Sunday Talks: Ambassador Nikki Haley -vs- Maria Bartiromo (North Korea)…

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley appears on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the historic Security Council sanctions against North Korea unanimously approved 15-0 yesterday.


At approximately 05:00 of the video Bartiromo asked Haley specifically how the U.S. was able to get Russia and China on board with the sanctions.  –FULL BACKSTORY HERE– Unfortunately, instead of giving a nod to the overall U.S. Trump administration policy and long-term strategy, Mrs. Rubio surfaces and takes personal credit for the outcome.  Politicians gotta politic.

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80 Responses to Sunday Talks: Ambassador Nikki Haley -vs- Maria Bartiromo (North Korea)…

  1. mimbler says:

    Yes, I’m sure Russia and China subordinated their national interests because of the force of Niki’s personality,

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  2. that is so Mrs. Rubio! What did we expect?

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  3. NJF says:

    Heard part of this in the car. Why did Maria ask, “will POTUS ask Tillerson to resign?”

    Did I hear that correctly? I was so disgusted I turned it off. I can’t watch this vid right now so if anyone can clarify for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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    • Fe says:

      Where did the Tillerson thing come from? I must have missed something for Maria to ask that. Grrrrrr

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      • ALEX says:

        It was the latest made up story a few weeks ago. They even asked Tillerson and he laughed..It’s just the way all the ‘media’ is now…Tabloid garbage meant to keep up the disarray narrative,..It was uncalled for and I lost respect for her….I’m basically done with all this..She was the only one I watched sometimes, but it’s all the same low brow stuff..

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  4. wondering999 says:

    Wouldn’t mind a clarification also. I’m 100% Team Tillerson and thank Providence every day for his willingness to help us… and not just the U.S., but every other poor schlub on the planet who has been getting hurt by decades of clueless incompetents wielding power

    Thank you Lord for Tillerson and please protect him (and us)

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  5. Fe says:

    “Mrs. Rubio”, makes me laugh every single time. Our President is looking for certain results, so if things go the way he is looking for, he will thank Mrs. Rubio for her work and claim the winning point in a big beautiful tweet and a rousing rally like the last one in West Virgina😀😀😀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Fe you hit the nail on the head! Our President could care less if “Mrs. Rubio” takes credit. She is and always will be a politician. She is young and sees a future for herself. If this makes her work even harder than WE and our country win!

      Here is the truth we know and our President smiles about:

      Our President setup both Russia and China to not veto the UN sanction against NK. I have highlighted numerous times that our President has allowed the Economic Train to leave the station never to return again! The other day’s job number for July (209,000), the fact we have cut the trade deficit in June by over 6% in comparison to the year prior, 2nd quarter GDP of 2.6% and the Stock Market hitting an all time high for the 8th consecutive day shows that the train is picking up serious traction.

      All of this would not have been possible without the unleashing of our Energy Superpower. From coal to LNG and every other source in between, corporations realize it is more cost effective to build in America versus the rest of the world.

      This Energy explosion has also allowed us to take the upper hand with Russia and for different reasons eventually with China. Our President has been traveling to different countries or meeting with them in the US and is selling American coal and LNG. In doing so, it is feeding our economy but also buying us Massive Leverage with the two world powers that we need to resolve our two biggest issues; North Korea and eventually Iran.

      South Korea is paying for our protection by signing an agreement for $15 Billion in LNG. Ukraine got screwed with HRC losing and has to pay for their bet on her by purchasing coal to be able to use throughout the year. Poland and the Three Sea countries (11 total) decided that to distance their dependency on Russia, it would be smart to sign contracts with our companies to supply LNG. They are also building up their infrastructure to be able to pipe the LNG through each of the different countries. Our President assures them that the US will never use the fuel as a weapon against them.

      All of the things I just described is killing the Russians and their stronghold on these countries and their economy back in Russia. China will agree to massive amounts of LNG and coal to lower the import/export advantage they currently have. We will continue to take their trinkets but in return they will buy hundreds of billions of dollars in LNG and coal. The need is there for them with 1 billion plus Chinese living in China.

