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Customs and Border Patrol Announces First Four Contracts for Border Wall Prototypes (Video)…

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol announces the first four, of an anticipated eight, border wall prototypes.  The first four contracts to build the prototypes are worth $400 to $500 thousand each and are targeted toward “concrete and reinforced concrete” prototypes. … Continue reading

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Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence and Texas Governor Abbott Visit Texas Recovery Areas…

The Trump administration is pushing every federal agency to lean forward and get all available resources to the people and communities in Texas and Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Rescue, Recovery and Relief efforts are ongoing as flooding … Continue reading

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Admits No Common Ground With Trump on Immigration – Chamber Demands Open-Ended Immigration Must Be Maintained… ion

The open border position of the crony-capitalistic U.S. Chamber of Commerce is only one of the issues that showcases the hidden agenda of their heavily lobbied influence upon Republicans in Congress.  The CoC spends hundreds of millions writing legislation and … Continue reading

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James Comey Drafted Conclusion in Clinton Probe Prior to FBI Interviewing Key Witnesses…

In a letter from Senator Chuck Grassley to new FBI Director Christopher Wray (full pdf below) the senator outlines some disturbing information discovered in documents reviewed by the judicial committee. Chief among the issues was a discovery that fired FBI … Continue reading

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WH Homeland Security Tom Bossert Briefing on Hurricane Harvey Rescue, Recovery and Relief Efforts…

Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert gives an extensive briefing and answers questions about the federal disaster response to Hurricane Harvey. . Boy, this guy is beyond good.  Tom Bossert is exceptional.

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Report: White House Weighing Mexican Remittance Fee To Pay for Southern Security Wall…

This is a little funny.  Back in 2015 we originally shared an easy peasy way to pay for the border wall by charging a 4% remittance fee on wire transfers to Mexico.  With more than $25 billion (2015) in Western … Continue reading

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Git R’ Done Texas – Redneck Army Rescues National Guard…

Even the fine patriots within the National Guard need rescuin’ every once in a while.  Who ya’ gonna turn to when it gets beyond the scope of the guard?  Bubba and the Git-R-Done Redneck Army… that’s who.  ‘Merica!  Enjoy:

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