Senate Confirms Christopher Wray as FBI Director 92-5

The Senate voted today to confirm Christopher Wray to lead the FBI, replacing James ‘leaker’ Comey, who was abruptly fired by President Donald Trump for poor job performance and pushing political objectives through the FBI.

Post firing Mr. Comey admitted to leaking FBI information, including his own notes, to various media sources in an effort to push his own political objectives.

The confirmation vote was 92-5.Β  Mr. Wray had previously represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the so-called Bridgegate scandal.Β  The five senators who voted against Mr. Wray included Democrats Ron Wyden, Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren.

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224 Responses to Senate Confirms Christopher Wray as FBI Director 92-5

  1. Phil aka Felipe says:

    First order of business, fire McCabe and start an investigation of him, Comey, and Mueller. Go from there, with Brennan, and Clapper.

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  2. cdnintx says:

    92-5 ….does anyone else think that was a little too easy of a confirmation by the obstructing D’s?

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  3. Minnie says:

    Isn’t that special – why do I have conflicted feelings about this?

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  4. fedback says:

    Gillibrand always a no vote, the ‘resistance’

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  5. Lulu says:

    92 to 5 makes me nervous

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  6. Pam says:

    I can live with this confirmation as long as we see the hammer brought down on some of the swamp creatures.

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  7. wjb105 says:

    Every senator wants to be friends with the FBI director. Especially now they all know they are spied on.

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    • H.R. says:

      wjb105: “Every senator wants to be friends with the FBI director.”

      wOw! I hadn’t thought of that but of course! The common sense reasons are either for self-preservation or to use the FBI against enemies. Any real push-back would be in committee and a truly objectionable (i.e. totally honest) FBI-Director candidate would never make it to the floor for a vote.


  8. Chickficshun says:

    I’m so cynical about federal law enforcement now. So much corruption in the FBI leadership.

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    • stillers213 says:

      Sadly, those at the top of the FBI are not LEO’s – they are politicians.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      FBI agent Colleen Rowley’s Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller. Brave agents do their jobs to protect Americans and then work for political hacks that put us at risk.

      It is why 9/11 wasn’t stopped.

      It is also why all the Hillary treasonous pay-to-play, and failure to protect National Security top secret information was not investigated properly.

      Everyone should worry about Wray, because obviously this stupid crap is still going on.

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  9. stillers213 says:

    Rule #1: A politician cannot be trusted until proven otherwise.

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  10. BOTH of the two loony tunes LibTard Senators from the Peoples Republic of Oregon voted nay.

    I cannot begin to describe the venom I have for those two right now.

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  11. Pam says:


    • ECM says:

      So the polar opposite of how Mitch runs the Senate.

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    • rainy973 says:

      Nobody cares what you have to say. Your words are empty and meaningless. For all we know you made it so some of you would vote for repeal knowing the ones who would not and that it would not pass. I dont believe a word any of you say.

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      • mimbler says:

        I don’t think that is even a hypothetical Rainy. That is exactly what he did. Remember Sasse and one other didn’t vote when it was their turn to make sure McCain went through with his no vote, and then they voted yes.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Yeah, they held up the Senate vote on repeal of Obamacare or Repeal Lite (whatever) and John McCain is gonna die anyway so he took the hit.

        Genius for a bunch of dumb bunnies….


  12. Nigella says:

    Yes in most things but he was a pretty hard nosed Prosecutor…


  13. georgiafl says:

    Is the FBI under the Department of Justice?


  14. stillers213 says:

    He has throw back hair so maybe he is a throwback Republican from the oldschool?

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    • Dr T says:

      He and his wife are Yalies. He was not only an undergraduate at Yale but went to Law School at Yale Law School. Personally I have yet to meet any fellow Yalies who are anything other than extremely liberal in all their views especially those that have gone to Law School at Yale . And even those who have come from the South from conservative well known families . Also when they have a daughter that is currently a Yale undergraduate they become even more liberal in their views. Recently met a Yale female doctor and her 21y/o daughter who is a Yale undergraduate at Calhoun residential college who stated that it was a great thing that Calhoun college had dropped its name due to his racist roots as a former slave owner. Just my personal observation and experience. To me, its worrisome.