      Folks our President is beyond brilliant! Energy has served and will continue to serve two major purposes. It will be used to “Fuel” our Economic Train and it will continue to “Fuel” our leverage with Russia and China!

      That isn’t just winning. This is MAGASUPERWINNING!

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  6. kpm58 says:

    “Our team in New York”…does not sound like “It was me, all me, me, me, me.”

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      I agree. Bartiromo asked her, “how did YOU get it done?”. Haley said “we” not “I”. It’s a win for everybody involved. And I agree with FLeP above, PDJT doesn’t care about the credit.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      So glad you and Curry heard what I did. Maria specifically said “you” – and yet Haley never said “I” once. She talked about the team, and said “we.”

      Look, I’m no Nikki Haley fan, but I don’t see the point in expending energy trying to make her look bad. She can do that on her own if she is inclined.

      For now, she is part of Trump’s team (like it or not) and we should wish her well in her efforts to MAGA. There have been a number of people in this administration with whom I’m not thrilled, but we need EVERY BODY we can get right now.

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  7. scott467 says:

    Wait until the U.N. finds out she thinks their flag is rayciss.


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  8. Taking credit for other people’s hard work is what politicians do for a living.

    Too bad she missed an opportunity for giving kudos TO HER BOSS, who gave her a great opportunity to be our international spokesmouth.

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  9. jackphatz says:

    In lieu of the recent firings perhaps she was just making an extra effort into ‘making sure’ Trump knew she did good. A girl can’t be too careful, ya know.

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  10. Stringy theory says:

    Just Haley being Haley. It’s what she does.

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  11. scottmc37 says:

    She is doing a great job…..keep it up!

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  12. joshua says:

    where is her water bottle?

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  13. Great that President Trump dispatched Mrs. Rubio to the UN. She is kept busy there
    trying to make herself appear distinct from her fellow globalists by appearing onboard with MAGA. Trump has her tied up in knots.

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  14. PDQ says:

    Mrs. Rubio…took me a minute but hahahahahahaha!

    Good one Sundance.
    My ex-governor.

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  15. WonkoTheSane says:

    Star Trek TNG fans will remember the Kowolski character. He was the one who thought he’d improved warp drive capability. His tests worked every time, but it was actually his assistant, The Traveller, who had the knowledge and made it happen. Most politicians are Kowolskis. They don’t really know how to get anything done, but they sure know how to make things happen.

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  16. davecatbone says:

    Haley thinks she’s gonna be president. Even run against Trump?

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    • solomonpal says:


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    • scott467 says:

      “Haley thinks she’s gonna be president.”


      DJT has changed the dynamic. The better he does, the more incompetent the political-class looks by comparison.

      The UniParty created a ‘farm team’ approach to selecting their puppets for us. One way to break that system is to never hire from inside the ‘farm team’ again.

      Running for president?

      Politicians need not apply.

      The other problem is that Hussein ruined it for minorities who might come after him. He was the prototype, he had the chance to be the president of ALL of America, to set the example — and that’s exactly what he did, he set the example, the worst one possible. He chose to only be president of his own tribe.

      And he even sucked at that, leaving blacks worse off than when he got there.

      With that track record established, why should anyone in the majority ever hire a minority as leader of the country again?

      I can think of several minorities who might make very good presidents.

      But why take the chance?

      Look what that kind of virtue-signalling got them last time.

      You want to repeat that?

      Do you want to put the future of America (again!) in the hands of someone who has a chip on their shoulder (or seethes with barely concealed rage) against the majority?

      THAT is another ‘Obama legacy’, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

      And then there’s ‘feminism’, which our country has been drowning in for 40+ years. Most female politicians might as well travel around with Helen Reddy theme music playing in the background. Even the RINOs. Even the president’s daughter. Men are 3rd class citizens (at best, depends on how many strikes you have against you… heterosexual, conservative, Christian, etc.) to the political-class. Everything is about girl-power and feminist identity. This country needs more feminism like it needs more national debt.

      Since everyone else in the country has essentially gone 100% tribal, the biggest tribe of all might want to think about doing the same.


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      • Deb says:

        America was great when it was a meritocracy, and it must be a meritocracy to be great again. No tribes, just the best and the brightest rising to the top, regardless of what they look like.

