Shifting Expectations – Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Announce “Discussion” of Intelligence Leaks…

The ongoing saga of intelligence community and DC government official leaks targeted to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump has created a large group of people wondering why Attorney General Jeff Sessions has done nothing about it.

In an effort to respond to the growing voices of inquiry the Attorney General and those who advocate on his behalf, has been teasing out a “leak  investigation” announcement for approximately three weeks.

The latest “DOJ announcement” date was established as tomorrow, Friday August 4th.  However, on the eve of the announcement the Department of Justice is positioning a lowering of expectations.

WASHINGTON – […] Sessions will be joined by Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and National Counterintelligence and Security Center Director William Evanina on Friday in Washington to discuss “leaks of classified material threatening national security,” the Justice Department said Thursday afternoon. (read more)

Tomorrow’s pending discussion marks the possible announcement that might actually lead to a future briefing wherein the DOJ could announce the potential for a formal investigation into a series of leaks that have damaged the Trump administration since he took office in January.  Fingers crossed.

[…] The Washington Post reported last week that a formal investigation was expected to be launched soon, but the Department of Justice declined to comment further on the Friday briefing. (read more)

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700 Responses to Shifting Expectations – Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Announce “Discussion” of Intelligence Leaks…

  1. Abster says:

    Sessions has been so quiet, I’m beginning to wonder if he has been threatened in some way.

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    • camulla says:

      If he has, then he needs to resign or go public with the threats he has received.

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      • lady4trump says:

        With ‘friends’ like Jeff Sessions, who needs enemies?

        The man is weakness personified. What Sessions has revealed about himself is he wants to go harder in the matter of confiscating assets of un-convicted people. Man, Sessions is the opposite of who I thought he was.


    • histbuff says:

      Like Herman Cain said they did to him when he ran. He said when they threatened the lives of his grandchildren, he knew it was time to withdraw. The only thing Sessions needs to announce is his resignation, or face a legacy of putrid treason. Sessions: The Left will always hate you. Now the Rights hates you too. Good job, traitor.

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    • Payday says:

      The Senate confirmed 78 trump appointments today. I wonder if any are good lawyers that trump can name interim AG after shipping Sessions to DHS?

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    • DD More says:

      Abster says: Sessions has been so quiet

      Sessions is the federal AG, and who does his Investigations? That would be the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which, until 3 days ago, had Swamp Creatures as leaders. Do you and the others really think you would have gotten results with Comey and McCabe, already admitted leakers, leading anything?
      Ask Vanna if you can ‘Buy a Clue’.


  2. Fromseatoshiningsea says:

    I’m concerned that the murderous CIA got to Sessions like they got to Perot which forced him to pull out of the 92 race. Jeff went from ardent supporter to a sentry asleep while on duty. I’m disgusted. As AG he should use every legal means unmercilessly, merely the fate of the republic is at stake. Something doesn’t jive here, there’s a disconnect from the Jeff Sessions on the campaign trail and the Jeff Sessions as AG. God I hope this was their strategy, let the criminals reveal themselves then the Lion pounces.

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  3. Bubba says:

    This is all a charade. The powerful protecting the powerful by pointing their nukes at each other.
    Sessions can’t prosecute any of the deep state big boys and Mueller can’t REALLY go after any of the Trump big boys. Some low-mid levels might be sacrificed. Their nukes are ready and pointed at one another. Nobody flinch or it’s mutually assured destruction. It’s a standoff.

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  4. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    This is from 3 days ago but McPain has to figure in the leaks too. He freely admitted also that he passed some [fake] news file to the FBI. There are more than one leakers though and as a whole, this constitutes abuse and treason by members of the President’s own party, which means the stakes are high to find the President guilty or else the leakers themselves become defacto traitors punishable by the Constitution.

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    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      The Grand Jury subpoena needs to include McCain.

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    • Three days ago? Are you sure?


    • Prettyplease says:

      Sooo, Keebler, if we parse the above statement out a little bit farther that they consider only Trump to be a threat that must be neutralized, then it stands to reason that they do not believe that Pence is a threat to them, and after his ascendancy, it would be business as usual in the swamp.

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      • Prunella says:

        Sadly, the base sees Pence that way.


      • WVPatriot says:

        I will never consider your comment flawed Prettyplease; VP Pence is GOPe…. I hope that he has reconsidered his idiology under President’s influence; however, he MUST PROVE himself.

        I will never believe a politician again — they would take over the thespian industry if they wanted — betters actors (liars)!!!

        I remember about forty years ago that politicians had the reputation of running on promises, promises, promises — never to keep one of their promises. If possible, they have become more dishonest and act only on their own greed.

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        • WVPatriot says:

          President Trump’s influence…


        • I may have this wrong but I believe this whole thing with Muller started with Pence firing Comey. I believe Pence is GOPe


        • crepelady says:

          What I recall about Pence is that he stood on the side of the gay movement in IN when that Mom/Pop bakery went broke due to their refusing to bake a cake for light in the loafers, in your face crowd. Why didn’t he fight for the hard working Americans? Sticks in my mind every time I see him. Something about him………..


      • lady4trump says:

        I’d like to know while Pence is holding fundraisers with the known corporate buyers of people, does Trump know it? Does Trump approve of it? Is Pence running for President already? Pence has always been a RINO. It was Ivanka who wanted him as VP. Pence’s supposed to be an authentic Christian. What he’s doing is screaming louder than what Pence is saying, believe me.


