Good Grief – Eleven Months Later and Hillary Clinton Still Bellyaching About Losing…

Wow, talk about life in a bubble disconnected from reality.  Overall these kinds of expositions are excellent for those who are enjoying watching the Democrat party define itself as Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

There’s nothing about this interview that’s even remotely alright.  She lost. It’s eleven months later.  However, Ms. Creepy must still have an audience that wants to sit in a circle and talk about where imaginary right-wing frog memes stole their safe place.  Wow.

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  1. Bouchart says:

    I have a theory that Hillary is no longer mentally competent, and her handlers and inner circle are getting her to humiliate herself as much as possible, as a type of retribution for suffering years of abuse from her.

    Has anyone heard from Bill lately? He’s quiet. You’d think he’d give her some air support…

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    • palafox says:

      I think we are beyond “theory” at this point.

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    • Bill has joined up with the Bushes and Carter to raise funds for Harvey victims. I guess the Clinton foundation needs to steal more money from natural disaster victims.

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    • Janie M. says:

      Bouchart, her brain is pickled from years of alcohol abuse. I suspect Bill stays away from her because she is also physically abusive toward him.

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    • joninmd22 says:

      Bill is hanging with his Honeys down in Arkansas. No man in his right mind would want to be near Hillary unless she’s signing a check.

      Bill Clinton is a lot of bad news but he’s not stupid.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      I think this theory makes sense. It’s the only explanation why everyone involved in her book thought it would be a good idea to leave in the part of her wanting to use voodoo dolls on her enemies.

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      • NJF says:

        The sad part is that she and her like minded cronies think these statements humanize her.

        Oh how wrong they are.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Funny you should mention voodoo dolls:

        Personally, I don’t believe at all in hexes, voodoo, or any of that — but I do believe that some people do indeed believe in it (which makes their sanity questionable) and belief in the same also points to something intrinsically cracked in that person’s character: they are ok with the idea that they COULD do this and it’s ok….what the????
        And these are people in positions of great power…and they think like this…let that settle in. And then also realize that a large segment of the population is taking this news with a “meh”, so they are either ok with it too or don’t think it’s such a big deal…let that settle in too. I think in my religion we consider this one of the hallmarks of demonic affliction…and people seem to be ok with that.

        Swamp draining most likely can’t stop with just getting rid of corrupt, non-hackers in Congress.

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        • rsanchez1990 says:

          That is just crazy. This is a woman who was close to being president. It’s not something to be outraged about, but it is even more evidence that we made the right choice in preventing someone who was actually insane from winning the election. Someone who publicly talks about using occult crap on their enemies should be laughed out of the public sphere and never be taken seriously again.


    • Lumina says:

      Maybe Bill moved into the house next door they “bought for the secret service ” when she won. I imagine she would of handed the bill for the home over to the SS to pay her back for it. Now she’s out the $$$’s.

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    • robertnotsowise says:

      the parkinsons rumor about Bill is starting to look like it has teeth. A friend of mine who is a considerable DNC bundler said that Bill looked like S*IT at the DNC last year and is rapidly becoming worse. I trust this guy (except that he raises money for the DNC)

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    • Bendix says:

      It would be a kindness for him to remove her from the stage.
      He’s probably mad at her for trashing his legacy.
      If she hadn’t insisted on running, people would look back on Bill’s administration fondly, as so much better than Barack’s.

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    • Hello Sunshine says:

      It seems that those who supported her really don’t see that she is not presenting herself very well… and are still supporting her. It appears that they continue to view her through those rose colored glassed, and really do believe that she sounds reasonable, and convincing (as opposed to paranoid and possibly delusional).

      The media and the feminists and other supporters never did see what cost her the election, so maybe they really do buy into the stuff she’s trying to sell.

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    • redtreesquirrel says:

      This is typical Narcissism. They will go down destroying themselves. Trust me. I have firsthand experience. Hillary is textbook. Bill is in hiding. She’s not being kind to anyone in her circle at this point.

