Good Grief – Eleven Months Later and Hillary Clinton Still Bellyaching About Losing…

Wow, talk about life in a bubble disconnected from reality.  Overall these kinds of expositions are excellent for those who are enjoying watching the Democrat party define itself as Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

There’s nothing about this interview that’s even remotely alright.  She lost. It’s eleven months later.  However, Ms. Creepy must still have an audience that wants to sit in a circle and talk about where imaginary right-wing frog memes stole their safe place.  Wow.

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419 Responses to Good Grief – Eleven Months Later and Hillary Clinton Still Bellyaching About Losing…

  1. Budman says:

    When asked ” did you have any idea that you may not win” she said no. …… Well then why did she cancel her fireworks show a few days before election day? HUH WHY!

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  2. Newman says:

    My God!!! I’m on my knees thanking the Lord Trump saved us from that woman!! She is insufferable. 😖😖

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  3. georgiafl says:

    Body language analysis of the other recent interview:

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  4. Patriot1783 says:

    Ugh, what a self serving narcissistic psychopath.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      That looney bird still thinks that she should be president and stated in an interview with Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper on Wednesday that the Electoral College should be abolished. Fat chance lady! (People like her is why the Founding Fathers insisted on that bit of states’ leverage in the first place.)

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  5. PatriotKate says:

    That is NOT the real Hillary Clinton, I’m sure of it.
    Look at this website as an example and scroll through the articles. There’s a handful of articles about her. COMPARE the different photos. Not the same woman.


    • georgiafl says:

      She’s had some work done. Like Pelosi, HC has had a lot of plastic surgery and botox.

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    • uncle fester says:

      Patriot, thought same thing when she collapsed at the 911 memorial service. emerges 2 hours later with a remarkable recovery.


    • Patriot1783 says:

      I think she is the real one complete with scratchy voice and cackle. The double is I believe is shorter, thinner, wears the blue glasses and nostrils flair slightly.


    • Saveedra says:

      She is delusional. She is narcissistic. Both conditions cause lying. She is incapable of the truth and/ or rather accepting the truth. She is mentally ill. Bottom line she needs medical help and truly is psychologically, seriously impaired.


    • yy4u says:

      Yes it is. Note the “wandering” eye — evidence I suspect of an injury to a cranial nerve. Oculomotor? Abducens? Not an MD, so I don’t know for sure but something just aint right!


  6. Tejas Rob says:

    You couldn’t hold a gun to my head and make me watch an interview with Shillary.

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Do believe that Hillary is past deranged…

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  8. sunnydaze says:

    At @1:00 , Hillary blames Benghazi on Youtube video (again) At.The.Funeral.

    At the funeral! This woman has no conscience:


  9. This is what happens when the lid comes off of all the pent-up anger from the last 30 years of putting up with Bubba and donors to get to her prize. And thwarted two times. Geez. She may just spontaneously combust before she gets it all out of her system.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Funny thing is that if Hussein Obama would not have run in ’08 Killary would have easily beaten Juan McCain. After 8 years of her sick agenda we may have had 8 more years of a slide into socialism with the dogeater Barak.

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    • Lou says:

      Are you kidding me. He was the one that had to put up with her. No wonder he went to other women. He, at least, has a good personality and did balance the budget.


  10. Minnie says:

    Thanking God every minute of every day for leading President Trump to us, all of us, the Deplorables and beyond


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  11. jeans2nd says:

    Oh dear. The “Resistance” is Resisting HillBot.

    The Clinton Book Tour Is Largely Ignoring the Vital Role of Endless War in the 2016 Election Result
    “There is not a word about the role of foreign policy and endless war…her advocacy of multiple wars and other military actions, many, if not all, of which were rather disastrous…it is reflective of the broader Democratic Party desire to pretend that the foreign wars it has repeatedly prosecuted, and the endless killing of innocent people for which it is responsible, do not exist.”

    “the Democratic branding and self-glorification as enemies of privilege, racism, and violence are directly in conflict with the party’s long-standing eagerness to ignore, or even actively support, policies which kill large numbers of innocent people”

    “Clinton continued to defend the virtues of her record of militarism”

    “Clinton specifically and Democrats generally are perceived, with good reason, to be proponents of endless war policies that critical constituencies now despise.”

