Couched Conversation – Attorney General Jeff Sessions Discusses His Feelings With Tucker Carlson…

Tucker Carlson dispatched by Murdoch boys to defend the honor of the Attorney General from the deplorable swamp-drainer bully President.

General Sessions explains to Tucker Carlson that President Trump’s comments are “kind of hurtful”.


It’s a little ironic that General Sessions goes on to talk about his understanding of President Trump’s frustration with him not paying attention to domestic corruption issues surrounding Washington DC…. WHILE THE Attorney General IS IN EL SALVADOR !! 


Anyone ever wonder if people in Session’s inner DOJ policy office are not intentionally keeping their bosses schedule busy with busybody work outside DC in an outcome of their own self-preservation efforts?   Or is the AG deciding this far-away policy direction and emphasis of his office all on his own?

“Kinda hurtful”…  Oh dear, now Dana Perino is really gonna be mad. Sessions also makes news announcing that an announcement to announce a leaker announcement could be announced as early as “sometime next week.”

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589 Responses to Couched Conversation – Attorney General Jeff Sessions Discusses His Feelings With Tucker Carlson…

  1. 4sure says:

    While US attorneys are appointed and confirmed by the senate, assistant US attorneys are not. Sessions could hire as many assistant us attorneys as he wishes and he could assign them to work on whatever he directed. So, why hasn’t he? He can also fire assistant US attorneys. Why hasn’t he?


    • KBR says:

      He can also require that each and every attorney working under the auspices of the DOJ recuse himself if he was ever a friend or aquaintance of anyone under investigation.

      Apparently the “employees must recuse” rule does not apply to employees at all.

      AG is not an “employee of DOJ” he is supposed to be the Executive in Charge of the DOJ.

      How many people who are “employees” do not comprehend that when a notice says “All employees must take their breaks in the breakroom” they should not expect to see the CEO in there too? Geez.

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