Sunday August 27th – Open Thread

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.
    Isaiah 26:3

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  2. duchess01 says:

    Listen with discernment…

    MARK TAYLOR- Are YOU Ready For What’s COMING Next?

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    • ruralnc says:

      Thank you so much, Duchess. Mark’s words, “Take yourself off the enemy’s radar; they’re exposing themselves and will be taken down,” brought me much comfort.

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      • duchess01 says:

        Good for you, rural! I am painfully aware of the spiritual battle we fight – it has always been this way – just not as ‘public’ as it is now – evil is exposed on a daily basis – it is difficult to watch – sometimes, very tiring –

        I thank God everyday for hearing our prayers – and blessing us in spite of what goes on around us – God Bless You, rural!

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    • susanphd says:

      This video is a bit too weird for my tastes. the content is good. I like his opinions. Mark Taylor is trying to explain interesting current events. but he expresses his ideas by using impassioned biblical vocabulary, which kind of get in the way of the underlying message. I was turned off. it felt like a church sermon. Taylor should study the english language and come up with better metaphors. all language is nothing but metaphors anyway. but biblical metaphors don’t resonate w/ me. not recommended.

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      • smiley says:

        all due respect, but “biblical metaphors” have a lot to do with discernment.

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      • duchess01 says:

        Each of us tries to make sense of our world in his/her own way – this is how Mark sees the world and how her relates to it – it is through a ‘spiritual eye’ he interprets the world – others see the world through ‘secular/academic’ eyes – so naturally – they cannot relate to Mark – to each his own!

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      • Gail says:

        I think your first sentence makes clear where you are coming from.

        My intuition told me from the first debate that DT would win.

        I have been aware of Mark’s prophecy since May 2016. His prophecy helped me in the face of the attacks on DJT during the election as I was knocking on doors, something I never did for anyone before. What Mark said helped me to keep going as I watched with amazement all that he was told come to fruition.

        I had complete faith in what he said because I watched it unfold in real time. And it continues to do so. I look forward to his interviews to hear about updates. You can go to his website and read all the prophecies for yourself. They are given freely.

        This is a conversation with a woman who is also a strong Christian who uses prayer.

        There are other YT videos of his interviews. The first one he did was with Rick Wiles at TruNews.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Understood susanphd. A lot of times it’s the “personality” of the speaker, for me. For example, a lot of people can’t listen to Alex Jones. It’s his personality, not what he’s actually saying. (I have family with the same personality, so he never bothered me)

        Fortunately for all of us, there are still enough options for us to receive information.
        (I personally don’t care for people who think themselves prophets)

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  3. Garrison Hall says:

    Amid the news of great loss in the communities hit so hard by the hurricane, just now it occurred to me that we’re not all that far from a much happier time. Is it too early to think of Christmas, of our special time of sharing with the Lord? Nothing can take away the sense of loss and grief of having been harmed by the hurricane but I hope this Christmas music from a long ago “Winter’s Solstice” album will serve as a gentle reminder that our Lord is always with us, even in the darkest of times. Have a blessed Sunday, Treepers. And pray for our friends and neighbors who have lost so much.

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  4. As noted here late last summer a film with Mel Gibson and Sean Penn is days/hours/minutes from release. “The Professor and the Madman” portrays a peculiar aspect of the making of the Oxford English Dictionary and a couple of you expressed interest in the subject at that time.

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  5. Wisconsam says:

    Blessed Assurance

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  6. smiley says:

    Day’s End At Lander


    (no date)

    Michael Stack ~ American (b. 1947) ~ New Mexico/Arizona ~ Realism ~ Landscapes


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  7. smiley says:

    …on the horizon


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    • BakoCarl says:

      The Day

      There is coming a day,
      Perhaps not too far away,
      When the trump of God will sound.
      The archangel will shout,
      The dead in Christ will come out,
      And the living will rise to be crowned.

