A.S.E.A.N Conference In Manila – Primary Secretary Tillerson Discussions Surround North Korea…

Nuance is important as tensions are very high.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference in Manila, Philippines. The primary topic on everyone’s mind is North Korea and the economic sanctions agreed upon yesterday as conveyed in the unanimous U.N. Security Council resolution.

Specifically, all conference participants are familiar with the (generally non-discussed) historic activity of China where they agree to sanctions then become willfully blind to violations of those sanctions; and essentially enable the DPRK to increase hostility.

During this visit U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is delivering a very severe message that U.S. President Donald Trump is well aware of all historic behavior, and President Trump is not going to allow willful blindness.  It is a new era in economic consequence.

The ASEAN audiences at the conference appear accepting of the first-hand message and welcoming a new understanding that President Trump is not going to allow status quo. Here’s the play-by-play as captured by AP during the early part of the conference.

♦ 12:30 p.m. – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the approval of new U.N. sanctions targeting North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs is a “very good outcome.”

Tillerson is meeting with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha in the Philippines on the sidelines of a regional summit. Tillerson says he and the South Korean diplomat plan to discuss the sanctions during their meeting, along with next steps to pressure the North.

Kang is echoing Tillerson’s praise for the sanctions approved Saturday by the U.N. Security Council. She says it was a “very, very good outcome.” Kang is thanking the U.S. for consulting with South Korea on the sanctions.  The meeting comes as the U.S. and Asian nations join together to try to step up Pyongyang’s economic and diplomatic isolation.

North Korean Minister Ri Yong Ho, left, poses with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi for a photo prior to their bilateral meeting in the sideline of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and its Dialogue Partners. Sunday, Aug. 6,

♦ 2:20 p.m. – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says he urged his North Korean counterpart to abide by U.N. resolutions and stop provoking “the international community’s goodwill” with missile launches and nuclear tests.

Wang spoke to reporters in Manila after meeting with North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho on the sidelines of a regional meeting after the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved tough new sanctions to punish Pyongyang for its escalating nuclear and missile programs.

Wang said the two had an intensive conversation during which China urged North Korea to maintain calm. He says he told Ri “do not violate the U.N. decision or provoke the international community’s goodwill by conducting missile launches or nuclear tests.”

Wang also urged the U.S. and South Korea “to stop increasing tensions” and said that all sides should return to negotiations.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, second from left, prepares for a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, second from right, in the sidelines of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and its Dialogue Partners Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017  [**Notice China has all the pencils**… /sd]

♦ 2:35 p.m. – The United States says it will be watching China closely to ensure it fully and continuously implements new U.N. sanctions on North Korea.

Susan Thornton is the top U.S. diplomat for Asia. She says in the past, there’s been a pattern in which China complies with sanctions after a North Korean provocation, but then slips back over time.

Thornton says the U.S. wants to ensure that with the new sanctions, there’s “not this kind of episodic back and forth that we’ve seen.”  Still, Thornton says China’s vote for the sanctions is a good step that shows Beijing understands the gravity of the problem.

Thornton says the U.S. isn’t currently considering China’s proposal to freeze U.S. military exercises with South Korea in exchange for the North halting nuclear development. She says the U.S. rejects any “moral equivalency” implied by that proposal.

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151 Responses to A.S.E.A.N Conference In Manila – Primary Secretary Tillerson Discussions Surround North Korea…

  1. Sylvia Avery says:

    Rex Tillerson inspires confidence. He has such an air of quiet, capable strength about him. We sure need that. I hope this goes well. Sounds good so far.

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  2. A2 says:

    It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but ASEAN is on board. In the prelim meetings they condemned NK but fell short of booting them out as they wanted the NK rep to present his views (not that they supported the DPRK).

    The UN sanctions vote was a boost to ASEAN ( always hedging the China card as it is a real threat economically) to be bold.

    Wang Yi is faced with all the SE nations whom he has to cultivate considering the outstanding issues due to China’s hard-nosed neo-imperialist actions in the South China sea. He also has to comply with China’s stated policy and vote for UN sanctions. A bit of a bind there.

    Glad Thorton survived the attack on her from those wankers in the west wing (that are being dealt with). She is experienced and knowledgeable.

    It is seminal. this meeting. Keep your eyes on it.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      You know, it is times like this as I am reading about this meeting that I am kind of struck once again how we spent eight years ceding all our influence to whoever wanted it and making no real attempt to maintain order. And now we have to pick up the pieces.

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      • mireilleg says:

        Better picking up the pieces now than kicking the can down the road. We knew we would have a big clean up job to do. P Trump knew it and that’s why he ran. In the early days of the campaign I would have discussion with friends who were supporting Cruz, and my response was always the same. “Trump is the only one who is strong enough to clean up the mess. We don’t need perfect, we don’t need someone who always says the right things, we need a cleaner upper”. I am so glad we woke up not too late as a country.

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      • laurelmarycecilia says:

        began with Clinton and continued with Bush…….. I remember – you see – I’m as old as dirt. But, not older than sliced bread (Betty White is…check it out)

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          • Sharon says:

            Yes. Yes. And yes.

