President Trump Reverses Obama Executive Order Blocking Military Surplus From Police Purchase…

Today President Trump has issued an executive order revoking a previous Executive Order #13688, put in place by President Obama, which blocked local and state law enforcement from purchasing military surplus gear.  Effective with today’s order local law enforcement will have access to U.S. military equipment.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited two studies which concluded that the use of military-style equipment can have positive effects, reducing citizen complaints and assaults on officers.

EXECUTIVE ORDER – By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Revocation of Executive Order 13688. Executive Order 13688 of January 16, 2015 (Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition), is hereby revoked.

Sec. 2. Revocation of Recommendations Issued Pursuant to Executive Order 13688. The recommendations issued pursuant to Executive Order 13688 do not reflect the policy of the executive branch. All executive departments and agencies are directed, as of the date of this order and consistent with Federal law, to cease implementing those recommendations and, if necessary, to take prompt action to rescind any rules, regulations, guidelines, or policies implementing them.

Sec. 3. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof; or

(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.


Overall, the militarization of our local and state police forces presents a complex dynamic. On one hand we want our law enforcement to have the most effective tools needed to deal with threats and public safety. On the other hand seeing an MRAP vehicle in the local police parade on the 4th of July is not something to be cheering about.

This can be a slippery slope if not well managed, and local people need to be engaged with their public officials to express valid opinions and concerns.

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181 Responses to President Trump Reverses Obama Executive Order Blocking Military Surplus From Police Purchase…

  1. MaineCoon says:

    I was stunned to see that Fort Pierce, FL, a sleepy little town, got n MRAP vehicle a few years ago for $$2,000! I was glad to see they have one since the Mosque is where the Orlando Pulse shooter attended. Some other well known terrorist attended there.


  2. Atticus says:

    What did Han Solo used to say: ” I’ve got a bad feeling about this”.

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  3. Ted Koehl says:

    The police and law enforcement work for their respective communities. Most officers live within those same communities as does their family members. It is up to the community to address any perceived abuse by law enforcement. That said, American Law Enforcement is generally well trained and acts very well for the citizens they serve. In any nationwide organization there may be a bad apple or so just like anywhere else in our society.

    The reason the police get to obtain used military equipment is: 1-Police budgets tend to suck, 2-the military used to just give the same equipment to foreign governments or throw them away, 3-the police can get this high quality equipment for free or a fraction of what it might cost otherwise, 4-the police save their community money by getting an armored truck for free instead of spending local taxpayer dollars on one that will not do one quarter of the job the mil-surplus one can, 5-the cops generally use things like MRAP’s and heavy trucks for rescue operations such as the high water down in Texas and elsewhere or for ballistic protection during crime or terrorism incidents.

    Law Enforcement Agencies that have said equipment tend to show it off to their community. It is not some Stasi-type secret weapon to be used against the public. Remember the cops live there too!

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  4. Sorry, but we can’t like everything. I don’t like this.

    I guarantee you now, that these weapons will be used by Democrat cities to fire at and destroy peaceful protestors. Especially those with leanings towards Trump. Look at how the police move out of the way to let the mob attack peaceful protesters as it is. Charlottesville and Berkley make that clear.

    I think that this is a bad move. Good intentions, for sure, but just not the smart thing to do. If they want the army on the street, then put them there, but this is just wrong. If the police don’t have the right equipment and training, then do something about it, but this is just wrong.

    Yes, I love our boys in blue. But I have also seen many people on video get awful treatment from the cops, such as body slamming (for no reason) resulting in serious long term head injuries. I have seen officers walk onto other’s property, and shoot dogs dead with happy smiles and waggy tails. We have also seen police chiefs clearly stand aside to let protestors take a beating, almost on a weekly basis. They have all been peaceful Trump supporters. We have seen police chiefs back away from looters, so they can have the room to riot. At this moment, many police departments can’t be trusted with such armory. They have the right tools now, but don’t employ them. For a start, they have the power of arrest, which they don’t enforce on violent rioters. They have the power to keep both protestors apart, which they not only don’t do, but actually force them together to cause trouble, only for them to COWARDLY walk away.

    Again, I am a big fan of the cops. I have 4 family members who are in various roles within the police department. And they would agree with me. We talk about this. They readily acknowledge the problems in their ranks. And they are angry about it too. They have seen police management become political hit men, rather than law enforcers. If you can’t fix that, then don’t give them military grade weaponry to use on their own citizens.

    I know it all sounds great, like these military machines will be employed on taking down the bad guys. I just don’t share that confidence. I would love it if they were deployed against these huge mobs of fascist antifa thugs, but I think there are many other ways to stop this.

    Never does a police chief say “well, the mayor told us to stand down, and we disagree with that, as peaceful people are now going to get seriously hurt.” And very rarely does a policeman actually get punished for being overly violent. We see the “out of court” compensation for millions of dollars, dollars which is tax payers money, get paid to their victims, but never do we see these “rotten apples” actually get punished themselves. If people are concerned about budgets, take a look at that first. And now we give them military equipment.


