China Announces Their Official Threats Against President Trump’s Economic Security Policy…

Well, many of us were waiting for this – and we have discovered exactly what most CTH readers anticipated, China is a paper tiger.

Last night China finally delivered the official communist government position outlining their perceived leverage over the U.S. and President Trump’s economic diplomacy and economic security platform.

China has always used The Global Times to communicate their official communist state positions.  Last night China delivered their warning; oh, you’re gonna love this:

“US needs correct logic in dealing with North Korea”.

[…] The US asks China for help when it cannot solve its problems with North Korea. Some US elites even want to urge China to claim full responsibility for the issue or they will threaten to retaliate. Under this logic, isn’t it reasonable for North Korea to attack its southern neighbor when it is under military threat from the US?

Moreover, those US elites may not have considered the leverage China has over the US. What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products? (link for more)

Now, it is critical to emphasize this is the official outlook of the Chinese Communist regime and what they perceive as their leverage over the United States.  This is the official outlook of the party apparatus behind Xi Jinping.

So let’s look at their position in sequence.

[…]   isn’t it reasonable for North Korea to attack its southern neighbor when it is under military threat from the US?

There’s always been a little bit of a disagreement within the U.S. as to whether China is the actual policy team behind the North Korean aggression.  Whether they intended it or not, the paragraph that ends with that quote actually solidifies the case that yes, China does control the activity of North Korea; and yes, China is looking to leverage attacks against it’s neighbors as a deterrent.

President Trump has played this out perfectly because there’s a big difference between taking economic action against your neighbor and taking military action.  The international community will isolate any conduct based on the latter.

Again, communist China doesn’t ever seem to fully grasp the difference between Economic War and actual Military War because they have a disconnected outlook – SEE HERE– They view conflict, all forms, as a natural part of their expansion.

[…] Moreover, those US elites may not have considered the leverage China has over the US. What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products?

Threat #1 – Leverage over us based on iPhones?  Seriously you cannot make this stuff up.

Perhaps China has, as many suspected, embeded a technological kill switch as part of their stealing innovation from Apple.  Or perhaps they are just threatening not to allow Apple to make iPhones in China any more.  Regardless, the consequences to the U.S. are nothing more than a possible annoyance for snowflake millennials who might have to switch to the Android platform.

Oh, smack me Big Panda.  Smack me so good.

However, take note Apple and other U.S. manufacturing corporations… it might not be so safe with all those investments in China.  China is essentially threatening nationalization of your capital.  Oh, yeah, let’s hope they actually do that.  That’s going to be horrible business optics, and will only drive global investment back into the U.S.

Hurt me Panda. Hurt me true… You’ve got me right where you want me.

Threat #2 – What if China restricts … the number of Chinese students to the US?  Oh noes, Big grunchy panda threatening to keep their students at home and leave more opportunities for American students in American colleges.  Oh, the horror.

Yes, universities do get to make more money from the rates charged foreign students for tuition.  As much as five-times more.  But the bottom line is keeping foreign students out of U.S. colleges only opens up space for more American kids and the potential for lower student costs as a result of collegiate competition for Americans.

Oh, Big Panda, you so bad. That one hurt me long time.

Threat #3 – What if China imports fewer US agricultural products?   Oh dear. Rut roh.  As we have outlined Big-AG is essentially a system of multinational corporations charging Americans more for domestic foodstuffs by exporting U.S. grain, wheat, citrus, poultry, beef and pork.   –FULL EXPLANATION HERE – If you take away a portion of the export part of the domestic production equation the net supply-demand result is lower prices for Americans, for American farm products, at the grocery store.

Oh, Big Panda please don’t make me pay less for my groceries.  Oh noes.

Yes folks, this is the economic leverage many of us have been talking about for decades as this shift in globalism has taken place.  The U.S. Market is the largest market on the planet. Specifically because of bad policy, we are the CUSTOMERS in most of these trade equations.  It is OUR MARKET, OUR BUSINESS the Chinese need access to. Not necessarily vice-versa, yet.

China is more dependent on access to us, their customers, than we are to them.  There’s virtually nothing we cannot produce ourselves.  We can feed ourselves and manufacture ourselves and we have all the raw materials -and abundant energy resources- to do just that.

So let’s summarize the view of leverage the Chinese government claims:

[…] What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products?

Here’s our economic punishment:

♦Less Apple products (iPhones)
♦Lower college tuition for American students.
♦Lower prices at your grocery store.

Oh, hurt me Big Panda.

Hurt me so good.

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347 Responses to China Announces Their Official Threats Against President Trump’s Economic Security Policy…

  1. LBB says:

    Almost sounds liked this was a worked out deal.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      From the perspective of my Chinese associates, here working in Singapore:

      XiJinping is actually at war with his party currently, and the old guard of Hujintao. Most believe the current rhetoric is not Xijinping but that of the party that controls the narrative and is trying to reassert itself to cause diversion from the actual facts going on behind closed doors. Their fear is the economy and covering their inevitable bubble burst in domestic debt and real estate development, which is why they are seeking measures to shore up their banks. BOC (as in bank of China not bank of Canada) are looking for ways to make sure they are capitalized to cover the off shore activity of Yuan, which has been an issue as of late. Also from a few who are in manufacturing particularly in furniture making with interests in Thailand and Vietnam all have said that their focus is on the domestic market now and not on exports to the US. Apparently demand is slowing down recently for such exports and the returns are not what they used to be.

      As of yesterday, China’s CPI index was released and saw a decrease of a full percentage point in Y/Y manufacturing. Swiss Franc, YEN and Gold have seen upticks as safe havens now in play with the bellicose rhetoric that is making Asia very nervous! This morning has been a rather quiet affair as trading on most losses are trying to gain back ground. The USD as of late has seen some moves but it has been moderate so far.

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      • Jedinovice says:

        Thanks for this data. I live just under Singapore. I appreciate ‘local knowledge.’ 🙂

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Thank you for the info! Love to hear from those who are in the know…..

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      • Ghostrider says:

        I am wondering if there is something else going on here. We know that Foreign governments hold about 46 percent of all U.S. debt held by the public, more than $4.5 trillion. Reportedly, the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owns more about $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds, according to the Treasury. In total, China owns about 8 percent of publicly held U.S. debt. But, according to an old WSJ article from 2012, no one knows for sure how much US debt obligations China really owns.

        Nevertheless, after the past eight years under Obama, who exacerbated the national debt into near crisis levels, the debt ceiling issue comes up again in September when Mitch and Paul and their gangs of thieves return from vacation.

        Obama played nicely nice with Beijing for 8 years because they were his primary market for our debt instruments. This is important because an issuer can’t issue bonds they can’t sell. China and Russia both could hold out for higher interest rates or decide not to buy at all by deciding to choose to “reduce their exposure” in US Treasuries.

        Then, Trump reduces the size of the Federal Government and he puts the Federal budget on a much needed diet.


    • Kokanee says:

      what if we banned all imports of goods manufactured in china?

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  2. Kjf says:

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  3. jmarshs says:

    It’s an odd article by the Chinese. They have to know that Trump has virtually handed them on a silver platter an opportunity to receive worldwide accolades for being “wise, thoughtful leaders” if they can engineer a resolution to this problem. And I have to imagine that there is some faction within China’s leadership that both understand this and would love to do just that. The diplomatic boon to the Chinese for resolving this would be enormous.

    NK’s economy is nothing to the Chinese – a mere blip and can be of no value to them as such. Seems like there is a disconnect between the political and military leadership going on in China over this issue.