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      • margarite1 says:

        We called Bill, Obama and Hillary narcissists. Are all of them equally narcissists?
        I’m not sayng they aren’t…but are they?

        I see Obama’s motivation as somewhat more cunning than the personal wealth and glory the Clintons were always after.

        In a strange way I see Bill as the lesser of these three…his problems came more from weakness I think. Somewhere in the darkness of his soul he knew better…but he married a witch to follow the siren call of power and money.

        I’m probably wrong…just conjecture but this has been how it has seemed to me. Hillary is the worst of the worst. And we dodged not a bullet..we dodged a hydrogen bomb.


        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Always have had the gut feeling that Hillary was the far more ruthless
          of the two. And is undoubtedly such an overwhelming, unstoppable,
          beyond belief uber bitch in private that Bill willingly caved into whatever
          she wanted. Just to shut her the hell up.


    • margarite1 says:

      You know, on one hand it’s pretty funny to see her bizarre behavior on display….at least as much of it she shows in public. But just think what she intentionally hid from us…and how close we came to having her in charge of …actually…the world. Frightening beyond belief!!

      I blame the MSM, the RINOS and RATS…and the people who figured they had bought her….they were willing to let loose on the world a monster and only for their own weaknesses and selfish greed. Truly sickening.

      Absolutely thank God for the Outsider….Mr Donald J Trump…who stepped up to the plate because he realized it was his responsibility to his grandchildren and his country to do so.
      We have been blessed.

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      • Paul Revere says:

        I too am grateful for the Trump win over killary. The one reoccurring thought I have is the election was most surely fixed, but it ended up “her” people made sure Trump won. It seems to me this is why she struggles with the result of the election. There was no way in her mind she could loose except for betrayal. The swamp runs deep and dark.


  2. She’s finally a leader.

    Leader of the Mass Hysteria Party.

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    • kate says:

      Very good point, actually it would make a good name for the left wing party, I like it.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      She is “Miss Hysteria” personified.

      Thank God she was not elected. Besides all the obvious reasons, she would have set women in general back for decades with her stereotypical “over emotional/hysterics BS”.

      Talk about someone whose finger you don’t want anywhere near a nuke. Holy crap what an emotional mess she is.


  3. citizen817 says:

    A delusional psychotic

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  4. starfcker says:

    Dennis Miller had the best take on obongo I’ve ever heard, prior to the 2008 election. ” the more I study this cat, the more I realize that he’s neither as smart as they say he is, or as well-intentioned.” Interviews like this with Hillary make painfully clear why they hid her as a candidate. She is as dumb as a fence post. A corrupt, nasty, communist, America hating, white man hating fence post. Thank you, Donald Trump.

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  5. What can you do? Libs live in a fantasy land, and they are completely disjointed from reality. It’s why they are always talking about utopia and screwing everything up that they touch. We need to put the final nail in their coffins – 2018/ 2020.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    This woman is a National Treasure for our President and the Republican party he will transform over the next 7+ years. I was listening to Rush and he was sharing a story of a mother that brought her daughter to a book signing to apologize to HRC for not going out to vote. Instead of feeling compassion for the young girl, the HAG wanted to ridicule her and pile on with the mother. If she could of pulled out a gun and shot two bullets to the back of her head, HRC would have done it herself.

    The Democrats are at a point that they may decide to blow her plane out of the sky and blame ISIS. She will never shut up about the election. My fear is that the HAG may decide to take her own life when she wakes up to the realization that everyone, including Bill, the Energizer Bunny, Chelsea and her grand kids hate her. I am actually praying that she stays around past the 2020 election. Than Lucifer can ask for his wife to join him and John McCain in HELL!

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    • dginga says:

      The thing that is most ridiculous about that story is that it’s a LIE. There is no way with her Secret Service contingent (as the wife of an ex-President) that any random person would be able to drag their child across the store and get anywhere near her.