            Oh, how I wish people would read Woodrow Wilson’s speeches.

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          • Kroesus says:

            actually it continued with WW it started at least as early as Teddy…..he was the first to start implementing progressive ideas at the federal level

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            • old deplorable owl says:

              I think what too many lose sight of in the current ‘us and them’ political mindset is that not all progressive ideas WERE necessarily bad. I, for one, enjoy being able to spend a day or two at Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, etc. While not having done in-depth reading on TR, my chance encounters with him have convinced me that he really thought he was doing right by the American People, and as a progressive, of course he was right! (sarc) But unlike the current crop, I don’t think for a minute he had any evil intent.
              Sadly, as much as I despised the inept, incompetent, and spineless Peanut Peddler, I don’t think he had evil intent, either. He just simply allowed the Swamp Dwellers to bulldoze him out of their way, and make further inroads against us. He was (is?) totally clueless!
              The ‘progressives’ of today, however, are a different animal!
              Lock and load!


            • G. Combs says:

              Actually Alexander Hamilton and the Banksters. The Banksters have wanted control of the USA money supply and thus the economy since the get-go.


        • Sharon says:

          It did not begin with Clinton. Some presidents and some presidential candidates have been openly despising our Constitution and our sovereignty for over a hundred years.

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      • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

        …and President Trump has only been in office a little over 6 months… I still pinch myself frequently to make sure this is not some dream…

        “And now we have to pick up the pieces.”
        Something to think about… Many times you can make something better from the remnants than if the “thing” was still standing. In other words, if you have a system that is working you can tinker to make it better. If your system is not working, take it apart and re-use what works and replace what does not. Obysmal may have done a good thing with his reverse midas touch…

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      • Sharon says:

        This mess was not built just in the last eight years. Attributing the international fracture/danger to the actions of puppet obama will suggest to some that effective solutions can be acquired by undoing everything obama did.

        The table had been set for obama by the decades of foolishness and clever-politicking (both domestic and international) that was well in place before he was even born. All he did was bring the pot to a boil.

        Until the embeds in both regulatory and policy-making agencies are sifted out, long range corrections don’t stand much of a chance. Short range corrections that don’t have the strength of long range corrections will last only as long as Mr. Trump holds office.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      I know nothing about Susan Thornton, so I did a little checking…

      She’s been with the State Dept since 1991.
      Speaks Russian and Mandarin.
      Has spent the last 20 years working on US policy in Eurasia…with focus on Russia and China.

      I can see why they kept her on!

      I just hope she supports Pres Trump’s America First policies…because if she doesn’t, then she could be a problem.

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      • A2 says:

        Thorton is a professional. Knows her area. That means America First.

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      • Alison says:

        Thank you, wheatie! I, too, was curious about Susan Thornton after Sec. Tillerson expressed his appreciation to her several times in his Talk a few days ago.

        I have a family relationship with a woman who served as ambassador to a European country under Sec Hillary. The anecdotes of how Hillary treated her and her staff on visits to the embassy would not surprise anyone on the branches here.

        And we all know the poseur John Kerry held himself in the highest esteem.

        I can’t help but think Susan is now working for a qualified Secretary whom she can trust, learn from, and – best of all – utilize her own talents to foster America First diplomacy.

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  3. wheatietoo says:

    [**Notice China has all the pencils**… /sd]

    Heheh…it’s weird that they made him the ‘pencil monitor’.

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  4. fedback says:

    This is very exciting, hopefully diplomacy will prevail
    You get the sense, the Chinese Foreign Minister knows that if North Korea continues its provocations, things will get ugly. So in his meeting with the North Korean Foreign Minister he says, ‘stop provoking the international community’s goodwill with missile launches and nuclear tests’.
    Meaning, if you don’t stop, we can’t protect you anymore

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    The Trump Admin is so much more together than prior admins. What a difference!

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    • distracted2 says:

      And proactive as well. It seems like we have been reactive for so long, what should be the normal course of business is a breath of fresh air. Finally.

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    • Luke from NJ says:

      And POTUS is the “inexperienced” one. He is better suited for this than any President in ages. He knows the ins and outs of these countries better than almost anyone. His team is amazing. They aren’t ivy league theorists who have never seen the real world. They have all paid their dues.

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      • Proof that we should have had a business leader elected POTUS all along. Career politicos usually do policy according to what benefits their Party. Mr. Trump has undertaken foreign policy objectives based upon knowing what each country can benefit from economically, or leveraging our position as one which hurts others economically, if they don’t play ball.

        this was just proven with the recent UN resolution, where China AND Russia played along. That, in itself is truly unique. Sundance (in yesterdays post), just listed the reasons that Trump and Tillerson have successfully positioned/ leveraged our goals. We are using potentially tougher positions with China on trade, and pushing Russia out of its dominance in the energy market by exported our LNG to the region..

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        • R-C says:

          I’ve said it for years:

          “When I evaluate a candidate for the POTUS position, I view that person as a ‘job applicant’. What I want to see in an applicant for the job of POTUS is proven, demonstrable excellence in executive leadership. While there is no position on Earth that equals the power & responsibility of the US presidency, the applicant MUST have successfully led at the highest levels. The applicant MUST be able to point to successful service as a state governor; as mayor of a very large city; or as a ‘flag’ military officer (general or admiral); or, as a Captain of Industry–CEO of a major corporation.”

