MAGAnomics – U.S. Economy Created “Unexpected” 209,000 Jobs In July…

The U.S. economy added 209,000 jobs in July exceeding expectations and forecasts by over 25,000.  The measured unemployment rate dropped to 4.3%.  The number of employed Americans hit 153.5 million, the highest since February 2009.  Year-over-year measures of wage rates remained at 2.5%; however, additional private sector jobs analysis shows wage rate growth substantially higher than fed measures.

Media economists say: “It’s difficult to find anything really negative in the report.” But they sure are trying…

(Via CNBC)  The U.S. economy continued a strong summer, adding 209,000 jobs in July while the unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent, the lowest since March 2001, according to a government report Friday.

Economists surveyed by Reuters had expected the report to show growth of 183,000; the unemployment rate met expectations. A more encompassing rate that includes discouraged workers and the underemployed was unchanged at 8.6 percent.

The number of employed Americans hit a new high of 153.5 million thanks to a surge of 345,000. The employment-to-population ratio also moved up to 60.2 percent, tied for the highest level since February 2009.

Stock market futures liked the news, rising to indicate a positive open, while government bond yields also moved considerably higher.

“Kind of an all-around strong headline number,” said Tony Bedikian, head of global markets at Citizens Bank. “More people are coming into the labor force and finding jobs. It’s difficult to find anything really negative in the report.”

The closely watched wage number was unchanged from previous months, with average hourly earnings up 2.5 percent on an annualized basis. The average work week also was unchanged at 34.5 hours.

Bars and restaurants provided the biggest boost for the month with 53,000 more positives, while professional and business services contributed 49,000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. (read more)


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90 Responses to MAGAnomics – U.S. Economy Created “Unexpected” 209,000 Jobs In July…

  1. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    This is why they need to take Trump down any way they can.

    They know what he’s doing is working, and if The Deplorables are shown that there is a different way than the Globalist path, then the genie is out of the bottle for good.

    It’s “World vs Trump” here.

    All in to help President Trump.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      The job numbers that came out today is mortifying the UNIPARTY! 209,000 new jobs for the month of July when retail only added 900 of those jobs. The May and June numbers were readjusted. May went down 7K (152,000 now 145,000) while June went up 9K (222,000 now 231,000). The U-3 Unemployment Rate is at the lowest it has been since 2001 at 4.3%. The U-6 Unemployment Rate (which includes folks that stopped looking and dropped out of the U-3 number) remained the same at 8.6%. I point the U-6 out because you will hear the Lindsey’s, McCain’s and open border folks talk about the need for cheap labor to do jobs that the Americans don’t want to do. That is complete BS! There are millions and millions of Americans that need to still find jobs.

      From the article linked above:

      The U.S. economy beat expectations by adding 209,000 jobs in July, as robust hiring continued to encourage new job seekers.

      The labor market has gained steam over the last two months. June brought 231,000 new jobs, up from an initial count of 222,000, and July job growth easily kept pace above the first-half monthly average of 180,000 jobs. Hiring in the last month was strong enough to absorb new entrants into the workforce. The labor force participation rate ticked higher to 62.9% from 62.8%, but the unemployment rate fell to 4.3% from 4.4%, tying a 16-year low.

      Sameer Samana, global quantitative strategist for Wells Fargo Investment Institute, said the unemployment rate’s decline amid a rising participation rate is a positive sign for the U.S. economy.

      The underemployment rate is another sign that the labor market has room to grow. The U6 rate, which includes part-time workers looking for a full-time job, didn’t budge from 8.6%. It also remains above the pre-recession low of 8%. Underemployment indicates that there’s a mismatch in skills between what the workforce offers and what employers are seeking, Davis said.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      MAG they are SCREWED because the Economic Train has left the station! If they were serious in “taking Trump down” do you think the stock market would have gone up again today? Do you think Mazda would announce a new $2 Billion dollar plant? Do you think Foxconn would invest $10 Billion dollars in Wisconsin?

      Money talks and BS WALKS! These corporations and Wall Street are telling these scumbags that not a hair on this President better be touched.

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  2. Lynnielu says:

    It was even the headline on CNN a little while ago. I almost had a heart attack.

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      Now THAT’S a shocker. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if they attempt to attribute it to Obama, instead of the President’s efforts.

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      • fred2w says:

        Some NeverTrumpers and Resist fools are making this very argument on Twitter. Sad.