      Reminds me of the lie Moochelle told about (while she was First Lady) a white woman coming up to her at Target and asking her to get something down off the top shelf. Moochelle was offended because she said the white woman obviously assumed that, being black, Mooch must be an employee. So, 1) the whole story was a lie; 2) Mooch demeaned all Target store employees by being insulted that anyone would think she worked for Target; 3) if Moochelle had actually ever shopped at Target she would know that employees wear red Target shirts and khakis; 4) no way would a random person ever get anywhere near her past her security contingent; and 5) if Mooch were not such a witch she might understand that when normal people shop at Target, WalMart, etc., and they want something from a high shelf, if there is another shopper nearby who is the size of a wookie they might be inclined to ask that person for a little help. I am not Moochelle’s size, but I frequently help people in stores reach things they can’t. It’s called basic human courtesy.

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  7. Trumpstumper says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve been out MAGA…

    Who is this person??

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  8. hpushkin says:

    A fun summary of the book event:
    “A limited number of wristbands for entry will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis with purchase of the featured title at Barnes & Noble Union Square. Hillary Rodham Clinton will sign copies of her new release, What Happened and the 2017 illustrated children’s edition of It Takes a Village, no exceptions or personalizing. She will sign up to two books per customer, one of which must be What Happened. No other books or memorabilia please. Posed photos or selfies will not be taking place . . . Book purchase and wristbands are both required to meet the author, no exceptions. Customers without wristbands will not be allowed to participate in any capacity.”

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    • LafnH2O says:

      Always what they don’t say.
      Agree, Gil.

      Lying by omission.
      Not being completely thruthful..
      That’s not to say,… that if someone else tried to pull this crap, we wouldnt be on it like white on rice…
      I’m.. Just Sayin!!

      The gymnastics required to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, by the swamp-folk, is simply, in a word..imo, stunning!

      They lie..
      When the Truth..
      Would serve them better!!

      Not necessarily in the short term.
      But, definately, in the longer version.

      MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      Fascinatingly .. Myopic!! 🤔🤔🤔


  9. Ace says:

    I was a democrat in 1992.
    In 1993, I no longer was, because of her.
    If you were paying attention, more than a few demos have transformed this year because of the same reason.
    She is a mill stone around the neck of the DNC.

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    • Janie M. says:

      Ace, like a V.D. the gift that keeps on giving and never truly goes away.

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      • All Hype says:

        Agree 100%. I would love for her to be on the TV every day until the 2020 election. We should have her and Bernie Sanders have a debate once a week to show the good people of the USA what could have been if either one of those two were elected POTUS.

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        • Janie M. says:

          All Hype, Bernie is a dottering old fool who has bought into his own hype. Could never figure out his appeal except for his continuous use of the word “free.” His younger supporters are as delusional as he is. Everything has a price, the only free things we have in life is the sunshine and the air we breath. It is my understanding the old commie didn’t get his first real job until he was 40 – believe he was elected a mayor of a small town in the N.E. AND… that he was kicked out of a commune many years ago when he was younger because of his lack of any work ethic.

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          • bofh says:

            Bernie was mayor of Burlington. Burlington is the closest city to Vermont. His main “contribution” was letting the college students vote (UVM is in Burlington) as if they were residents and taxpayers (most were neither, and many were from out-of-state).

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          • Gail says:

            That is correct. And he was also writing pornography.

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          • Jenny R. says:

            HIs main contribution was that he was not Hillary; the saying “free” helped, but the main thing was he was not Hillary and thus they could keep holding on to their tribal identity for at least a little while longer.


        • billygoat65 says:

          This book tour is such a blessing. The more people see her and get to know her, the more obvious it is what happened. Losing to Trump has sent her over the edge. Mr. President you magnificent bastard!

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    • Kaco says:

      I was also a “Democrat” for a minute in ’92. I voted for Bill once the first time. Never again. My husband still razzes me about it. “You couldn’t tell he was a smarmy snake oil salesman?” Now I know he and Bush Sr. wouldn’t have been much difference as far as the globalist march. And yes, I couldn’t stand Hillary from the get-go when he entered office. Some years later I read, “Unlimited Access” an account from one of their Secret Service.