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  15. Dear Lord Jesus, please keep FBI Director Wray on the straight and narrow. Don’t let him succumb to the Deep State and their evil ways. Give him strength of character and the conviction to always do the right thing. May he lead a crusade against the evil doers in our government and give him the victory. I pray this in Jesus precious and holy name. Amen

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  16. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    He represented Christy legally. Were they friends? I don’t know. But remember, a lawyer is a hired gun, not necessarily a pal.

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  17. Peter says:

    The last appointment with more than 80 votes gave us a special counsel to hunt down all independent candidates even thinking about running for office – trolling trump as a sacrifice at the uniparty alter.

    Don’t trust it.

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  18. kriseton says:

    I believe we will now see Sessions report(s) on criminal leaking. It may involve McCabe or others in the FBI (such as the Circa report last week about Baker – Comey’s buddy) and Wray’s position as Director may have been part of the plan to have him in place before this happens.

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    • Joyful Noise says:

      This is absolutely a Trump timing (just like Comey’s demise). Sessions has been laying low in El Salvy until Wray was confirmed? Boy, this is getting interesting…

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      • Red says:

        I agree that Sessions’ announcement was planned to be right after Wray confirmation. The Sessions’ announcement is going to scare the pants off the Uniparty and will be the end of Mueller’s SC.


  19. citizen817 says:

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  20. MIKE says:

    How I feel: “this summbish better not disappoint.”

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  21. peace says:

    maybe the WH needs to offer big fat rewards for turning in leakers! I bet this strategy might work.

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  22. mimbler says:

    Wray worked for Comey.

    I don’t know why we can’t get anyone other than this group in important DOJ/FBI positions:


    Maybe Wray will be ok, but I would have gone fishing outside of that particular group of people for FBI director considering how the first three have acted,

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  23. rainy973 says:

    Uurrgghh Goofy hypocrite fauxchaontus 😝…..
    my senator…..another poisonous turd in the swamp……πŸ’©.
    I stopped calling her office. It was fruitless to say the least…..always another no nothing, young snarky turd on the line.
    When I think there’s no hope for my state I recall our own miraculous victory….Scott Brown the 41st vote to stop Otraiter “care”……in the end it didn’t matter but it was a noble effort my Massachusettes brothers and sisters.
    Oh well chin up, move on, stay strong and in the words of Winston Churchill, “never never never give up.”

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      IIRC, you guys were the canary in the coal mine with Romney Care! Your efforts were honorable and appreciated. Wish Scott Brown had made more of the opportunity the real patriots handed to him. Liked the truck, anyway. Whatever happened to him? Why isn’t he MAGAing?

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    • abstain says:

      Never give up. Never surrender.
      I miss Scott Brown.


      • abstain says:

        My son pointed out to me that even if the country gets rid of Obamacare, we in Massachusetts will still have Romneycare.
        O joy.


    • deqwik2 says:

      What about the Real Indian who is running against her .. any hope there ?


      • abstain says:

        Nope. A record of him beating his wife showed up.
        Kiss of death.

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      • rainy973 says:

        At this point I would vote for Wren or Stimpy if they were running against her.
        However Jeff Diehl looks good to me on the surface. He’s a P.Trump supporter and in 2014 he helped to put the cabash on the yearly automatic gas tax increase.

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      • keeler says:

        That person, Shiva Ayyadurai, is either a nut or running a Democratic operation.

        He appeared on Infowars claiming another Republican candidate, Geoff Diehl, is a fake Trumper, that both Diehl and local radio host Howie Carr photoshopped pictures of themselves with Trump, and that Diehl and Carr are conspiring against Shiva.

        These claims are absurd. Diehl oversaw Trump’s campaign operations in Massachusetts, and Carr, among other activities, helped organize a Trump fundraiser and moderated a New Hampshire Town Hall event for then-candidate Trump. Both were early and strong Trump supporters. Carr has since visited the Trump White House.