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  4. iPhones, foreign students, and fewer grocery purchases? Really? They think this is leverage? LOL They are so screwed! 😛

    #MoreWinning 😀 😀 😀

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  5. Gil says:

    The panda has a lot of influence here in CA. As far as schools go, the Chinese are given preferential status because the schools are addicted to the higher tuition they pay. Americans are at a loss unless they are total sjws with connections and cash. BUT, the cost to the surrounding communities isnt so rosy. Entire areas are redeveloped and catered to the foreign interest, not the community as a whole. So in effect shutting out other not Chinese students. I know areas near colleges where entire streets have been purchased by Chinese, offering 10k over asking, sometimes more. The starter homes dont exist and young families are passed over for the cash by the Chinese.
    These home become rentals only. Chinese only.
    They also subdivide the family and dining rooms into bedrooms and pave over yards.
    What used to be 3-4 person single family homes turn into student rentals for 5-9 people plus cars, noise, lots of trash, a transient population with a loss of community, actual and spiritual. I knew of a 2 bedroom condo with 11 people in homemade bunkbeds.
    If the students leave, families will move in and make these houses into communities again.

    China does control the Long Beach Harbor thanks to Bill Clinton. Its one thing on trade, but another for our military.
    Once every few generations do we get a POTUS like this. Thank God he is here.

    Old video, can you guess who it is:

    More info on long beach:

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Gil, thanks for your informative post on the effect on the community of the Chinese students.

      In my area, we have been overwhelmed with illegal immigrants since the 1990s. We see similar situations with regard to housing. Many families will group together and purchase a single family dwelling and pave over the lawn to accommodate all the vehicles. Inside, the home is partitioned to create many small sleeping spaces. All of this is of course against code, but the code is never, ever enforced.

      One home like this in the neighborhood and the property values drop, more homes are sold, and it spirals on and on.

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      • Gil says:

        Problem here is they are close to schools and cities dont care, they just want the cash. Totally out of code like where you are.

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      • whatfreshnell says:

        I live right next door to such a “single family house.” Boy, howdy were they ever surprised when our area actually enforced zoning on their tushies. Heh. Of course, to get the laws passed, my neighbors and I were out at 3 AM many mornings, writing down car tag numbers and showing up at hearings. That went on for years, until the community got laws in place.

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      • I know what you mean Sylvia A we have somewhat the same problem here.

        I don’t know how they do it but they can jam six or seven vehicles in a space that looks like it should only fit about three.

        What little yard is left if full of large plastic kiddie toys and broken furniture, no grass.

        Grey duct tape on the broken windows, no window or door screens.

        Kids and people of all ages in and out of the houses at all hours.

        Mexican music blaring from boom boxes while guys with no shirts on work on cars, all day long.

        The neighborhood goes down hill very fast.

        Crime goes up and property values go down.

        Every single time.

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        • Wend says:

          It hasn’t started happening here (just north of LA) but there are a LOT of houses for sale on our street. I hope we can hold out until it’s time to relocate…

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          • Good luck.

            I love California and am hoping the conservatives there can make a difference soon.

            It is a beautiful state that does not deserve what has happened to it.

            What the politicians have allowed the illegals and other lawbreakers to get away with is just heart breaking.


        • Sylvia Avery says:

          Your description sounds like my town. We have a history of a small number of migrant farm workers here, but somewhere about 30 years ago it began to change, and it happened pretty quickly. Our school district is now over 50 percent Spanish speaking.

          I assumed for a really long time that most of them were here legally. Ho, ho, ho. What a fool I am. It dawned on me one day when I heard someone who moved here from Australia talking about how it cost them about $40 grand in legal fees and things like that to get citizenship here.

          I realized there was no way these folks would have that kind of money. I no longer believe that number we have been told for at least 20 years, “the estimated 11 million illegal aliens…” within our borders. Oh sure, right. Double that number and I bet it is still low.

          I look around and wonder what would happen to this town if all the illegals left?

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          • It would improve very quickly.

            My daughter lives in a town near Ft Lauderdale Fl.

            She is always saying the whole southern part of Florida would disappear if all the illegals were deported.

            When I went down there for a visit last month I saw exactly what she meant.

            I do believe the whole southern part of Arizona will drop drastically in population when our immigration laws are enforced.

            Parts of that state look exactly like Mexico now and I am not exaggerating.

            My brothers and I have had to help my elderly parents move three times now in the last 15 years because the nice neighborhoods they bought a home in were overrun and trashed by what appear to be illegals.

            I agree with your estimate.

            We have way, way over 11 million.

            You and I sound judgmental in our posts but when you must live with the crime and the entitlement attitude of the illegals and their lack of respect for our laws, they deserve our very harsh judgment.

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    • Plain Jane says:

      That has to be a young Alex Jones.

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    • It looks like Alex Jones. I did not recognize him at first. Am I right?

      I also wasn’t aware of we had given away our only west coast deep water harbor. I wonder how much the Clinton’s were paid off for this. This just makes my blood boil.

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      • Gil says:

        Im sure it has long been spent, whatever it was….”The Long Beach Naval Station was tentatively placed on the Military Base Closure-List by president George Bush in 1991. President Bill Clinton, closed the naval base last in 1993. That resulted in the loss to Long Beach, California of 17,500 military and civilian jobs. The economic impact of the of loss was $52.5 million and drove the California economy into the tank. It has never recovered.
        Between 1995-1996, during the heat of the Clinton-Gore Campaign fund raising activity, the Clinton administration actively intervened to make sure a Communist Chinese cargo container shipping interest got a too-good deal on a Long Beach, California, shipping terminal.”

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Was that a very young and much thinner Alex Jones?

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    • Mary Wilson says:

      My son attends an engineering college in NYS. It’s public knowlege there that the chinese students cheat their way through.

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      • mireilleg says:

        I was adjunct faculty at KU for a while, and Chinese students were caught cheating regularly. They did not even recognize the fact that sharing test answers or papers with other Chinese student was cheating. They considered what they did normal and acceptable in China.

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        • gymcy81 says:

          They believe in honor, honor to the family and country. (which is honorable, and can be very motivating)
          Just like in the movie “Mulan”.

          However, a common untold mode of operand i are the various smart (spurious) tactics to not to get caught (cheating etc.), and still be getting things done, and as such, the perspective of honor is maintained for the family and country.
          (so, unsaid, things like honesty, truth, lawfulness, work ethic, etc. are often compromised)

          So, be careful of the consequences if choosing to illuminate someone’s dishonor.
          They will seek to protect their ‘honor’ – with huge self-preservation efforts.

          So it is good to think ahead, and to also give them an out, a choice, so that there is an opportunity to ‘honorably’ save face.

          As long as one understands the social / cultural differences – and what they mean – then we can mutually, and peacefully coexist.

          Trust, but verify that trust.

          Nothing new to some (not all).


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          • Jedinovice says:

            [Have to rush so posting without much proof reading!]

            This is to do with Confucius. (I really hate the guy) Confucius held that there was no such thing as the individual. A person only had worth or identity as part of a group. Total conformity to the group expectations is expected.

            The central group you HAD to conform in/with was the family to whom you were utterly subservient unless you were an elder – and as an elder you were a bitter, entitled tyrant. This focus on the family eventually extended to ancestor worship. You were expected to work first for your Lord to whom you owed your very life and who you NEVER questioned! But second was your family.

            I am not sure if Confucius created the concept of ‘face’ or not – though I think he did. He certainly enforced the rigid shame system in China today – in which you had to gain face and never EVER lose it!!! While face involves honour… it is also equated with status. Without face you will not be accepted by any groups. Without acceptance by a group you will starve. The Chinese will walk over the dying bodies of those who do not have face and/or are not part of a group they are committed to. The individual in China is dead. Indeed, it is true that the Chinese do not hae aword for ‘individual.’ They do not culturally have even the concept.As a child in a family in Confucian cultures (all of which have massive suicide rates, by the way) you are expected to work, live and die for your family. Honour = buying ‘face’ for your family and being obedient.