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        Come on Kaco — you know you voted for Bill because of that ‘two for one deal’ that the Hag was so proud of spouting off about. 🙂


        • LafnH2O says:

          The ..Didn’t inhale… blow

          Definately landed.


          Check, please!!


        • Kaco says:

          Ha! Ugh!

          I grew up in a Republican household. I was still in university and having liberal friends and a diehard democrat boyfriend at the time had an influence on me. He was my second presidential election. He went through all the criteria and said I was really a democrat. Regardless, what I liked was some of the policies he spouted, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Anyway, with him going right into “Don’t ask, don’t tell” turned me off That coupled with Hillary’s BS and her writing that healthcare nightmare was the end. Not to mention their later shenanigans with renting out the Lincoln bedroom and selling secrets to China, etc., but I already was against him anyway. Voted Dole/Kemp next election.

          Bill Clinton couldn’t run on his original platform in today’s democratic party.

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      • I voted for Ross Perot. He was right about the charts. And, I used to think he was nuts when he said that “they threatened his children”. Now I’m thinking he was telling the truth.

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      • USTerminator says:

        After I watched Ross Perot’s infomercial during the ’92 election. I know Ross is my man. Vote for Perot both ’92 and ’96

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    • LafnH2O says:

      Agree, Ace.
      A mill stone around ALL our necks!!

      This new “Garden” the evil ones have been sowing as of late….?

      Could it be to bring power to a “New” center (sans klintin(s) foundation, et al) and start “fresh”?
      President Trump and Our Wolverines…
      Have bloddied a few noses.. as of late.
      Circling the wagons? Regrouping??
      Any thoughts…


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Same here. Voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, read “Partners in Power”
      the next year. After reading that book, I vowed never to repeat the
      mistake I’d made the year before.


  10. Annie says:

    When the camera pulled away from the close shots, it looks like ole Hill has been binge eating and drinking and not taking enough walks in the woods.
    I do believe even a Dakota mule would be envious of her butt.


  11. Merle Marks says:

    The more Hillary won’t go away, the more positive outlook I see for 2018 and beyond…keep it up Hillary…and please hint that you are running again in 2020…MAGA!!!!


  12. There are some things that are just plain unAmerican.
    Not accepting responsibility is one.
    Blaming others is another.

    But not being a gracious loser is at the top.
    You give the other side the respect they are due.

    Hillary is now up to 30 reasons why it didn’t happen. And not one of them is about what she could have done better.
    That’s pretty incredible.

    You can blame Comey all you like. But he didn’t set up the illegal server.
    And he didn’t delete 30k emails.

    He didn’t advise you against going to States to campaign in.

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  13. LafnH2O says:

    Simply playin
    They know… she’s clueless!
    Dangerous!!! To be sure..but .. come onnn!!

    Poor thang.. /s

    She’s an “Also ran!” On my form!
    A footnote…. On how..
    “NOT…. to live your life”

    KARMA… itsa B

    Time to Move on….

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  14. webgirlpdx says:

    She looks like she’s packed on an additional 50 lbs. since the election. Booze and fries can do that to ya….

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  15. Larry Bucar says:

    I wonder how granny tranny would look w/o the botox +hairdo in an orange jumpsuit?

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    • LafnH2O says:

      Looks like a lawsuit from someone already, ummm, in sito.
      hilly is “Cruel and Unusual”.. to say the least.
      Maybe the walls will listen….

      Quoth the Raven…


  16. Sharon says:

    I watched it with the sound off.

    Man, she’s got that aw-shucks, wide-eyed-startle, “who me?”, “WELL, just let me ex-PLAIN that…”, thing down pat.

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  17. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, it’s time for WHEEL. OF. BLAME!!!!!!!

    Hillary, it sez here you are the biggest loser lying hosebag of alltime. tell us where you’re from and a little about your family………

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  18. SR says:

    We want to see her more on fake msm and campaign trail 2018 and 2020, let talk more about 200 reasons for losing election. She have not idea how much even liberal and antifa hate her but she is a gift like pelosi for winning republicans.

