Horrific Terrorist Attack in Barcelona Spain – 13 Dead, More Than 50 Injured…

At least 13 people have been killed and dozens injured after a van in Barcelona Spain ploughed into pedestrians in a busy tourist street.  The attack happened in the area around Las Ramblas, a busy shopping and business promenade in the center of the city.

Local and national media are reporting that one suspect named Driss Oukabir, apparently from Morocco, has been arrested. A second suspect was been killed after a shootout on the outskirts of the city with police. It remains unclear how many attackers were involved in the incident, which is being treated by police as a terrorist attack.

Horrific footage recorded at the scene shows dozens of victims lying injured on the pavement. Police have confirmed that at least 64 people are hurt. Catalonia’s interior minister Joaquim Forn stated it is ‘very possible’ the number of dead will rise because of the ‘very serious’ wounds to victims.

The Spanish civil guard has said the van used in the attack was rented by Oukabir in the town of Santa Perpetua de la Mogada. A second van was found parked in the town of Vic some 50 miles north of Barcelona after police said it could have been used as a getaway vehicle.

The Las Ramblas promenade runs through Spain’s second-largest city, stretching from its center to the sea at Port Vell. The restaurants, shops and street performers are crowded with tourists and local people on a typical summer afternoon.

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281 Responses to Horrific Terrorist Attack in Barcelona Spain – 13 Dead, More Than 50 Injured…

  1. positron1352 says:

    JAS, Angela doesn’t care. She thinks it’s workplace violence, anyway.


  2. Michelle says:

    I’m honestly surprised that the police are even looking for the suspects. It doesn’t seem like the Europeans care if they get attacked–they keep wanting more and more refugees, either because they want them or are afraid to be called racist.

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  3. Harry Lime says:

    Golly, maybe we should ban more guns.

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  4. WSB says:

    Gillian Turner is now saying that the State Department should have had a warning on its website for Spain. Said the CIA had knowledge of this possibility? She is a nevertrumper so, I thought I would ask.

    Oh, and BTW, I guess tell that to the Spanish beach goers last week?

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  5. stella says:

    Did Blitzer forget what happened in Nice, France, last summer, when a truck ran down pedestrians? Or the truck that ran down pedestrians at a Christmas fair in Germany?

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  6. burnett044 says:

    oh yeah.


  7. deqwik2 says:

    Catherine Herridge is on The Five & said:

    The explosion last night in Alcanar, a town 100 miles away from van attack has been confirmed to be directly connected. Also the other van attack in a town called Cambrils.

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  8. Zennalou says:

    Update, 20:45 PM EST: Police have announced that a separate terrorism incident has occurred in Cambrils, a beach town in the state of Catalonia. They are defining the event as “terrorism” and requested all citizens stay in their homes until the operation concludes.

    While official news sources have refused to provide more information – and have demanded in numerous tweets that the media not report anything outside of information straight from police – Spanish media outlets are reporting that at least four terrorism suspects have died in a raid after police thwarted another car ramming attack.

    El Mundo reports that the individuals in question were carrying explosives and cite police sources who allegedly confirmed that “the four terrorists killed were attempting to replicate in Cambrils a car ramming attack like the one in Barcelona.”

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  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    From a friend on FB… Says it so well.

    ****Please Boycott and DO NOT use the $1.00, $20.00, $50.00 bills, as they depict slave owners on them. Please send them to me 🤑 I will see to it that they are disposed of properly. Thank you, thank you, Thank you very much.****

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  10. As a general observation, Shep Smith really is bad actor. I think in reality, he is as dumb as a bag of rocks, but with less charisma.

    Because of the attack, I reluctantly put FOX on the computer (for free of course). Listening to Shep trying to sound all worldly wise and “jet set” with his stupid pronunciations of BARCELONA was just excruciating. It was totally cringe worthy. Sometimes he would say it as English speaking people would say it, and other times he would say “BARTHELONA”. It was so cheap. He doesn’t say GLASGOW in a harsh Scottish accent, does he? He calls it Glasgow, not Glasgee. He doesn’t say “PAREE”, he says PARIS. But for some strange reason, today, he wanted oh so much to be seen as cosmopolitan, and kept saying BARTHELONA. What an idiot.

    And then he kept making excuses for not knowing what was going on as neither he, nor his team, could speak a word of Spanish. He told us that on many occasions. But it didn’t stop him trying to fit in with the locals by imitating their accent and pronounciation. And for the money they get paid, and for their love of all things Mexican in their propaganda, you’d think they would have the smarts after 30 years in the business to at least have some knowledge of Spanish. But no.

    Anyhow, the reason I mention all of this, was that it was strange that, after listening to his awful patronizing fake accent all afternoon, when it came to releasing the name of the murderer, he was suddenly very broad American in his clumsy pronunciation. The killers name was Driss Oukabir. He pronounced it so that it sounded anything but an Arabic name. He kept saying OAK-A-BEER.

    The pronunciation should be AW -KA – BEIRR. As in “TAK BIR”, the common arabic phrase shouted before the crowd shouts back ALLA AKAR. The “r” at the end is slightly rolled. He knows that.

    I am sure he did this on purpose. He tries desperately to impress by sounding all informed about all things Spanish. But then reverts to an illiterate back water “redneck” when it comes to pronouncing the killers name. He really did think we would go “Ooooh, maybe not an islamic terrorist. It doesn’t sound arabic does it?” Like it would hide the fact for long.

    He tried to hoodwink us, but failed miserably, because he is not bright. His cognitive dissonance is off the charts. He thinks he’s smart, but smart people see right through him. What a loser.

    For your info, he never mentioned “islam” or “muslim” once, not once during his whole 3 hours on reporting an islamic terrorist attack. But he did manage to slam Trump numerous times. He was very careful not to jump to conclusions, which was quite the opposite of his reporting on Charlottesville. Really, the man is the least talented anchor I have ever seen in my life, and that is up against some pretty stiff competition, among a smorgasbord of propaganda channels.

    Well done Shep. Winner.

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  11. Beverly says:

    Deadly Islamic terror attacks since Sept. 11, 2001: 31,592.
    Thirty one thousand, five hundred and ninety-two. See thereligionofpeace.com


  12. moe ham head says:

    im sure it has nothing to do with the religion of peace and we all know the attackers will have been known by authorities yadi yadi yada and the invasion marches on


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