          (Notice how ‘US Senator’ doesn’t meet my standard. The only way I’d elect a senator to the office is if that person had previously been a success at one of the other positions I mentioned above. Service as a preening gas-bag in the dysfunctional and useless US Senate does not qualify one for executive office.)

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          For DECADES the political mantra was ” You can’t run the US like a business”…. really ? As opposed to what ? Running the country with NO Budget, no plan, no direction and money being thrown in dry holes by the billions ?

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          • fangdog says:

            Those same people wouldn’t know a balanced checkbook from a teeter totter. They gain power by “what” they are and not by “who” they are.

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        • Founding Fathers Fan says:

          Most of Our Founders were businessmen.

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      • mw says:

        Right, and those annoying talking points that administration is weak, in chaos. As if so much could be accomplished at record speed if that were true. Hilarious how they think they can dissuade us from loving our President and his team

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      • frank field says:

        Behold. A greater than Reagan is here.

        DRAIN IT

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        There is about 500 years in combined actual world experience with the team President Trump picked. There is not a”curtain hanger” or a community organizer in the bunch. Tiller is an intelligent, well spoken, dignified man that commands respect……

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  6. fedback says:

    Tillerson and Lavrov meeting coming up

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  7. wheatietoo says:

    It has become so obvious that North Korea is getting substantial ‘help’ with their ballistic missile technology.
    Ridiculously obvious, in fact.

    I guess we have to continue to play-the-game of ignoring that see what is going on.

    But perhaps, behind closed doors, our T-Rex can say:
    “Cut the crap. It’s time for you to do something about this barking dog that you’ve empowered. We know what is going on here.”
    I hope so.

    And the more I learn about China’s Belt & Road program…the more it creeps me out.

    China is hungry to control and exploit as many raw materials as they can.
    So they have come up with this ‘program’ to go into underdeveloped countries and build up their infrastructure to reach those resources.

    ‘Greetings. We’re here to build a road for you. In return, we will help you out with creating a new Mine at the end of this road.’

    Same with building up ports.
    Gotta have those ports, too.

    The only thing that will slow this down, or impede their progress…will be having less of our money from Trade.
    So I am cheering on Wilbur Ross to succeed in doing just that.

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  8. sundance says:

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  9. sundance says:

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    • Let’s all not lose track of the pallets of cash delivered to Iran by one BHO. Besides the NORK’s, who would we all think could use just a little Ballistic Missile Tech? Hummm … The NORK’s have the nuc tech already proven. Just sayin’ …

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  10. fleporeblog says:

    The days of asking us to come to the table with NK to have them freeze their development is OVER! Our President is operating on a time line knowing he has 7 and a half years left to take care of multiple issues around the world!

    At the forefront is NK. On Lou Dobbs’ show last night. General Keane shared that intelligence has reported that NK is 6 to 18 months away from a Hydrogen Bomb. General Keane said that a Hydrogen Bomb would kill millions. He said that the time to put the screws on China is now. We have to accelerate our efforts.

    Once NK is taken care of, our President will put all his focus on Iran. The good thing with Iran is that our President is building up the GCC countries. Especially SA who is in the process of purchasing $110 billion worth of all types of military hardware.

    While he is taking care of NK now and laying the foundation for Iran at a later date, Syria is slowly but surely moving closer to ISIS being annihilated. Once that occurs the humanitarian efforts will take place and the ultimate faith of Assad will be determined. No one will invest in rebuilding Syria with Assad at the helm of the country.

    We have 3 naval fleets in the area. I agree with SD that their purpose is not for military action but to setup the embargo that the vote today allows. China and Russia are realizing the days of Clinton, Bush and Barry are over.

    Our President has all the leverage on both of these countries. Energy with Russia and trade with China.

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    • A2 says:

      Some defense and missile tech experts are now publicly saying that the recent DPRK missile launches are decoys. They believe based on analyses of these launches and many other factors, that NK has a ‘real’ ICBM which can only be launched from a fixed silo because of stabilization issues. All the mobile launches from place to place are to deflect from this as they also believe NK has the technology and capability to do a ICBM launch.

      This may in part, explain NK’s aggressive rhetoric and also Russia’s refusal to identify those last two launches as ICBMs.

      I have no idea if this is true , but find it interesting that this is being discussed publicly. If there is a fixed location, as a pundit I would say that China knows the location. If China knows, then the US does also. That would be a primary target for a precision strike.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Really good interview in the tweet below from last night.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        If America knows the location, it doesn’t do us any good – if it is a Jane Fonda fan in charge of the info. I know I am dating myself. But just the other day, at some Huffpo comment, some guy was making a justification about how America is the big Meanie, and we nee to sympathize with NK – they could treat their people better if only we would treat NK better. I should have screen-grabbed the comment.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      President Assad will prevail as the democratically elected head of the Syrian government. Intelligence officers who have experienced the historical influence of the Assad dynasty have warned that attempts to remove him are doomed to failure – that is unless some rogue operators decide to assassinate him – let’s hope that does not happen.
      As far as NK and China go, settling the status quo will involve sharding out the oil rights and de-militarizing the Spratley islands in the South China Sea. Whether that takes higher priority than Iran remains to be seen.