      As we see Him above,
      We’ll be filled with His love,
      And made perfect in every way.
      We’ll meet Christ in the clouds,
      Sing His praises aloud,
      And be with Him forever that day.

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      • smiley says:

        you clearly have a gift. 🙂

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      • JC says:

        An encouraging reminder of the victory ahead. Thanks, Carl.

        As we await that glorious day, we are privileged to link arms with our Savior and each other to accomplish the great and mighty things He has planned, indeed has begun, before His return. These are perilous times but God reigns, and I stand amazed at all I witness.

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      • The iron hand it ain’t no match for the iron rod
        The strongest wall will crumble and fall to a mighty God
        For all those who have eyes and all those who have ears
        It is only He who can reduce me to tears
        Don’t you cry and don’t you die and don’t you burn
        Like a thief in the night, he’ll replace wrong with right
        When he returns.
        Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that is passes through
        He unreleased His power at an unknown hour that no one knew
        How long can I listen to the lies of prejudice ?
        How long can I stay drunk on fear out in the wilderness ?
        Can I cast it aside, all this loyalty and this pride ?
        Will I ever learn that there’ll be no peace, that the war won’t cease
        Until He returns ?
        Surrender your crown on this blood-stained ground, take off your mask
        He sees your deeds, He knows your needs even before you ask
        How long can you falsely and deny what is real ?
        How long can you hate yourself for the weakness you conceal ?
        Of every earthly plan that be known to man, He is unconcerned
        He’s got plans of his own to set up His throne
        When He return.
        Songwriters: Bob Dylan
        When He Returns lyrics © Bob Dylan Music Co.

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  8. Dora says:

    Gustav Klimt – “FARM GARDEN WITH SUNFLOWERS” (1912)

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    • susanphd says:

      wow. a truly breathtaking work of art. wish I could see it up close and in person. must be dazzling to see the original. thanks for posting.


  9. skeinster says:

    I’m sure the Navy won’t mind- a hymn for my fellow Texans

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  10. Dora says:

    This is just driving me crazy. And of course, according to Islamic law, once they pray in a place, that place belongs to them. Couldn’t someone send in some lions?


    Rome, September 1st, Islamic gathering at the Colosseum: “We want it as a place to pray”

    The appointment is for September 1st. On that day Muslims will invade the Colosseum transforming it into an open-air mosque.

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  11. Dora says:

    Gives me the creeps. Ugh!


    World’s Largest Pagan Festival, ‘Burning Man’, Set To Start This Sunday In The Black Rock Desert In Nevada

    The event’s website says: ‘Burning Man is permeated with rituals. These rites speak of soulful need; the desire to belong to a place, to belong to a time, to belong to one another, and to belong to something that is greater than ourselves, even in the midst of impermanence. ‘Throughout all ages temples have been built in order to induce these feelings.’ The festival is erecting a temple commemorating the Golden Spike and participants are invited to visit the shrine and make offerings that embody what Burning Man’s culture means to them.


  12. getfitnow says:

    FTA – A wallpaper company in Pennsylvania was shocked when it received an order from the White House earlier this month. So shocked, in fact, that the owners at York Wallcoverings actually thought it was some sort of prank,

    Great “can do ” attitude by York! It is beautiful and fits the White House perfectly.

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  13. nimrodman says:

    Lots of Stars and Stripes here. I know I’m standing at attention.
    (Doh! – bad Nimrod …)

    Poolside politics: The Make America Great Again swimsuit loved by Trump-supporting women – including Tomi Lahren, Willow Palin and a host of stunning models

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    • nimrodman says:

      … more photos at the article, it’s not just this one that I was remarking on

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      • Dave says:

        Glad to see such beautiful girls in that swimsuit! Soros sees this and may spoil it for the rest of us! His models would include the likes of Hildebeest, Washerwoman Schultz, and Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg! Damn, I just threw up in my mouth with the visuals!

