’t done that. Instead, we’ve gotten very mixed messages about how this all happened.


    • n1ghtcr4wler says:

      it’s irrelevant media bullshit to keep attention away from real things

      Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t care if Ted Cruz liked a porn video… for the same reason I don’t care about about lewd male locker room conversations… they have nothing to do with Obama Care, lowering my taxes or expanding the job market. America is over the morality games. Do something about governing for the people and then go home and do what you want as long as it’s legal.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      One of the major problems with “social media” (and a big reason I completely avoid it) is that everything you do, for whatever reason (even a mistake) is broadcast publicly for the “world” to see and “judge” (often judging in a harmful way).

      I simply find zero reason to join into such a persecution-friendly environment.


  44. Pam says:

    Liked by 6 people

  45. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    if you have an hour or so watch this periscope by Adam Gingrich. Something big is forming at the grassroots level.


  46. OS says:

    Antifa in the Danish city of Aarhus – celebrating happy 9/11. (Several worried and angry citizens reported them to the Police which removed the Antifa scum because they did not have a permission – but they stood outside the citys main railway station for an hour.)

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Sylvia Avery says:

    Voting Machines Can Be Hacked And Not Leave A Trace

    “The country’s voting machines are susceptible to hacking, which could be done in a way so that it leaves no fingerprints, making it impossible to know whether the outcome was changed, computer experts told President Trump’s voter integrity commission Tuesday.

    The testimony marked a departure for the commission, which was formed to look into fraud and barriers to voting, but which heard that a potentially greater threat to confidence in American elections is the chance for enemy actors to meddle…”

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      More from the Washington Times article on voter fraud:

      “…Testimony included an estimate that tens of thousands of people double-voted in last year’s elections by casting ballots in two states.

      Ken Block, president of Simpatico Software Systems, said his firm checked records from states that released names and birthdates of voters, ran those through a couple of more screens and came up with an estimate for the whole nation.

      Another 15,000 people who voted last year listed UPS delivery stores as their residences.

      “There’s a high likelihood of voter fraud,” Mr. Block said. “There’s likely a lot more to be found…”

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    • Jim in TN says:

      Most actors who are enemies work out of Hollywood. But they do not show enough intelligence to be a real hacking threat.


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