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  19. andi lee says:

    Just a BIG distraction from the Menedez trial, VISA FRAUD, Bank fraud, US harboring bank gangsters – Isaias bros, Holder, & GOPs RINO Rubio, etc… :

    ~True gov tryanny scampering from sunlight


  20. labrat says:

    It amazes me how many people have so much extra time they can waste it on being treated like crap by her highness.

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  21. bofh says:

    Lookin’ at the pictures, seems like they’re still photographing her through gauze or vaseline on the lens, for that soft, blurry “youthful skin” look. But they still can’t get both eyes to point in the same direction. That left eye still has the wanderlust.

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  22. andi lee says:

    LOLOL! Before HRC book even hit the market …

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  23. 17CatsInTN says:

    I posted this comment in the prez thread, but this seems a more appropriate place for it. Please to forgive the double effort…. 😉

    Read this comment by Elizabeth Ruppert to What Happened on another blog:

    Hey Hillary Rotten Clinton-

    Thank you for showing us ALL you are still an IDIOT.🤦‍♀️😐#CantFixStupid

    I’ll answer the question, “What Happened?” Answer: The election of “The Don” was the biggest middle finger to the establishment DC elite in American political history. Trump is what you get after 8 years of limp wristed, feckless American hating leadership. What did you expect?

    Progressive, modern liberals, and the collective leftist angry horde….You lose! You will always lose in the end. Your capacity for understanding and truth is skewed by your inability to grasp reality. Anyone who values a delusion above reality will always find a way to keep their vision alive…your ideology overrides your intellectual grasp on the facts. You hold fast to your ideology because it makes you feel safe, or important. Your priority is not what’s right, but rather what you desire to be right. When that delusion is confronted with reality, you find a way around it.

    You have prioritized yourself, and your self-worth, above actual results. In essence, you are intellectual cowards. Americans who understand America’s exceptionalism created a tidal wave to wash away Barry’s legacy. A legacy of appeasement, apathy, and apology. We stuck a fork in it…DONE. We didn’t want more of the same from YOU, forcing it down our throats.

    Why would anyone want a political system that restricts personal freedom instead of enhancing it; denounces personal responsibility instead of promoting it; surrenders personal sovereignty instead of honoring it; attacks the philosophical foundations of liberty instead of defending them; encourages government dependency instead of self-reliance; and undermines the character of the people by making them wards of the state?

    One thing leftists hate most is being called out on their rampant and unbridled hypocrisy. The left does not believe in equality. The left believes that by inscribing themselves special victimhood status it gives them a free pass to engage in the kind of hate, violence, and intolerance that they themselves rail against anyone who challenges their views. It’s about emotions and feelings, over common sense and real solutions. Emotion driving reason. Look around. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I’ll leave you with this…”At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child…miserable as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” ~P.J. O’Rourke

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  24. Kaco says:

    It’s a “right-wing conspiracy”!

    My husband said last night he thinks she really is insane or has a serious mental issue, after listening to all her excuses on TV and when I told him about the Daily Caller article in which she called herself a genius.

    Can you imagine her “fingers on the button”?

    Like someone said, the most corrupt, entitled, narcissistic, political princess that ever existed.

    I have despised her ever since Bill was elected, when she thought she was the co-president. It’s all about Hillary.

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  25. mysticrose80 says:

    *snorts* I wonder if someone has complied a list of people/groups/countries/continents/planets allegedly responsible for Hillary’s loss.

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  26. TeaforAll says:

    Hillary has had facial work done recently. Still BUTT ugly. Go away you nasty witch

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  27. Lucille says:

    Can you imagine this energy-less and self-pitying person doing even a minuscule amount of the work President Trump does on a daily basis…visiting the troops, viewing the destruction of the hurricanes, holding cabinet meetings, giving speeches?

    As gleaned from the White House website, the man who beat her fair and square has on his plate the rest of the week….