            Sooo… Face = status and status = money. In China, if you have money you FLAUNT IT! Rolex watches are valued by some in the West and ridiculed by others but it is a personal choice. In China a Rolex watch = face and business! YOU are REQUIRED to buy status symbols to reflect the greater glory of the family name. You do NOT give money away to strangers. Not ever. In fact, that equals shame because you have ‘stolen’ from your own. You spend money on house, car, good clothes and status symbols. These = honour while giving ot the poor = shame unless they are family.

            You are expected to get 100% in all tests – and Chinese run schools have tests every single day!!! You are told what job you will have in the future. The family decide your hobbies – which involve piano classes until your fingers bleed, your future spouse – who must be of at least equal status as the family – and then your employer takes over and works you until you die.

            Money has WAAAAAYYYY more value in Chinese culture than in the West as Money = Status = Face = honour.

            So, getting money and material success is the GOAL of most Chinese. It’s seen as honourable and, here’s the thing… Confucius held that the end justified the means. If you could cheat to get the money… as long as it did not embarrass your lord, go for it!! Getting money is the key means of buying face via status symbols. Money is a life and death affair in China…. And Japan and Korea and all Confucian cultures. So the Chinese are easily inclined towards cheating and lying. Also not that if you are an outsider, not part of the family or the expected group, you are nothing. You have no face. So the Chinese will commonly be two faced; abusing those without face while being generous to those who have it and to whom they have cultural obligations. If, however, corruption is exposed… it does mean devastating loss of face. So there is a lot of cover up too. If a person loses face, the ENTIRE FAMILY NAME loses face and you can go from being a hero to… starving on the streets. The family are expelled from all associated groups and without group support – you die. So there is a lot of will to preserve face as, if someone really ever loses it, the results could be devastating!

            Chinese Christians are quietly revolutionising the culture by introducing this weird, alien concept that you help anyone for the sake of helping them and that everyone is your neighbour. This has been unheard of in the country until now. [It was such a dangerous concept to the Fueldal lords of days past that EVERY Confucian country that met the Christians ended up slaughtering them! ‘All men are equal in the sight of God’ means the end of unquestioning loyalty to your lord!]

            Sooo…. Honour is not honour as understood by the West. Honour is providing for the group. If you are not in the group… the Chinese can abuse you any way they like! But if you betray the group or cause them harm.. be prepared to commit suicide. There are not many other options anyway.

            So you know. It took me a while to grasp but my Chinese students – and they are ALL Chinese – confirm this.

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        • Plain Jane says:

          It mus t be their “teamwok” mentality.

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      • nuthinmuffin says:

        russians too


  6. Sharon says:

    ….and apparently their “foreign policy” apparatus/communications personnel thought this statement would give them some solid footing in the conversation?

    Either they’re just being silly and couldn’t care less what happens to North Korea or they are completely clueless. Maybe they really did believe that the last twenty years represented the best of American convictions, desires, and governance.

    Clueless or incompetent…….maybe one advantage Mr. Trump has is that governments like China’s have gotten by with overplaying their hand for so long that they believed it themselves.


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    • Howie says:

      They have had the advantage of both Bushies, Clinton, and Obama. All globalist jerks. Now these same idiots that caused the problem are all over the place clamoring for more of the globaloney leftism that got us here in the first damn place. They will get us all killed eventually unless they are stopped right now. Our corrupt government has failed us. I sure hope Trump can save us. They are doing their best to stop him.

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    • haditwgov says:

      Sharon, sound a great deal like the demmacommierats party. Heck they even believe their own bs lies now.

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  7. Howie says:

    Tie China to the Norks. Hang the Norks around their communist necks.

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  8. floridahoosier93 says:

    For the last twenty years we have been extremely poorly served by our Imperial Federal Government. All this leverage we’ve had – all the time – squandered, wasted by Bush the Elder, Bubba Clinton, Dubya, and the man-child called Obama. Thank God for Donald J Trump.

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      Exactly. The media would like us to believe this is a problem created by P Trump. That lie won’t fly.

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    • Minnie says:

      Love love love OUR President!


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    • Well put Hoosier93! A shameful waste of American labor, resources, national pride (this rings a bell of the French Globalist Agenda, can’t remember the name though) economics success, …….. the list is endless. It’s more then a shame, it’s an atrocity!

      The globalist elites, corporations and governments are the puppet masters. They have intentionally wanted America to fail, fall apart and beg for them to save us.

      If I’m right about this, President Trump is in grave danger. God help him, his family and the true patriots fighting to grab victory out of the globalist jaws of defeating America!

      This could mean that NK is a game the puppet masters are playing with POTUS!
      1. NK missile launches ramped up after 11/8/17
      2. IC said NK was 10 yrs from having nukes
      3. Iran is BHO’s bff, who is also bff with NK
      4. HRC has deep ties to China as does GWB

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  9. Some Old Guy says:

    Perhaps the greatest short/intermediate term leverage they have is their current dominance over inventories of Rare Earth minerals which play a significant role in the production in many areas of technological products. Over time new sources can and would be identified, but it carries a timeline to execute. FWIW.

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    • TexasDude says:

      According to wikipedia, there are plenty of rare earth minerals all over the world. China only has about 23-30 percent of the world’s known sources yet is the world’s main suppier, 95%. Our mine in California closed mainly due to China dumping their minerals. It could still be mined to this day.

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      • Some Old Guy says:

        Thanks for pulling the numbers TexasDude! As you say, mineral deposits outside of Chinese control exist. That said restarting mines is a logistical process. In some cases, environmental regulations either barred or substantially raised the cost of mining, resulting in mine closure(s). PDJT maybe able to undo that issue w/ a stroke of the pen if the mine is in the US but it will still require planning, funding, etc., before production begins.

        Dominance over REM supplies is not a long term issue by and large, still it represents a constraint that the US must consider in this upcoming game of Chess. Given the significant number of activist jurists populating our Court system, one should not discount other potential complications either.

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      • mireilleg says:

        I don’t know whether Africa would be a good source or not. Based on the fact that China has invested heavily in some African countries I should think so. We are now on track for new deals with African nations, this could be one of the talking points in the discussions.


    • Plain Jane says:

      This evening I accidently happened to get reception of an out of state a.m. Radio program and the author of this book was being interviewed. Very interesting and timely.

      Sellout: How Washington Gave Away America’s Technological Soul, and One Man’s Fight to Bring It Home


  10. Bob Thoms says:

    It was globalist Herbert W. Bush who took the nukes out of Japan; since then NK has gotten more billigernant and despite agreements, has developed it’s offensive nuclear weapons program.

    We are facing the NK problem today because of the failures of 4 previous presidents. President Trump has to now shoulder the burden of the mess caused by 2 Bushies, Clinton and Obama.

    About time we pull our troops out of S. Korea; AND put nukes back in to S. Korea.

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  11. Doug says:

    and foxconn making announcements to build here tells you how stupid it was for them to release that.. they literally just admitted one of their biggest threats is less iphones which can and would easily shift to other foxconn plants…also how would they stop phones being shipped to europe and then say that us anyways? shit they are making me think they are even weaker than i thought

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  12. NJ Transplant says:

    Brilliant analysis, Sundance. I will be happy if I never have to see “made in China” on everything I buy.