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    • sejmon says:

      fleporeblog-no one will invest in rebuilding with Assad at helm of country….Sir where did you live past 6 yrs..CHINA,IRAN,RUSSIA,allready promised $$$$ billions to infrastructure repairment.fleporeblog I recomend you visit -syrianperspective- site to know about Syria seeN to me you are hook up on CLINTON NETWORK NEWS regard this matter….

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      • You can’t go around choosing the winners of other nations elections. If they vote for Assad, then they vote for Assad.

        It is only the Hawks like McCain, Soros, and the MSM who hate Assad. And they only hate him because they love war, and want to fight with the Russians. Syria loves him. It was the west that encouraged this uprising, and poked the Russian bear. The blood in Syria is not on Assad’s hands but on McCain’s hands, and all the neocon warhawks. After they have lost, if Syria wants Assad, in free and fair elections, what can you do? And they do want Assad. They want an Alawite leader, but they see Assad as strong for their country. Free and fair elections will produce a win for Assad.

        And yes, Russia and China will invest in Syria. Who cares what the white liberals, the Pope, and the EU want? We don’t.

        It is like Crimea. Cry all you want. But two referendums on the issue of whether they want to be Russian or Ukranian, have returned two very dominant results of 90% + favoring the rule of Russia. The uninformed and uneducated west can cry all they want. Their calls for Crimea to be returned to Ukraine are 100% devoid of the fact that it would be done against the will of the people. As long as it fits into the white liberal mindset, and won’t upset them at their next dinner party jamboree, they couldn’t care two hoots for the Crimeans. A place most can’t point to on a map, or recount its history, upsets us because the MSM pumps propaganda into our living rooms, saying Putin is evil. Well if 90% of them want Putin to rule, and not the corrupt Ukrainian government, what in actual fact do they think of us.

        Same with Syria. They couldn’t care less about Syria, only that it fits into their utopian world view. They couldn’t even point it out on a map.

        I used to live in the UK. Assad was an eye doctor in Harley St. Sick people would come to him, and he’d fix them up and give them sight. He really didn’t want to be king. He has a very British wife. But all of a sudden now, he has horns, just because John McCain said so. Well, I’m not buying it. This man is the polar opposite of Sadam Hussain.

        What you are suggesting in Syria is a dictatorship and governance against the Syrian people. Wow, check you out. The fact is, the Syrians trust nobody else at this point in time other than Assad. If I was living in Damascus I wouldn’t trust anyone else either. He has held firm with the world against him, and every lie from him massacring his own people, to using chemical weapons on children in hospitals, all of which has been proven to be the US backed Syrian rebel activity, and not Assad. Assad’s army have been vilified for fighting terrorists. It is like we expected them to just allow terrorism to walk into their nation, and for them to lay down their lives without defending themselves.


        “.Sir where did you live past 6 yrs..CHINA,IRAN,RUSSIA,allready promised $$$$ billions to infrastructure repairment”.

        You are suggesting CHN, IRN, RUS won’t invest if Assad is in power??? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha .

        Where has Fleporeblog been for 6 years? Where have you been for the 100 years?

        CHN and RUS and IRN will invest in China, and John McCain will be burning in the flames of hell. They probably won’t invest anything at all if it is controlled by anything other than Alawites.

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        • d2i says:

          Refreshing to read your words, takeadeepbreath. From your fingertips to God’s ear.

          The proxy war in Syria has been a travesty on so, so many levels. Giving sole responsibility to McCain is spot on. He remains a very dangerous, angry, unstable psychopath. Arizonian’s would do this nation a great service by recalling this loathsome, radical warmongerer.

          And ditto on Assad. I can’t begin to fathom the living hell that man and his leadership team has and continues to endure. It is the height of arrogance to demand he step down or else especially since all that opposed him have had their a$$e$ handed to them. Since when do LOSERS dictate terms of a peaceful settlement? Madness. Pure unadulterated madness!

          Such despicable bottom feeders Americans keep re electing into office. Geez, I wish it would stop!

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        • Orygun says:

          One of the little ploys that have been used over the last century is to displace people of one nationality with another and then have free and fair elections. The Russians did it in the Crimea and the Poles displaced Germans after WWI with the Germans returning the favor during WWII and then the Poles returning after WWII. This has been going on for a long time in Europe with different countries.

          It is not hard to see how the Russians win elections to stay in Russia when the natives have been displaced or in some cases the victims of genocide.

          As far as Syria goes I think the people should and will vote Assad back in power and we have no right to disrupt a sovereign nation unless it is threatening to us which Syria is not.

          If you look at what is happening in California you might think someone is playing the European game of people displacement in our own backyard. Hmmm, Soros anyone?

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          • formerdem says:

            what’s weird is, so many Irish in America totally understand that the Northern Ireland problem began with England shipping in a new population and electorate from Scotland to Ireland. OK, at this point this has to be forgiven and and we should all make peace but this was a bad historical deed that everybody understands. How exactly is the Democrats’ plan to replace the existing electorate with a friendlier one any different? Why does Pelosi support in the US what the Kennedys deplored in Irish history? … we always come back to – are the Democrats bad or stupid and there is never any answer.