    “Tomorrow, President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Vice Presdient Pence, and Mrs. Karen Pence will travel to Florida as part of Hurricane Irma’s recovery and relief efforts. On Friday, the President and First Lady will give remarks to members of the military at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Next week, President Trump and Vice President Pence will attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York.”

    And you’re still not President, Hillary! “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow….”

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    • catluver99 says:

      “Can you imagine this energy-less and self-pitying person doing even a minuscule amount of the work President Trump does on a daily basis..”

      I think back to the campaign and wonder if even a moron could see that she’d hold a rally (for about 25 people) and have to take a week off to recuperate while Mr Trump was doing rally after rally, sometimes 2 a day. How can no one see how lazy she was.

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  28. She better be bellyaching about what awaits her when she is facing real judging after devil will take her…

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  29. Lyon says:

    Look at her eyes in the top left picture!

    One is definitely cross eyed.

    Another sign of her Alzheimer’s Disease.


    • boogywstew says:

      Hillary is the result of an evil experimental mixing of human, demon and chameleon DNA which explains the eyes focusing in different directions. Watch out for her 2 foot long tongue snatching flies out of midair.


  30. Joe says:

    First off, there are an army of leftists who eat this up because it coalesces their attack, talking points. Truth and reality are meaningless. Like a vast Buffalo herd that reacts to the lead Buffalo.

    Secondly, it signals that she in no way is going to step a side. There is always a method to the Clinton’s madness and the two roots are the Clinton Foundation – continued wealth grab and the other is political power – delusions of grandeur.

    As far as the wealth grab goes, it cannot get any filthier than Uranium 1 so the goal is to keep what they have and be ready for political power once again and then rev up the pay-for-play engines.

    Even more worrying? Political power looks like it maybe morphing into a revenge fantasy.

    We have seen this picture before…Mr. Sessions, where are you?

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  31. An excerpt from her diatribe is being noticed by right leaning bloggers. Killary opines that Orwell in 1984 was describing a totalitarian dystopia to teach us that we must trust the Almighty State, Corporate media and our Dear Leaders. This is a profoundly ignorant totalitarian personality who lacks any self awareness.

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  32. IMO says:

    Be gone demon spawn hellery rodamn clinton!!!!

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  33. andi lee says:

    Anyone else remember reading about HRC first-time $1000 (was it beef or chicken?) stock purchase netting her $100,000 profit; and Tyson Corporation indicted for trafficking illegals to work in ALL their chicken processing plants?

    Suddenly now, going back 27+ years every dang thing is suspect… and making absolute sense.


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  34. patrickhenrycensored says:

    The Maniacal Misery Tour

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  35. NJF says:

    At first I couldn’t believe some of these soundbites and excerpts from her book. I laughed and laughed, thinking can she really be this insane?

    I’ve come to realize this is just another form of gas lighting.

    She makes all of these outrageous accusations in her book and then does these interviews and lies some more.

    It’s all about bashing Trump, and those who support him. now she can do it with impunity. No one challenges her and some even help out (I’m looking at you Jane Pauley).

    And just like senate hearings, where partisan congress people can spew lies, what gets said is then accepted as truth.

    She and John McCain make quite the pair.


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  36. TwoLaine says:

    Now it’s, “We lost”. Who is the “we” she is referring to?

    Pickles is 100% DELUSIONAL.

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  37. USA loves Melania says:

    Hillary, Don’t Stop

    If you wake up and don’t want to smile
    If it take just a little while
    Put on your seizure glasses and look at the day
    You’ll see things in a different way

    Don’t stop drinking about your sorrow
    Don’t stop, have another beer
    It’ll be even better than before,
    election night’s gone, election night’s gone

    Why not think about MAGA times to come
    And not about the things that you’ve done
    If your life was bad to you
    Just think what your cellmate will do

    Don’t stop drinking about your sorrow
    Don’t stop, have another beer
    It’ll be, better than before,
    election night’s gone, election night’s gone

    All I want is to see you in stripes
    If it takes just a little while
    I know you don’t believe that it’s true
    America is so sick of you