  5. Rick says:

    Scaramucci may have been a loose cannon and a vulgar idiot to talk to the liberal press but he is right about one thing:

    The greatest majority of male Congresmen are walking around “sucking their own cxxks”
    They sure don’t give two $#its about us!

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    • Prettyplease says:

      Vulgarians and deplorables make a good mix. I like Scaramucci. I hope Trump comes to his senses and brings him back. I bet you Scaramucci has a bat and knows how to use it.

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  6. steven says:

    Hope I’m wrong but my patience is gone, Sessions was a huge mistake. The 4D chess claims shelf life is nearing its end. A few people on Twitter like Bill Mitchell and Larry Schweikart who were dead on right during the election seem to suggest this is 4D chess but its time to Sh.t or get off the pot already and start putting people in freaking PRISON

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  7. freddy says:

    Sessions is like Grassley always late to the table with stuff everyone already knows and writes letters or has useless committees..It’s a joke and I think this is the way this old dog knows and what’s needed is Praetorian to go into battle. Sessions is a lovely man but gota go….Who cares what Lindsay says we all know what he is…..

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  8. nimrodman says:

    Re leaked White House calls with Mexico and Austrlia:

    On Tucker Carlson show, Brad Blakeman, former GW Bush White House staffer being inverviewed by Ed Henry who looks to be sitting in for Tucker.

    Says there’d typically be a handful or two handfuls of people at NSC and White House comms office who would have been involved in setting up the call and later transcribing it.

    “Go down the list, line ‘em up, polygraph them … you’ll find who had access and who leaked” – approximate paraphrase.

    Aug 3 show, about 20 minutes in. Several Aug 3 clips at Fox page but this isn’t one of them.

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  9. Beyond the dialing back of expectations, the fact that Sessions is showing up to this presser with ROSENSTEIN speaks volumes. “I want to believe”, but now it really looks like Sessions just doesn’t have the fight in him.

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    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      Having recused, he has to now entrench in with Rosenstein and Mueller to prove that he did the right thing – that’s how good men go bad. In pure and simple terms, it was the wrong decision to recuse because there was no there, there, but to recuse is to admit some vulnerability. Perception is reality. The question is how can he fix this from here. We can only hope that the Grand Jury back fires on Mueller and be on alert.

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  10. CleanhouseinDC says:

    Until we see some real action taken – pick your poison – banning fake news from press briefing (see Jim Acosta), Congress loses its Obamacare subsidies, insurance cos stop being bailed out, leakers actually being perp walked, and we start to see ONE version of law, not one for us and one for them, it’s all just kabuki. Riding these low lives via tweet, while it’s a great way to go around the fake press, it doesn’t do anything.

    The swamp doesn’t appear to be being drained, there doesn’t seem to be any 5D chess being played…. it seems like we’re being fed a lot of noise to keep us happy while the status quo is maintained. After 6 months, actions are required. Not just words.

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  11. ray76 says:

    A “discussion” about leaks? A discussion??? You haven’t been investigating it for the past six months??

    Sessions’s credibility just fell through the floor.

    How about an announcement that leakers have been arrested?

    How about an announcement that Awan is being investigated? That Awans’ assets have been frozen? That DWS has been subpoenaed?

    No talk – action!

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  12. Ge says:

    First, it seems that Sessions is the type that can only focus on one thing at a time. Can’t multitask.

    Second, I foresee Mueller, using his power, to get what everyone else couldn’t. Trumps tax returns. I can see the MSM’s mouth watering all over the leaks. All under the pretext of Russian investigation, of course.

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    • tax returns and real estate deals are outside the authority this scumbag mueller has. if he goes after that stuff he needs to be fired immediately.


    • lady4trump says:

      Yeah, when Sessions said Kamala Harris (new Senator from California) was talking too fast for him to keep up, I knew we were screwed.
      He’s not up to the job. Most of us in Trump’s base can see it clearly.


  13. nole2016 says:

    After six months of leaks the time for talk/discussion is over…..he needs to resign if this is indeed true.

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  14. Question Everything says:

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  15. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    So they will all appear together to talk to us about maybe doing something about all these security breaches sometime in the misty future? I can hardly wait.

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  16. Tonawanda says:

    One of the fundamental injustices of law enforcement all across America has been the arguably widespread unethical behavior of prosecutors who discuss cases in public.

    The spirit of retribution as amplified by Fake News is so powerful in our country, prosecutors seemingly cannot resist the allure of the dramatic spot light, especially when name recognition and the next election are in mind.

    The populace largely and unwittingly endorses and applauds these unethical violations. There is almost never any downside to them, and plenty of upside.

    Sessions appears to be a highly ethical prosecutor. Among other things, that means we probably are not now in a position to judge what he is doing, or what results he might obtain.

    For better or worse keeping our fingers crossed might be all we can reasonably do right now, other than thank God there is an honorable man who is Attorney General.


  17. Howie says:

    Fire him, Rosey, and Ward. Keep firing down the line in DOJ until we get to a good AG. There must be at least one in there. Getemout.


  18. Howie says:

    He is gonna announce a ‘New Improved Crackdown’ on leaks. Pathetic.


  19. Sam says:

    Well, well. I held the view that Sessions is ineffective for months. Couldn’t say that here, rather I did once and got bitten for it. Pence is GOPe . 4D chess is so not happening. The swamp sucked the would-be drainers into it. Game over, thanks for playing.


  20. ezpz says:

    What a strongly worded speech the AG just gave. /sarc

    He sure told them!

    What a joke! A very BAD joke! Pathetic!

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