Sunday Talks: HHS Secretary Tom Price -vs- ABC’s Martha Raddatz

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price appears on ABC with Martha Raddatz to discuss the collapsing ObamaCare health system, congressional inaction, and the possible action available to the executive branch via HHS regulations.

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40 Responses to Sunday Talks: HHS Secretary Tom Price -vs- ABC’s Martha Raddatz

  1. HBD says:

    Rats dominate the news networks.

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  2. Why of all people raddatz show? Hilary’s buddy!

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    • ECM says:

      I actually re-watched the election night coverage from CNN the other day, and even though I knew the outcome, I wanted to grab hold of her and shake her for being a fraud every time she opened her mouth.

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      • Joe S says:

        Isn’t it great re-watching all of the network coverage of the big win? I do it whenever I get depressed. Then I see what depression REALLY looks like!

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      • Old Codger says:

        Admit it, you want to grab her because she’s so darned pretty!………….NOT!

        Woman’s in serious need of a whole head transplant; neither brains nor beauty!


        • Lack is not all says:

          And that whinny expression gets on my nerves. I can’t stand her. Sorry , I can’t watch this interview


          • jmclever says:

            Did you notice that she and Jake Tapper have that same expression? It’s like they have a really bad stomach ache but are trying to get through the interview anyway.

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  3. H.R. says:

    Rescind all the O-Care waivers, Secretary Price. Go for it!

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    • joshua says:

      and DO IT NOW….RIGHT NOW… not pause after the McCain taunt….

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    • JC says:

      Agree, H.R. The sooner the better.

      Have reached my wall with Raddatz; can no longer watch interviews with her, unfortunately. The voice alone… full set of fingernails down a blackboard would be preferable. Good for Secretary Price for manning up and taking one for the team, though.

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  4. BMG says:

    Martha Radatz is insufferable.

    Implode, implode, implode.

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  5. Mike diamond says:

    Martha the radical,the news media is becoming more and more unfair and hateful to president Trump, they don’t even try to hide their hate,in the long they will loose millions !!!!people will no longer watch them!!!! We should of bought or own channel years ago,our own sponsors would pay for it!!!! When news is not real news its time for change!!

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  6. EbonyRapror says:

    I like the cut of that man’s jib.

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  7. Price did a good job; he just kept hammering the same point over and over…she is a horrible person.

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  8. Mike diamond says:

    She is Martha the radical,we have never seen before President Trump this kind of unfair and hateful news media,the american people are sick of the liberal news media.because they are so hateful toward President Trump they will loose millions in the long run,people will quit watching them,we should of bought our own conservative channel years ago!

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      i think they were this bad with bush because he allowed them to get away with it without response…it just wasn’t out in the open like it is now.


  9. Jean says:

    Since the Senate didn’t repeal, what choice does Trump have but to let it implode? It’s not his fault it’s collapsing or that the Senate didn’t repeal. And since when is it healthcare. Call it what it is: insurance? The
    need for the democrats and several republicans to try to damage Trump by sitting on insurance is evidently greater than caring about constituents.

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  10. georgiafl says:

    Every bill is so deceitfully designed to accommodate graft and so larded with pork for all our politicians and their donors.

    Every benefits program from medicaid to food stamps is exploited by thieves and opportunists.

    Multiply this one example by 50 states and you have a major drain on our economy:


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  11. carnan43 says:

    The message should be “turn the xssholes off”. Watching these programs live on the boob tube just allows ad $$$ to pay their salaries.This is just another elitists fraud.


  12. drawfortruth says:

    It’s pretty obvious what the media is trying to do. Obamacare is imploding and they are trying to frame it as being Trump’s fault.


    • vikingmom says:

      And by and large, they are succeeding!

      I was just talking with a Millenial who can’t find full-time work because no one will hire him for more than 30 hours because then they have to pay benefits. He is working two part time jobs and still can’t make enough to live. He said that Trump has caused all of this because his health care plans are “so awful” that no one in his own party will vote for them! Tried to explain facts (This is ALL Obamacare – it was designed to fail to force us into single-payer, Trump hasn’t actually proposed ANY specific legislation because that is SUPPOSED to happen in Congress, both parties are owned body and soul by the lobbyists, which is why they won’t actually vote on anything that would eliminate the current system). He wasn’t interested in any facts but simply kept insisting that this is all Trump’s fault!