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  14. reenahovermale says:

    Head’s up. The imam who planned the attack on Las Ramblas, (who blew himself up accidentally), had “una cantidad ingente de bombonas de butano” or a very large quantity of butane cylinders at his house, which he had converted into an explosives laboratory.

    (Question: Do we trace who buys our propane tanks in U.S.A.?)

    On a side note, I followed a link embedded in this article to another which the author had also written. They made a very interesting argument as to how journalists are allowed to view all of the facts, but are not allowed to publish them all. They were referring to disturbing photos in this case but, I found it interesting that they are chafing. The article is in Spanish.

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  15. duchess01 says:

    Thank You, Jesus, for blessings received and prayers answered!

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  16. Shimei says:

    I can’t help but to speculate on what God is up to and why. It may be futile, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways.” ⌊This is⌋ the LORD’s declaration.” Isaiah 55:8, and we “see through a glass darkly” 1 Cor 13:12. Nonetheless, it seems God has left His fingerprints on recent history for us to see. While I did not see it coming, it appears God has raised up Donald J. Trump and installed him as president at just the right time to rescue the USA from falling into the abyss. It appears to me that God waited until the last minute, when it looked like there was no hope after the previous 28 years of exceedingly poor leadership from WDC.

    In Donald Trump, God chose an unlikely candidate that, against all odds, blindsided the religious, media and political establishments. God also raised up a small number of rag-tag political neophytes to help candidate Trump. This was like when Gideon and his 300 warriors in Judges 7 fought and won against the vast Midianite army, which was numbered like the sand of the sea. God chose a few to deliver a nation so that the nation would not be proud, but realize God was their deliverer. We, as a nation, would do well to recognize that God has delivered the USA from certain destruction at the hand of the “Hillaryites” — the vast Left wing matrix of corrupt, evil, deceived dupes of the devil.

    Why has God done this for the USA, a country that surely deserves judgment and God’s wrath? Because we are presently in the Age of Grace, not judgment and wrath (it’s coming). God is displaying His mercy and grace upon the USA, and actually the world through us. We now have more time to proclaim the Gospel to a sin-sick and dying world. Each day we all should be falling down on our faces in humility, thanking and praising God, ascribing all glory to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for our being rescued (both now and 2,000 years ago).

    It appears that God is protecting and blessing the efforts of the Trump administration, for His own reasons and purposes. I feel confident this will continue because God is being glorified and He is confounding the evil plots of the enemy. This seems to be a time for prayer, trust and patience as God works things out in His sovereign grace.

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    • smiley says:

      GOD might also have the ME alignments in Mind when He promotes various world leaders, incl POTUS.


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    • piper567 says:

      I really like your use of Gideon and his sm army as a parallel to what is indeed happening in DC. I do believe Trump’s success Internationally is indeed giving God the glory, for anyone to see who understands events from this perspective.
      One particularly nice characteristic of being here among Treepers is our consistent calls for and posting of prayers for our Nation and our President.
      Many here also believe God had a clear role in The Election of 2016, and believe Trump is in need of constant prayer.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Please continue to do so.


  17. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ infidels!

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  18. duchess01 says:

    Today’s Verse: 1 John 2:27 (KJV)

    Sunday, August 27, 2017

    But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

    — 1 John 2:27 (KJV)


    Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

    When we became Christians, we were not only cleansed by the Holy Spirit, we were also filled with the Holy Spirit. John speaks of this as our anointing. The Spirit helps us hear the truth about Jesus and keeps us from surrendering that truth to false teaching that would diminish either side of Jesus’ identity — Jesus, God with us and God like us. We abide in Jesus when we hold on to both of these incredible truths.


    My Prayer…

    Holy and Righteous Father, thank you for sending Jesus to save me. May I never surrender my sense of wonder or my deep feelings of appreciation for all that Jesus was, is, and will be. Thank you for sending me your Spirit to help me safeguard the truth about your Son and my Savior, in whose name I pray and give you thanks. Amen.