    Don’t stop drinking about your sorrow
    Don’t stop, have another beer
    It’ll be, better than before,
    election night’s gone, election night’s gone

    Don’t stop drinking about your sorrow
    Don’t stop, have another beer
    It’ll be, better than before,
    election night’s gone, election night’s gone

    Ooh, don’t you look schlonged
    Ooh, don’t you look schlonged
    Ooh, don’t you look schlonged
    Ooh, don’t you look schlonged

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  38. guitar107 says:

    “I lost my momentum and lost many of my supporters”.
    ROTFL uncontrollably.

    What effin momentum, Hill?

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  39. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Hillary Rotten Clinton is a self-involved psychopath with the charm tactic down to an art. They are outed when one sees how superficial and disconnected they are, along with the nasty temper.

    Her happily promoting her 300th excuse for losing when all cards were stacked for her, while people are suffering through two hurricanes and remembering 911 World Trade and Benghazi, is exactly this bizarre trait. Her nasty temper is evident in the book.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Bendix says:

      After reading her ghostwriter’s (for It Takes A Village) book, i see that from day one of her husband’s election to the presidency, Hillary took that as an indication that she was also entitled to one day assume that office.


      • keebler AC ovfefe says:

        That dynasty ended with Bill himself, lol! We need to make sure Chelsea and none of her genetic spawn ever make it to the WH again!


  40. 4sure says:

    Hillary Clinton started out as a far left liberal in her college days. Saul Alinsky was her idol because he was an evil bastard who wanted to control people’s lives. Hillary married a womanizer who turned out to be a serial rapist who used and abused women as being objects of sexual pleasure.
    Once Bill, the rapist, made it in politics , Hillary was only used as window dressing to help Bill with the picture of a married man w/a loving family. Folks in Arkansas in the 1970’s were not going to elect an unmarried male to any high public state office. Bill needed a wife so he could run for attny gen in arkansas in 1975, so he married Hillary in 1974.

    In 1978 he is elected Gov. of arkansas. He eventually serves five terms as governor. During his run for POTUS in 1992, he is accused of extramarital an extramarital affair. Later several women would come forward accusing Bill of rape. attempted rape,etc. Hillary was aware of all this. She hung on, hoping to be the first lady and close to the power in DC. She knew her husband was a serial rapist. But, being close to the power of the WH made her an enabler. I’m sure she also knew she was being used as window dressing.

    No one up to that time had ever been elected POTUS who was a divorcee. Hillary saw herself as a victim of a conniving serial rapist politician. Bill was head and shoulders above her in smarts. W/O Bill, she was a nothingburger. So, She liked being a victim. It gave her status and she used it to manipulate others. She saw how blacks were able to gain power through being victims of a so called racist nation. And she is still playing the victim role today. Bill no longer needs her for window dressing. That’s why they live separate lives.

    Hillary is a mental case that should be institutionalized.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Abster says:

    I listened to Matt Lauer interview this a.m. That woman is delusional.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. ezpz2 says:

    Gag! 🤢


  43. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    This is the best time to get people aware again about Benghazi. The case should be reopened again against Hillary along with her emails

    Liked by 1 person

  44. lastinillinois says:

    I watched, I admit it.

    I had to see it for myself.

    That woman is the ugliest woman – soul deep – that I have ever seen.

    And I still believe that her ridiculous attempts at diverting blame are an attempt to keep the jackals away – there are MANY powerful people HEAVILY invested in her and promises she made – promises that were already paid for.

    If its ever confirmes that there was no Russian collusion, or that Comey didn’t cost her the election, or that her political future is over – she is toast.
    She will be ended.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. andi lee says:

    Finally, despite desperate attempts, deleting 900+ one-star reviews, Amazon reconciles “truth”.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. EV22 says:

    Anthony Weiner was originally scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 8. I wonder if they didn’t postpone it to Sept. 25 so that her majesty’s book tour wasn’t overshadowed by his sentencing.


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