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        • scott467 says:

          “America was great when it was a meritocracy, and it must be a meritocracy to be great again. No tribes, just the best and the brightest rising to the top, regardless of what they look like.”


          Thank you for the reply.

          That sounds great in principle, and I’m all for it, I wish the world was like that… is there any example, anywhere in the world, in the history of the world, where that has ever actually happened, where multiculturalism and multiple different races have flourished together, on any long-term basis?

          I mean, if there was an example, we’d know about it, wouldn’t we?

          And if there is no example, then who are we foolin’?

          The nature and character of man has not ‘evolved’ or changed since Adam. Not in the slightest way.

          So my concern is that this concept of a world (or country) where tribalism in one form or another is not the way the world is is just a powerful fantasy… a desirable fantasy maybe, but a fantasy just the same, and the power of political-correctness and psychological denial may make it difficult for many people to recognize that it is a fantasy.

          I have seen the majority bend over backwards (and then some) for minorities in this country. Apparently it is human nature to see such generosity and good will as weakness, because I rarely see anything but hostility and aggression and demanding more in return. I don’t mean all individuals, but I do mean in a broad sense. Minority on majority violence is off the charts, it’s practically a sport, one which many minorities enjoy capturing on video to share with the world, as they laugh and mock and beat people who have done nothing wrong except to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          And I know people don’t like to talk about these things, I know that it’s not easy to talk about these things, and I understand why it’s not easy to talk about these things, but that just means the need to talk about them is even greater.

          I don’t know about the older folks, but for most of my life, being in the majority has been an invitation for everyone who is a minority to take advantage of special privileges and opportunities not available to me. People of my generation are keenly aware of all the aspects of being in the ‘majority’ for which we are supposed to be ashamed or guilty or apologetic for, while every minority is encouraged to glorify their heritage and their background and whatever it is that makes them part of the ‘minority’ in-group, be it sexual orientation (homosexual or trans in, heterosexual out), or sex/gender (female in, male out), or race/ethnicity (anything but white in, whites out), or religion (anything but Christian in, Christians out), or political belief (anything but Conservative in, Conservatives out).

          Things have come to the point where everyone is a member of a ‘protected class’, except the class to which the majority belongs, and that doesn’t seem right, in lots of ways. And I am not even permitted to object, not even politely, because… after all, I’m a member of the ‘majority’, my ‘rights’ don’t matter, there are no ‘groups’ established for my benefit, my individual life has no meaning or value whatsoever, I’m just part of the ‘majority’, so my interests are relegated to the back of the bus stop, back where you never actually get on the bus, you just watch it go by. I am just a descendant of the people who founded this country. And for that crime, for that unpardonable sin, I am to be treated as ‘less than’.

          And that’s not right.

          It’s wrong.

          If the people who were so angry about racism and sexism of the past had been brave enough to take it out on the people who actually perpetrated those injustices, that would be well. But for the most part, that’s not what happened.

          Instead of punishing the actual perpetrators, ‘society’ decided it was easier (and no doubt safer) to punish successive generations of children for ‘the sins of the fathers’, whether any of their actual fathers ever did wrong by anyone, or not.

          And I can tell you, when you punish people for something they’ve never done, try to make people feel guilty for things they didn’t do, and when society encourages certain groups to vent their spleens at people who have never done anything wrong to them, if you want to create resentment and division and hostility in return, that’s one good way to do it.

          And when you put a leader in charge of the whole country, who carries these same animosities toward the majority, and takes it upon himself to fan the flames of racial hatred and division — ALL ONE SIDED, minority against majority — there is a big problem.

          Even worse, thanks to the purposely divisive tactics of Leftism/Marxism and the former president, many minorities have been taught to openly hate the majority, to the point where surveys show that minorities themselves even recognize that they are far more racist than the majority, from their OWN perspective.

          The only thing I know that can overcome these divisions is faith and belief in Jesus Christ. And since being a Christian is often just another reason for people to hate you, and because the Left could not be more anti-Christ if it tried, unfortunately I don’t see sweeping societal changes in a positive way on the horizon.

          I hope for it, but I don’t see it.