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  19. susanphd says:

    i spent all day yesterday reading sundance’s articles with great interest and fascination. firstly, i am grateful that sundance has an extraordinary vocabulary and command of the language. able to articulate complex ideas into understandable formats. and he is very uplifting and optimistic. I previously had no idea how government works, how legislation is crafted, what globalism really is. Never understood the influence of special interest groups, lobbyists…how politicians are corrupted by them. How all legislation is controlled by them. I just had no idea. Never knew that corporations merge & create gigantic global monopolies outside the US and control commodity prices and products outside the laws of US. with the explicit goal of exfiltrating the wealth out of our country. Astounding to learn about the brilliance behind Trumps sanctions on Venezuela. Sundance does a great job of explaining Trumps 3D chess strategies.

    I want to say to all: quit getting distracted and outraged by statues, hurricanes, protests, media smears, palace intrigue, lawsuits, pardons, terrorist attacks, identity politics, racism, etc. focus all of your time, tweets, comments and attention on the trump agenda and getting his agenda implemented. all of these side dramas are about trying to stop Trump’s agenda. It’s just crystal clear now. We must apply laser-like focus on one thing only: get the agenda and campaign promises implemented.

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  20. Sentient says:

    “no other obvious outcome by which Trump can get Wall funding.” That’s correct. Either the president uses the threat – and the actuality – of a government shutdown or their will be no Wall.


    • georgiafl says:

      The President ain’t worried about Mexico funding the wall:

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      • Sentient says:

        I personally don’t care who pays for the Wall. $20B is less than two days’ federal spending. It’s peanuts in the scheme of things. Which is why Paul Rino and the Turtle shouldn’t be allowed not to fund it. If we later extract reimbursement from Mexico, fine. Implicit in the president’s tweet is that we need to fund it initially and seek any reimbursement later. All of the democrats and at least half of the Republicans in Congress oppose the Wall. Therefore they’re going to have to be forced to fund it. The only weapon is a government shutdown.

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  21. jstanley01 says:

    Please pray for Texas, that this hurricane moves inland and dissipates instead of stalling out near the coast. James 5:16-18

    The Forecast: Catastrophic, Life-Threatening Flooding Expected Into Next Week as Harvey Stalls Out
    Dr. Jeff Masters · August 26, 2017, 6:44 PM
    Weather Underground:

    “An extremely serious situation with few if any close parallels in modern U.S. hurricane history is taking shape over the southeast third of Texas. Computer models remain in strong agreement that the steering currents around Harvey will remain weak through at least Wednesday. As a result, Harvey will spin down while stalled for several days within 100 miles of the central Texas coast (see Figure 5). Even as its top winds decrease, Harvey will continue to pump enormous amounts of moisture into south central and southeast Texas, producing relentless bands of showers and thunderstorms (convection) across a wide swath that will likely include the Houston area…

    “Multiple computer models over the last several days have predicted that truly astonishing amounts of rain will fall near and northeast of Harvey’s center, including localized totals above 40” and widespread amounts between 10” and 30”. Unfortunately, the models are still resolute in that diagnosis, and what we know about tropical cyclone behavior only confirms what the models are telling us…

    “…there is very little doubt that Texas is in for one of the worst rainfall and flood events in its history. The resulting rainfall is very likely to produce widespread, devastating, and potentially catastrophic flooding. The situation in Houston is particularly concerning, given that city’s vast size and population and its well-known vulnerability to flooding…”

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  22. duchess01 says:

    Doyle Dykes – How Great Thou Art with Intro

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  23. golsono says:

    Your Leader PDJT has exposed more than most realise.
    Not only in usa, but all the World.
    Truly a Heaven Sent person, with the balls to do the job.
    Pray for his safety…
    Am so glad I came across CT, the voice of reason in these times.
    History will be written/re-written by the victor of this benchmark in human endeavours

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  24. duchess01 says:


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  25. oldiadguy says:

    A Public Service Video

    How to eat chicken wings by the Crazy Russian Hacker.

