President Trump Weekly Address – September 8th, 2017, Pre-Hurricane Irma Arrival…

President Donald Trump provides a weekly address against the backdrop of one of the most potentially devastating Hurricanes ever to arrive in Florida.

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29 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – September 8th, 2017, Pre-Hurricane Irma Arrival…

  1. Bob says:

    He has done more to help the American People than any President in my life time…and I’m OLD too

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  2. linda4298 says:

    Nice new haircut.

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  3. trialbytruth says:

    Nicely done a message of hope for a better future .An assurance of support and a setting of the bar for how the displaced will conduct themselves with sacrifice and Compassion.

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  4. yy4u says:

    We finally have a POTUS!

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  5. I absolutely shudder at the thought of Hillary in the Oval these last few weeks. Thank you Lord!

    Taking this opportunity to send my good wishes and prayers to everyone in FL…prayied a Rosary this morning for Our Lady’s protection over everyone, especially all Treepers, their families and friends.

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  6. freddy says:

    Anyone have this problem here or a fix… scrolling keeps going back up to the top of the page and won’t stay in place and icon is flashing. A few days now here like this….

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  7. Bob Thoms says:

    P Trump; please address today’s decision by your AG to let the IRS off the hook……………do you realize how dangerous and corrupt the IRS was under Obama?

    For your AG to do nothing; hold no one accountable is unacceptable to many of us.

    Do you realize how frightening it is to have the IRS target us? We do not have the benefit of deep pockets to hire attorneys and accountants to defend us.

    Please help, your supporters are begging you.

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, arguably the most powerful federal agency most citizens encounter. They can destroy your life with little recourse on your part.

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    • redtreesquirrel says:

      The RINOs were just as happy to have the IRS go after the TEA Party groups as the Dems. Make no mistake. Jeff Sessions needs to be replaced.

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      • Bob Thoms says:

        Our only hope is to appeal directly to P Trump….he listens, he hears, he follows what we have to say…………..if enough of us speak out I have no doubt he will do something.

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      • repsort says:

        Yep. The weaponized nature of these gov agencies can’t stand. Selective enforcement, targeted enforcement… It’s pure lawlessness and I don’t care what President Trump pulls off everywhere else, lawlessness will destroy this nation. God help us as more and more realize that there is no legal peaceful recourse they can pursue when they are harmed or when their rights are violated.. A certain percentage WILL take the law into their own hands… That’s the end of civil society.


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        • Bob Thoms says:

          This was not lawless in HUD, VA or some other alphabet agency; but in the single most powerful and authoritative arm of the US government, the IRS.

          We all should be very concerned that this happened and that P Trump’s AG has decided to do nothing about it.

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          • G. Combs says:

            No AG Sessions LOOK and found no evidence that ties her DIRECTLY to the crime of targeting.

            He would need either written instructions or several wittnesses with meeting dates and the same story. Unfortunately that evidence was destroyed and there is no CONCRETE EVIDENCE (logs) as to who destroyed it. FRUSTRATING!

            They had more than a year to completely destroy all evidence and the evidence of who did the clean-up.

            July 30th, 2015 The Curious Case of Lois Lerner’s Physically Damaged Hard Drive

            “[…]The Oversight Committee report states:

            “Using the CI unit’s digital forensic facilities, Minsek opened the hard drive and conducted additional tests. Once he opened the hard drive, Minsek noticed “well-defined scoring creating a concentric circle in the proximity of the center of the disk.”

            As the testimony states, TIGTA was unable to determine whether anyone had entered Lois Lerner’s office during the date in question because entry logs had been destroyed after a year in keeping with the vendor’s operating procedures:

            “Attempts were made to determine if anyone entered Ms. Lerner’s office prior to the hard drive crash on June 11, 2011; however, the entry logs that would have recorded any entry into the building were destroyed by the building security vendor after one year of retention, or sometime in 2012. The destruction of the logs after one year falls within the vendor’s standard operating procedures.”

            “[…]In August and September, the Oversight Committee is expected to release more information from the millions of reviewed documents and 50 transcribed interviews. All Americans expecting honest government hope more light will be shed on how Lerner’s hard drive mysteriously received “scoring.”


            • Convert says:

              Guilty people often go free, unfortunately, but it is a price I’m willing to pay for civilization and law and order. “Knowing” someone is guilty and proving it in a court of law are 2 very different things; vigilante justice is not our way. I can see how it’s likely all evidence was successfully destroyed and it is what it is….


            • Bob Thoms says:

              You, and myself, are clueless just how hard and serious “AG Sessions looked” before declaring he won’t prosecute.


    • G. Combs says:

      “For your AG to do nothing; hold no one accountable is unacceptable to many of us.”

      Sorry guys, I just looked. I could find NO LAW that would allow Lerner to be sucessfully convicted. Unfortunately NO REAL EVIDENCE to tie her to a crime.

      This is all I could find:

      SUBJECT: Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing

      “[…]There are, however, many substantial challenges unique to pursuing individuals for corporate misdeeds. In large corporations, where responsibility can be diffuse and decisions are made at various levels, it can be difficult to determine if someone possessed the knowledge and criminal intent necessary to establish their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is particularly true when determining the culpability of high-level executives, who may be insulated from the day-to-day activity in which the misconduct occurs. As a result, investigators often must reconstruct what happened based on a painstaking review of corporate documents, which can number in the millions, and which may be difficult to collect due to legal restrictions.[…]”

      This is worth reading from (POGP) Project on Government Oversight because it explains reality: Government Accountability: The Conflict Between Ethics and Reality in the Military Industrial Complex

      Mandy Smithberger, of the privately funded Project on Government Oversight[POGP], testified at the same hearing [on Edward Snowden] about a survey showing that 45 percent of Office of the Inspector General employees “disagreed that their senior leadership maintains high standards of honesty and integrity—nearly twice the rate reported by [other] employees at the Department of Defense,” she said.[…]” link

      So the watchdogs are more corrupt than the rest. SIGHHhhhh

      U.S. Government Accountability Office
      Office of Special Investigations

      “The Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is a specialized unit within GAO created to meet the Congress’ need for quick, focused responses to questions and issues of criminal activity, fraud, and abuse. Staffed with senior criminal investigators, its primary mission is to identify and investigate potential fraud, criminal misconduct, and serious wrongdoing involving federal funds, programs, and activities…..”


      • mimbler says:

        How bout this:
        The Ways and Means Committee spent three years investigating allegations that the IRS during the Obama administration unfairly targeted tax-exempt conservative groups.

        Among the committee’s findings is that Lerner used her position to improperly influence agency action against only conservative organizations, denying the groups due process and equal protection rights under the law. The panel found Lerner targeted conservative organization Crossroads GPS, as well as other conservative groups, while “turning a blind eye” to similarly organized liberal groups, such as Priorities USA.

        The panel also uncovered evidence that Lerner impeded official investigations by providing misleading statements in response to questions from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and risked exposing, and may actually have disclosed, confidential taxpayer information, in violation of federal law by using her personal email for official business.

        And that was from a worthless Ways and Means Committee. If we had a true criminal investigation who knows what we’d have? I’m not meaning you when I say the following, but if you don’t look for criminality, you don’t find it.


  8. Dan Abadie says:

    mega Prayers from cajun country to you guys who are in Irma’s path. Been through many storms here in South Louisiana, including a direct hit by Betsy in ’65……witnessed a calm clear nighttime sky as eye moved over us. Lots of wind damage and without power for 2 wks. Prayer got us through it.

    The Cajun Navy WILL be there after the storm to give y’all a helping hand.

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  9. Amy says:

    Love my president.


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