The Bloom is off the Ruse: Germany’s Angela Merkel Quietly Retreating From Paris Climate Treaty…

Angela Merkel is essentially the de-facto global head of modern political liberalism.  The central tenet, almost religious-based in its importance, is the lunacy within “climate change”.  However, as most reasonable people have concluded, the ‘climate discussions’ are more about controlled global economics than any actual concerns about planetary climatology.   Bottom line, it’s the economics that really matter beyond all else.

Backdrop – The day after President Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty, the German auto-sector immediately responded with a statement.  We see the immediate admission that ‘climate’ is simply a tool to shape global economics within that reactionary auto industry statement (emphasis mine):

(Via Reuters) […] “The regrettable announcement by the USA makes it inevitable that Europe must facilitate a cost efficient and economically feasible climate policy to remain internationally competitive,” Matthias Wissmann, president of the German auto industry lobby group VDA, said in a statement on Friday.

The preservation of our competitive position is the precondition for successful climate protection. This correlation is often underestimated,” Wissmann said, adding that the decision by the Unites States was disappointing. (link)

As clearly stated, when push comes to shove German sensibilities are connected more to their economics than to any do-gooder need to save the planet.  This reality, in combination with upcoming German elections, sets the stage for Angela Merkel’s statement today, three months later:

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Sunday against a swift abandonment of diesel cars after a series of emissions scandals, saying the fuel is still needed if climate change targets are to be met.

Speaking at a pre-election town hall event on RTL television on Sunday, Merkel called on German carmakers, all of which have been caught using workarounds to cheat nitrogen emissions tests, to work to re-establish public trust in diesel.

“We need diesel if we are to achieve our climate protection goals,” she said.  Diesel cars … emit the nitrogen dioxide that can cause breathing problems in high concentrations.

She told one car owner that the more modest compensation received by German car owners compared with their U.S. counterparts was the result of very different legal systems in the two countries.

Nonetheless, Germany’s carmakers needed to compensate owners whose cars were less valuable as a result of the scandal as best as possible, she said, otherwise “the German car industry, which is admired the world over, could suffer substantial harm”.

The future of the auto sector, Germany’s biggest exporter and provider of 800,000 jobs, has become a hot election issue as politicians blame executives and each other for the sector’s battered reputation after Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) admission almost two years ago that it had cheated U.S. emissions tests.  (read more)

Germany will be the primary EU country responsible for filling the financial void from the U.K. leaving the EU (Brexit).  That financial hole is approximately €15 billion per year. Additionally, unless they abandon the religion of climate change, Germany will be faced with having to renegotiate trade deals with the U.S. while they remain encumbered with the regulatory burden of the Paris treaty.

Chancellor Merkel is not a stupid woman, she knows the long-term ramifications to multicultural feel-goodisms and how they can undermine national economics.  The fact that Merkel would be attempting to spin Diesel fuel as an Eco-friendly fuel source is beyond laughable. Germany is reliant on diesel fuel which is created from heavy-grade oil; not refined light sweet crude.  The majority of the heavy oil used within Europe comes from Libya and North Africa energy development contracts.

You won’t see this in the MSM – but Merkel’s statement today, albeit against the backdrop of political survival, is another stark admission that Germany is retreating from the Paris Climate Treaty.

The treaty was/is only viable as each western economy agreed to jointly jump into an economic abyss, while filling the coffers of the multinational banks who underwrite the entire premise behind the geopolitical wealth distribution.  Thanks to President Trump the U.S. is no longer willing to commit economic suicide;  Turkey has also pulled away:

[…]  The U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement means Turkey is less inclined to ratify the deal because the U.S. move jeopardizes compensation promised to developing countries, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday. […] Erdogan said that when Turkey signed the accord France had promised that Turkey would be eligible for compensation for some of the financial costs of compliance. (link)

Germany is the tip of the climate spear.  Chancellor Merkel can’t openly retreat, yet Germany has to abandon the cult if they are to remain economically competitive.  The statement from Mrs Merkel today is a quiet, albeit visible, move toward the exits.

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164 Responses to The Bloom is off the Ruse: Germany’s Angela Merkel Quietly Retreating From Paris Climate Treaty…

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    I think Germany and most of Europe would like to see her totally retreat from Europe to some secluded mountaintop with no communication abilities. ..