        • Kroesus says:

          Crimea has been part of the Russian sphere of influence since the days of Catherine the Great (ever hear of the Crimean war between France/England and Russia or Tennyson’s “The Charge of the Light Brigade”)……the only reason it was a part of the Ukraine SSR and then Ukraine was b/c Khrushchev in a drunken stupor gifted it to them

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Your saying those countries will rebuild Syria?


    • Kroesus says:

      unless she sailed north the Nimitz BG was lasted reported in the IO 2 weeks ago in joint exercises with the Indian Navy

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  11. filia.aurea says:

    I have good memories of attending ASEAN when I worked for a multinational IT corporation. Once the venue was KL and the other was Singapore. I never did make it to Manilla. What struck me most about ASEAN was the non-stop schedule packed into every day, with almost military-like precision. Quite a contrast to European summits, where there was much more emphasis on socializing and developing contacts versus actually closing business. One could probably learn more in 3 days at Rex Tillerson’s side than one would in a decade on the job. It’s shocking to contrast Rex Tillerson’s expertise with that of say, Hillary Clinton. ASEAN is in for a treat.

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  12. Good to see the United States back where it belongs — in charge.

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    • thluckyone says:

      THANK YOU, bluesjunior. Your point is well taken. In fact, I think you’re making EXACTLY the point.

      * Cnina wants to distract the USA using NorKor because China does not WANT the USA to provide leadership, stewardship and world-changing influence through President Trump’s administration (too late! LOL!) in part at least – because big, bad CHINA wants to be the leader (while China has demonstrated that they are no more than bullies and wankers).

      * The Nothingberger Group (Bilderberger Group) does not WANT the USA to provide leadership, stewardship and world-changing influence through President Trump’s administration (too late! LOL!) in part at least – because the GLOBALISTS want to control all political power and economic strength. And THEY have demonstrated that they’re no more than corrupt-o-cons, short-sighted parasites, reckless, out-of-touch, uncaring elitists and yet another set of wankers (when they can find their little willies).

      * Same with the Rhinos (Republicrap Uniparty branch), the Whinos (the MSM and other media based enemies of human freedom) and the Demonflops (Democrap Uniparty branch). THEY don’t want the USA to provide leadership, stewardship and world-changing influence through President Trump’s administration (too late! LOL!) in part at least – because their string-pullers HAVE NO VISION of what the world could be like if ALL OF US were working for a common purpose (say, mutually beneficial trade and cooperation).

      BUT WAIT! Here comes god-Emperor PRESIDENT DONALD J. FREAKING TRUMP who REFUSES to use our Military recklessly to enable the evil of some high-dollar oil-sheikh. And our hero REFUSES to use our economic might to bully less powerful nations. Oh, No! The Lion of the Tribe of PATRIOT demonstrates that His Administration is determined to bring ORDER and BLESSING out of Chaos (wait – wasn’t that in the early part of the book of Genesis?) for EVERYONE who’ll cooperate with him.

      My rant amounts to this: THIS ASTONISHING PRESIDENT and his incomparable Administration are not only EPIC in capability, they also are providing BIBLICAL leadership, stewardship and BLESSING and ORDER the like of which we will not see again. The USA is not only in charge again. The USA is becoming the greatest nation it has EVER been and it is (we ARE!) using power for GOOD! We truly are becoming one nation UNDER GOD, doing HIS WORK and doing it HIS WAY. And I STILL. CANNOT. believe it.

      Any body else here feel like following President Trump OUT of the wilderness after what seems like 40 years of wandering? (We don’ NEED no steenkin’ golden calves.)

      MAGA, y’all! Father Moses would be proud.

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    I recently wrote about this cemetery here at CTH. It is one of the most beautiful and haunting cemeteries I have ever seen.

    The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines occupies 152 acres on a prominent plateau, visible at a distance from the east, south and west. It contains the largest number of graves of our military dead of World War II, a total of 17,191, most of whom lost their lives in operations in New Guinea and the Philippines. The headstones are aligned in 11 plots forming a generally circular pattern, set among masses of a wide variety of tropical trees and shrubbery.

    The chapel, a white masonry building enriched with sculpture and mosaic, stands near the center of the cemetery. In front of it on a wide terrace are two large hemicycles. Twenty-five mosaic maps recall the achievements of the American armed forces in the Pacific, China, India and Burma. On rectangular Trani limestone piers within the hemicycles, are inscribed the Tablets of the Missing containing 36,286 names. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. Carved in the floors are the seals of the American states and its territories. From the memorial and other points within the cemetery there are impressive views over the lowlands to Laguna de Bay and towards the distant mountains.



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    • Luke from NJ says:

      My great uncle lied about his age to join the marines at 16 right after Pearl Harbor. He didn’t come back until the end of the war. Survived unimaginable battles and deprivation in the Pacific theater. Unfortunately he passed away when I was only 4 so I have very little memory of him. There are so many men with stories like his that didn’t come home, but are missing or laid to rest there. Pray for our soldier heroes and war dead.