      Beyond frustrating conversation and I know that it is happening all over because that is the crap that is being spewed on CNN and HuffPo, which are the only sources these kids listen to, along with the propaganda from their college professors! GRRRR!

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      • vikingmom says:

        And I should add that it isn’t just Millenials – I hear the same schtick from many of my middle aged friends/neighbors who loved Hillary and still insist the Russians stole the election from her!

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      • Troublemaker10 says:

        Yeah, that 30 hour mess started under Obamacare implementation. Removing employer mandate (like Trump wants to do) would fix the problem.

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      • James O'Malley says:

        In defense of Trump, millennials and middle aged liberals aren’t very smart people, so his response shouldn’t surprise you at all.


      • Karen says:

        My daughter has been dealing with this for eight years and she has two kids. It is horrible what this bill did to our young adult children.


        • vikingmom says:

          Our whole retirement has been upended…we have played by the rules, paid our taxes and lived by a strict budget. And now, our plans to retire early and do volunteer ministry work have been put on hold because Obamacare premiums will take between 1/3-1/2 of our expected income. And we are far from alone!! So many young people can’t find full time work because employers don’t want to hire anyone and the folks our age who might be ready to quit can’t!! It is maddening!!

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      • fedup says:

        Dumbocrats own the Huge pile of excrement called Obamacare. Let it crash and burn. They all voted to keep it.


  13. snarkybeach says:

    I read somewhere that Susan Collins got $72,000 in campaign donations from BCBS. I wonder if that had a factor in her NO vote…

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  14. Publius2016 says:

    Cost-sharing = BAILOUT, subsidiy = BAILOUT…stop trying to lie to the American People…We know Congress and Insurance companies got sweetheart deals to ram this piece of crap into the most intimate parts of our lives…We know and want it REPLEALED NOW! Sen. McCain’s betrayal is biblical…like marking each of us for Death like Charlie in the U.K.!

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  15. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    I think Secretary Price did a good job fending away Ms. Martha’s line of questioning.

    With regard to our President’s BAILOUT tweet, i hope he hits the Congress subsidy first…..John Q Public is not going to have much sympathy when they howl.

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  16. bekfl says:

    Apparently, Martha thinks the president and HHS Secretary can write law. Grrr!

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  17. Troublemaker10 says:

    Raddatz is brain dead. She couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. I think she couldn’t understand because she has no idea what is going on. That’s why all she can do is ask over and over and over again what Trump meant?

    The thing that gets lost in all of this is that Obamacare may help 10 million (mostly medicaid expansion). But it broke the backs of much of the 170 million buying private insurance to pay for it.

    How does bailing out the insurance companies help most Americans? It is the middle class that needs to be bailed out.

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  18. rainy973 says:

    Martha Martha Martha you political hack mouth piece. Surely you can not be as dumb as you sound.
    P Trump is doing all he can for us to get rid of Obummercare. What else would you have him do? Sprinkle magic good will to the American people ferry dust over the cesspool Senate?
    How dare you insult us with your idiotic set up questions.Wont just one of you MSM puppets stand up and say I just cant live with these lies anymore.

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  19. mcfyre2012 says:

    Raddatz always looks like someone just pooped in her Wheaties.

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  20. All American Snowflake says:

    While working on the Trump Train a group of us went out to a Trump Debate Watch on TV. One of the people sitting at the table with me was Martha Raddatz’s cousin. I will never know what I said that pleased him so much but he just turned and hugged me. [This may be common protocol at campaign rallies. I have never worked for any politician before in my life. So I don’t know. But it seems that Martha Raddatz’s cousin thought I deserved a hug for my Trump support.]

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  21. jmclever says:

    There is a MAGA win hidden in this interview. Raddatz admits and accepts as true that Obamacare is, in fact, imploding and unsustainable. What the MSM is trying to do is pin the implosion on the Republicans rather than on the Democrats who passed it and refuse to participate in fixing the problem in any way.

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