    Obama allowed foreign students to stay in the US after graduation so employers can hire them over American college graduates. Obama’s Optional Training Program allowed foreign students to stay in the US for 6 years after graduation. The purpose was supposedly the shortage of STEM graduates. Meanwhile, the majority of American STEM graduates can’t even get jobs in their own fields because cheaper foreign labor gets the jobs over Americans.

    I was just reading an article about this in the Times of India. They were insulting the Americans who lost their jobs to cheap foreign labor as “opponents to free trade.” Tell that to their mortgage companies.

    Thank God for President Trump. The rest of them are actively trying to destroy the country. Don’t they ever consider what kind of country they are leaving for their children and grandchildren?

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    • Is Boeing still going to build a plant in China? Bet they are recalculating!

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    • mireilleg says:

      I was in Kohl’s the other day and a lady was trying to get me to sign for a store credit card. I told her that if she could show me one item in the store not made in China, I would sign up. She walked away. I too would love to see the day with a majority of products on the shelves is not made in China.

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      • Wend says:

        Good for you. I made the mistake of getting a Kohl’s card (BF found Chuck Taylors with zippers there – never seen anywhere else) and they make you CRAZY with e-mails, etc.

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  13. Southpaw says:

    I forget who The President was having dinner with when the tomahawks were launched into Syria.

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    Just a bad Chinese-English translation? S/


  15. SpanglishKC says:


    I use Android primarily.

    I have and will have more kids going to college.

    M gorcey bills are astronomical!!!


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  16. Atticus says:

    No iPhones…ok, less “students”….fine, cheaper groceries…alright.

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  17. FarmerDawg says:

    Your right about corporations selling farm products, but the farmers such as myself growing the products are the ones taking the hit on price. The price of a jar of peanut butter increases with inflation, but the price I receive for my peanuts relates much closer to supply and demand which can fluctuate greatly from year to year. The ability to feed and power ourselves is what makes us the greatest nation in the world and both must be considered critical to our longterm success.

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  18. Minnie says:



    Sundance, you crack me up!

    Thank you, sir, may I have another?


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  19. andrewalinxs says:

    China is using the wrong arrows in their quiver if they think that is going to work. They have completely misread President Trump.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Trust me – they’re hiding their real arrows. They have a plan here, and it involves nothing they are hinting at. This is BS and chaff. Their real arrows are something else.

      I detect MASSIVE disinformation and information hiding from China right now. AND – the level of real information has been ramping down hard during the Obama administration, as they made an all-out play to gather information.

      Their actions here are largely through their owned Americommies, who are doing everything possible to get back into power. Organ-Monkey Hollywood and the Democratic party are the new faces of China in America.

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      • oldiadguy says:

        “Trust me – they’re hiding their real arrows. They have a plan here, and it involves nothing they are hinting at. This is BS and chaff. Their real arrows are something else.”
        ^ ^ ^ ^THIS ^ ^ ^ ^

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Exactly. Add this to my own thinking (below) which is more about IC and military risks (expected countermeasures).

          And remember what SD said – because there is no real separation of warfare types, it’s just whatever they can get away with at any given moment, as long as things don’t escalate or deescalate to where they don’t want them to go.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        China places a lot of faith in Propaganda.
        Could this be the ‘hidden arrows’ that you are sensing?

        I’ve been seeing little blurbs here and there about “China investing in Hollywood”.

        It sort of goes without saying that China would be interested in Hollywood for their propaganda-production capabilities.

        But they are not seeing our ‘shield’ to their arrows…
        The people are turning against Hollywood and the whole Media/Entertainment Complex.

        China already has a bad reputation for killing free speech and using brutality to quash dissent.

        When people learn of “China controlling Hollywood” then movies and shows will be perceived as The Voice of China.
        This will not go well for them.

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        • Ad rem says:

          Yep….in the bin. 😦

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          It is ALREADY China-controlled Hollywood, and has been for several years. It was influenced before that, but it is literally controlled now.

          (1) Red Dawn remake – expected to make a mint – was killed. A LONG time ago. That was during influence, not control.

          (2) Richard Gere cannot get work. The rumor is, deals with China or anybody who “cares” about China are impossible if you use him. And just like the Hollywood actors are deathly afraid of rebuke by the PC crowd, they are afraid of being ruined by anti-China attitudes.

          (3) Anti-Hollywood cyber, which is being used to help undermine and take over Hollywood, then move the industry to China. People won’t lay blame properly. Just watch them. It’s like a lie-detector for how badly any person in Hollywood is a gimp for China. Behind closed doors, they may wring their hands in the right direction, but in public? No way.

          The thing is, the ChiComs have many hidden arrows – of all kinds – but we have the real weapons. We just need to be expecting casualties.

          It’s like Trump says. We have to be tough. No more hand-wringing.

          I’ve dealt with these guys before. They will persist, but they will fall back in shock and awe when you given them shock and awe stuff. But you have to be ready to make them go back to their default setting of “live another day”. They don’t UNDERSTAND why we love freedom or how much. They have to make assumptions that say BTFO, because when they don’t, they lose badly.

          Final strategic word. Where can we fight them best? Location, location, location. Might be good to have an expert on location. 😉

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          • kalbren2r1 says:

            I have heard that China is behind, financially backing, this Cal-exit movement. Yet not much info out there to find. Does anyone have a lead on the truth of this?

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            • kalbren2r1 says:

              Or is is the LaRaza movement people that want California and other states returned to Mexico?


            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              It’s left-wing extremism on our shores that’s weakening America in their favor. I simply can’t imagine them NOT supporting it. They should be sending palettes of cash to Soros to back it.

              Probably backing Soros via a kind of corporate success/failure cash pump in the Asian market. I’ve always wondered why Soros was so successful. It’s a scam. Bet he’s recycling ChiCom money. Explains why the cash payments to Hillary dried up, too.


          • graphiclucidity says:


            The Red Dawn remake came out in 2012.

            The Chinese did use their influence to make the producers change the invading army from themselves to North Korea, which held up production for years.

            You didn’t really miss much anyhow because the movie sucked big time.

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            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              Thanks for that! Yes – I had heard they basically turned it into a low-budget bomb with a terrible plot – and that kind of change would certainly do the trick.

              The whole idea depends on a fine nuance of believability and unbelievability, and if you tamper with it too much – bad stuff. Plus, once you have complaints like that before production, it usually kills things.

              Athough in the case of Confederate, which WILL get done for cultural Marxist reasons, Hollywood is (or will soon be) actually controlling the narrative of the opposition – basically it’s fake opposition. Then they use the opposition for marketing. SJWs are controlled by the same people doing the project – it will get done. It’s like Bernie – they WILL control it. There is no way these creeps won’t do that series, and push it big. Too much money, too much mind control.

              If I did a version of Red Dawn – you don’t even want to think about it! 😉


            • andrewalinxs says:

              Like North Korea could mount a pacific ocean navel crossing and occupation of the West coast. They have less military capacity then Imperial Japan in WWII who couldn’t even pull such a thing off.

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      • oldiadguy says:

        Folks have to remember that Pandas will attack when provoked and have some serious teeth that can do some real damage.

        China is not a push over, either economically or militarily.

        Take Care

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      • andrewalinxs says:

        Their is a real arrow they have which is short term control over a lot of raw resources the U.S would need for manufacturing. For the last 28 years we have slowed domestic production and gone 100% import on I believe 22 major metal commodities. We import at least 14 major resources fro china in some fashion 1 exclusively at 100% (SCANDIUM we have the ability to produce it however the government has not yet approved several companies to begin production yet as it involves mining coal and collecting it as a byproduct. Expect this to change soon.)

