Controlled Opposition Trey Gowdy Discusses Current Capitol Hill Events….

The swamp fights back.  Predictable Flak and Countermeasures deployed, right on time, by the UniParty. You can almost set your watch to it.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to a time when you didn’t see them.

House Intelligence Committee member Trey Gowdy discusses Jared Kushner, the controversy with attorney general Jeff Sessions and the ongoing Trump-Russia probe. etc.

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262 Responses to Controlled Opposition Trey Gowdy Discusses Current Capitol Hill Events….

  1. TigerBear says:

    Gowdy is a swamp rat and just oozes slime. The Benghazi debacle proved that, in my opinion. He is NOT to be trusted to actually hunt out and bring down any of the rabid jackals as he has joined their ranks.
    Can anyone name any actual accomplishments this man has contributed ? I can’t….but perhaps I somehow missed it.

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    • Joe K Lombard says:

      right on TB–can anyone tell me when anyone has gone to jail-Trey Gowdy or otherwise; who was it Scooter Libby?

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      • mimbler says:

        Yes, and Scooter did nothing wrong. That was a logically tortured conviction mangling something he said,

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      • yy4u says:

        Here’s the skinny on Scooter Libby and what Comey set up to happen to Trump.

        Richard Armitage leaked Valerie Plame’s name to Robert Novak who published it and outed her as a CIA agent.

        John Ashcroft was bullied into recusing himself. (Sound familiar?)

        ASST AG JAMES COMEY — yes THAT James Comey — appointed his kid’s godfather, Patrick Fitzgerald Special Counsel to investigate the leak to Novak.

        Within a month Fitzgerald knew it was Richard Armitage. Fitzgerald told Armitage not to tell anyone he was the leaker and continued to investigate, focusing on Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

        Fitzgerald nailed Scooter Libby on perjury because Libby remembered something differently than someone else remembered it and that someone else couldn’t be lying since that someone else didn’t work for the Bush Administration. See how it works?

        In short, in this Alice in Wonderland scenario, Mr. Fitzgerald who knew who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the late Robert Novak within a month of his appointment to find out who leaked Mrs. Plame’s name, prosecuted and convicted for perjury Mr. Libby, who didn’t leak Ms. Plame’s name to Mr. Novak, and that caused cynics to wonder if whether Mr. Libby was really convicted because he wouldn’t “give up” his boss, Vice President Cheney.

        Armitage, who actually did the leaking, was never charged.

        For Robert Novak’s account, read:

        Mr. Libby was convicted, stripped of his law license and sentenced to thirty months in prison. His prison sentence was commuted by Republican president, George W. Bush, who received criticism from the Democrats for commuting the sentence and criticism from everyone else for not issuing Mr. Libby a pardon.

        In the midst of the presidential election last November, Libby quietly got his law license restored.

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        • paulyho39 says:

          Wow! Is all I can say! Recalling all of this is like “deja vou” all over again! This was so sick and sad, and here we are, seeing the same kind of thing going on again! Something has to be done!

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          • yy4u says:

            paulyho39 — That ain’t the half of it. EVERY GOP president since Ike save George H. W. Bush (who only got one term) has had a special counsel investigate him. Nixon (Watergate), Reagan (Iran-Contra), Bush II (Plamegate as referenced above). Only BC had a special counsel (Whitewater). Filegate had no special counsel — Filegate remember was when RAW FBI files on Republicans were delivered to the WH (to Craig Livingstone — a guy nobody really knows who hired him). Travelgate had no special counsel — Remember that one. The Clintons sicced the FBI on nonpartisan employees in the WH travel office in order to get “our people” into that lucrative business. Then there was Castle Grande — the details is sketchy but on par with Whitewater. Cattle Futures where Ms. Clinton turned $1K into $100K when BC was Gov of Ark, an impossibility according to those who know the futures markets. Nope, no “special counsels” on any of those. No special counsels on Fast and Furious (Obama Admin selling guns to Mexican cartels), no special counsels on weaponizing the IRS against conservatives (Lois Lerner), no special counsels on unmasking (Susan Rice) or doing whatever they were doing in Benghazi. Nope, and the Republicans roll over EVERY TIME whether it is NOT investigating Democrats or INVESTIGATING fellow Republicans.

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            • whoseyore says:

              Pretty amazing information, thank you so much, yy4u!
              This needs to get out to the public, wish someone could push to One America News Network and any other conservative news forum.
              How many tweets would it take from our President to put all of this out there? Probably the same number as the number of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.


    • mdaush says:

      H e is all hat, no cattle!