        Ayyadurai then appeared on Carr’s program, during which he was confronted with documents regarding an arrest for domestic battery. The interview quickly devolved into a shouting match, with Shiva doing most of the shouting. During this interview, several new individuals appeared on Carr’s YouTube stream and began acting much as one would expect ShareBlue/Media Matter operatives to behave during a political operation.

        Ayyadurai donated $2,000 to John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2003, so he’s no conservative ideologue. Furthermore, Massachusetts Democrats have a long history of running third-string “Republicans” as independents to split the vote in statewide elections. Finally, Ayyadurai’s antics came about two weeks before Diehl’s official announcement as a candidate.

        For these reasons, I suspect Ayadurai antics were an attempt by the Warren campaign to either divide Diehl’s base, and/or to draw both Diehl and Carr into a situation in which they could be lumped in with Alex Jones as “conspiracy theorists” and discredited before Diehl officially launched his campaign

        Ayyadurai has also made other questionable claims, such as being the inventor of email.

        In short, people supportive of Trump’s policies should give Diehl their consideration and be very skeptical of Ayyadurai’s motives for running.

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    • beaujest says:

      Massachusetts congresswoman Katherine Clark employed the Pakistani spy Awan !

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  24. tom f says:

    Always happy to read such endless optimism.
    Warms my heart.

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  25. Betty says:

    I can not help it this conformation scares the crap out of me.

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    • Joyful Noise says:

      I’ve been on pins and needles all week. I’ve been praying loads. It helps! I trust God and I trust Trump! Come to the branches of the Treehouse to stay out of the heat of confusion and fear. President Trump will make right on everything. He does not hesitate to say, “You’re Fired!”

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  26. Eastwood says:

    So which Rs voted against him?


  27. Phil aka Felipe says:

    I understand Wray was in charge of criminal investigations of white collar crime and fraud while he was at DOJ previously.

    He sure has a ‘target rich’ environment in the DC Swamp.

    From 2003 to 2005 he worked under Comey while at the DOJ.

    Dang, everybody knows everybody else in the Swamp.

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  28. mimbler says:

    My measure is how long it takes him to fire McCabe. If that happens right away I’ll relax and be a happy camper.
    If not…

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    • georgiafl says:

      Hopefully, McCabe’s gotten word and his resignation is already waiting on Wray’s shiny clean desk!

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    • Dr T says:

      Mimbler; I agree that if he fires McCabe I will breathe a sigh of relief . I also agree that they should have looked elsewhere for another candidate !! At least it would save us from worrying that he is also part of the swamp or friends with the creatures!! Maybe the Trump team have significant inside knowledge of his position on Comey and the swamp that we are not privy to of course.. I certainly hope so

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    • Summer says:

      That’s exactly what I am waiting for: would Wray fire McCabe? If yes, how soon?

      But I suspect McCabe will stay.

      Sessions kept McCabe. Let it sink, folks. Sessions is also keeping Rosenstein who also did not fire McCabe (and Mueller). Are they waiting for Wray to do the deed? We will know pretty soon.

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  29. Just Sayin' says:

    92 senators supporting him is a little bit worrying

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  30. blessdog says:

    “Senate Confirms Christopher Wray as FBI Director 92-5”

    that is a VERY bad sign…

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  31. kyasgrandma says:

    This is what I think – and I have no influence anywhere with anybody cause I am a bonafide nobody in no where land.

    Every politician and federal employee and every media employee is related. Every single one of them. If not blood related, they know someone who knows someone who knows someone, etc.

    They have had an amazing lifestyle – they did what they wanted to do – and did it when, where and however they wanted.

    They lied and laughed about it.

    They made and continue to make fun of us.

    And all the while they “made” money from bribes and who knows what else.

    They believe, heart and soul, that we are too stupid to get out of bed in the morning without directions.

    They said it all and did it all and continue to lie and do it all – and then…

    We found out. We found out about the basics of all the misdeeds and criminal wrong doings and murders and coverups.