        We have the capacity domestically to produce them ourselves but it would take a bit of time to get them fully up and running giving us a minor issue as we kick the rust of the smelters and get the new and or old mines up and running. <— this would lead to short term rise in prices for manufactured goods however it would soon go down again if domestic production was allowed to get brought back into full gear. Just need the right sort of President to Oversee the start up which we actually have.

        The big Irony is a lot of these resources we are importing 100% had plans to start domestic production 10 years ago but for some unknown reason the federal government has been dragging its feet on approving them.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          The big Irony is a lot of these resources we are importing 100% had plans to start domestic production 10 years ago but for some unknown reason the federal government has been dragging its feet on approving them.

          Nothing that happened during the Clinton or Obama administrations is a mystery to me any more. Once I realized they were working for the other side, I could predict everything they did. Everything made sense. However, what’s shocking is that I didn’t learn of a lot of Clinton treachery for years. I will say this right now. Whatever confrontation happens here – and one or another will happen – we will learn of fresh Obama treachery. I’m sure he did things to set us back. I’m sure Trump knows a lot of them.

          Trump’s tweet about the nukes (read carefully) is very likely based on part of the Obama treachery – a message to China that they had best not count on Obama’s intentional weakening of our nuclear deterrent. I believe Obama engaged in “process sabotage” of our nuclear weapons, including a lot of information to China, and the tweet about nukes was a message to China that we have fixed all the designed failings STAT.

          Trump’s FIRST order. Pretty wild. Love to know the full story on that.

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  20. Vince says:

    “What if China restricts … the number of Chinese students to the US?”

    I saw an article about a month ago, proposing this from the American side if China doesn’t get NK under control. American degrees are highly valued in China. An American degree is a prestige degree that the Chinese elite like to get for their kids. This is a punishment for them, not us.

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  21. i don’t suppose they’d threaten to end their birth tourism program, hmmm?

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    • Gil says:

      I would love it. Also, the chinese are real big into marijuana grows inside big houses in the suburbs. Stealing electricity, ripping up the interiors, etc. Yep. I dont think this qualifies as “best and brightest” to our benefit.

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  22. History Teaches says:

    There is diplomacy and there is realpolitik. Naturally, diplomacy embeds the objectives and parameters a country represents, but a lot of the realpolitik is kept below the surface. The real threats, red lines, and ultimatums go beyond what is available for public consumption. They may be hinted at, or alluded to, but in the corridors of power many layers of analysis go into any concrete final policy decision.

    To make a broad generalization, China thinks they have way more leverage than they actually do. And it mostly by inflating the feeling that their financial tentacles will bring America to it’s knees. The details are extensive and well known, but China has become soft to a degree. They are so absorbed with internal power conflicts that foreign policy masks deeper ideological conflicts. The current regime is still fighting and purging their predecessor, who is active with his own followers. I don’t have time to find all the links with the details, but it is not a confident, secure situation.

    This seems counter intuitive, but much of their progress has come through subterfuge. Spying, infiltration, bribery, financial enticement and so on. For all their vaunted bright students and math/science wizards they still lack original thinking, innovative ideas, and willingness to explore novel and untraditional ideas. A culture of slavish, massive, conformity regulated with threats and draconian punishments.

    In essence, they think they can have their cake and eat it to. Past administrations have grovelled for money. Empty rhetoric and business as usual. And not just the U.S. but worldwide.

    The President talked about China bigly during the campaign. I would guess he has been looking forward to this confrontation. It really is a deep game of poker, with enormous existential stakes on the line. No doubt things won’t be resolved definitively for years, but each clash is a necessary step in the progress of a definitive win.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The President talked about China bigly during the campaign. I would guess he has been looking forward to this confrontation. It really is a deep game of poker, with enormous existential stakes on the line. No doubt things won’t be resolved definitively for years, but each clash is a necessary step in the progress of a definitive win.

      Completely agreed.

      If this goes where it’s likely to go, the Americommies are going to be wetting their Depends. Even at the highest levels, they had no idea what they were in for, when they signed up with Marx and his Dragon.

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  23. dawndoe says:

    “Oh, Big Panda, you so bad. That one hurt me long time.” Too freakin’ funny! LOVE it!

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  24. SD this was a real pick me up today. Thank you sir!

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  25. pretttyplease says:

    China had a plan. They were well on their way to “conquering by commerce.” For example, buying the factories in the Rust Belt at fire sale prices, along with buying hundreds of houses at a premium (as mentioned above) in the areas where these factories are. The Chinese were expecting Hillary and the TPP. Then, they could bring their people over in droves. BUT, PTrump threw a monkey wrench into the works by canning the TPP and beginning the revival of the corpse that the USA was rapidly becoming.
    Speaking of “revival.” The Christians have been praying for revival in America for years. God has a sense of humor! First He is giving us the natural, then the spiritual.
    I am not happy about how much of the USA is owned/controlled by foreign conglomerates, especially our food supply. Reading the who’s who of who owns what is daunting. In GA alone over a MILLION acres is owned by foreign interests. That’s a ratio of 1:37 of all land in GA. I do not know the statistics on farmland and timber alone. So, when China is making veiled threats about groceries, I sit up and listen. How did this happen? When China tried to buy up huge tracts of land in Columbia and negotiate for Chinese workers to come over to farm these co-ops, Columbia said, ‘NO!” and if memory serves, so did Brazil.

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  26. Abandoned says:

    The Chinese just conceded.

    Note, in capitals, that the Chinese made absolutely no mention of dumping US Treasuries.

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  27. Prettyplease says:

    Wow! I tried posting from my computer instead of my phone and I ended up in moderation. Let me try this. China had a plan. They were well on their way to “conquering by commerce.” For example, buying the factories in the Rust Belt at fire sale prices, along with buying hundreds of houses at a premium (as mentioned above) in the areas where these factories are. The Chinese were expecting an open door policy with Hillary and the TPP. Then, they could bring their people over in droves. But, President Trump threw a monkey wrench into the works by canning the TPP and beginning the revival of the corpse that the USA was rapidly becoming before his advent.
    Speaking of “revival. “The Christians have been praying for revival in America for years. God has a marvelous sense of humor! First, he is giving us the natural, then the spiritual.
    I am not happy about how much of the USA is owned/controlled by foreign conglomerates, especially our food supply. Reading the who’s who of who owns what is daunting. In Georgia alone, over 1,000,000 acres is owned by foreign interests. That is a ratio of 1:37 of all land in the state. I do not know the statistics on farmland and timber alone. So, when China is making veiled threats about groceries, I sit up and listen. How did this happen? When china tried to buy up huge tracts of land in Columbia and negotiate for Chinese workers to come over to farm this land, Columbia said, “No! “And if memory serves, so did Brazil.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      “I am not happy about how much of the USA is owned/controlled by foreign conglomerates, especially our food supply.”

      Makes me uneasy, also. Treeper Gil earlier on this thread posted about a California port that the Chinese bought. Forget which one. Don’t like that, either. What in heaven’s name have we been doing allowing things like that? SMH.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Longbeach, I think?

        I remember that Feinstein had something to do with making that happen.
        Her husband is in bed with the Chinese, bigtime.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          Yes, it WAS Longbeach. Awful.

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        • Ad rem says:

          Feinstein and her hubby….

          The China Ocean Shipping Co., known as Cosco, recently offered to pay $14.5 million in annual rent and spend $200 million to renovate a portion of the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, which was closed by the U.S. military nearly three years ago.

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          • jmclever says:

            Renting is different than purchase. Did something change?


            • Ad rem says:

              Looks like the Cosco lease ran out in 2011, and a new one was initialed in 2012 for the next 40 years.

