Media Stunned – President Trump Support Stronger Than Ever, and Growing…

If you were to review how CNN and corporate mainstream media talk politics, well, according to their echo-chambered versions of President Trump, each week that passes is the worst week ever in presidential history.  Seriously, no joke. President Trump has been in office for 30 weeks, and 20 of those weeks have been called “the worst” by media.

However, if you actually engage with people living their lives and not focused on who the media blame for the latest round of horrid offenses; well, then you might recognize the scope of how over-emphasized and out-of-touch the media perspective really is.

CBS and The Associated Press each found themselves picking their corporate media jaws off the floor when they actually did ask people.  You know, ordinary people.  Folks like you and me.  The media didn’t anticipate the power of common sense to see through their BS.

With the president under fire voters have some things to say, and it’s not what the media thought. CBS Mark Strassmann begins by speaking to three women who voted for President Trump. Watch:


But it’s not just three random republican women that support President Trump. The media pile-on is so gobsmackingly over-the-top, it is only making Godzilla Trump stronger; as The Associated Press found out:

(Via AP) […] Some Republican members of Congress have criticized Trump’s back and forth response since a car slammed into a crowd of counter protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing a woman and injuring 19 other people. Trump’s insistence that “both sides” bear responsibility for the violence has sparked anger among many Americans. But many of the people who helped elect Trump seem unfazed by the outcry over his statements concerning the protest and counter protest over removing a monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

“I WOULD VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT” – In Sun City, Arizona, a retirement community and Trump stronghold north of Phoenix, 80-year-old John Libby said nothing the president has done since Election Day has changed his support for the man.

♦ “HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO TURN ME AWAY FROM HIM” – Patricia Aleeyah Robinson, a retired truck driver from Toledo, Ohio, said her support of Trump has cost her friendships and strained family relationships. But like many of the president’s most passionate supporters, the 63-year-old black woman said her opinions about Trump have not changed since his response to the violence at the Charlottesville rally.

“He has done nothing to turn me away from him,” said Robinson. She said he doesn’t defer to racists and feels he is the only president who has ever spoken directly to blacks.

♦ “HE SHOULDN’T LET THE PRESS GET UNDER HIS SKIN” – Clemente Ruiz, a 49-year-old truck driver in Lubbock, Texas, said he’s been happy with the job Trump has done. “I’d vote for him again tomorrow,” he said. The son of a Mexican immigrant who became an American citizen, Ruiz said his only criticism of the president is that he is too “thin-skinned.”

“He refuses to let anything go,” Ruiz said. “He shouldn’t let the press get under his skin the way they do.”

♦ “WHY CAN’T I BE PROUD OF MY HERITAGE?” – Steven Damron, 50, a Trump supporter from Spring Hill, Florida, said he agrees with Trump that both sides in Charlottesville were to blame for the violence.

He thinks the president has handled the aftermath well, but believes he should also have singled out groups on the left — such as Black Lives Matter — the way he did with the KKK and neo-Nazis.

♦ “HE SPEAKS HIS MIND” – Wyoming construction contractor Richard Mathern said he voted for Trump because of his business experience and wasn’t fazed he hadn’t spoken out more forcefully against the weekend violence. “Trump, he speaks his mind, there’s no doubt about that. It does tend to tick people off,” Mathern said during a break at a home nearing completion in Cheyenne.

“There’s a lot of hatred down there (in Charlottesville) … But tearing down historical statues is not the answer,” he said.

Ordinary people, average Americans, those living without hyphens from coast to coast,  can see right through the media manipulation. WATCH:


MAGA = “Trump Strong”!

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356 Responses to Media Stunned – President Trump Support Stronger Than Ever, and Growing…

  1. Michael says:

    How did they ever let that run ? LOL

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  2. @Mr_Pinko says:

    Imagine the great answers CBS edited out.


  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    Scott Adam’s post on what you see….

    How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble

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  4. Ladybug 2 says:

    Thank you for this site. I need to see that others feel the same way I do. The MSM is so blatant in their lies and hatred of Pres Trump, they have no ethics, no moral responsibility. If one only listens to them , one might feel there is no hope. What I read here gives me hope…. there are lots of us!

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    • Kathy says:

      I’m starting my own website to counter the feeling that we’re alone. It’s going to be called “The Full English” and will set the table every morning with a huge, balanced breakfast of the truth–truth which proves we’re winning. The economy. Foreign Affairs. All of it. I’ve saved the kippers for those parts of the news that are good for us but which are stinky. 🙂

      There are millions of us and we’re attracting more people each day to our side. We’re WINNING, but it doesn’t *feel* like it much of the time. Keep the faith. We’re out here. We’re with you!


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  5. R Docherty says:

    God bless and protect Donald Trump. A Lion standing and defending alone against a rabid pack of hyenas.

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  6. Kathy says:

    Every day that goes by I’m a stronger supporter of the President and what he’s doing to MAGA.