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  2. SafeSpace says:

    Makes little difference what Merkel’s position is on the climate treaty. The only climate Merkel wants to change is that of European society: She stand firmly at the (former) border, waving a green flag at hordes of Islamist “refugees”, wishing them well as, like cancer cells, they burrow into cities and towns across the EU. When the “climate” of western civilization (and along with it, those nasty white people) has been sufficiently “changed”, Merkel can say she has done her job well.

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    • Judith says:

      Well now that big Ang can’t rifle our pockets the party is over. Trump has uncovered their schemes, with Paris “Climate” Accord and trade deals like TPP just the tip of the iceberg. What did climate have to do with open borders? Everything, apparently. Paris Climate Accord was never about the planet but a ruse to steal money. As always, politicians can never keep their hand out of the cookie jar.

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  3. Daniel says:

    So they are saying “because the USA withdrew its money support, our contributions will be less meaningful somehow even though what we contributed was tiny by comparison already.”

    I think just the opposite is true. Without the the money from the USA, the money from Germany and other countries should be increased to make up the difference.

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    • Vickie says:

      I read that Turkey pulled out right after USA did because they were going to be on the receiving end of the climate change money fraud. Without the USA participation Turkey didn’t think there would be any money in it for them anymore.

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    I’ll believe that Washington wants a Climate Change treaty when they stop using plastic bottled water and sticking us with their ridiculous astronomical bills for it, especially when others have no clean water.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      People should each begin with themselves. First, teach your children not to litter by example. Don’t blame anyone else. See it, pick it up. Problem solved.

      You’re Welcome Globalists, it was such an easy solution, eh?

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      • mireilleg says:

        It’s i teresting to see the change ofoutlook in the generations. I raised my son in the 80 and 90’s, and I raised a grand child from 2000 to now. I have not changed what I taught these kids. Clean up, don’t litter, recycle wohat you can, don’t be an extremist about it but leave the place better than you found it. My son and his friends were very much functioning along these lines. That next generation does not seem to care much about it.

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        • My motto, along with generations of “fishermen/women” of Sportsmen/women..
          **ONLY leave your footprints in the sand..**

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          • PreNanny says:

            As a woman who enjoys outdoor pursuits, I consider myself a sportsman. When I drop a line or net into water I am a fisherman. Am 56 years old and in all my life have never met another woman who does either that is offended by those words.


        • Judith says:

          When I was coming of age, the crisis of the day was population control. Americans were sternly discouraged from procreating and increasing pressure on our planet’s resources. When USA’s population began to decline they quickly opened the borders to fill us up with foreigners, because suddenly we need more people. I guess overpopulation was a ruse for genocide and replacing Americans.

          This scientifically unsubstantiated climate “scare” is also a ruse, to solicit funds for their shell game. False prophesies like these use our planet as an excuse to redistribute wealth and herd us around like cattle.

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          • Vickie says:

            They told us to only replace ourselves for population control. Then they tax the middle class to death to make it impossible to have more than one or two kids. They hand more money over to every welfare mom for every kid she pops out. She gets 6+ kids paid for on the working mans nickel and we, the working people got to have one or two cause that’s all we could a ford to have and pay for. Then they open the flood gates to immigration, legal and illegal, they produce 6+ and we pay for them long after our own are grown with more welfare benefits. It’s called a replacement society. They wanted dumber people, easier to control.

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          • Contrarymary says:

            Thank you Judith, for saying that. I’ve been saying that for years. I thought I was the only one that remembered that. Then all these leftist New York women convincing women that to be anybody and to be fulfilled they must have a career (more taxes for the socialist big government), when most of the women I worked with back then, wanted nothing more than to stay home with their own kids.


      • carrierh says:

        We were taught to keep our rooms and closets clean and in order or else! Same here as we do not throw out trash on sidewalks or streets but look for a garbage/trash container and use it. Irritates me that the illegals are tossing trash everywhere, along with their constant stealing, and insulting us. They are boggled when I an American female speaks to them in far better Spanish than they speak. It shuts them up!


      • RG says:

        I am in the habit of taking an empty cart from someone who has just loaded their car and taking it back to the store to shop. If we all did that, we could free up more parking spaces and the workers would not have to push heavy loads back into the store. It seems dangerous to me when that long iine of baskets rolls by people and cars. Just my humble opinion.