          But I do see tribalism everywhere, because… it is everywhere. It is as pervasive as the sexual promiscuity that permeates advertising and popular entertainment.

          And considering the volume of hateful rhetoric and violence perpetrated and glorified by the minority against the majority, I was simply observing that the majority would be wise to wake up. Because if this is how the minority treats the majority now, then just imagine how they will be, if the time comes when the majority today is no longer the majority.

          You can only push people so far.

          And we’ve gone way past that.

          Anyway, I realize it’s not likely to change dramatically, that complaining about it is mostly pointless (which is why almost no one ever does), but if we pretend like it doesn’t exist, we will continue to allow others to take advantage.

          And take advantage they will.

          And that has real consequences, consequences that are worth thinking about.

          Not unlike the consequences experienced by battered Conservatives, come to think of it.

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          • John Denney says:

            I’ve been doing Karaoke twice a week at the same bar for about 5 years now, and as a white Christian male Trump supporter, I’m definitely a minority.
            My Asian, Hispanic, and black friends from that venue marvel that I’m such a nice guy in person, and we always greet with hearty handshakes and hugs, even though on Facebook a couple of them can be pretty abusive.
            Heh. One is an online DJ who accepts anyone’s friend request, so he accepted mine, but knows me in person by a nickname. He didn’t realize it was me he was abusing until after the conversation was over, and when I next saw him in person at karaoke, he apologized not once, not twice, but three times during the course of the evening, asking, “are we good, bro?”
            I love them all, and just consider them to be deceived by the enemy, so I just keep bringing truth to them.
            “I see how you behave here and so I know you’re not a racist, so how can you support Trump?”
            “Because the media is lying to you; he’s not a racist.”
            So we each think the other is being fooled, but we still love and respect each other.

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            • scott467 says:

              Thank you for that perspective, I appreciate it.

              It is unfortunate that you have to be ‘such a nice guy’ in order for them to even give you a chance, that you have to prove yourself first, to humble yourself and (essentially) be submissive before they will even consider you as a person. They are lucky that you are willing to overlook their abuse.

              Would they do the same for you?

              Your approach can be an effective tactic in one-on-one and small group encounters.

              Imagine if the roles were reversed, how that would look?

              Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was the majority who was arrogant and self-superior and antagonistic and denigrating and hostile, and the only way a minority could even approach and be considered for acceptance is if he was self-deprecating and ‘tolerant’ of their hostility and disrespect beyond the majority’s wildest imagination?

              How many minorities would be willing to put themselves through that?

              Here is a Breitbart article from August 4th.

              See if you can identify which group has been neutered, declawed, defanged, and then set loose in a world populated by super-predators in training, whose base instincts for hate and violence have been promoted and glorified by the very same culture that emasculated the victims here:

              Watch: Group of Teens Brutally Attacks Another Group at a Massachusetts Dock

              That has become entirely predictable and acceptable behavior in 2017 America, almost since the Obama era began. There will be no consequences to the perpetrators, and there will be no one who comes to the defense of the victims. The author of the article linked above is so battered by political correctness that he won’t even MENTION that all of the attackers are brown, and all of the victims are white.

              It is verboten.

              It is ‘the thing which shall not be spoken‘.

              But I will speak it, because it is true.

              Omission of race (for minorities) and omission of religion (for islamics) is so prevalent and commonplace that the audience is expected to understand this informal ‘code’, to infer the race (or religion) by the very absence of those particular details and the context of event. If the race of the perpetrator is a minority, or if the religion of the perpetrator is islam, those facts are absolutely scrubbed from any and all text related to the story.

              There is no higher law in reportage. That is the pagan altar to which every knee must bow.

              And every person reading this knows it.

              Photos may be shown which convey the truth, but words shall not be written or spoken. And if possible, those photos shall not be published in the immediate aftermath, only after the initial shock or anger has subsided, or after the public has dug up the photos themselves on social media.

              But if it had been a group of white kids attacking any minority, the race of the attackers would be the lede in every newspaper and on every newscast in the country.

              For weeks.

