Couched Conversation – Attorney General Jeff Sessions Discusses His Feelings With Tucker Carlson…

Tucker Carlson dispatched by Murdoch boys to defend the honor of the Attorney General from the deplorable swamp-drainer bully President.

General Sessions explains to Tucker Carlson that President Trump’s comments are “kind of hurtful”.


It’s a little ironic that General Sessions goes on to talk about his understanding of President Trump’s frustration with him not paying attention to domestic corruption issues surrounding Washington DC…. WHILE THE Attorney General IS IN EL SALVADOR !! 


Anyone ever wonder if people in Session’s inner DOJ policy office are not intentionally keeping their bosses schedule busy with busybody work outside DC in an outcome of their own self-preservation efforts?   Or is the AG deciding this far-away policy direction and emphasis of his office all on his own?

“Kinda hurtful”…  Oh dear, now Dana Perino is really gonna be mad. Sessions also makes news announcing that an announcement to announce a leaker announcement could be announced as early as “sometime next week.”

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588 Responses to Couched Conversation – Attorney General Jeff Sessions Discusses His Feelings With Tucker Carlson…

  1. Jackson says:

    Trump’s behavior towards Sessions is appalling. Their is really no excuse for it. Nice to see you try, though.

    Nobody is perfect, Trump’s as good as it gets for a US President in the current year.

    But there are days I wish he was just a little more normal.


    • lionslover says:

      Sorry, but he should be furious with Sessions and the arguments are clear and unavoidable. Because of what Sessions did the left now has a team of leftist lawyers with unlimited funds and the power to splay open his personal life looking for something to destroy him with, and this is not areason for him to be furious with Sessions? YES IT IS.


  2. You guys are missing Sundance’s best line:

    “Oh dear, now Dana Perino is really gonna be mad. “


  3. By my count, there are at least 34 DoJ nominees awaiting confirmation (not counting judiciary). There may be a lot more; I didn’t access the Congressional Record. I hold the Senate responsible for dragging out the confirmation process and plan to vote against both of my current senators, should they run for re-election. The petty, pompous Senate is purposefully tying the hands of the executive branch.


  4. Sue in MT says:

    Why the he** is he throwing up an Illuminati pyramid throughout this interview?! I am getting a queasy feeling in my stomach.


  5. lionslover says:

    A perfect example of how our side cowers is the Roof shootings. Do you recall how Haley then offered up a penence for our sins by getting rid of the confederate flag? You see, that was our little FINE we had to pay the left. So southerners can’t be proud of their heritage and brave soldiers of that time. So when something happens, the left demands a little penense, a fine, a payment or by gosh they’ll let us have it, they’ll say mean things about us, they’ll call us RACIST.

    Now, did they pay their penence when Kate was shot by an illegal in Frisco? Did they pay their fine to us by stopping sanctuary cities? NOT ONE INCH, NOT ONE MILLIMETER did they back off. They didn’t back off a single PIN HEAD of territory from their position. They NEVER EVER EVER back off, they never EVER EVER offer weakness and pay us a fine.

    Our side has ruined itself in many ways by paying these fines and FINALLY we have a man like Trump who has shown us that we can WIN by shoving that PC garbage right back down their throats. That may be the most valuable lesson Trump will ever teach our side, isn’t it?

    As Rush said in the article I posted from him above, this was a tactic by the left and weakness by Sessions to offer recusal because the LEFT DEMANDED their little fine for us allowing a supposed racist to be AG. We couldn’t just have him be AG as is, we needed to be nice and pay his recusal as our fine to them, that way they wouldn’t hate us and really let us have it.

    Why, they only hate us 95 percent now, if Sessions wouldn’t have done what they demanded when he had no legal requirement to do so, well, then they would have hated us 100 percent and by golly we really would have been in trouble.

    Thank goodness all over the south now they are removing statues of southern heroes or the left really would get us good, eh guys? Trump knows that we DON’T have to continue to pay these little fines to the left. He knows the SNAKE poem is the real truth. Sessions loved the snake and wanted to appease him, now look what it has led to.

    As I said above, imagine how vulnerable Trump must now feel because of what Sessions did. Imagine someone coming to you and saying, “Uh, sir. There is a team of leftist lawyers who HATE YOUR GUTS and would love nothing better than to destroy you. Well, sir, they have the legal right to splay your entire life open, all your bank and money transactions for years, your family, your friends and you dealings with them. And sir, they have unlimited funds to use to find something to destroy you with. Every single purchase you made for years back, every single bank deposit and withdrawl. Unlimited funds and the legal power to do it all, and uh, THEY HATE YOUR GUTS and want to destroy you, do you feel a little vulnerable?


  6. repsort says:

    Sessions “hurt”.
    Boo F’ing Hoo! Grow up you worthless b@#$%
    This country is well past lawlessness. The only chance, and it’s a small one, to save her is to reinstall the rule of law and “equal justice under that law”..

    He’s crying about a GD tweet.
    I never liked the pick from day one. I can smell a wimp from a mile away.
    We need a MEAN MF’R in that job right now who makes no apologies and takes no prisoners.
    God help this nation. We’re running on muscle memory right now.

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    • lionslover says:

      Love it, you nailed it. I know I go on and on and get caught up in ranting, but you have nailed everything in just a couple paragraphs. We are tired of taking a step backwards trying to be nice to the left hoping they will be nice in return. They have darn near destroyed this nation and our side has displayed utter weajness and fear. As I type Sean Hannity is ranting about the same thing on the radio. He is going off on McCain and he should be. These leftist/Marxists have turned our centers of learning in to indoctrination centers turning out minions of useful idiots that riot and tip cars over and destroy businesses and such. Our side has been PATHETIC, weak, and the rinos have been just as much a part of it as the left has been, It is abslutely sickening. I think Sean is about to bust a blood vessel.


  7. Sherlock says:

    Conway on FOX praising Sessions’ trip to El Salvador as an example of a guy doing the job he was hired to do. Coincided with Trump’s speech on MS-13 today. There will be no more negative tweets about Sessions, I’m betting. The plan, whatever it was, has moved on.


  8. 4sure says:

    While US attorneys are appointed and confirmed by the senate, assistant US attorneys are not. Sessions could hire as many assistant us attorneys as he wishes and he could assign them to work on whatever he directed. So, why hasn’t he? He can also fire assistant US attorneys. Why hasn’t he?


    • KBR says:

      He can also require that each and every attorney working under the auspices of the DOJ recuse himself if he was ever a friend or aquaintance of anyone under investigation.

      Apparently the “employees must recuse” rule does not apply to employees at all.

      AG is not an “employee of DOJ” he is supposed to be the Executive in Charge of the DOJ.

      How many people who are “employees” do not comprehend that when a notice says “All employees must take their breaks in the breakroom” they should not expect to see the CEO in there too? Geez.

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