    Take Care

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  26. oldiadguy says:

    I posted a link a couple of days ago that referenced Sir John Glubb work “THE FATE OF EMPIRES

    Here is a PDF of the work.

    Take Care

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    • amwick says:

      From Mr. Iaguy’s link above, another sobering read…. :

      As numerous points of interest have arisen in the course of this essay, I close with a brief summary, to refresh the reader’s mind.
      (a) We do not learn from history because our studies are brief and prejudiced.
      (b) In a surprising manner, 250 years emerges as the average length of national greatness.
      (c) This average has not varied for 3,000 years. Does it represent ten generations?

      OH… SNAP… we are on our last generation in this “national greatness”… we fit the picture, more or less.. This would explain the antifa, and all those SJW….

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      • oldiadguy says:

        Yes, I believe we have reached the Age of Decadence. From Sir John Glubb’s work.

        The Age of Decadence.

        (e) Decadence is marked by:
        An influx of foreigners
        The Welfare State
        A weakening of religion.

        (f) Decadence is due to:
        Too long a period of wealth and power
        Love of money
        The loss of a sense of duty.

        (g) The life histories of great states are
        amazingly similar, and are due to internal

        (h) Their falls are diverse, because they are
        largely the result of external causes.

        (i) History should be taught as the history
        of the human race, though of course with
        emphasis on the history of the student’s own

        Does any of the above sound familiar?

        Take Care, pray and prepare for whatever may come

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  27. McGuffin says:

    A story about Millennials. There is a real and negative difference in their generation and previous generations! Sadly. Right now I have a car for sale, priced at $7500. I’ve had 4 different Millennials contact me wanting to buy the car. Not a single one has enough money.

    #1 Offered $4500 and the excuse that he’s expecting twins soon.
    #2 Offered exactly $5235 because that’s all the money he had.
    #3 Offered $5000 and no excuse. Simply expected that to be enough money for me to sell him the car.
    #4 Offered a “possible” down payment and asked me to finance, because he does after all have proof of income.
    None of them had any qualms about their expectations of owning the car at a huge loss to me. This is just the way they think and operate. They want it, they expect it.

    Incidentally I’ve had several middle aged people ask about the car. None asked me to take a penny less.

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  28. oldiadguy says:

    We may not have the wind and rain that Houston does, but St. Louis does have it’s “hail” storms.

    Take Care and have a Blessed Day

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  29. Troublemaker10 says:

    Report: Welfare Reform in Kansas Caused Individuals to Reenter Labor Force Earning Higher Incomes
    Combination of welfare reforms led to a 78 percent decline in TANF enrollment

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  30. My Brother-in-Law and his young family just moved into their 1st home (Wife is Pregnant and has a 1 yr old) They were just evacuated by boat from their home that is flooding, and the flood insurance doesn’t kick in for another 27 days. This is horribly real, but at least they’ve made it to high ground. They’re just one example of many ppl that are losing everything down in Houston.

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    • smiley says:

      while people elsewhere are busy ranting about racism, fascism, whitey-ism and tweets, I’m seeing AMERICANS of ALL colors over there in TEXAS helping each other survive..

      here’s to TEXAS ❤

      stay strong.

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    • amwick says:

      Fema…. they may get some help…It is a bureacracy, it is a PITA…. but it may get them enough money to either repair or start over. I know very well off people that had assistance after Sandy. So even though it looks bad, as long as they are safe and sound, it may just work out.

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      • amwick says:

        I know from losing a townhouse during hurricane Charlie, 2004.. Things in their favor, it is their principal residence, their insurance coverage was delayed (not their fault) and if their own savings are modest. Good luck to them…I most sincerely hope they get the Fema aid I was denied. If that makes sense.

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      • FEMA is a sore subject there after Katrina, Ike etc etc, but you’re right – they will most likely get help is some form, and I’ll know that they’ll be grateful for any assistance from their fellow Americans. Many ppl are in dire straights atm. Ultimately, they’re alive and safe, so that’s what is important for now. We have a greatly supportive family, so they won’t do without. My FiL has about 10 years worth of freezed dried food that he’s been dying to break out.


