Imposter/Fraud Alert – Conservative Tree House is NOT on Facebook…

We received the following email inquiry:

“I need some info. There’s a new FB page calling themselves Conservative Treehouse. Is that The last refuge Conservative Treehouse or has someone taken your name to create a page on FB? Their stories aren’t the same ones I see daily here at CT so thought I’d better check.”

Apparently an individual, or group of individuals, has established a Facebook page fraudulently claiming to be The Conservative Treehouse website (aka: The Last Refuge).

This is fraud.

The Conservative Treehouse Website is NOT on Facebook.  No member of this website has established a Facebook page to represent the content of this website; nor would we, or do we, have plans to ever establish a Facebook page.  Any claim to the contrary is 100% false.

Apparently an individual, or a group of individuals, in an effort to exploit the name and brand/site reputation for their own personal financial gain, have created a Facebook Page intended to deceive the Facebook community.

After CTH was alerted of the issue via email – the operator of the Facebook Page was politely asked to shut down the fraudulent Facebook page and to cease and desist any reference to this website.  They have refused the request.  We are reviewing legal options.

For clarity: TheConservativeTreehouse.Com is not affiliated with Facebook.  Additionally, the twitter account for CTH website is: [ @TheLastRefuge2 ] This is the only twitter account connected to content within  TheConservativeTreehouse.Com.

It is very unfortunate (and frustrating) to spend time dealing with underhanded and manipulative deception.

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438 Responses to Imposter/Fraud Alert – Conservative Tree House is NOT on Facebook…

  1. RedBallExpress says:

    I hope Sundance can keep block the “Facebook BS” out of his mind. That is the hard part and it is why they do it. You try not to let it bother you but somehow it gets under your skin. This is the best political site ever. Sundance will prevail.

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  2. You ARE going to find a way to shut it down, right?

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  3. b0yzero says:

    I am so glad to find out that CTH is not on Facebook! I was working for an internet company in 2007-2008 when FB was first emerging. With the rise in popularity of FB, our company issued us an alert to pay close attention to the terms and conditions required to have a FB account. In those terms, it stated that we give FB a fully transferable, international license for all material posted on their site. In other words, anything posted on FB no longer belongs to you which means pictures, poetry, prose, etc that are posted there can be used by FB for any purpose they desire. That smells way too much like Big Brother to me and I will not ever use FB for that reason and more.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      fb = government surveillance + pavlovian conditioning.


    • Gil says:

      And cuckerberg thinks he is going to be the next potus…

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    • brh82 says:

      Facebook owner, Mark Zuckenberg, does not hesitate to spout his position that Users should be monitored for appropriate use and he chooses who and what entities will do the monitoring, because he believes HE is the one who knows what’s best for achieving HIS goals. My Facebook site is jam packed with postings that are hilarious for their give-away they are fake because the same grammatical mistakes common to folks whose native language is NOT English are on all the postings. I used to care and spent a great deal of time responding to Commenters. Now I go there only to laugh, now and then, because there is no way I have found to delete my account. Fortunately, I never used the page for anything but propaganda in favor of Trump. Good luck getting the fake TCTH account deleted. My first account was when Facebook was brand new. It was personal, but I realized within minutes what a mistake it would be, so i tried all sorts of ways to get it deleted and it’s still there. But nothing that matters is on it and few would have any idea it is mine. I would suggest Sundance get a clever IT person to make a FAKE ACCOUNT sign that gets pinned to the account(a choice you can click on) and gets entered daily as well. Meantime, legal recourse is chancey, given their printed terms and Zuckenberg’s War Chest.


    • Patriot Lady says:

      Also boyzero,
      Zuckerberg and other FB CEO’s donate million$ to Planned Parenthood and pressured the Supreme Court to uphold gay unions. How can anyone who claims to be a Christian or conservative still be on FB if they know that? I’ve had many encounters with pro-life groups and church pastors explaining that their FB page generates money for Planned Parenthood and the immoral causes Zuckerberg funds, but they refuse to drop it. I don’t think there’s a Christian church in existence that isn’t on FB! They are more dangerous than liberals.


  4. grandmotherpatriot says:

    What is ?


  5. NJF says:

    Terrible. I hope you guys can get this resolved.

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  6. DeplorablePatriotInCa says:

    I’m not on Facebook either.

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  7. sempest says:

    Time for a registered trademark attorney

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  8. MaryfromMarin says:

    Thankful I am not, never have been, and never WILL be on Facebook. Which will limit any riposting effectiveness I might have, unfortunately.

    That being said, many ARE are on Facebook, even swear by it (as opposed to “swear at it”). This is a major attempt at discrediting and damaging CTH. The broader picture is that, if successful, this will be used against all other conservative websites.

    Any non-Facebook strategy or advice would be deeply appreciated. Will do what I can.

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  9. TexasDude says:

    What ‘s intetesting is that the one FB page is not backing down.

    The page rips material and posts from CTH and makes it appear authentic.

    Yet, the FB page and posts are bot followed by many and rarely commented on.

    It is truly a sad, deserted corner of the internet.

    If said proprietor were a CTH fan and respectful of Sundance, then said figure would have maybe felt chastened and ashamed, but pled mea culpa and shut down the page.

    Instead, the miscreant gets resentful and goes aggressive with insults and invective.

    Odd. Darn near sounds nefarious at worst and juvenile at best.

    Eff ’em, I say!

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  10. Ad rem says:

    I think I’ll print myself a few hundred Benjamins….flatter the Treasury really good.

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  11. Steve Wright says:

    The fake site bought ads from FB, targeted at conservatives, which built their likes. This is how facebook works and it is very easy if one wants to pay a very small amount of money. No way they got over 3000 likes organically without the advertising. Especially since so many regulars here do not use Facebook. (I use it, but never bothered to look for a CTH FB account, why would I? I check here daily)

    They also changed their profile pictures on August 1st, exactly when the news broke about their fraud. Now they have turned into a “bash CTH” page.

    The thing is, when they post, maybe 10% or so max of those “likes” even see the post – unless they continue to pay Facebook to publish them. Again, that’s how the Facebook world operates. This reach is shown on those sorts of pages, but not on the multiple millions of personal pages. If regular people knew that only a tiny fraction of their friends even see their posts and pictures, the thing would crash to the ground. And without the personal user base, there is no commercial revenue.

    Sundance can (and should) pursue a legal recourse, though I doubt its eventual success. However, it is imperative the readers here do not give the fake site traffic. Especially do not message them or post comments. That just feeds the algorithms that will increase the exposure of the site.

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    • brh82 says:

      Steve Wright, amen and Amen , especially to your last 2 sentences. Don’t click on any ads that mention conservative or outrageous gossip. In fact, don’t click on anything at all. Not that we could break the Zuckerberg bank, but no sense at all to add to it.


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