    I’m listening right now to a dude who called a radio show who’s trying to make the argument that we should 1) understand his feelz because he’s upset with the President’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, 2) violence against people he disagrees with, aka Nazis in this case, is justified and righteous because we fought the Nazis in WW II or something and 3) BLM is righteous because all they’re doing is fighting because black men and women are being slaughtered by the police, or something.

    I stand with my fellow Americans who stand for liberty and support the President. Otherwise you’ve got nothing to say.

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  7. citizen817 says:

    Donald J Trump Retweets:

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  8. Mike diamond says:

    Right on girls love it ! We back President Trump!!!!

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  9. I didn’t ‘LIKE’ this post because I liked it. I only LIKED this post because there was no LOVE button.
    I also LOVED the video!

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  10. indiana08 says:

    Like the kids on the Donald subreddit sometimes say. I use to be a Trump supporter. Still am but I use to be one too.

    I heard these three women’s sound bites on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Surprised it aired. Most people don’t care about Charlotesville. They care about tax cuts, Obamacare repeal and the other stuff the idiot republican party promised that they would take care of if we had a Republican president. Other than writing words of support for Pres. Trump, I never have wrote a politician complaining until yesterday. I posted my email to Bob Corker in the Flake thread. You know, he hasn’t gotten back to me yet either :/

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  11. All American Snowflake says:

    These ol’ girls that CBS interviewed in the video are so righteous. I’m not a Republican. I’m actually a Libertarian. Still and all…theses ol’ girls are spot on.

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  12. All American Snowflake says:

    It is the Alt-Left Republicans who continue to talk about not supporting President Trump. The radical left media usually find them to interview…. Yet… finally Mark Strassman found some real Trumpsters who don’t respond like a reed in the wind.

    “…Jesus began to speak to the crowd about John: “What did you go out into the wilderness to see? A reed swayed by the wind?” Matthew 11:7

    To paraphrase: What did you go to the poles to vote for? A wishy-washy swamp thang?
    (” Wishy-washy means that to have no backbone (figuratively speaking!), A wishy-washy person does not take a firm stand on an issue and is not forceful in speech.)


  13. They the press the uni-party heard President Trump’s presser. They just never hear what I hear.

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  14. Joan calhoun says:

    This is all a blip in the highway to MAGA.


  15. Meatzilla says:

    Susan Bro is the mother of Heather Heyer who was the young lady killed at the Charlottesville rally.

    Just yesterday, in a nearly 7 minute “MSNBC Exclusive” interview, and despite Katy Tur’s best hypocritical efforts to make it political and get Susan Bro to demean and undermine POTUS Trump, Susan Bro was really quite reasonable, conciliatory, and essentially supportive of President Trump. Albeit, emotions do run the gamut when grieving, confused, and exhausted, but she was very well spoken and certainly seemed clear-headed and sincere.

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  16. MrTea says:

    A little while ago Trump was evil incarnate because he wouldn’t roll over for the “Paris Accords” (which the mediacracy explained with about 1 mm of depth, China is going to build hundreds more coal fired plants no matter what); now he’s evil incarnate because he said something that was true about the rioting and suddenly the top priority is take down all the statues.
    Weasel McAuliffe wasn’t even going for it 2 years ago, they were “part of our heritage” (when he was running for governor).
    I guess it’s not so bad if people actually learn something–how many knew the part about R.E. Lee cutting loose the slaves he inherited from his wife’s father’s estate–but it would be better if they got some reality about energy resources into their heads (the Science Marchers should all go vegan–the IPCC says animal agriculture is 20% of the greenhouse gas) and actually do something.
    Meanwhile…RECORD LEVEL OF UNFILLED JOBS. Which if you dig into it is a spectacular indictment of the way-left boobocrats who seized control of education about 50 years ago. Try and hire a plumber lately? Find a community college where you can learn it, I couldn’t. And it’s like $30K to go to a trade school!
    Mike Pence seems to be on track with this and Trump spoke quite clearly on the subject; did Obama? W. Bush? All they have to do to get some wins is stick to this knitting, it’s an unassailable position to take. Vs. more Dimwitocrat soshoglop that teaches no useful skills? Let them defend that.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    WOW! These people sound totally rational.
    Even though the press has repeatedly called them HORRIBLE NAMES and more!

    LOVE IT! 🙂

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  18. wondering999 says:

    Absolutely, Trump’s willingness to speak truth resonates with me. To the core. This is what makes life worth living — integrity, ability to be yourself, to live your authentic life. Trump has this quality. I think just about everyone longs for this, but so many are just pathetic poseurs. (As Trump would say: “Sad!” and it is sad and depressing when people cannot be their own best selves.) Trump’s inspiring. God knows I love him and everyone who supports him

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  19. Rachel with Wings says:

    People in America were waking up to the depth of lies by the media before Trump became President. In fact, this has much to do as to why he got elected. I am very proud of President Trump. The left doesn’t know what to do because they thought they had us all under ‘control’. Well they thought WRONG. And there’s more to come from Christians across America. We will take our country back.