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    • woodstuff says:

      My father fought in the Philippines. He talked about the peoples of the island hatred for the Japanese invaders. At night, groups with machetes would go out towards the Japanese and do what they could. We will never know what happened.

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  14. litlbit2 says:

    Amazed how, Art of the Deal, our President Trump and folks in charge have put forth a solution without any shots fired. In doing so very calm and deliberate Trump/Tillerson addressed the problem without making anyone look foolish while giving them an out so all can feel as they will now help make this world safer.

    I also sense by now all the leaders involved are very aware President Trump will not tolerate cheating and if it were to occur the next phase…..they do not want to see.

    We are Blessed with awesome leadership as we are being watched from above.

    Liked by 11 people

  15. hellinahandbasket says:

    Really makes you wonder exactly what previous, and most specifically, the 0bama Administration w/help from then Sec of State Clinton had done, for N Korea to have reached the level of USofA hostility, reached here in 2017.
    And, how this rogue nation acquired these apocalyptic ingredients, stirred them together, now baking in the oven, just waiting for the timer to go off.

    Why are S Korea and Japan without nukes to defend themselves from N Korea?
    SlickWilly in 1994 pressured both of these nations to “help” N Korea overcome the inability to use nuclear power as a nation, through their forced finance and energy assistance to N Korea, in place of a nuclear option… yet N Korea has nukes. SlickWilly obligated the USofA to heavily “monitor” N Korea, making sure they never reach the point they do now – which then fell to Bush, and 0bama to “monitor” = three consecutive 2-term Presidencies, 25-years worth of failed-monitoring, and N Korea has nukes. That the hell happened?
    Is the USofA this incompetent?
    For 2.5 decades – no one noticed what N Korea was up to?

    In the end, it’s one of two things:
    (1) The USofA’s incompetent (and borderline imbecilic) administrations for 25 years, ignored the growing dysfunction of N Korea, unable/unwilling to recognize their threat = whoopsie, my bad;
    (2) The USofA’s shrewd (and borderline demonic) administrations for 25 years, encouraged and nurtured the growing dysfunction of N Korea, clearly recognizing their threat = plan complete.
    I’m leaning toward #2.
    For what reason does our nation’s “leadership” wish for N Korea to strengthen and become a worrisome enemy? I have no idea … other than, for N Korea to be a threat to the USofA, plays a significant (good cop/bad cop) role in the necessity for our nation and the world to “globalize” – afterall, isn’t this always the end-game, for EVERYTHING?

    President Trump sure has a mess to clean-up – and it’s most likely more than we’ll ever, ever know.

    Liked by 8 people

    • d2i says:

      hellinahandbasket – I’ll go with your #2 as well. Any who have turned off the idiot box and are taking the needed time to self educate, I hope, are beginning to appreciate just how sneaky, underhanded and dishonest alleged leadership, from both sides of the aisle, has been since Sr’s speech to both chambers of congress announcing his grand ‘New World Order’ vision.

      One of many nefarious strategies employed by these globalists to achieve their march toward world domination is using the tried and true boogieman method, or better, as you said the good cop/bad cop approach. After all, we Americans can intimately relate to this black/white thinking b/c we’ve grown up on a steady diet of such narratives by watching the countless dramas on the telly using this same plot line for decades now. The American public in large part has been ‘conditioned’ via the communication sources owned by the globalists to see their world primarily in terms of black and white or evil vs good or good cop/bad cop.

      There was a time when television dramas, soaps or comedies ended with a moral lesson rather than the bad guy always getting killed or thrown out of town. Shows like Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Cheers, Friends and so many more come to mind.

      Today, in terms of the globalist agenda and their massive influence on the masses, social conditioning must always include a bad guy, always. It’s the only way the globalists can sell their fear.

      Which leads me to your #2. That is, if globalist Clinton secured the White House North Korea would eventually be framed throughout every communication asset owned by the puppeteers to be “THE” bad guy. Why isn’t he now being framed in such a manner? Simple. The globalists bad guy narrative was concocted long ago targeting Putin. They kicked off their WWIII public relations campaign against Russia during the primaries (I probably should say they ramped up their Putin bad guy campaign during the primaries b/c the evil Putin meme started long before).

      Kim Jong Un would be saved for another ‘puppet’ prez, that is, after the United States was weakened even more so under eight years of a Clinton presidency.

      But, thankfully, Trump and Team are beginning to gel as a team and demonstrating solid leadership where it’s needed. As the months pass on under true leadership in the White House, I’m reminded nearly daily how grateful I truly am that Americans had the smarts to hit the ‘Pause’ button for four years, maybe eight, but I’ll take four for now, on the puppeteers march toward globalism. We desperately needed to catch our breath long enough to assess who we have become as a nation, as a people, since 9/11.

      The path we’ve been on for 15 years now is/was war, war, war! The path we would have been on for another eight years under Clinton would have been war, war, war. That would have been 23 years of slaughter. And for what? Greed!

      Here’s to hoping Trump and Team are successful in walking NK off of the ledge while maximizing China and Russia’s leverage over Kim Jong Un to focus his limited resources on making North Korea and her People Great Again.