      • piper567 says:

        ozero was the one who asked, Does he have a magic wand, or something?
        Yeah, ozero, its that “something” thing.
        Not only does Trump love America, he puts his mind and soul into working for us…that’s his “something” which you have no way of understanding.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        Mystic — its pathetic to watch the Dems try to copy our President because in the final analysis they have nothing to offer.

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    • fred2w says:

      I know. The last time I saw CNN show anything positive on POTUS was video of him picking up a Marine’s cover (hat) that the wind blew off.

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  3. woohoowee says:

    It’s an “unexpected surge” of jobs 🙂

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    • woohoowee says:

      An unexpected surge of jobs due to Trump45’s magic wand 🙂 LOL!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      What makes this number so MASSIVE is the fact that only 900 jobs were added in retail! The fact that Brick and Mortar stores are closing left and right, these numbers are staggering! under Barry, this would have been cut by at least 100,000 if not more because of retail!

      We are winning like it isn’t anyone’s business!

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      • gerkenstein says:

        Retail has been losing jobs most of the year… while Engineering. Mining and Mining services boomed.

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      • backwoodsgirl123 says:

        Yeah, you can’t run a National Economy on service jobs!

        That nightmare started about 50 years ago. My stepfather used to drive down the road and bellow about it. “Another fast food joint! We don’t need anymore fast food! We need more manufacturing!!!”

        And he was right!

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    • NYGuy54 says:

      So they will be saying people are unexpectedly happy

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      • shallbe4 says:

        The difference between Trump and the Dems is that he wants to create middle class jobs for Americans and the Dems want to bring in cheap labor. Hillary wanted to close all the mines in West Virginia — the people of West Virginia and our President wanted to keep those mines open. Even when the Dems try to copy Trump they can’t bring themselves to do anything but hurt this country.

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  4. woohoowee says:

    How do you like Trump45’s tone now, Cryin’ Chuck?! LOL!

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  5. woohoowee says:

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  6. The Deplorable Tina says:

    How are the Democrats going to take credit for this with their “Better Deal” program? This was their idea, right? /sarc

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    • Nightcrawler says:

      This is the quintessential example of exactly what our political representatives are: The Dems’ proposed ‘Better Deal” is the mirror image of our great president’s platform, yet they have been grudgingly unwilling to lift even a pinkie to help him accomplish one of ‘their ideas’. Ha!
      Such utter frauds. What a complete waste of oxygen these cowards are!

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  7. Suite D says:

    And my dad always said if you can back it up it ain’t braggin’. MAGA!!!

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  8. golfmann says:

    Wage growth is YUGE if you finally have gotten back to work!…

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  9. Katie says:

    Multi-billion dollar companies do not take moving lightly. If they are moving here, they have complete faith in President Trump and are not holding much stock in Mueller and his merry band of 36 idiots to mount to anything.

    And, oh yes. Many comments on social media say that President Trump is just benefiting and this growth should really be credited to Obama. *snort* Yeah, as if any normal-minded person actually believes that Obama did anything to help this country.

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  10. alliwantissometruth says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…

    Give the people real jobs, a way to make real money, a chance to buy a home & have a nice little life, & they’ll forget all about the leftist indoctrination swirling all around them


    Wait, how much does the job pay? I don’t have to wait tables anymore & I’ll be able to afford a big screen TV with my first paycheck?


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    • Pam says:

      The second sentence basically says it all. If the economy continues to grow, then people that are still looking for work, all they will care about is getting a job that helps them pay the bills and puts food on the table. Russia won’t matter to them then any more than it matters now which is zip, zilch, nada!

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  11. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    The BHO regime released rosy job numbers on the front pages of their propaganda organs at the beginning of a month and then quietly revised them downward the third week of that month.

    I would be surprised if there is one month they didn’t follow pattern.

    No more faking it.


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  12. NJF says:

    Wonderful news.

    Varney mentioned this morning that when he checked the other networks, they were practically crying.

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  13. bonnehou58 says:

    The push I got from NYT’s was so begrudging:
    Employers added 209,000 jobs in July and the jobless rate ticked down to 4.3 percent as the U.S. economy entered its ninth year of recovery”

    They had to tack on “ninth year of recovery”. Bwahaha!
    They did manage to say, “So the actual data is a convincing sign that the economy is growing faster than other data has suggested.” I suppose there was a little throwup in the back of their throats to say that!

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  14. lorenetn says:

    And just think what would happen if the swamp critters would get behind POTUS Trump policies..lower corporate taxes, tax adjustment to get overseas money back into the US, get rid of the taxes and employer mandate in disastrous ObamaDoesn’tCare, etc.!