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    • With 6 member of my family who are current or retired LEO, I agree 100+% We have had the same talks amongst ourselves.

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    • auntiefran413 says:

      Can you even begin to imagine what Ferguson would have become if those military vehicles not been there? It was a living nightmare as it was, but without that kind of intimidation it would have been a lot worse! I live in a lovely area just eight miles from Ferguson’s ground zero and was delighted to see something holding those cretins back.


    • Mary Wilson says:

      Rochester, NY is an old city with mostly narrow streets. The big military equipment doesn’t fit down them. That immediately limits what can be done with the stuff. Otherwise, our police generally only get to use the big equipment during our occasional huge snowstorm and ferry doctors, nurses, women in labor to and from hospitals, and 9-1-1 staff to/from the emergency communications center.


  5. I’m not a fan of this decision. No place for military equipment in American Cities….don’t like it at all. But, that’s how it goes…can’t like everything.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      I share the same sentiment, but another thought has crossed my mind as to why this is being allowed. ANTIFA is getting out of control with no end in sight in an attempt to destabilize societies all over the world. IMO this decision is motivated in anticipation in dealing with them in future conflicts and Trump and his team know this. Further conversations need to be discussed to deal with the ANTIFA and BLM violence, and the media is not doing it so who is?


  6. justfactsplz says:

    There are good eggs and bad eggs in this basket. I think a lot of bad publicity about police departments using the military equipment stems from the Ferguson disaster. The rioters were totally out of control with looting and burning the place down. People were getting hurt. These big machines were brought in and they were very effective. Now today all I hear is the AA community complain that they are used more in their neighborhoods. Crime stats show they are doing most of the crime proportionately. I think if used right these are very valuable. Citizens will certainly speak up if their police department abuses this equipment.

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  7. whoseyore says:

    My son is a policeman. I would suggest that you not believe the conspiracy theories that the government is going to take over the people by use of the police. As Ted Koehl and others have said above, these officers have families in their communities, go to church in their communities, and coach high-school baseball teams in their communities. Most of them love America as much as any of us here.

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  8. Lanna says:

    This is the 1033 program — been around since 1997. What Obozo did was to ban certain items and to impose multiple federal requirements for possession of others, including the requirement for federal departments to consult with civil rights groups and police regarding use of military equipment.

    He issued this executive order after Ferguson. In my opinion, what he did was further usurpation of states and local rights, and a significant step towards federalizing police departments.

    Trump just rolled this back.

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  9. The Fraternal Order of Police is VERY pro-Second Amendment.

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  10. mitrom says:

    The left is out of control with Antifa, BLM, etc. I’m all for it, but understand people’s concerns. City governments and police that do not protect peaceful protesters from these violent mobs should be sued.


    • Jedi9 says:

      YES! 100% with you on this! ANTIFA and BLM scumbags are way out of control and need to be dealt with in the harshest terms. These groups currently pose the most risk in a time when the US is facing threats from abroad.


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        They pose no risk, in truth, unless law enforcement is told to stand by while they run riot. And against whom do you think militarized local law enforcement would use this stuff?


  11. Mike diamond says:

    Good our police need more protection!God bless them!!!! Thank you President Trump!!!


  12. millwright says:

    I’ve never favored this sort of technology transfer, but i do offer this as a possible means of security of us . Equip all the vehicles with a card/chip reader and only issue cards to verified members of “Oath Keepers” ! Not only would this provide some additional level of security and protection from abuse, watching progs’ and the SPLC reactions would provide revealing entertainment !


  13. Ned says:

    At the moment it is a escalating bloodless for the most part, culture war.
    Perhaps Trump foresees that changing in the near future…
    You can only hope law enforcement will start ignoring the “stand down” order when trouble escalates more or the additional equipment will just sit there and watch too.


  14. InTime says:

    I am not so worried about the LEO being well armed. Look at what they are facing. I don’t get worried about citizens being well armed. What I worry about is the stand down orders from civilian politicians who have armed guards! What I worry about are the LEO who actually follow stand down orders and watch weaponized antifa et al thugs beat and assault unarmed and lawful assemblies. That is what I worry about. I worry about politicians and media of all matter calling for the coup. I am disgusted with all of it.


  15. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    I am very uncomfortable with this.


  16. linda7780 says:

    You can have the best equipment in the world but, when LEO are told to stand down when violence erupts, what good is it?


  17. Smarty says:

    the militarization of our police force continues. It is not a good road to go down. Founding fathers did NOT want a standing army for this reason! This is what globalists want, the power to come down on citizens, tyranny. I have distinct memories of watching on tv as Bostonians were being frog marched out of their homes during the hunt for the Tsarnev boys after marathon bombing. It was pathetic and disturbing.


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