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Something Very Odd In That “CNN Crew Rescuing Man in Truck” Video…

Perhaps you might have seen the story of Drew Griffin from CNN and a spontaneous, and serendipitous, CNN crew’s rescue of a Texas man who drove his truck into a canal.

Kudos for CNN being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing etc.  CNN has been playing up the video all day as an act of spontaneous CNN bravery in a moment of emergency and crisis.  High-fives and back-pats all around.

Here’s the video:


Except someone noticed something weird about it.

Either there’s another guy in the video and the footage makes it seem weird and conflated, or Drew Griffin had time to change clothes between the moment the man drove into the canal and the moment Griffin “rescued” him.

See Screengrabs, note times:

At 00:50 Drew Griffin (?) running toward man in truck.  Note clothing.

Nine seconds later, Griffin arrives to drag man from vehicle.  Only, now he’s switched from shorts and sandals into black pants and boots.  Huh?

It wasn’t much of a desperate emergency if CNN’s Drew Griffin had time to change from a pair of shorts and sandals into a pair of long pants and boots?

Here’s the video again:


Hey dude, wait right there while I put on my rescue pants and get my boots, ok?

Quick, hair and make-up,… How’s our lighting? ..ok and camera angles… we good?  OK, annnd… “ACTION” !

Wait, what… huh?