    • Michael says:

      I cannot watch that as I already have seen the devastation up close and personal.
      I won’t accept plastic bags or bottles. I have been hundreds of miles offshore in a small sailboat and from that vantage point right at the water you can see the bags and bottles.
      They plug up thru-hulls and strainers and kill a lot of wildlife.
      Civilization won’t die by war but by plastic.
      I shall now step off my soapbox.

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      • singingsoul says:

        My kids and I always pick up peoples trash.
        I was not used to this that trash is on the streets in Germany but now that messiness has come there also.
        Why do people throw trash around I wonder if they do that at home also..? There is no respect for nature and for God’s Earth.

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        • lumoc1 says:

          Could it be that the “new Germans” (=refugees) do that at home too? 😉 I think you know the answer if you visited any one of the countries from which the are exported 🙂

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        • NJF says:

          Litter makes me crazy.

          If I’m out and there is no nearby garbage can, I simply put it in the car & throw it out when I get home.

          Used to be a smoker, and when I went to the beach or park I would pick up all my butts at the end of the day.

          It ain’t that hard!

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        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Quickest way to do it is get one of those grabber arms.
          Like older people use. You can do a block’s worth of trash
          in no time flat, and save your back in the meantime.

          If you live in a high crime area with a lot of foot traffic,
          keep your surrounding area as litter and graffiti free as
          possible. The human refuse and their litter start congregating
          further up the block.

          The block up from me had constant break ins over the 5 years
          I lived in the hood. We had one unsuccessful attempt. Clean
          surroundings convey someone has their eyes and ears open.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        For years trash has been a pretty big nonpaying export business out of the U.S. We send other countries full container ships full to recycle, reuse and sell back to us in the form of other products.

        I would like to know what the monthly cost is of all the plastic bottled water we provide in D.C., as well as a count on how many bottles are used.

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    • Texian says:

      A Tale of two Americas..

      The “mess” left after the two million people Conservative freedom rally..

      The mess left after the save-the-world-climate-change Liberal Zero illegal inauguration.. filthy swine.. and people actually vote to give control of The Constitution and the Free World to such miscreants?

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    • Another killer to animals are those plastic holders that hold cans in a pack. My grandma taught me at an early age to cut those up so animals don’t get twisted in them. In addition, she used empty cardboard milk cartons to put plastics in or anything sharp and she also used these to dispose of food, she didn’t want animals getting sick by old/rotten food. She was way ahead of the times, before anyone of ever heard of recycling.

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  5. Angry Dumbo says:

    When the mark leaves the table, there is no point playing the game. : ))

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      The ‘mark’ didn’t leave the table, a new sheriff came to town, took some names and shot the crap out of the saloon and the players got run out of town😂

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    • Howie says:


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    • emet says:

      Excellent point. Funny how the whole climate change scam resembles the “long con”. In Las Vegas strip casinos at least until the late 1960s the practice was to always let the wife or girlfriend of the high roller win a little bit, while the big fish got carved up, so that she would dissuade him from leaving. That’s what Merjel, Gore, Clintons,etc do, throw out fluff and crumbs while they rape the world

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      • Gregg Braden is a scientist that is unusually good at truth presenting in science and he showed from ice core samples taken from the poles shows that we were due a global warming (which is proving to be not near as warm as warming cycles in the past) and soon a global cooling.
        I can only imagine ‘internet inventing Gore’ or someone of similar dishonest ilk saw the same presentation and used ‘Scare Porn’ to invent a crises knowing that in a few years it will cool, right on schedule and he could say “SEE, I WAS RIGHT! Good thing you all gave your money to us to save you!”
        Long game con is right I believe.

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        • formerdem says:

          yeah, i thought that too! everybody knows a cooling is on the way so if only they coulda made their dumb treaty stick, they could have said the cooling was the result, and they coulda roped us in tighter. that would be totally irrational, but obviously they get away with any amount of that. But Trump.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      D’oh! That’s gonna leave a mark!


  6. Bob Thoms says:

    To think how close we came to being ripped off by the Accord; to a point that our economic way of life would have been completely undercut – destroyed.

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  7. Matt says:

    Hey Angie, don’t be affeared! All the progs here on the North Shore of Long Island will continue to buy Mercedes’. It’s such a status symbol they need as they go about demanding we do “something” about climate change!