              We can thank Bill Clinton for orininally giving the Chinese a offer they couldn’t refuse…

              CIA director Robert Gates has said ‘ … any time you turn over an American port facility to a foreign-owned company, especially one with significant [Communist Chinese] government connection, then at least it ought to be vetted through national security agencies.’

              A Navy Department career official said that no intelligence review was sought because the China Ocean Shipping Company’s was not considered a security threat, by the Clinton White House.


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            • Gil says:

              Tried to sell it but couldnt get away with it so it was given to the city who technically own it, but handed it off to the chinese.
              “The deal finally approved by the Secretary of the Navy turns over control of the Long Beach Naval Station, with a value of at least $65 million, free of charge to the City of Long Beach. The city has agreed to lease it to the China Ocean Shipping Co. of the People’s Republic of China.
              The Chinese deal apparently went forward without a national security review by wither the CIA or National Security Council. The White House apparently avoided normal and routine government channels in pushing the deal through in 1995. ‘… there seemed to be no reason to check with the National Security Council on the decision …’ White House spokesman Lanny Davis said.”

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      • Gil says:

        Sylvia, I know of Japanese, Middle east, and chinese owned farms and ranches on top of the large corporate ones that only produce food to export to their countries. They use our resources and dont even produce extra to sell local. All over CA.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          I had no idea. That is scary and sickening.

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          • Prettyplease says:

            Here’s what I hope is good news. Five of the larges cattle feedlots in the United States is owned by a mega conglomerate from Brazil. They handle over 980,000 cattle a year. The good news is the parent company ran into a problem and has to pay a huge fine. As a result, they are selling off their holdings, one of which is this “five rivers” feedlots. My prayer is that an American who cares about America will buy this.


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        • Prettyplease says:

          Sonny Perdue from GA is the head of what I think someone said was 26 different agriculture groups who report back to him for president Trump’s administration. Most of the money that is given to agriculture is given to the large conglomerate landowner. I don’t know how it is in other places but those here in Georgia were pro TPP because they wanted The cheap labor. The little independent farmer, The small organic farmer who uses heirloom seeds and the folks who sell produce on the side of the road get very little of the trickle down. The large farmers have a lot of debt and they are using GMO seeds that can fail at anytime. If the fertilizer were to hit the fan at any time, the big guys are going to go down hard and it will be the little local folks who will be feeding the people around them. I wish with all my heart that we could get a message to president Trump’s administration that more attention needs to be paid to the smaller folk. They need canneries, freezer drying machines, grants to try some of the newer innovations in farming, the means and opportunity to educate younger people who are interested in agriculture and agribusiness. We need to be less dependent on the grocery stores and more dependent on the victory Gardens like they used to have back during World War II. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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          • Maquis says:

            I have always wanted a “hobby farm” to feed my family, currently to have the best food, but also as a preparation for times when only those who can produce their food can eat. Grew up canning and picking and growing. Pretty broken these days, but am planning on giving it a shot soon.


  28. MVW says:

    I think the Chinese have given Trump the go ahead and outlined what to expect in retaliation. In other words, The Chinese want Trump to solve their problem. I doubt Trump independently announced ‘Fire and Fury’, the Chinese have very smart strategists and either expected or were informed and consented. Sanctions also support this.

    The nothing response from China must be worrying to NK. But NK is dug in. Kim will be in a bunker as soon as the Fire and Fury starts.

    Again, the key is to take out the artillery before big South Korea civilian casualties happen.

    We will have to wait and see when and what the trigger will be.

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    • Abandoned says:

      “the key is to take out the artillery before big South Korea civilian casualties happen”.

      Impossible without multiple tac nukes.
      Never happen.


      • Maquis says:

        Truth. Seoul has been hostage to NK for a very long time. I see tactical nukes and massive EMP weapons to shut down power, comms, and, hopefully, ballistic missile computers.

        The world has seen nukes used, fire and fury as the world has never seen before is either carpet nuking the conventional weapons pressed against Seoul’s temple or massive EMP weapons. Or both. Preferably both.

        We cannot allow a single nuclear armed NK submarine to exist, ever. If we think they are close, we have to move.


  29. The Devilbat says:

    Without meaning to be a concern troll, what if China gets together with Russia? That could lead to a very difficult war for the US to win if things ever spin out of control. The Chinese and Russians are already holding in joint naval exercises.


    • wheatietoo says:

      Whatever scary things they do, will have the effect of driving Businesses to seek refuge in the US.

      China and Russia are hamstrung on that one.
      They each need a good economy in their own countries…to fund their militaries.


  30. thetrain2016 says:

    Just to mention 35% import duty on ALL Chinese goods makes them to rethink their tough stance…


  31. The beauty is, President Trump does not want to be the President of the world, unlike his predecessor. China has not yet figured this out. Maybe it is lost in translation to them when they see President Trump’s video suggesting that he wants to be President of Pittsburgh and not Paris. I really feel that it is divine intervention that we have President Trump as our President. What I cannot understand for the past 2 decades though is, why are the politicians destroying this great nation from within and why election-after-election, we the people keep on sending gentleman like McCain, McConnel, Ryan, etc. to congress?
    Regarding trusting the Chinese politicians – well the question itself is self explanatory when we use “trust” and “politicians” in the same sentence (and this is applicable to all politicians of all countries). Those who argue about my trust in President Trump – I do not see him as a politician.

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    • rf121 says:

      Correct. The Chinese or NK’s misunderstanding the current situation due to translation or cultural difference is a concern. Things could get out of control in a hurry.

      But it seems from many of the posts here PT has already won. China will roll over and hide and fat boy will hand over the keys to his toys.

      I just hope they have ordered plenty of body bags.


  32. Abandoned says:

    “they come with some effective weapons in their bag.”

    Not really. They can disrupt production by US companies in China, so what, that’s fixed with domestic production in < 9months.
    The Chinese elites fear that a trade war leads to mass unemployment and revolution as 50 million new city workers with prospects are sacked and go back to the villages to plant rice..
    There's your problem Xi.

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  33. TexasDude says:

    The Gateway Pundit brings out an interview of Trump by Tim Russert from 1999. It’s a discussion on what Trump would do with N Korea …

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  34. LARS says:

    No more panda stew for you!

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  35. ZC says:

    Funnier …. if it weren’t funny. I really can’t believe this? is what China has to say, now.


  36. trapper says:

    We as Americans, Westerners, might as well be reading a statement written by Martians. The Asian mind doesn’t work like ours. It is not hard-wired from a Western logic schematic. It is maddening to negotiate with them because there is no middle ground, no compromise, or as Sundance would describe it, nothing in between war and peace. There is only the “correct” price as they calculate it, the “correct” terms, meaning terms that meet all of their needs, just as there is only “correct logic” in dealing with North Korea, the “correct” logic being the way the Asian mind sees it. Thus, no negotiated peace should be expected from them. The only way to peace is their unconditional surrender. We learned this once. I don’t know why we have to learn it again.

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  37. bigfish9684 says:

    Ins’t Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer, going to open factories in WI and MI to make iPhones? Yup.

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  38. EbonyRapror says:

    Hurt me long time … now that cracked me up.

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  39. Old Lady says:

    We can certainly make it without an iphone. May even have real live conversations again if there are fewer around. And I personally don’t care if I ever see another Chinese anything again, including people.


  40. Reality Wins says:

    If they throw in…
    Threat #4 – China will no longer allow pregnant Chinese women to travel to America for the anchor baby tourism trade
    … they’ve got a deal.