    • dilonsfo says:

      It is very clear what happened…beginning with George H.W. Bush thru Obama the globalist were in charge of American politics. The end game for them was the accumulation of wealth for themselves and like minded. They took over the union leadership, media, law enforcement, local governments and education system. The results are today’s reality. The enormity of President Trump’s job is almost unimaginable to most people. People on our side need to step up and make this abundantly clear to Congress and K Street. Many fine American’s watched the protesters of the Viet Nam war go unchallenged by sitting quietly on the sidelines (Nixon’s “silent majority”). Meanwhile, the political goals of the Viet Nam war protest leaders and organizers came to fruition in this country. Quietly, they infiltrated companies, government, and education without challenge because so many sat on the sidelines and just watched, silently grumbling. This time we need to rise up and fight.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kroesus says:

      Japan’s Constitution forbids both nuclear/atomic weapons or an offensive structured military semi-imposed on them by MacArthur’s peace and governing after WWII….both are currently under review and consideration with the JS Higaro’s (Helo carrier) recent deployment with US assets to the South China Sea considered a provocative move by the PRC…..the Korean peninsula was split as a part of the resolution to end WWI as Korea had been under Jan’s control since the 1890’s…..it is still technically at war as only an armistice (cessation of hostilities) is in place…..S Korea is anti nuclear by population and government even protesting at times our nuclear weapons’ presence there


  16. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I am so thankful for our strong and virtuous president. He and TREX and the others are doing such great things to protect us and the whole world. And yes, we are being watched from above!
    Thank you, again, SD for keeping us informed and for your extremely helpful explanations on these matters.

    Liked by 3 people

    • piper567 says:

      I am thankful this Sunday morning that we seem to have shed the emotional silly postings, and are actually exchanging information and thoughts in a reflective manner.
      What a relief.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Alison says:

        Amen ! 👍👍 Thought provoking comments upthread are a pleasure to read.
        I love it when Our Last Refuge is just that. Quiet, reflective, rational.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Orygun says:

        I agree! I had to quit reading for a day or two because there was such mean spirited discourse going on under the pretext of debate. I have come here to get away from the constant negative comments and name calling.
        I am just overjoyed to have the best President in my lifetime willing to take on such an enormous task. Call me blind to his faults but I will always be in his debt.

        Thank God!

        Liked by 2 people

  17. G. Combs says:

    We all know that North Korea is China’s attack dog.

    From Chasing the Dragon: Clinton’s China Policy and other sources.

    1. Economic sanctions for the Tiananmen square massacre (1989) by George H.W. Bush and restrictions on technology exports prevented American Military-Industrial Complex companies from selling China the armaments.

    2. During Clinton re-election in 1996, Bill Clinton took contributions he knew came from China via old friends Johnny Chung, John Huang, and Charlie Trie. They headed a shadowy cast of characters that funneled millions of dollars into democratic campaign coffers.

    3. Never forget Al Gore, Clinton’s VP, has strings going to Armand Hammer aka Occidental Petroleum and thus to China.
    3a. — Buying of the President 2000: How the Gores, father and son, helped their patron Occidental Petroleum
    3b. — April 21, 1982Two years ago, Deng Xiaoping of China said to Dr. Armand Hammer, “You were a friend of Lenin. You must come to China and help us, too!” Last month Hammer, the crusty chairman of Occidental Petroleum, was in Peking. With the help of China’s boss, he cut a typical “Occidental Deal.”

    As a result of China BUYING Clinton, not only did you have Clinton work hard to get China into the WTO and give them most favored nation trading status you had Clinton give China US military technology.

    […] In return for campaign contributions, the President shifted regulation of technology exports from the State Department to the free-wheeling Commerce department. The administration also relaxed export controls and allowed corporations to decide if their technology transfers were legal or not. When easing restrictions wasn’t enough, Clinton signed waivers that simply circumvented the law. The President’s waivers allowed the export of machine tools, defense electronics, and even a communications system for the Chinese Air Force.

    Bernard Schwartz and Michael Armstrong, the CEOs of Loral and Hughes, each donated over one million dollars to Clinton’s re-election campaign. These companies had an interest in seeing China develop reliable missiles to loft their satellites into orbit. Clinton arranged direct talks between Bernard Schwartz and a Chinese general to improve China’s rocket technology. Michael Armstrong was made head of the Export Advisory Council. Both companies were allowed to upgrade the launching and guidance of China’s missiles.

    That was bad enough but it gets worse!

    Bernard Schwartz and Michael Armstrong, the CEOs of Loral and Hughes, each donated over one million dollars to Clinton’s re-election campaign. These companies had an interest in seeing China develop reliable missiles to loft their satellites into orbit. Clinton arranged direct talks between Bernard Schwartz and a Chinese general to improve China’s rocket technology. Michael Armstrong was made head of the Export Advisory Council. Both companies were allowed to upgrade the launching and guidance of China’s missiles.