    And now, we need to “wear masks” because it stinks to high Heaven. Hence, “the swamp.”

    Are any of these denizens of Washington D.C. decent and law abiding and country loving citizens of the USA?

    I don’t know but I doubt it.
    I suspect the smell clings to all of them.

    May the good Lord have mercy on us and President Trump because none of these “folks” will show any mercy.

    Shame on them.

    I pray that President Trump is surrounded by military outsiders…who will kick A$$es to the curb – and take names.

    And as the old saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

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    • abstain says:

      The thing that gets to me about DC is that there are churches EVERYWHERE. Every religion represented. I can only assume they are empty most of the time.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Spot on kyasg-ma. Exactly how we all feel, but candidate Trump always said that his supporters ‘get it’, they’re smart.

      We do get it and there is a whole bunch of us, but it is disconcerting to have to watch Congress continue with ‘biz as usual’. After ’18 I expect we’ll be seeing a big change.

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    • blessdog says:

      the military AND law enforcement have The President’s back…and that’s what counts


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    • grandmomfortrump says:

      I seems like you read my mind here kyasgrandma .
      Did you hear Fareed Zakaria a couple of days ago? Quote: β€œThe election of Donald Trump is really a kind of a class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities who have cosmopolitan views about a lot of things.”
      I am so, so tired of being called uneducated, unsophisticated, or just plain dumb.


  32. mimbler says:

    For what it is worth, in the article posted above, it says Wray joined Mueller and Comey in threatening to resign over the Ashcroft matter.


  33. The Drake says:

    The Democrats seem to have no issue near unanimously confirming first Mueller and now Wray. How is this a good sign? I just don’t understand why an outsider isn’t up for confirmation for FBI director. This guy is part of the swamp. I don’t understand many of these appointments.

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, and this is such a critical one. My only guess, is they are trying to pick “mainstream” candidates so they will be confirmed easily.

      But to me, moderates and mainstreamers nearly always seem to be uniparty or dem flying under the radar,

      Still hoping Wray will be one of the good guys,


    • Sedanka says:

      Trump has virtually nobody to choose from with any govt experience at all – they’re all swamp creatures to one degree or another, even the supposedly “good” ones (Rand Paul, Jeff Sessions, etc.). But if he brings in nothing but outsiders, none of them would be confirmed.

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  34. Jimmy Jack says:

    Gillebrand padding her street cred for her 2020 run.

    Honestly, she is legitimately dumb. It is astounding how far corruption will move you.

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  35. Wray is a specialist in white collar crime (Enron) and his skill set is tailor made for the Clinton Foundation. IF he is not compromised in any way he can go down in history with one of the biggest take downs of all time. He has a big task restoring the credibility of the bureau.

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  36. yakmaster2 says:

    Wray can investigate whomever whenever pertaining to the 2016 Campaign and it won’t matter at all if Rosenstein decides NOT to empanel grand juries or prosecute. Regretfully, I don’t think Rosenstein is willing to rock any powerful political boats. I think the high level unmaskers and Trump Campaign/Transition spies feel safe from consequences for their behavior. I also believe POTUS’s frustration at Sessions comes from his believing the same thing about our Asst. Atty. General.

    As for Atty General Sessions, I do await prosecution of some high level leakers in the Intelligence community. (He did not recuse himself of this matter.) And perhaps new FBI Director Wray will be aggressive in those leaker investigations under the direction of Sessions because the McCabe/Rosenstein duo SHOULD be over now.

    We’ll eventually know by the actions of Wray and Sessions, not by words.

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  37. georgiafl says:

    Early hopeful signs?

    Wray wore a Purple Tie to the Senate hearings, but there was notably, no dimple and a full Windsor knot, which is Trump’s preferred sartorial style.

    What does all this signal?

    Does this mean the revolution and lawlessness of the Obama/Clinton regimes will be continued under Wray, or will it be tied and held in knot of truth and justice as Trump promised?


  38. helmhood says:

    Congratulations, Christopher Wray.

    May you be a faithful servant of the American people.

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