              Those white kids’ lives would be ruined. Their parents sued. Every conceivable weapon of the Law would be brought to bear upon them, and only the harshest penalties allowed by law would be grudgingly accepted. And even though they are juveniles, those white kids’ names and home addresses would absolutely be ‘leaked’ to the press, who would publish them with great joy and self-righteousness, with an orgy of virtue-signalling and racial self-loathing required and expected as penance for anyone and everyone who happens to be white.

              Racial arsonists like the very Reverend Al Sharpton and the equally Reverend Jesse Jackson would descend like vultures to stir the bubbling cauldron. Riots would break out all over the country, and police would be ordered to ‘stand down’, to allow the mob to assault people and loot and destroy hundreds of millions of dollars of property.

              That’s what they do when the allegations are based on lies.

              Just imagine if the allegations ever happen to be true.

              We talk about ‘cold anger’ toward the political-class around here all the time. How we ‘hold the door’ for those who abuse the system and hate us, and take note. These observations are stored away, they are not forgotten.

              That kind of ‘cold anger’ extends well beyond mere politics.

              The following quote is from 1993. Keep in mind that as race-relations go, this was said in ‘the good old days’, when race-relations were at a relative (comparative) high point:

              There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” — the very Reverend Jesse Jackson, 1993

              One can only imagine how much more relieved Mr. Jackson would be under those same circumstances today.


              • John Denney says:

                My first Bible instructor made the point that a truly humble man cannot be offended. I take no offense, but at the same time, I am not submissive, but stand confidently on the truth, which is my friend. As Reagan said, facts are stubborn things.
                Good quote from Jackson ’93. Around that time I took my California raised wife on vacation to Minneapolis, where I had moved after high school to attend a trade school, and found I loved the city. We stayed in a downtown hotel and one night walked to the nightclub featured in the movie, “Purple Rain”, originally an early 1900s art deco Greyhound bus station. I had asked our black cab driver earlier in the day where it was, as I had forgotten exactly, and he of course knew where it was, calling it, “Prince’s place” with obvious pride. That night as we walked down the deserted streets toward the club, I got a bit nervous as a boisterous group of black guys overtook us on the other side of the street. But they were just just excited about going out, well dressed, and going to the same place we were headed, and there was no problem.
                We had a great time at the club, though we were pretty much lone whites in a sea of blacks.
                It’s been about 15 years since we’ve been back, and I dread to think what has become of the city. The neighborhood I used to cover by foot was from downtown to Loring Park to Lake Calhoun, where I learned to sail.


  17. paulraven1 says:

    “Mrs. Rubio surfaces and takes personal credit for the outcome.”

    Big surprise. Did she even mention President Trump? These people are as predictable as clocks. Zero grace or gratitude. She probably still has no idea what Trump represents or all that he has accomplished, doesn’t care and never will. Never. Dead on the inside, these people are. All of them.

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  18. law4lifeblog says:

    I’m sorry, I will NEVER trust nor be on board with Mrs. Rubio (nor Mr. Rubio, aka Foam Boy, for that matter)

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  19. GSR says:

    I still loathe “Nikki” Haley.

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  20. appadoo9 says:

    No matter how close one listens, there are those who don’t want any to lose their old stripes. Trump will never have the full backing of most of his supporters because they really don’t trust his decision making skills, i.e. Appointments


    • WSB says:

      New here?

      Nikki Haley was not a Trump supporter. However, PDJT understands how to direct people to exercise their full potential for his benefit. Replacing Haley in the Governor’s seat allowed a solid Trump supporter to become Governor, and Trump knows Haley is attempting to elevate her own star and will do everything in her power to make her superiors’ game plan solid.

      Haley would not have a clue how to put this winning game plan together. She just follows it and then takes credit for it.


    • WSB says:

      PPS President Trump’s decision-making skills are superb…fluid and proactive to situational reality. Unlike politicians.

      President Trump told all of us from Day One that we had no idea just how corrupt Washington was. He has studied running for President since 1988, maybe earlier.

      He has given money to both sides just to execute business deals. He is very well aware that he is in the middle of enemy territory but has used some of that territory to advance his mission, i.e. Preibus, Spicer, Haley and others who were just shown the door or just hired. PDJT will change his advisors as needed.

      Keep watching with an educated eye. And get used to the unusual.

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    • How so? What leads you to this opinion?


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