  20. Darn, I was hoping the truth wouldnt get out until voting day, 2018 !! That’s when Deplorables SHINE – on VOTING DAY !! See, what many people DONT understand is that a LARGE number of Deplorables USED to be Democrats & they DONT talk due to condemnation from family & friends. But they DO get out & VOTE !! And that’s when the FUN STARTS !! #MAGA. 👆⛪🇺🇸


  21. Sweet says:

    President Trump is keeping his promise to MAGA even though the swamp is much bigger than I ever expected. These evil people are making everyday as miserable as they can for him to do his job. God is with him and so are millions of caring people. WE ARE WINNING !!


  22. Debra says:

    Of course we are not swayed by the roar of those who choose to oppose President Trump rather than work with him or show respect for the office he holds like we had to over the last two elections. We knew going into this presidency he would be battling the media, both sides of the established pocket lining government, and the weepy left who didn’t get the president they wanted. True to form it is all playing out as expected they attack with lies, riots, and shouts of racism when the rest of us stand unflinchingly with the man we chose.


  23. itsy_bitsy says:

    What a shock to the Republicans who scurried like cockroaches to get in front of a microphone to condemn Trump! It seems they are the ones who disgust the American public, not Trump! Charlottesville was a prearranged set up by radical Marxists (Obama’s boys) with all democrats and MSM on board. The fact that one of the hate filled White Supremacist took it on himself to try and kill people (and succeeded), certainly worked in their favor. But there was plenty of violence that day and most of it came from the radical Marxists who were there in huge numbers and heavily armed with just about everything BUT guns.


  24. racerxx says:

    The only complaint I would have with Prez Trump is that he hasn’t gone on the attack hard enough. Sessions should have handed down indictments for hillarity and the cronies. And now with the awan crooks, along with noodles, et. al. there should be even more prosecutions. Not investigations but PROSECUTIONS. I want to see these crooks in orange jumpsuits.


  25. Rebecca says:

    I Support President Trump!
    May God Bless, Keep Him Brave & Strong!


  26. Judith says:

    Media is “stunned” at how irrelevant they are. They fail to comprehend the fact that news outlets are expected to report events without biased commentary. They have infuriated Americans by fabricating world events and advancing a decidedly treasonous Marxist agenda.

    Enemedia are disgusting sycophants to an evil global cabal bent on world domination. And everybody knows it. Now it is just a matter of welcoming snowflake stragglers onto the MAGA express without further humiliation. I am sure our magnanimous President will find a way to massage their fragile egos.


  27. pattyloo says:

    I watched some ridiculous tv show last night called “When No one is Watching’ or something like that. IT was John Quinonas setting up hidden cameras in stores. Then a group of actors would do outlandish things and the gig was to capture how unsuspecting customers reacted. They were basically congratulated if they stepped forward and stuck their nose in the situation. Well, the first one was a male crossdresser trying on women’s dresses. He was an actor. The sales clerk was also an actor and she starts telling the guy that he doesn’t belong in a lady’s store. That he needs to be careful with the dresses because they’re for a women’s body and he might rip them, etc. Each of the unsuspecting women who were shopping all came to the guy’s rescue. I felt like I would be very pissed if I were out shopping and found out that someone was filming me, and creating an uncomfortable situation to see how I react, like a rat in a maze.The only reason I saw this is I had my hands in the dishes and didn’t want to stop and turn it off. just another example of how the media is trying to tell us how we SHOULD react. I actually wonder if some of the shoppers were actors too! because where I’m from, people don’t usually jump into these types of situations.

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  28. Paul Forsberg says:

    Trump has my “Unwavering” support.
    He is the ONLY politician with a spine –
    Not a “Bought an Paid For” spineless slime-ball like the last 4 presidents.

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  29. Hope says:

    I completely agree. We the people see through the Media’s distorsions, injustice, political stance, how they refuse to show and even hide the positive, totally partial, corrup and unballanced, disrespect for this country’s history, the elected president, making it alright to humiliate him in unsoeakable ways, even with nazi like propaganda on the internet… total disregard for this country, its laws, the president, making it ok because everyone is doing it, just like the Lord of the Flies… treason, hatred, and doing exactly what they accuse the president of…


  30. Marie Bigus says:

    I m very much in favor of me trump! I think he’s great ! Unfortunately the politicians , the liberals and our own party won’t let him accomplish wafts good and necessary . My children are a dentist, doctor and college professor with numerous family members and friends who are all in favor of Mr .Trump however we never get polled. Ban CNN!


  31. Don Whitbeck says:

    I didn’t vote for him or Hillary in 2016. I have every intention of voting for him in 2020. I don’t support the way he has been treated by the Democrats, as well as the Republicans Frankly I’m aghast of the treatment by Congress and the Senate. 7 years all you heard was repeal and replace, and the GOP can’t even do that. Now the Democrats and the GOP are to work together to redue the Affordable Care Act, and what have you heard? NOTHING. If I was Trump I wouldn’t support any GOP Congressmen or Senator running for re-election. Let them run on their own records of doing nothing. President Trump has my vote in 2020, Good Lord Willing. The Leadership in the House and the Senate Suck, no doubt about it The American People Know it too.


  32. Jean Morando says:



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