    This may be one reason, reminiscent of The Benghazi Brief –
    These Lethal U.S. Anti Tank Missiles Are Showing up in ISIS Arsenals

    “Why, year after year, in the face of obvious and repetitive failure in such conflicts, was no one in Washington capable of imagining another course of action?”

    Calling Steve Bannon…


  12. Greg says:

    Reminded me of ex-president Selina Meyer being interviewed on Veep after her loss. A damaged, narcissist who cannot live in a world where she loses. She discounts the email saga but the legal extraordinary shenanigans her team went through to avoid 33000 emails being read shows the reverse. I suspect the Russian matter is just a giant swamp gas lighting tactic to cover for Hilary breaking the law and for evidence a presidential candidate targeted by Obama for no reason. In Hilary’s mind she did not lose and does not accept any blame. She was a bad, entitled, complacent candidate and her loss had nothing to do with misogyny. She forgets that the UK, NZ, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Norway, Iceland etc have had female leaders. Even mysogynist countries like Pakistan and Bangla Desh have have had female leaders!

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    Tucker & Mark Stein on ILLary’s Blame Game Tour.

    Steyn: Clinton’s Book Like OJ Searching for ‘Real Killers’ of Campaign

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  14. MTeresa says:

    I tried SD, I really tried to listen to this interview. From someone who never watches network news anyways, to sit and watch the Today show without a barf bag handy is one thing, but you’re really pushin’ it with Matt Lauer interviewing HRC. I just couldn’t do it. Good Grief is right.

    She has no where to go. She can’t ever go home and be a Grandmother, which as a mother, should be the obvious natural next step. She’s lost it or she’s needs to stop listening to her sycophants who were advising her during her campaign.

    NBC, give the woman a break. Let her be a train wreck in the privacy of her own home. For everyone’s benefit. Go home Hillary. Read a book……………don’t write one. Find some friends and join a book club.

    The country has moved on. We really don’t want to hear from you unless it’s in a courtroom and you are being brought to justice for the many crimes you and your family have committed.

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  15. Budman says:

    I have always thought that she missed the boat by not running in 2004 actually. John Kerry? Oh please…That was her year and for some good omen she did not run. …………That was “her time”, I’m sure of it!


  16. Mike diamond says:

    Why isn’t Hillary in prison??????o I forget she is above the law!!!!! Thank God every day this nasty one is not our President!!!!!!

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  17. Greg says:

    Watch Hilary on Veep


  18. auntiefran413 says:

    The sad thing about all this is that so may of the lunatics who supported her are still whining and drying!

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  19. Sandy says:

    Go away Killery Clintoon. I really believe she is having a mental breakdown!

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    • BeePee says:

      The funny thing is she has always supported plantation politics as a typical Democrat and the one time she ran which would have been her best time, she got beat in the primaries by a black man.

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  20. Christine says:

    Is she truly such a delusional narcissist that she believes this tosh?!

    Or is part of the motivation to continue this charade of denial, an attempt to save her own bacon?

    After all, she + Bill accepted ~$2 Billion in pay to play bribes from powerful individuals, foreign nations + global corporations, much of which she’s been unable deliver on, and will never be able to without the Presidency.

    She will have pee’d off a lot of powerful people, with her failure. And we know how the Clintons deal with people who pee THEM off!

    Just musing.


  21. kinthenorthwest says:

    Had to share

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  22. Mike diamond says:

    Hillary is a mental case,she has lied so much she lives a lie ! She lives to lie !


  23. wodiej says:

    Psalm 10:4 explains that the proud are so consumed with themselves that their thoughts are far from God: “In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” This kind of haughty pride is the opposite of the spirit of humility that God seeks.” I think this sums up her behavior pretty well.


  24. jbrickley says:

    What Happened? The “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” emphatically showed up to vote and said, “Hell, No”!


  25. Mike diamond says:

    Websters dictionary for liar should show a picture of Hillary Clinton!!!!


  26. TwoLaine says:

    REMINDER: ILLary’s tirade about Matt Lauer and her campaign to “Get that F..CKING Lauer fired for this.”

    I totally forgot about this. It makes more sense now as to why Lauer is in her LIST of EXCUSES why SHE’s a LOSER. She was REAL PISSED at ML, and truly campaigned to get him fired.


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