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  41. lubyankafh says:

    Gosh that’s so delightful

    China: if you do we might have to take away the companies that finance “The Resistance” and “The Clintob Dynasty” and “The Bush Dynasty” and “The McNevermores”…………

    Response: Go Ahead on


  42. MaineCoon says:


    1. I flew some rinky-dink, puddle-jumper China prop-jet plane (no other choice). Upon boarding they gave each passenger a fan. I thought, my gosh, the plane doesn’t have air conditioning.

    2. same flight, I was sitting in the aisle seat. As such I was delegated a job, which was to receive 3 box lunches, serve the passengers in my row, collect all boxes, used cups, napkins, etc. for pick up by the “real” attendant. Course I didn’t speak Chinese which made this an interesting job.

    3. I’d always loved train travel in Europe (before Mooslims moved n) and I decided to take a 1-2 train trip in China to get a flavor of the locals & the scenery. You know. The real deal stuff. My guide/driver had been carting me and I said I was doing this myself. They looked horrified. I did not care. On the train, the chairs faced each other in groups of four IIRC. Again, I was on the aisle towards the end of the car. This time I did not have to serve the food. A petite Chinese attendant served stuff. I just remember those pickled eggs. I didn’t eat anything. She cleaned up the food. People were going by to the restroom (only one) at the end of the car. Then the attendant walks to the one-door uni-restroom and she has boots on, a rubber raincoat, rubber hat and rubber gloves. I’m all eyes catching the local color. She somewhere picks up a big rubber hose, flings open the bathroom door, I can see the hole in the floor, and she proceeds to literally hose down the bathroom. I just stared in unbelief. No Chinese person even noticed. I was out of there when that train stopped.

    4. More local color…took a little boat ride. They served lunch. Attendant sauntered down the aisle offering up some “specialty”. I stared in disbelief. It was big, large glass jar with dead snake(s) and yellowish-water. They were offering up the water (not the snake). IIRC it was for people who had arthritis. I gracefully declined. I also told them I was a vegetarian.

    That was it for the local color. I returned to my 5-star hotels and guides as I was doing site-inspections for some incentive trips the company was handling. Skipped any more local color.

    Chinese are verrry, very interrresting.

    That was one heck of a trip. I wonder how much as changed in 25+ years?


    • Abandoned says:

      Chinese medicinal mythology and jewellery requirements are why tigers, rhinos, elephants and other big game animals are on the train to extinction or as exotic relics.
      Wait until China has a middle class of 300 million….there will not be enough tuna in the sea to satisfy their dietary demands because they have the money.


  43. trylikeafool says:

    I don’t think you understand. You don’t just switch to an Android phone from Apple. Sorry, but I’m not dealing with a crappy Google OS and random hardware that isn’t built to specifically work within my Apple ecosystem. I also used to work for Apple, and there’s no way they’ll let China screw them over. This sounds more like not allowing iPhones to be sold in China. Yes, I’m a Millennial. Not a snowflake, but I’ll never use a freaking Samsung phone.


    • Old Lady says:

      Dear Millennial,
      The first lesson you never learned was to never say never.
      I guarantee you such declarations will come back to bite you.
      Lessons from the aged.

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    • Abandoned says:

      Oh my, that’s an hilarious parody of the serious lives of gen whatever.
      US foreign policy is now dictated by the ease or otherwise of Apple to Android conversion.

      You’re doing sarcasm as a critique, nice work.


  44. wolfmoon1776 says:

    I just read the full text of the statement. People here well know my highly anti-Marxist, bad-cop attitude towards China, so even on their relatively mild, benign, and utterly two-faced statement, you will see me spitting. I expect cooler heads to prevail, but I think people may find my bad cop, suspicious cat view of the statement interesting. Here is the entire statement with my commentary interspersed.

    US needs correct logic in dealing with North Korea

    *** Utterly true. Now – the subversion of truth begins.

    Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/8 23:58:39

    The UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously passed a resolution to impose ever tougher sanctions on North Korea. Many of these measures need to be paid by China, as China has been North Korea’s biggest trading partner due to geographic reasons.

    *** China dissembles and hides motive, citing trade and not geopolitics of Korean peninsula. They are now trying to “monetize” their vote, and get as much BTFO on North Korea commitments as possible.

    But in the past two days, some mainstream US media opined that the new resolution was a compromise by Washington to China and Russia. Fox News even called on US President Donald Trump to “use his Twitter feed and tell the world Beijing has 30 days to comply with UN sanctions on North Korea – or else.”

    *** Ooooh, Panda Baby – throw some SHADE on the Trumpsta! But seriously, this is just setup for foot-dragging. Classic ChiCom.

    The US is the sole superpower,

    *** Lulling LIES. Just economically, look how close #2 actually is. If they detect a way to flip to #1 and get the US comfy with #2 status, using the psy-op “alliance with others protects us from China as #1”, they will go for it, even if getting there leaves millions of dead bodies, including their own. Better slow and patient, but if that looks blocked, watch out. A nasty Vietnam in Korea is quite fine with them, as long as the US is weakened and the commies end up on top economically or owning the peninsula. Remember – I’m talking about the criminals – not the townfolk, or even the weak-willed accomplices. I’m talking about the commie hardcores. They are like Robert Creamer –
    ready to use a war to win.

    but its media and elites are the most narrow-minded. They unreasonably require the whole world to serve US interests, which they view as universal values.

    *** Fake, strawman, backward reality. Trying to isolate us. SPIT. Commies. Alinsky needs more wolf-water on his grave. Particularly cynical since they OWN the true elites and media.

    North Korea sees the US-South Korea alliance as a threat.

    *** Interesting. Projection. This means CHINA sees it as a threat.

    Given various reasons, it embarked on the wrong path of developing nuclear and missile technology.

    *** Huge dissembling. Taking advantage of nuclear Norks, if not initiating the process, has been a big deal for China to abuse us, and I’m thinking they are in serious cahoots on cyber, so sharing stolen nuke secrets is probably on the table. We should potentially assume the Norks even have Chinese tested thermonukes, or even US designs. That, to me, is a China-level Sun Tsu surprise.
    We should expect AT LEAST one of those.

    Washington and Seoul take security as their core interests, but so does Pyongyang which is vulnerable to the US-South Korea alliance.

    *** Justifying the Norks. Which is justifying themselves. What’s the long-term here? US GONE. That is what this is all about. Chinese hegemony over East Asia.

    If the enmity between the US and North Korea cannot be resolved, the motives of North Korea to own nuclear weapons and develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach US soil will not cease.

    *** Read this properly. The first cannot in fact be resolved, so the “if” is meaningless. Why? Because the real beef is with CHINA that uses a proxy. They are trying to signal inevitability to force acceptance on us. Weak dupes and suck-ups like Clinton and Obama will accept the psy-op and settle for delays.

    External sanctions will only delay North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and missiles, but cannot crush the determination of Pyongyang to stick to this path.

    *** More “inevitability” propaganda.

    Why does US society keep silent about such a simple and tested fact?

    *** This is key. It’s actually a threat to push their American leftists and Democrats, Vietnam-style, to oppose the US actions. This is also reminiscent of the “no nukes” push by Soviet-bot lefties during the Reagan years, when they activated Obama, liberation theology on Latin America, etc., etc.

    The US asks China for help when it cannot solve its problems with North Korea.

    *** They know this is part of Trump’s strategy, and part of their strategy, and tossing the hot potato back and forth is a formality.

    Some US elites even want to urge China to claim full responsibility for the issue or they will threaten to retaliate.

    *** Here we go – THAT was the money! Untrue, but trying to “pre-blame” America for any outcome, whether military or economic.

    Under this logic, isn’t it reasonable for North Korea to attack its southern neighbor when it is under military threat from the US?

    *** THE VEILED THREAT. That they will invade the South, using their proxy, the North.

    Moreover, those US elites may not have considered the leverage China has over the US.