  31. oldiadguy says:

    For those who have the time, here are some interesting reads for a Sunday.

    “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey”

    The map included in the above link does not list all the countries the U.S. has invaded.

    Take Care


  32. MaineCoon says:

    Re-posting from Prez thread for all to see and be encouraged.

    I have a praise report today which hopefully will be encouraging to many. there’s a little story to it.

    In 2005 my church dedicated a new sanctuary building and then-Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Christian, participated in the dedication ceremony.

    Today is my church’s 100-year Centennial Celebration and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue came to say a few words at one of the morning services.

    Folks, Sec’y Perdue knows God’s word and spoke personally to my Church from it. He told us that each Cabinet meeting opens with prayer and that 7-10 people meet weekly for a WH Bible study.

    Folks, as long as PT and his people put God first, God will take our nation in the direction He wants it to go.

    Sec’y Perdue’s senior advisor as governor and now as secretary has sung in the choir for years. Both are humble people before the Lord.

    As we see all these bad events happening in government, pray. Pray. Pray.

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  33. aredtailblog says:

    Keeping an eye on Project Fenix in other business. Recently got my subscribers than I thought it would on Twitter.


  34. Donna in Oregon says:

    Trump should use EO and take over Houston now from the Neganite local government. They are just as stupid as New Orleans and Nagin, and if we aren’t careful it will end up like Katrina for Houston.


  35. Donna in Oregon says:

    Irish Blessing

    May you see God’s light on the path ahead
    When the road you walk is dark.
    May you always hear,
    Even in your hour of sorrow,
    The gentle singing of the lark.
    When times are hard may hardness
    Never turn your heart to stone,
    May you always remember
    when the shadows fall –
    You do not walk alone.

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  36. nwtex says:

    Texas Woman Interrupts Fox News Reporter During Hurricane Harvey, Hands Him a Six-Pack (Video)
    August 25, 2017

    Fox News reporter Casey Stegall has something to look forward to at the end of his shift covering Hurricane Harvey, thanks to a Galveston, Texas, resident who handed him a six-pack of beer mid-broadcast.


    “There you go, just friendly people here,” Stegall said after receiving his surprise gift.

    While the generous unidentified woman doesn’t work for the local brewery, Galveston Island Brewing marketing director Charday Van Orstrand called her gesture “southern hospitality at its finest.”


    Galveston Brewing also gave the woman a shout-out: “This lady rocks!”

    “Send this lady to the brewery so we can shower her with beer! #epic #drinklocal” the company said on Instagram.


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  37. auscitizenmom says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil.

    Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families as they seek to lead America back to You.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.
    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.
    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    And, Lord, we pray for all the people in Texas who have been affected by the storm.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen

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  38. Jlwary says:

    Treepers, God works in mysterious ways…
    A mother from my birth board on a pregnancy app has had a significant amount of heartache 😦
    Her first son passed after a short time after birth due to heart problems. Right after he passed, she discovered, unexpectedly that she was pregnant. Her second child, a daughter, had a 25% chance of having the same illness as her son but all her prenatal testing came back with good results and all looked well. Unfortunately, those results did not last. Soon after birth their daughter was found to have significant heart problems and is currently waiting for a heart transplant. 3 heart surgeries in her first year, her poor mother posted an update for us on the board. The photo she posted is of a happy little girl, but with somber news of their hardship. They have a GoFundMe and I wanted to share it in this thoughtful and giving community. If not by monetary means, please help by sharing the link with your networks, and of course, please say a prayer for this family. To add even more heartache, the mother was diagnosed with MS. My heart and prayers go out to this family.

    Thanks for your time, reading this and sharing it.

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  39. duchess01 says:

    SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2017
    Is Almighty God’s Will For Your Life Your Passion?

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