    • honor78 says:

      I agree Goudy is useless. He is a grandstanding publicity hound. This was clearly demonstrated during the Benghazi hearings. He pretends to be conservative but he is really a member of the uniparty.


  2. JIM says:

    All Gowdy does is front.

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  3. SharkFL says:

    “Yes sir. Thank you.” says Trey at the end of every interview. What a polite southern gentleman. I used to believe him.

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    • Orygun says:

      My BS detector has served me well over the years and he doesn’t set it off. If you are looking for action from the government don’t look at Congressional hearings.
      At best they serve to entertain and influence the public opinion.
      Within the limited scope of a Congressional hearing he is at least asking some of the right questions and I still like him but he is not in a position to indict anyone.

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      • seventhndr says:

        The fact that we are still having congressional hearings on this sets off all my BS alarms. Particularly in light of the fact no one has any definitive proof of anything, with the exception of the Hillary Campaign and Obama’s involvement in kicking off this complete farce and setting people up.

        The fact we are not going down the road the evidence is leading us to, means there is nothing to trust with any of these people. The fact that Gowdy (or anyone on the “intelligence” committee) has never complained or even questioned any of that reality is all you need to know.

        They just keep digging in the sand looking for that hole. It’ll show up eventually! /sarcasm


      • paulyho39 says:

        That is no doubt true…but I still feel he is non-effective with all his talking, because tho’ HE cannot indict or convict anyone…something should come out of these hearings to help bring justice..SOMETHING! But, it never seems to happen!


      • honor78 says:

        Seems your BS detector isn’t working.


  4. Mickturn says:

    Gowdy, All talk and NO HAT!

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  5. freddy says:

    Complete and certified swamp thing. He’s the cleaner to give out alibis after he can’t get to the bottom of anything..Funny cause Judicial watch always makes trey look like a child….

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  6. NJ Transplant says:

    I agree with the 3rd party, joe. There already is a 3rd party made up of Republicans, Independents and former democrats for Trump. I am one of the latter. Like Gino last night, we are more rabid in our support of President Trump because we know we were lied to for years.

    About Gowdy, he doesn’t belong in that party. He belongs with Rubio and Nikki Haley (I still don’t trust her, but at least PDJT got her out of SC and his guy in.


  7. titania97 says:

    I agree with your comment about Benghazi– I do think Gowdy did the best he could with the information he was able to wrangle out of the State Department and DoD under the Obama’s Administration.

    I believe the Select Committee on Benghazi did succeed in shedding light on shady policies, practices and people within the Obama Administration. I have to remind myself that Congressional Committees can’t prosecute–they can only investigate, document their findings in a report and propose legislation to correct the policies. Obama’s DoJ would never have moved to indict those directly or indirectly responsible for the travesty of Benghazi.

    In my opinion, one of the most important discoveries uncovered by the Select Committee on Benghazi was the discovery of HRC’s personal e-mail address and server. What a major find! If it weren’t for that discovery–who knows– HRC may have sailed right through the 2016 election and right into the White House.

    I think Gowdy will do well as Chairmen of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. I hope that he refrains from the partisan theatrics that Chaffetz indulged in and focuses the committee’s resources into investigating government programs that can be cleaned up and reformed to help Trump move forward with his agenda to #MAGA.

    For example, I hope Gowdy continues taking a long, hard look at the US Census Bureau.

    Click to access 2017-06-29-TG-EC-MM-GC-to-Thompson-Census-Cost-Estimate-and-Leadership….pdf

    Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of 2020, the US Census could provide us with accurate and truthful data with a proper accounting of the US population (both citizens and non-citizens)? The data would help in so many areas that Trump has on his agenda to improve–infrastructure, agriculture, and voting rolls to name a few.

    I know that the DC Swamp is littered with vile and nasty creatures who only seek to enrich their own lives while ignoring the lives of the ones who elected them to serve. Yet, I hold out hope that there are some patriots in Congress who will emerge from the shadows to stand behind Trump as he tries his hardest to better our country.

    I also like your comment about Trump leading a 3rd party for 2020. Wouldn’t that upset the apple cart? 🙂


  8. olds mo william says:

    The UniParty: Fake Oversight.


  9. Peoria Jones says:

    Is it just me, or is Gowdy looking cuckier every day? Shame. I used to really like him.


  10. michael says:

    Is that a skunk on his head or a rug?

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  11. Steven Hitt says:

    Gowdy use to impress me but, as many have said, all talk. Had the chance to step up to AG and withdrew. Wish Trump would fire Sessions and give Cruz a try. Everyone hates him so he would be unbiased and go after all the SOBs on both sides!!


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