    *** They want people to gin up their own real fears, unstated. PSY-OP.

    What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products?

    *** Multiple message. On one level, these are pure BS to “relieve” the reader (psy-op) and much LESS than whatever rational fears the reader thought up after the previous sentence. But the BS items have a second, code purpose. THIS IS A MESSAGE TO DEEP STATE / CIA / NSA. They realize what our mutual tolerations of capabilities are, and are simply threatening to rock the boat. Our “eyes on China” through iPhones and whatnot will be shut off in the event of conflict. The massive number of Chinese “students” in the US contain a ton of military bots who will be activated to cause trouble. Trade will take some kind of a jolt, and the real hit is technology INTO the US, with a critical window of downtime they can take advantage of. Short version? They are concern-trolling the IC by saying the opposite of what is important, so people who get it will conjure up what is.

    Since the UN Security Council began to impose sanctions on North Korea in 2006, China has paid the highest diplomatic and economic price.

    *** Utter BS. Sorry, China. Leave kabuki to the Japanese. They do it better.

    China-North Korea relations started to chill at that time.

    *** You talkin’ above the table, “Hands China”? Oh, you rascal! I seen you hittin’ on Li’l Kim!

    It has been six years since top leaders of the two countries exchanged visit.

    *** OK – Wolf gives China this year’s Oscar for Patience in an Allied Deception.

    Trade between China and North Korea plummeted, in stark contrast to China’s increasing trade volumes with other neighboring countries.

    *** Brazening it out on what we were supposed to know, but lying stupendously about all the hidden trade. Lying is bad for your health, Fats Panda! And it makes you have a Western Pinnochio nose.

    The US wants China to play a leading role in sanctioning Pyongyang so it can reap the benefits.

    *** Oh, you Alinsky liars. Your program of HARM to the world is outed, and you blame the victims as greedy when they call you on it.

    Meanwhile, the US and South Korea could just be bystanders as China and North Korea confront each other.

    *** Deflective hypothetical. Strawman. Not what we’re asking, ChiComs. We’re asking for you and Fat Boy to do some two-person improv Kabuki where he gives up nukes very demonstrably in exchange for some kind of peace and defense guarantee that a sane, non-lying China could help give them. Like you probably already have, you lying scumbags.

    By shifting the responsibility to China, the US can also cover up its inability to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue and avoid troubles from its adjustment of the North Korea policy.

    *** In other words, “Talk to the hand.” Right? Sure, China. Have it your way.

    Many Americans view the world through a superior lens.

    *** Yes. It’s called GOD.

    They believe only the US and the West are right in everything and the politics of non-Western countries are immature.

    *** Some, perhaps. But not Trump. If you want to bash certain people like your own stooge, John McCain, go right ahead.

    US society may have to reshape a broader vision and a rational way of thinking.

    *** We are. And it is not the sucker globalism that communist theoreticians sold to the idiots in YOU KNOW WHERE. But I do hope our vision and rationality scare the holy hell out of you.

    Only when mainstream opinion is clear-headed, can the US cope with all kinds of challenges more effectively.

    *** Let this taunt you just made, knowing our media is your puppet, become a curse on communism and a blessing on your slaves, as we destroy those media propagandists with the truth you fear.

    Thank you, ChiNazis Pandas. We see right through you.

    Liked by 2 people

    • wheatietoo says:

      The whole article was propaganda, IMHO.

      China’s biggest fear is…populism.
      They share this fear with the globalist elites.

      They both view ‘the people’ as something-to-be-controlled, rather than someone to be served.

      Both the global elites and the communists fear populist revolts.
      They both engage in rhetoric that is designed to fool people into thinking that they are doing things ‘for the good of the people’…when in fact, they are not.

      Liked by 3 people

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I agree – populism is a threat to almost everybody – even Russia. Which is one reason they wanted to stay on Trump’s good side.

        Russia has some extenuating circumstances. It has never done well without strong executive leadership, and Putinism is a clear response to the fact that they could not form a power-distributed government that worked according to Western standards. So I’m very “whatever” on them not embracing American-style government, including populism, other than the idea that Putin is, to some extent, a rather authoritarian populist himself.

        People have to do the right thing for their cultures and histories, to say nothing of their OWN people. I know Trump gets that – thank God!

        China is definitely NOT HAPPY about populism, which makes me very, very happy. 😉

        I view globalism as the brand of communism that sold to corporate capitalists and foreign policy elitists, just like liberation theology was the brand that sold to the religious.

        If you can’t sell your main product, sell a flanker and gain a customer. Then bring them around to the main offering later.

        Liked by 3 people

        • wheatietoo says:

          There are things to like about Putin…
          For example, I like how he is anti-PC and laughs at SJW’s.

          The people who are against him in his country are Leftists.

          Liked by 1 person

          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Yup. Also love the way Chinese netizens are so disrespectful of SJWs here. Online, Chinese people, other than their government trolls, generally seem remarkably sane.

            The ChiCom trolls (not the top shelf trackers – the “issue response team”) are utterly racist, unschooled in American politics, and disdainful – love to watch them get pounded into the ground.

            Liked by 1 person

  45. Troublemaker10 says:

    Interestingly enough….

    About one week after Trump was elected Apple announced it was looking into moving production back to the U.S.


    Apple is exploring moving iPhone production to the US: Report
    Fri, 18 Nov ’16


    “Apple asked both Foxconn and Pegatron, the two iPhone assemblers, in June to look into making iPhones in the U.S.,” the Nikkei Asian Review reported, citing a source.

    “Foxconn complied, while Pegatron declined to formulate such a plan due to cost concerns.”

    Apple declined to comment when contacted by CNBC. However, Apple has long said the barrier to moving iPhone production to the U.S. is expertise, in addition to cost.

    Taiwan-based Foxconn and Pegatron assemble iPhones in China.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. lfhbrave says:

    It is known in the circle of China experts that the Global Times usually publishes news and editorials to advocate certain positions the Chinese government wants to test the waters before formally adopts them in the official party newspapers. It is not unusual that the Chinese government decides later to distance itself from the positions advocated in the Global Times.


  47. scott467 says:

    What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products? ”


    Oh noes!

    Say it ain’t so, Joe!


    Threatening to restrict the number of Chinese students to the U.S., what will we EVAH do?

    And restricting the use of iPhones… I can see how that might affect Apple… how does it affect America?

    As for importing fewer agricultural products, I thought the commodities markets were all cornered, monopolized and fixed anyway?

    So China gets less, Angola and Mozambique get more, prices in America stay the same.

    Talk about twisting our arms behind our backs… these Chinese are BRUTAL!



    • bbred says:

      I think China’s threat is targeting the establishment not the President, these are all things the establishment would hate.

      Liked by 1 person

      • scott467 says:

        “I think China’s threat is targeting the establishment not the President, these are all things the establishment would hate.”


        Then we should encourage China to engage in all-out war against the establishment, lol!

        This could be awesome.

        The more DJT prods the panda, the more the panda abuses the establishment…. escalate to roughly infinity.

        Talk about a win-win scenario…


  48. scott467 says:

    “Hurt me Panda. Hurt me true… You’ve got me right where you want me.”


    Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t throw me in the brier patch!


  49. scott467 says:

    “Yes, universities do get to make more money from the rates charged foreign students for tuition. As much as five-times more. But the bottom line is keeping foreign students out of U.S. colleges only opens up space for more American kids and the potential for lower student costs as a result of collegiate competition for Americans.”


    Cutting off income to Marxist indoctrination centers is a HUGE win for America.

    Thank you Panda, may I have another?



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