    Clinton even involved the Department of Energy, caretaker of our nuclear weapons, in his fundraising schemes. In 1994 and ’95 then Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary accompanied Johnny Chung, John Huang, Charlie Trie, and Bernard Schwartz on trade missions to China. Shortly afterward the DOE relaxed security at US weapons labs. Wen Ho Lee, an ethnic Chinese physicist assigned to Los Alamos, illegally transferred data on nuclear warheads to his private computer files.

    In June of 1995, the CIA learned that China had stolen the crown jewels of our nuclear arsenal, including the neutron bomb and the W-88 miniaturized warhead. Later that year National Security Advisor Anthony Lake is briefed on the thefts. He is replaced on the Security Council by Sandy Berger, a former lobbyist for the Chinese government. In June of 1996, before Bill Clinton’s re-election, the FBI opens a formal investigation into the theft of US nuclear weapon designs.

    Proof of China’s military intentions came in March of 1996, on the eve of Taiwan’s first democratic elections. China used the threat of force to intimidate the island nation into electing a pro-Beijing candidate. Military maneuvers included bombing runs and launching ballistic missiles that impacted within twenty miles of Taiwan. When the US sent an aircraft carrier into the Taiwan Straits, a Chinese general threatened to “rain down nukes upon Los Angeles”.[…]

    GEE, “threatened to “rain down nukes upon Los Angeles”
    Boy does that sound familiar.


    Now please explain to me WHY the Clinton’s don’t join Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the history books.

    Liked by 11 people

    • Orygun says:

      How could anyone possibly think it would be a good idea to move all of our manufacturing to Communist China. They now have stolen or bought all of our intellectual property and now have the most innovative American technological manufacturing factories in the world on their soil.

      We have not only been stupid but are cutting our own throats. Self inflicted genocide.
      The whole government has been instrumental in selling us down the road.

      We need to require all goods made in China to say made in Communist China. We seem to have forgotten that little bit of info.

      Liked by 1 person

    • M. Mueller says:

      Thank you, Combs. Years and years of traitors in our government, and lots are still there.

      Liked by 3 people

      • G. Combs says:

        That is for sure!

        It always helps to look at the history of the situation. The enemies of the USA have been playing a very long game. 200+ years long.


  18. KittyKat says:

    There’s a old saying, “Honesty pays best.”

    Learning that “willful blindness” won’t prosper is a moral lesson as well as an economic lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. R-C says:

    Go get ’em, T-Rex!

    Liked by 2 people

  20. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Targeting and isolation: Trump got the U.N. sanction vote, then gets ASEAN on board and on record – China losing room to maneuver.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Bert Darrell says:

    We’ve all heard Obama tell Russian President Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after his reelection. Isn’t this true for any president?.

    I believe that PDJT will do in 2021, after Phase I of the economic MAGA program is successfully achieved, things that many of us are itching to see take place.

    It’ll be much easier then to bring justice to criminals like, for example, a corrupt ex-president and his equally corrupt wife, and also a number of corrupt congress critters. IMHO, it’s all a matter of “strategery” and time. Italians wisely say: “piano, piano si va lontano” (slowly, slowly one goes far”) and Napoleon used to tell his valet “dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry”.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. A2 says:

    The below link is a good report on the ASEAN summit (so far) and particularly discussions leading up to the adoption of a COC (code of conduct) for the south China sea.



  23. joshua says:

    Perhaps Trump needs to send a diplomatic team to communicate directly with North Korea.
    I suggest code names for them as “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”.


  24. M. Mueller says:

    The video below is from last October. Even though it is by a prophetic ministry, it mostly tells about geopolitics and what would happen if Hillary got elected. There are some Biblical quotes in it, but you can always just discount that part if you are so inclined. Watching it today, eight months later and knowing what our Congress is pushing as far as sanctions with Russia and trying to tie the Presidents hands regarding Russia, makes them seem so much more evil.

    This contains facts about the Russian military and many quotes and headlines by world leaders that I wasn’t aware of. It also talks about N. Korea and Syria, and the whole world’s situation. If you are interested in geopolitics, it is worth the hour listening to. I’d be interested in your thoughts.


  25. A2 says:

    Behind all the ‘keqi’, this op-ed in the Global Times is closer to what the CCP leadership is thinking behind the smiles and handshakes.



    • Orygun says:

      Having a neighbor to use as a form of blackmailer in the region has been a very lucrative bargaining chip for the Communist regime. No one threatens the North with annihilation but the leadership has created an atmosphere of hostility to the white devils just as the Palestinians teach their children to kill Jews.

      Create a boogy man and unite the people in their hatred. It makes a perfect fall guy for whatever short falls the regime might have. As in mass starvation while building a huge army to fight an opponent on the other side of the world who is not all that interested.
      Keeps him in power and that is his end game.

      What keeps evil like that alive?


  26. I nominate Rex for MVP for the first 6 months

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Aguila2011 says:

    Wang Yi thinks he can “wank us” as they have been doing since the cease-fire was declared. Sorry Charlie but back to the negotiating table just don’t cut it any longer. he he
    Better reign in your chihuahua or it will come to you in a little baggie toasted on one side and creamy on the other. And you don’t want to know what the cream part is.


  28. armie says:

    Still think we ought to start refurbishing that Wake Island missile facility, for a multitude of reasons.


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