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  8. Bob Thoms says:

    I keep reminding myself – she is East German. This would be the equivalent of us being re-united with Canada and having to be ruled by a Trudeau or some such twat.

    Can you imagine how old line west Germans feel?

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  9. indiamaria2020 says:

    ANOTHER reason why folks might want to want a second or two before howling “OMG !! Trump just said something nice about……[ protesters, Macron, Rubio, McConnell, Mexicans, Saudis, etc., etc.]….Yup. Seems like every time he compliments an “enemy”, that recipient ends up seeing it Trump’s way……Naaaah, I don’t think Coulter will ever learn…..’chuckle’

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  10. The Boss says:

    The Germans are saps. They believed the Master Race nonsense. That did not end well. Fast forward to contemporary feel-good nonsense like Global Warming / Climate Change / Mass Immigration / Green Power. None are going well, which means they’ll not end well. Nor will their role as economic savior of the EU post-Brexit end well. Hopefully the Germans will come to their senses. We will see.

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      Sadly, with the Germans it usually ends up in war.

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    • Judith says:

      Scams and con games always exploit a human weakness like vanity and pride. People who crave approval and compliments are such easy marks. Conmen persuade them how noble and caring they are, unlike everybody else, as they swindle them out of cash. It works just as well for the “lottery winner” who needs a good samaritan to cash his ticket, as it does for the global Elite who need a treaty.

      Climate change is a scam. Border jumping is a scam. People deceived by false flattery are really dupes and not as noble and brilliant as they think they are, and they are often too embarrassed to admit their mistake. The Paris Climate Accord has absolutely nothing to do with the planet or composting or recycling bottles and cans.

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  11. Angela is looking old

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  12. Donna in Oregon says:

    Nothing against Germany but first they were Socialists, then Nazi’s, then split up. One side was West one side East. West was more Capitalist, East was more Communist. We put them back together and now we have this mess……

    They should never have an army.

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  13. Howie says:

    Body Slam on de Flim Flam.

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  14. brschultz says:

    The world is a coward infested sess pool. I am so grateful for the Lord giving us the blessed and glorious U S of A and am so deeply grateful for everyday Americans who have given their lives so that I might enjoy all my freedoms. Jesus is Lord and what other country can we proclaim that so freely without fear of losing our jobs, our lives, our homes, or our families… well we still live is a sexually perverse country and adulterous to our core… the Bible is still preached… Americans, let us repent and make right what we’ve stolen (like thousands of dollars of child support cheating spouses steal from their faithful spouses when they divorce them). May God Himself stand against the wicked in the USA either unto repentance through the blood of Christ Jesus and His resurrection or under His wrath but please God Almighty, stand up for the murdered unborn and the faithful
    Spouses who are enslaved by 18 years of child support to a unfaithful and adulterous X’s! In Christ Jesus Name Amen… Woe to those who plot evil on their beds and in the morning carry it out. ( Micah )

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  16. …and the walls come crashing down.

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  17. Michael says:

    Mutti may not be stoopid be she most certainly is EVIL.

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  18. NewOrleans says:

    Who could’ve imagined Merkel would do more damage to Germany and Europe than Hitler!

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  19. sundance says:

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  20. Peter says:

    Best ever!

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  21. mopar2016 says:

    Now that the US has pulled out of the Paris treaty, Merkel knows that Germany will be expected to take up the financial slack. The whole world was counting on the US taxpayers to once again be forced to fund this global warming lie. She’s just another communist loser like Buraq.

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  22. TexasDude says:

    Uhm, unrealistic fuel savings goals (supposedly climate saving) motivated Germany’s Volkswagon to cheat emissions on their
    “climate friendly” diesels.

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  23. joshua says:

    Merkel and Volkswagen are sympatico on global change and emissions control…

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  24. Ditch Mitch says:

    This is an election year decision by Merkel. When PDJT pulled the US out of the Paris accord funding was lost big time, there is no US to fine for “polluting the planet”. The accord is no longer profitable. Merkel’s real problem in her reelection; however, is immigration.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      She doesn’t have a problem — her opponents are even worse than she is (scary thought huh?), but her agenda and her party do have a problem.
      Outside pressure is likely the only thing that will induce change in Germany; historically they do not ouster tyrants, and she is a tyrant.