    The DC swamp critters will fight every step of the way. The worst is McStain! AZ really did a number on us with that one! And to top it off they gave us Flake.

    AZ, do your part in helping to right this ship….dump Flake! You’ve stuck us with McStain for 5 1/2 more years so that is water over the dam.

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  15. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    what magic wand does Donald Trump have?


  16. MK says:

    I’m in process and production equipment design and manufacture. There is so much capital waiting for upgrading plants, hold on folks the rocket is mixing fuel as we speak.

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  17. jbrickley says:

    If the GOP controlled Senate and House would simply get behind Trumps policies, and put through some serious tax cuts the economy would explode and rapidly expand at a level never seen before. If they replaced Obamacare with a simple solution that works and that is fair and not heavily regulated that would throw gasoline on the fire. If they shutdown H1B1 or reset it to be what it was originally intended to be, the Information Technology sector would employee hundreds of thousands more Americans perhaps millions more. It is very frustrating to see the small changes making big differences when you know big changes would change everything practically overnight. Business would definitely take advantage and growth would be off the charts. It must be frustrating for a CEO to be POTUS and not be able to push through their plan. In the private sector a non-public company CEO would sweep through change rapidly. In the private sector public company the CEO has to convince the Board of Directors but beyond that still be in full control. Unfortunately, POTUS is stuck waiting on Congress.

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    • jbrickley says:

      The GOP Swamp is unwilling to back Trump and put the Democrats out of their misery for the next 50 years. If they just shut up and worked together imagine what they could accomplish. If they were able to make those achievements the American people would wake up to the truth and see how completely wrong the Left has been all these years. It would completely discredit them. The Left would become crackpots overnight.

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    • piper567 says:

      Pretty soon here, the accumulation of what Trump is able to do without the cooperation of Congress will become a clear and vivid contrast to this do-nothing Congress…
      Hope and pray Trump can keep it up until mid-terms, when the contrast should be broadcast all over the Country.
      I’m sure he can.


  18. Lulu says:

    I’m beginning to think the economists might have political motives but that’s just crazy…


  19. Janice says:

    I will crawl thru glass for this President! Thank you Lord God for your divine intervention in sending us Trump! MAGA!


  20. I saw one headline touting these good numbers “… as the economy roars into its 9th year of recovery.”

    Yah, right.

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  21. mimbler says:

    It seems like to me, every month the figures were exaggerated for obama and then quietly corrected. With Trump they seem to be underestimated, and then quietly corrected.

    So I guess the press is pretty even handed. They quietly correct the figures for both parties!

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  22. getfitnow says:

    Inquiring minds want to hear the last president square today’s news with his comment below? Notice how snide and condescending he is.

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  23. US says:

    What’s in your 401k?


  24. Reader-Between-the-Lines says:

    I heard on a lefty radio show a lib trying to claim credit for the economy on 44s behalf. I almost ran off the road because I was laughing so hard. The UniParty is so unoriginal it is sad.


  25. TimeIsNow says:

    Where o where is all of this morning’s despair? fleporeblog told you guys about this earlier, I have lots of respect for him these days.


  26. rjcylon says:

    Since the economy has been in the gutter for so many years, I can only speculate the political effect this will have. Democrats always say they are best on the economy, “Obama’s sensible policies” etc. Now, we are going to have an actual great economy, and people are working again, and not struggling. But the news media won’t tell them this. I wouldn’t be surprised of the MSM says we are in the beginning of the Trump depression.

    Hopefully people realize this is Trump’s doing and not “Obama’s recovery finally kicking in–as planned”.


    • louche9 says:

      As Americans experience their own renewed career growth, and see their long-unemployed family, friends and neighbors getting jobs with their own eyes; the media spin on events becomes an increasingly irrelevant noise.

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  27. sickconservative says:

    Still trying the new jobs Obama brought us, other than failed Green Jobs.


  28. mike devault says:

    Obama lost 3.4M jobs in his first siix months (I know i was a different time and circumstance) but the comparison with 1.074 jobs created is striking.


  29. big bad mike says:

    Glad I read all the posts on this topic. Very uplifting. Personally, I experience the booming economy every day. We are blessed and it’s all attributed to our Great President’s handling of our economy. Been in business since 1989 and it has never been this good. If you are wondering what type of business? Durable Goods Manufacturing. We make steel storage equipment for parts and tools. All of our employees received a bonus of one weeks pay for their excellent work last quarter.

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