Overnight Livestream Hurricane Irma Coverage – Open Discussion…

For those outside the SWFL area, NBC-2 is a local network with exceptional coverage of Hurricane Irma for Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties.  Also, now that Irma is close to the keys the NBC 250 mile radar sweep allows them to follow Irma via their own radar which is far more precise and up to the hour accurate.  NBC-2.Com Website HERE

They also have a livestream Youtube channel NBC2 News HERE (embedded below), and they are broadcasting 24/7 on the storm as she arrives.  This information is far more useful than Weather or National Channel’s.

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531 Responses to Overnight Livestream Hurricane Irma Coverage – Open Discussion…

  1. Those are some water tight doors.

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  2. Minnie says:

    Thank you so much for the NBC 2 link, texted that info to family in Riverview (near Tampa).

    They still have power and have assured us their cell phones are remaining 100% charged.

    Light winds and rain for them at this point.

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  3. wondering999 says:

    Just saw this at another site: “bathtub water reservoir.”
    Didn’t know such a thing existed, but it would be useful for a lot of weather situations


  4. HM says:

    Sundance is right again.
    Remarkable and intense weather coverage of Irma that would be incredibly useful to anyone in the track of the storm–if they are able to connect to their coverage. The precise and detailed geographical knowledge of the station’s staff is also very impressive.
    I’d been hoping and praying that the Hurricane would lose strength before it headed north to Florida but these broadcasts show that it is still doing a lot of damage even though it is not “the worst case scenario.” Enough Floridians and Texans are tough and smart enough people to ensure that a full recovery is inevitable in their locations.
    Floridians like Texans should feel some relief that President Trump will ensure that all that can be done in the aftermath of this storm will done within the jurisdiction of the Feds even if he has to deal with his other political Dem enemies again rather than just those enemies and incompetents in his elected GOP party. Both states also have a competent and effective governor.

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  5. oldtoenail says:

    Thanks for the livestream Youtube channel NBC2 News URL. I was not about to watch Shep Smith on Fox. The continuous reporting from channel 2 is great and provided real weather instead of sounding like a drama classic.

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  6. Bendix says:

    How ’bout that Governor Rick Scott?

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