  25. “Nonetheless, Germany’s carmakers needed to compensate owners whose cars were less valuable as a result of the scandal as best as possible, she said, otherwise “the German car industry, which is admired the world over, could suffer substantial harm”.”

    Am I missing something here, or is this yet ANOTHER example of government “cluster – – you know what”, and then government makes industry/manufacturers pay up for that cluster – – you know what”??

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  26. Glenn E Stehle says:

    It is no mistake that the world’s two leading mercantilist powerhouses — Germany and China — are also the two leading nations trying to impose climatology on the United States.

    China and German are extremely poor in oil and gas resources. The United States is extremely rich in oil and gas resources. Climatology is a way to handicap the United States.

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  27. Molly's Pitcher says:

    I don’t know why it is, but every time I see Frau Merkel, I think of the movie, Young Frakenstein and this:

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  28. Folks…
    Against this oncoming “backdrop” Sundance has outlined..
    Lets NOT forget, one of *ICE’s* Holy Grail.. Looks to been achieved…
    Mazda’s upcoming new SKYACTIV-G Engine… —>
    THIS WILL eat Telsa’s Lunch (Wall streets stock),,,… look for the “shorts” as in Stock(s), when this NEW ICE comes out…
    Telsa CANNOT compete against this unless, it’s Met with MASSIVE Federal subsidies! (your tax dollars)…..
    ICE=Internal Combustion Engine..
    ALSO it COMPETES Against Diesel engines also!..

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    • WSB says:

      Tesla is a three timing welfare slob. Time for it to go under and stop sharing discounts with Hollywood and East Hampton.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      What?! Someone has finally invented the fabled “Internal Combustion Engine?!”

      What’s next??!! The engine that runs on water??!! The light bulb, “suppressed” by GE, and those pesky patent laws, that never burns out??!!


      • RG says:

        I have replaced three light bulbs in one year….they were all suppose to last 22 years hahahaha…shame on me. Now I just buy the cheapest and the brightest I can find.


  29. youme says:

    Not to interrupt but

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  30. mswords000 says:

    The headline for this article is one of your best ever!

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  31. All American Snowflake says:

    Frau Merkel tells Just So stories. Diesel is bad when USA is footing the Paris Climate Treaty bills. Diesel is good when it’s in Merkel’s economic interest. And it was so. Just so.

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  32. Kaco says:

    Thanks for finding the news for us, Sundance! Appreciate the update.

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  33. alligatriot says:

    Here’s a nice German vocabulary word President Trump can use the next time he meets with Frau Merkel:


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  34. Just goes to show that the communists are at least smart enough to understand that their regimes cannot survive without capitalist economics or at least figuring out how to steal from a capitalist patsy country (eg the former USA). But in every other respect they want total control.

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  35. Sam says:

    “The bloom is off the ruse” – I am stealing that. And yes, Merkel finally gets it. I hope. Schadefreude indeed.

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  36. TonyMacaroni says:

    Lived in Germany for four years near Bitburg in a small village. I was floored by the typical German citizen attitude of “it is the Government, what can you do? We must obey.” However, every ‘west German’ resented the east Germans who moved into the area and basically ‘forced’ them to move elsewhere. When Merkel was elected they became almost schizophrenic, caught between the two beliefs. This is not going to end well for Angela.
    Also, the price of electricity got so high because of the greens, many people relied on firewood to heat their homes…..that really helped the pollution problem, eh?

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    • Easy to see how someone like Adolf Hitler and then Angela Merkel were democratically elected in Germany, robotic machinery mentality. Germans are sheep and will follow their government over a cliff.

      I’m a 1/4 German, the smart ones knew what was happening in Germany long before Hitler took over and they left before WW1.


    • PreNanny says:

      “many people relied on firewood to heat their homes…..that really helped the pollution problem, eh?”

      You have been tricked by one of the many lies gorebull warmists claim.
      Might want to bone up on wood burning.


  37. Gil says:

    I wonder if that “climate” policy includes forced deportations of the muslims she let in, now that we wont be paying for them either?

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  38. Pixi says:

    “Merkel is essentially the de-facto global head of modern political liberalism”
    First of all, Merkel is a puppet and an opportunist.


  39. DebbieUK says:

    Merkel is the leader of Germany ,yet she has become the de facto leader of the EU.Nobody elected her to that role. Its not welcome and has built up much resentment .
    Most of Europe was occupied by Germany and its beginning to feel like they are running things again . Germany has sacrificed the Southern EU countries for their continued economic expansion .The Euro has been a disaster except for Germany .
    Thanks to President Trump we could see the climate change and EU constructs collapse and die.

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  40. distracted2 says:

    Two progressive leaders walking back their stances – all because President Trump is putting America first! It’s a good day.

    Losing ten sailors and a ship makes it a very sad day, however.

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  41. scott467 says:

    ““The preservation of our competitive position is the precondition for successful climate protection. This correlation is often underestimated,” Wissmann said,”


    Cracks me up, every time I read it.

    He is effectively saying, matter of factly, that if his economic advantage is not preserved, then all bets are off, he is willing to see the entire planet destroyed (the essential fear that drives the Globull Warming cult).

    Without meeting his precondition (protecting his economic advantage), there can be no climate protection.

    And without climate protection, the world ends.


    All-righty then….


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  42. scott467 says:

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Sunday against a swift abandonment of diesel cars after a series of emissions scandals, saying the fuel is still needed if climate change targets are to be met.”


    In other words, no matter what corruption is discovered or what scandal erupts, diesel fuel is still necessary if the Church of Climatology is to maintain the fracturing facade of the Globull Warming hoax.

    Got it.

    Thanks, Angie!


  43. scott467 says:

    “Speaking at a pre-election town hall event on RTL television on Sunday, Merkel called on German carmakers, all of which have been caught using workarounds to cheat nitrogen emissions tests, to work to re-establish public trust in diesel.”


    They really are insane.

    The people who BROKE the public trust can never re-establish the public trust.

    The way you re-establish the public trust is to hold those who BROKE IT accountable, prosecute them, put them in prison, and hire new people who will be sufficiently fearful of their predecessor’s fate to break the public trust in the (near) future.

    That goes double triple for politicians.

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  44. aredtailblog says:

    Diesel = good for the environment.

    Look at that emission lowering effort there in Germany. Brilliant.


  45. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    I can tell you the backlash against diesel restrictions is very big in Germany. The diesel fuel is cheaper than benzine because of lower taxes and almost every company relies on a diesel vehicle fleet, especially small middle class companies and craftsmen. These are the main voters of Merkels party.


  46. itsy_bitsy says:

    Right! Now that the good old USA is going to foot the bill she has a change of heart! The woman is cold and calculating but she doesn’t want to spend her own money on anything, and the suckers are now on to her!


    • itsy_bitsy says:

      That should have been “Now that the good old USA is NOT going to foot the bill”! Always read BEFORE posting. A lesson learned!


  47. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Libya also is a source of light sweet crude. I don’t know about now, but a number of years ago our emission standards for diesel were a good deal more strict than Europe’s.


    • G. Combs says:

      ” I don’t know about now, but a number of years ago our emission standards for diesel were a good deal more strict than Europe’s.”

      OH Believe me thanks to BOOOSH and Obummer they are. Diesel is about $0.50 more a gallon than gasoline for the last decade instead of LESS thanks to the new regs.
      “Ultralow sulfur diesel with a maximum of 15 ppm sulfur has been the norm since 2006 for on-road vehicles – Sulfur limit of 500 ppm became effective in June 2007 for nonroad, locomotive and marine fuels. 15 ppm – Sulfur limit of 15 ppm (ULSD) becomes effective in June 2010 for nonroad fuel, and in June 2012 for locomotive and marine fuels.”


  48. sukietawdry says:

    Paris was dead the minute Trump pulled us out. The death knell of the whole bogus global warming crusade is sounding.


  49. testpointwp says:

    If Hillary had been elected, the line of third-world dictators, claiming damage from first-world energy practices, would have stretched all the way down Pennsylvania Ave.

    Billions would have flowed through the climate-change bureaucracy with millions coming back to the various Clinton foundations.


  50. JSS says:

    Germany as well as the rest of western Europe has no coal, almost no oil (north sea is within a decade of running dry, no gas, hence the Russian dependence, and no safe storage area for the waste produced by hundreds of nuclear reactors (they were hoping we might store it in Yucca Mountain. Consequently, they have nothing to lose by eschewing fossil fuels, and everything to gain if we are stupid enough to follow them. Their manufacturers are blowing smoke; they can’t turn back to fossil fuels, even if they wanted to, unless we start selling coal and oil to them.


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